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"Memories of The Project" by Wildfire, PG-13, X2 (Logan, Stryker)

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    Story:Memories of the Project Author: Wildfire Rating: PG-13 for language and violence. Characters featured: Wolverine-Logan, General William Strkyer, Victor
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2003
      Story:Memories of the Project
      Author: Wildfire
      Rating: PG-13 for language and violence.
      Characters featured: Wolverine-Logan, General William Strkyer, Victor
      Creed-Sabretooth, and David Nord-Maverick (the X-men make
      Summary: Using Strkyer's mutant database files and Cerebro, Xavier
      discovers Magneto's new recruits, and Logan remembers his time under
      the General, and his alliegance with Sabretooth in the Weapon X
      Disclaimer: all characters featured are owned by Marvel and/or Fox
      entertainment. no money is made, you all know the deal.
      So much had changed at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters, for
      one it was fall now, as the leaves on the trees were changing color
      and making way for winter. Jean had died sacrificing herself to save
      the others, but even more mutants came forward to fight for the dream
      that one day they might be accepted into society. As Professor X and
      Kitty Pride, called Shadowcat by her teammates, and Jubilee (both had
      recently accepted the Professor's offer to join the X-men) along with
      Banshee, the four of them worked placing the mutant database files
      William Stryker had collected over his years of survelliance into the
      computers of the school, to keep better track of the growing mutant
      population and to keep tabs on hopeful recruits.

      "I have to give you credit to one thing you mutant hating
      bastard" ,said Sean Cassidy. "You definately knew how to keep track
      of us mutants." Kitty and Jubilee both shivered thinking about
      Stryker, as he was the one who led the attack on the school, that
      Jubilee had been taken hostage in. "Yes Sean he did, but we must not
      let it scare us, although I did my best to save both William and
      Jason, Jason never was really able to accept that he was different
      and turned on his family and Stryker was so driven by rage it
      destroyed him in the end, as much as I hate to say it, he quite
      probably never would've stopped hunting us",replied Charles.

      "To be honest, Prof"replied Jubilee,"I understand why he did it, we
      should've been more worried had he not lost it after what his son did
      to his own mother." "I feel the same way, he was just so full of
      grief he would never comes to terms with it,"answered Kitty in
      kind. "Aye, lasses I believe that as well,"said Sean as they finished
      transfering the last of the files over to the school's own databases.

      "Cerebro has detected several new mutants, allied with Magneto", said
      Charles,"let's search through and see if we can discover anything
      about these new recruits," As he sent out a telepathic message to the
      team - X-men meet in the War room in 30 minutes -. The four were able
      to find the recruits to his old friend Erik's cause:

      A young man in his mid twenties with silver hair was shown.
      Name:Pietro Maximoff
      Codename: Quicksilver
      Mutant power: the ability to move up to almost 200 mph speeds, his
      brain also works the same fashion, giving him reflexes that go beyond
      Twin brother of Wanda Maximoff
      A woman of the same age wearing red, with jet black hair.
      Name: Wanda Maximoff
      Codename: Scarlet Wtich
      Mutant power: the abilty to create "hexes" that alter the laws of
      probability in her favor, making the impossible become reality, such
      as controlling another mutants power and bending it to her will.
      Twin sister of Pietro Maximoff
      A man Charles had seen before showed on screen.
      Name:Victor Creed
      Mutant power: eyes giving him the appearnce of a large feline,
      superhuman strength, agility, senses, and a healing factor allowing
      him to survive almost any attack, razor sharp claws on each finger of
      both hands. Member of Project Weapon X.
      Another man the X-men had fought before was shown
      Name: Mortimer Toynbee
      Codename: Toad
      Mutant power: unusually strong legs allowing him to leap over great
      distances and giving him kicking strength, a 20 foot long tongue that
      he can use to grab hold of an opponent or object, a slime that he
      spits from his mouth to suffocate his enemies.
      And finally, one man wtih long blonde hair, pale skin and blood red
      eyes Charles had heard of, but doubted his existence.
      Name: Arkady Rossovich
      Codename: Omega Red
      Mutant power: a specially made suit of armor, forged from
      carbonadium, a flexible version of adamantium, imprevious to
      virtually any attack, tentacles made of the same substance that shoot
      out of either hand, once wrapped around a victim, he can then drain
      the life from them, therby sustaining his own. Was turned into Omega
      Red by the Soviet Union, hoping to make the pyschopathic Arkady in
      the Soviet version of Captain America, unfortuantely he was too
      strong for his superiors to control. Later he was neutralized by
      Wolverine, Sabretooth and Maverick, Project Weapon X.

      "That's strange, Charles", said Sean,"who the bloody hell is

      30 minutes later in the War room

      "And those are the new allies Magneto has under his command,
      especially with the last one, it makes him more dangerous than ever,
      Logan are you alright?"asked Charles. "Chuck, I've met him before, we
      barely survived fighting that red-eyed bastard."

      "We, Logan? Are you remembering some of you past, how?" "I don't know
      Chuck, just seeing him and Creed, it helped me remember the Project,
      well before it anyway. Look up the name...Maverick."

      A man in his late 30s with brown hair, carrrying two large
      handguns ,and wearing a unique body suit filled the screen.
      Name: David Nord
      Codename: Maverick
      Occupation: Mercenary for hire
      Mutant power: Absorption of kinetic impact into his own body, from a
      punch, a fall, or even a energy blast, he can then use the stored
      power to release energy bolts. To make him like other members of
      Weapon X, his DNA was altered to retard his aging process
      Weaponry: High-powered automatic handguns with armor piercing
      bullets, thermite grenades, and a suit of armor of unknown compostion
      which he can turn on to shield his own body from harm.

      Everyone in the room looked at Logan for an answer, "Long story, but
      Creed, Nord and me we worked together during the Cold War, we were
      black ops in the CIA, until we were recruited by Stryker." Logan
      leaned aganist a wall of the War room as he spoke."I don't know how
      old Creed is, and Maverick doesn't age along with us other two, I do
      remember bits and pieces from before, it's fleeting but it's a
      start." "May I, Logan?" asked Charles, "knock yourself out Chuck."

      Charles began to concentrate on Logan's mind and he was right, it
      wasn't much, but it was more than they had earlier that day. Charles
      saw images even from WW2, among other pieces, Logan shaking hands
      with Captain America, right before they were going in to liberate one
      of the Nazi's concentration camps. "So he has lived alot longer than
      anyone would guess"thought Charles. And finally he found what he was
      looking for, Logan's memory of Weapon X.

      Flashback to 20 years ago, Stryker's Weapon X base, Alakai Lake,
      Alberta, Canada.

      General Stryker looked at his three recruits, all highly decorated
      servicemen in various conflicts during their CIA services. Logan and
      Creed with their hightened senses and healing factors only enhanced
      their already superior fighting skills. Nord the demolitions expert
      and marksman, just as good in his own field and his energy absorption
      saving his life various times. "If they only knew what the end of the
      Project would entail, they probably wouldn't have agreed to join us,"
      Stryker thought while smirking.

      "The three of you were made offers to work for us, to train you, as
      the ultimate warriors. You each proved yourselves time and time again
      to your own countries, and to the US government. Project Weapon X is
      not sanctioned by an government, what we do here is of our own
      research and training." Stryker said as he walked around the room,
      his voice given just a hint of a southern accent.

      "So what's the mission, General?"Creed asked sarcastically, "Your
      mission, gentlemen is to infiltrate this" ,each of them were handed
      folders that said : Final Mission, Military base in Siberia, Russia,
      and in the inside were the only known photos of Omega Red. "That is
      Omega Red, a highly lethal assassian trained by the Russian
      Communists, he has tentacles that shoot out of his hands, draining
      the life from any victims he entangles,; what you must acquire from
      the base is this" Stryker said pointing to the picture of a small

      "What's so important about the canister?" asked Logan. "Inside is
      something called the carbonadium synthesizer, it is the trump card
      the Russia government hold over Omega Red to keep him in check, for
      he will die unless he drain the life from victims bodies, because
      that synthesizer is the only thing that will keep him alive if he
      does not kill." replied Stryker.

      A week later in Siberia

      Logan and Creed ran through the base, sniffing and listening for any
      potential threats while Nord dropped a few sleep gas grenades in the
      barracks. Finding the guard's keys, the three worked there way inside
      the base, where they finally found what they had been looking for,
      the synthesizer, using the two keys they needed, Logan and Nord
      turned them at the same time to open the door, then Omega Red
      appeared. "Comrades! You shall not take that from me!" Red yelled as
      he shot one of his tentacles out, wrapping it around Creed, squeezing

      Creed growled in pain, scratching at the tentacle with his claws, not
      even leaving a mark. Even with his healing factor, this tentacle was
      going to kill him soon unless he got out of it. Nord started firing
      on Omega Red, the bullets barely grazing his body, much less hurting
      him. Logan yelled, moving in quickly striking at him as fast as he
      could, trying to buy Creed some time, Both Nord and Logan finally
      annonyed Red long enough for his grip to loosen on Creed, and that
      was his biggest mistake, All three men were now fighting Red at once,
      even he couldn't take this forever, they kept striking at him,
      Rossovich leanred quickly in the fight not to attack Nord, as every
      time he did; the brown haired man shot energy blasts at him.

      One of the doors opened in the room they were fighting, as Logan and
      Creed beat Red back into the room, Maverick fired at him, readying a
      few grenades. When they pushed him back far enough, Nord let loose
      with six grenades in the room as the others closed and locked the
      steel door. When they exploded, a hissing noise was made as the room
      Red was in got deathly cold, freezing him, encasing him in a block of
      ice. Then Logan grabbed the synthesizer and they left the base, just
      as alarms went off.

      Back to the present

      "Well that's what happened, Chuck. Not long after I was put through
      the bonding process, I volunteered to be the first, that way they
      knew it would work. Hardly anything hurt Red, we just got lucky; if
      he's gotten out, we're all in deep shit." "Yes, Logan I do believe
      you are right. When Magneto makes his move, we'll be ready for
      him,"Charles said as everyone nodded in agreement.

      Each of them had various emotions going through their head as they
      left, some fear, some assurance, but they would be ready for this new
      fight, they had to be prepared. Logan stood on the front steps of the
      school, "So you've gotten free Rossovich? Doesn't matter, whatever it
      takes, even if I die in the process, I'll put you away for good this
      time," Logan thought to himself as he unseathed his claws with a

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