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Fic: Halloween - Wolverine Style

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    Halloween – Wolverine Style Rating - PG for descriptions of violence Summary - gotta read it - title says it all Archiving - fine with me, but please let
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2003
      "Halloween – Wolverine Style"

      Rating - PG for descriptions of violence

      Summary - gotta read it - title says it all

      Archiving - fine with me, but please let me know where

      Disclaimer - I don't own any of the Marvel characters - fic written
      not for profit

      Halloween - all the residents of the Xavier School, with the exception
      of one Wolverine, were all were dressed in assorted ghoulish costumes.
      Under the watchful eye of Colossus and Cyclops, the younger children
      of the Xavier School had been taken door to door for Halloween trick
      or treat festivities. Upon their return, they were all seated in the
      entertainment room to listen to scary stories. A few lit candles
      provided the only light in the expansive room. The adults sat around
      the perimeter of the clan of youngsters.

      "This story begins in the hills of Montana," Bobby started.

      "The moon was full and the air was chilly. It was another Halloween
      night," he went on.

      The younger children all sat close to each other as they listened
      attentively to the story Bobby began to tell.

      "There had been stories – legends – of a beast that would appear only
      on Halloween night when the moon was full. No one knows exactly what
      the beast looks like because no one ever lived to tell of what they
      saw. Some say it is a huge man wolf; others say it is Bigfoot; and
      others claim it to be a huge mutant bear. No one knows for sure, but
      everyone knows of the damage it would do – how it killed," Bobby
      explained. His voice was low and serious and the younger children
      began to huddle close to each other.

      "This one night would be the worst one ever. There were 20 kids all
      in a group – all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. As they
      passed down one of the long dark roads to the next house, they began
      to hear the growls," Bobby said.

      At that moment, a low rumbling growl was heard in the room. The
      children began to look around wondering where the sound was coming
      from and from whom. Even Bobby began to wonder who would be making
      it. The only persons missing were Logan and John. Danielle confirmed
      that Logan was out playing cards with his buddies – he was not at all
      interested in attending Xavier's Halloween fun. And John said he
      wasn't feeling well and wanted to stay in his room and sleep.

      "The growls got louder and louder and the kids all began to shine
      their flashlights around looking for what was making the noise. They
      began to wonder if it was a frightened stray dog. But, the sounds got
      even louder and more vicious sounding. They could hear something in
      the woods alongside the road – the sounds of something moving through
      the bushes and fallen leaves. So, they began to run down the street.
      Some of the kids looked back as they ran and could not see anything,
      but the growling and snarling got even louder," he said.

      Then, the growling in the room got louder. Bobby looked to Scott and
      Jean wondering what was up. Danielle shrugged her shoulders unsure of
      what to say. She thought she could smell Logan's scent but was not
      positive. Jean nonchalantly walked around the room trying to find who
      was being the wise guy. She couldn't find anything, even though the
      growling continued to be heard. So, Bobby went on with his story.

      "Just then, everything got quiet – the snarling and growling stopped.
      The kids could only hear the sound of the breeze blowing through the
      trees. They figured everything was safe – that whatever it was had
      gone off somewhere else. That's when it happened. The beast jumped
      out of the bushes. The kids ran in all directions trying to get away.
      The beast howled and snarled – it's huge fangs and claws were covered
      in blood – the blood of its last victim," Bobby said.

      Just then, John came running into the room screaming at the top of his
      lungs and holding his neck as if he had been slashed. His hands were
      red with what looked like blood. John looked terrified and dropped to
      the ground as Logan sprang forth bounding into the room after him
      snarling and growling. Logan jumped up on the couch with claws
      extended and dripping red liquid. He roared as the children screamed
      and ran out of the room in fear. John rose up again and began to
      laugh heartily in having scared the younger children to death.

      "Logan! John! How could you?" Jean scolded.

      They laughed even harder. For all the times the children had harassed
      him, Logan had finally succeeded in having his revenge.

      "Logan, that was not funny. And you too, John. Those children will
      probably have nightmares for weeks," Xavier said.

      Logan stood tall and proud. Nothing was going to ruin this little
      victory over those pest kids.

      Danielle prowled over to Logan, gave a quick wink to John, and glared
      at Logan. Her fury was mild but Logan knew she was not too excited
      over what he did.

      "Just a little Halloween fun," Logan retorted as he wiped the ketchup
      from his claws before retracting them.

      "Hum...I think this requires grounding you for a week – both of you,"
      Danielle said as she put a pretend collar on Logan and led him out of
      the room.
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