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FIC: Old Friend, 13/13, Charles/Erik, NC-17, post X2

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  • Henrika
    Alright folks, this is the last part of this story. I hope you ve enjoyed it. If so, feedback would be nice! I ve also made some illustrations to this fic. You
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      Alright folks, this is the last part of this story. I hope you've
      enjoyed it. If so, feedback would be nice! I've also made some
      illustrations to this fic. You can have a look at them here:

      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/xaviermags13 Rated G

      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/xaviermags14 Rated R

      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/xaviermags15 Rated PG-13

      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/xaviermags16 Rated PG-13

      Chapter 13

      It would become night before they reached Westchester. The drive
      there was long. They left Erik's house by 1:00 PM and Erik said he
      expected them to arrive in Westchester around ten PM in the evening.

      For the first time Charles could now see Erik's house from the
      outside. He had spent three weeks of his life there, but he had
      never been out on the courtyard, but the balcony upstairs had been
      the closest he got to outdoors.

      Charles dressed neatly in a deep blue silk suit which Erik had
      bought him, assuming it would be best if he looked liked he used to
      when he came back to his students. The only visible scar he had left
      was that on his left temple. Probably it would never disappear

      Erik dressed in normal street clothes; a black turtle neck sweater
      and grey cashmere pants, plus a long overcoat and a fedora. His
      uniform would only draw attention and that was really the last thing
      Erik wanted.

      They had a steady lunch and then left in Erik's blue Mazda. Both
      John and Mystique came to stand by the front door when it was time
      to leave, but unlike John, the shapeshifter looked happy. Her yellow
      eyes gleamed when she looked at Charles one last time, and he could
      see all of her white teeth when her mouth was pulled into a
      triumphant smile.

      Charles knew what was going on inside her head. Now she would
      finally have Erik all to herself again, and she wanted that more
      than anything.

      When the car started rolling Charles even believed seeing her raise
      her hand in a wave. She would not miss him, and he wouldn't miss her


      They stopped by a pull-up a few times, and the second time Erik took
      out their packed meal and a thermos with coffee. Charles stayed in
      the front seat and ate his food in the car, but Erik went outside
      to "get some fresh air". The coffee had cooled and was neither hot
      nor good anymore, yet Erik drank it all up, and after that chewed
      down his sandwich.

      It was already October, and the weather was windy and cold, and Erik
      started to regret not bringing any gloves. He rubbed his frozen
      white hands together to further the circulation in them, and then,
      with a trembling hand, took out a package of cigarettes from his
      jacket pocket.

      Charles was honestly surprised when he saw Erik lighting the
      cigarette. His old friend had not smoked anything in over 20 years,
      not since it was stated that smoking caused lung cancer.

      "Erik?" Charles asked puzzled. "When did you go back to smoking?"

      Erik sighed, looking down at the cigarette in his hand.

      "I suppose I'm a little nervous…" he muttered with his head bent

      "Nervous? Why?"

      Erik smiled. "I can't imagine they… like me."

      "Erik…" Charles tried. "My students won't try to harm you. They are
      grateful to you for saving my life."

      Erik replied by shrugging, and had one last pull from the cigarette
      before putting it out and dropping it to the ground. The acrid smoke
      made his unaccustomed lungs burn, but the nicotine also had a
      soothing effect. Maybe Erik was feeling a bit less nervous now.

      "I suppose you'll calm them down if they try anything," he said.

      "That won't be necessary," Charles assured him. "I promise."

      "I certainly hope so."

      Erik rose from the wooden bench, walked back to his car and got into
      the driver seat. It was half past four. They still had a long drive

      "Would you like to listen to some music?" Erik asked his friend.

      "Yes, that would be nice. What do you have?"

      "Mozart," Erik replied.

      "Perfect. Put it on."


      It was almost ten in the evening when they finally reached
      Westchester, and the drive to the mansion would be over in a few
      minutes. Charles contacted Storm telepathically a short while prior
      to their arrival, telling her they were close.

      Storm was in the kitchen. Through her eyes, he could see the inside
      of his beloved home; the kitchen was a place where he often liked to
      sit alone at nights, when everyone else was asleep, lost in his own
      thoughts. Sometimes nights were Charles' favourite time of the day,
      because then everything was quiet.

      When Erik finally stopped his car outside the Xavier mansion gate,
      six mutants were standing there, waiting for them, like some odd
      welcoming committee. Charles could see that Logan's eyes narrowed
      when he saw Erik in the driver seat, but apparently he knew better
      than trying anything.

      Scott was there too, but he looked very tired, and his face was
      ashen grey. Besides he had lost weight. How much Charles couldn't
      tell, but it was still very obvious. Poor baby, Charles thought
      tenderly. He must have had a hard time.

      Charles and Erik watched each other. Charles knew Erik was nervous.
      He did his best not to show it, but it was clear anyway.

      Charles then gave his students a broad smile to assure them
      everything was alright. Some of them, like Storm, smiled back, but
      Logan did not – he was too busy ogling Erik – and Scott almost
      looked like he'd burst in tears.

      "I suppose it's time…" Charles murmured, looking down in his lap.

      "Yes," Erik replied. "Your students are waiting. We had better part
      as soon as possible so I can get out of here before they change
      their minds and attack me."


      Now Erik was smiling. Maybe he'd only been half serious about that.
      He regarded Xavier's students through the windshield, and noticed
      that they all looked – at least most of them – a bit anxious and
      watched him with sceptical eyes. Maybe they wouldn't attack, but
      they were ready to defend themselves and Charles, in case *he* tried
      anything. Obviously they didn't trust him one bit.

      But I wouldn't either, after what I've done, Erik thought.

      "Goodbye, then, old friend," he said solemnly and reached out his
      right hand.

      It took Charles a moment to realize Erik wanted to shake hands with
      him. It felt odd indeed, yet he grabbed Erik's hand and shook it.
      Usually, they never said goodbye like that, but embraced, kissed or
      shot each other angry glares in case they parted as "enemies". But
      they never shook hands with each other. The thought hadn't even
      occurred to Charles until now. But it came out Erik had his reasons.

      "This is my private cell phone number," Erik said after sticking the
      note into Charles' hand. "Call me… if you'd like to meet sometime
      and get out, or just… keep in touch."

      Charles quickly slipped the note into his jacket pocket before
      anyone else could see it. He could feel the eyes of his students on
      him, knowing they wanted him to hurry.

      "Yes…" he whispered. "I might. In a not too distant future, old

      Erik winked at him, and then turned away. "I'll look forward to it,"
      he mimed. "Now go."

      Finally Charles opened the car door, and Logan and Ororo instantly
      rushed toward him. Ororo hugged him spasmodically hard.

      "Oh, Charles… I believed that… I am so happy to see you!"

      Charles hugged her back and assured everyone he was fine, and that
      there was nothing to worry about. Logan, still suspicious, quickly
      came and lifted him into his arms, ready to carry him into the
      warmth of the mansion. Or maybe getting him as far from Erik as
      possible was what he really wanted.

      Erik's car slowly started rolling, but before they lost eye contact
      Charles sent him one last telepathic message.

      //Soon// he said.

      The End
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