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Fic: Being Reasonable(1/1) OC(Mike), OC(Jim), Marie [PG-13]

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    Title: Being Reasonable Author: Pat Phillips Summary: Mike gets into a fight, but fortunately Marie is around to be the soul of reason. Rating/warning &
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2003
      Title: Being Reasonable

      Author: Pat Phillips

      Summary: Mike gets into a fight, but
      fortunately Marie is around to be the soul
      of reason.

      Rating/warning & pairing/characters:
      Rated PG,
      Marie, OC(Mike), OC(Jim)

      With the exception of Mike McWhirter and
      Jim Flanagan I do not own these characters.
      Instead, they are the property of Marvel

      As a firm believer in property rights,
      it's only reasonable that I specify that
      my use of these characters should in no
      way be interpreted as a threat to Marvel's
      ownership of them.

      All of my fan fiction, including this story,
      is a not-for-profit venture. After all, when
      you get down to it, who would pay for this

      Readers of my other fiction may notice that
      Mike is a minor character in "A Sacrifice
      of Flowers", and a major character in a
      number of other stories I've written. Jim
      first appeared in "Brothers and Sisters".


      So Miss Munroe and Mr. Logan dragged my ass all the way from Boston
      to this weird school in the middle of nowhere. Then I met this bald
      guy in a wheelchair they called "Professor Xavier". And within a
      matter of hours I'm up to my armpits in books and homework.

      If it wasn't for that Logan character, I'd blow this place. But he
      swore he'd do something painful to me if I ran. And that son-of-a-
      bitch can smell me even when I'm invisible. And I don't
      particularly want to find out the details of his definition
      of 'painful'. That guy is just plain scary.

      OK. All griping aside, there are good things about the school.
      I've made a lot of friends here. There are pretty girls everywhere
      you look. Hell, some of the schoolwork is even fun. But, damn it,
      I was a freaking super-villan just a while back! Jim Flanagan --
      the fifteen year old, one-man, mutant crime-wave! They were doing
      news stories about me on TV! The Boston cops were getting nowhere
      with me and the FBI was running around in circles!

      Now I'm worried about my geometry grade. And I've really got to get
      started on that history paper.

      Which was why I was in the library. Mike was giving me a hand
      tracking down some books for my paper.

      Mike is one of the stranger kids in this place, and that's saying
      something. Everyone says he's retarded, but I'm damned if I can see
      that. Yeah, he says a lot of awkward things, and he's getting
      special tutoring in math, and he's also in the remedial English
      class. But otherwise, Mike seems like a pretty normal guy. From my
      point of view, the strangest thing about Mike is that he flat-out
      loves history. He's read a sizable chunk of the history books in
      the school library and God help Miss Munroe if she gets a date or
      name wrong when Mike is in one of her classes.

      Another odd thing about Mike is that he's a really tough kid, buut
      he doesn't act like it. I've seen him in the gym doing one-armed
      pull-ups while holding 600 pounds of weights in his other hand. As
      near as I can tell, only Peter is stronger than Mike -- and that big
      Russki has to turn into steel to do that.

      Then there's the fact that Mike's also lightning quick. He's
      normally not in much of a hurry. But when Mike decides that he has
      to move, he's as fast as a scalded cat.

      If they ever let mutants into the NFL, Mike will be made for life.

      Anyhow, once I found myself deep in a hole with my history paper,
      Bobby suggested I see Mike. That was a real good idea since Mike
      would rather talk about history than eat, drink, or chase girls. So
      he and I wandered down to the library to go over some ideas for the
      paper. We settled on a topic that sounded kind of interesting --
      the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars -- and Mike picked
      out a few books for me. I was actually begining to feel
      enthusiastic about the paper when trouble walked in the library door.

      His name is Brett DeFreis. He's a dickhead.

      Brett walked into the library with a couple of the older girls. I
      didn't know them. And to be blunt, if they were hanging around with
      Brett, I don't want to know them.

      Mike and I exchanged a slightly disgusted look.

      "Studying hard, boys?" asked Brett. He's seventeen and has the
      knack of making sure the everything he says to anyone younger than
      him is a sneer. Brett has a pretty interesting mutation: he has
      the ability to control, concentrate, and shift light around him. He
      can make himself hard to see, project a blinding flash of light, or
      create a flare of energy that's capable of inflicting some ugly
      burns. And he's getting real good at controlling his power.

      Let me put it another way: Brett's powerful and dangerous and
      that's gone straight to his pointy head.

      After I first got here, Brett found out that I could turn
      invisible. He can't quite do that -- the best he can manage is a
      shimmer that makes it hard to see him from a distance. That
      difference between us bothered him for some reason -- sort of like I
      was somehow poaching on his territory. He hassled me for a while
      and I simply got in the habit of vanishing whenever I saw him
      coming. It cut down on the problems.

      There wasn't much of a chance to do a vanishing act in the library.
      So I shrugged and turned back to the books. Mike did the same.
      Brett and the two girls took a nearby table and started chattering.

      "So are you OK with the paper?" asked Mike.

      "Yeah. But this sure is a lot of reading," I answered, piling up my
      books in front of me.

      "Read the Devers book first -- it's the most general. Then just
      pick out the parts of the other books that will help you write the

      I nodded. That was a heck of a lot better idea than trying to read
      five books in a week.

      "Hey, Mike!" called a girl's voice from the library door.

      It was Jubilation. She's this really cute Chinese girl. From what
      I've seen, she and Mike are pretty good buddies.

      "What's up, Jubes?" asked Mike.

      "Have you seen my kneepads? I can't find them." Jubes had her
      skateboard with her. I figured she was planning on giving it a
      workout. I sighed a bit at that. It looked a lot more fun than
      hitting the books.

      Mike shook his head, "Sorry."

      "No problem. See ya," replied Jubes. Then she left.

      The door swung shut.

      And then Brett opened his big mouth and said something about Jubes
      and kneepads. Then he started laughing. No, I'm not going to tell
      you what he said.

      Jubes' parents died when she was pretty young. The state of
      California put her into a foster home that didn't work out. She ran
      away and then had to get by on her own for a few years. I hope
      you're catching my drift, because that's all I'm saying on that

      Nobody laughed at Brett's comment -- not even the two girls who were
      with him. One of them looked away and the other just looked
      disgusted. My opinion of both of them rose. Heck, I barely knew
      Jubes and Brett was irritating the living hell out of me.

      And he was royally pissing off Mike. Remember what I said about him
      and Jubes being friends?

      Mike looked real hard at Brett and put his feelings in two words.

      "Shut up."

      Brett stopped laughing. Hey, Brett DeFreis was an important guy.
      People didn't talk to him that way if they knew what was good for

      "Who are you talking to, retard?" he said, getting to his feet. The
      shimmer effect begin flickering around him. He had turned on his

      Mike moved.

      It was over in about ten seconds.

      The two girls were standing frozen against the far wall. They had
      fled there as soon as the fight started. I was keeping himself
      between them and the action, just in case something big flew their

      Three or four chairs were knocked over, a table had been thrown
      across the room, and some books and magazines were scattered around
      the floor. Brett was almost a hundred pounds heavier than Mike, but
      Mike was keeping Brett's head pinned flat against a table by a
      fistful of hair. His other hand had Brett's arm in a hammer lock.

      "Let me go, you damned moron!" gasped Brett. A trickle of blood was
      leaking from his nose and was smearing across the table. Have I
      mentioned to you yet that I think Brett is an idiot as well as a

      Mike's expression didn't change as he twisted Brett's head slightly,
      resulting in a gasp of pain from the Brett. I didn't like the look
      of the hold that Mike had on Brett. A little more pressure from
      Mike and...

      "Michael!" somebody yelled angrily.

      Mike and I looked simultaneously. It was Marie. And she didn't
      look very happy.

      For the first time, Mike began to look worried.

      "Uh... hi, Marie," he said uncertainly.

      "Let him go! Right now!"

      Mike sighed. Then he released Brett and stepped away.

      Brett straightened up and moved backwards several steps, wiping at
      the blood trickling from his nose. And mouth. Oh, and the cut just
      above his eye. Again, there was that mirage-like ripple around him
      as his power flickered on.

      Mike eyed Brett. Then he picked up this heavy metal and glass art-
      thing from the checkout desk and held it in one hand, his eyes never
      leaving Brett. The thing in his hand easily weighed forty pounds
      and Mike was hefting it as if it weighed no more than a football. I
      had a suddenly mental image of Brett's chest caving in just a split-
      second after Mike's clothes caught fire.

      Without hesitating, Marie stepped between Brett and Mike. My
      stomach did a flip-flop.

      "Both of you stop this. I mean it," she said in a voice like cold

      For the first time, Mike looked concerned. But Brett was still
      being pissy.

      "Get out of the damn way, Marie!" he hissed.

      Marie glanced first at Mike and then at Brett. I guess she was
      figuring their moods. Then she turned to Brett.

      "If you say so, sugar. But are you really sure that you want me to
      do that? It sure looks like you didn't do all that well against
      Mike the first time."

      I figure it was time to help, so I spoke up, "Give it a rest,
      Brett. Mike gave you a fair chance to shut up and back off. But
      you decided to push it -- and you paid the price. He's way too fast
      for you and you'll only get embarrassed again. And this time you
      might not get off with just a few cuts."

      Brett glared at me. Then he looked at Marie. Then he glanced past
      her to Mike. I swear, Mike's eyes were now like ice. I've never
      seen him like that before. If Brett said or did the wrong thing,
      there was going to be some serious mayhem.

      Brett did the math, spat out a curse, and the energy field rippling
      around him flicked off.

      Mike let out the breath he was holding and set his improvised weapon
      back down onto the desk.

      Marie spoke again, all the while never letting her eyes leave
      Brett. "Michael. Get out of here and wait for me in the hallway.
      You and I are going to have a talk. I've had it up to here with
      your habit of getting into fights!"

      Mike winced. "Marie, I..." he began.

      "Git!" spat Marie.

      Mike left the library. Obviously he wasn't looking forward to what
      Marie had in store for him.

      Marie looked towards me, "What happened?"

      I shrugged, "Brett shot his mouth off and Mike told him to cut it
      out. Brett told Mike to go to hell and Mike administered some
      attitude adjustment. I'm damned if I know where Brett got the idea
      that he could handle Mike in an up-close fight."

      Brett was staring furiously at me. Screw him. He'd have to catch
      me to hurt me.

      "What did you say that set Mike off, Brett?" asked Marie.

      Brett shrugged, "It was a joke. The retard is also a nut-case."

      "Ha. Bloody. Ha," said one of the girls who was standing behind
      me. "Look at me. I'm so damned amused by your subtle sense of
      humour. Brett."

      "What did you say to Mike, Brett?" asked Marie again. I made a
      mental note that Marie could be relentless when the mood hit her.

      "I don't have to answer your questions, Marie!"

      "He made a joke about Jubes," said the other girl quietly.

      Marie turned her attention back to me.

      I sighed and started talking, "You know those kneepads that Jubes
      wears when she's skate-boarding or roller-blading?"

      Marie nodded.

      "She couldn't find them. So she stopped by and asked Mike if he had
      seen them. He told her no. After Jubes left..."

      I couldn't quite finish it.

      The quiet girl behind me told Marie the rest of the story.

      A disgusted look crossed Marie's face -- and then vanished. She
      glanced at me and the two girls. "OK, maybe you three should get
      out of here before a teacher shows up."

      The two girls left the library immediately. I hesitated, not really
      sure about leaving Marie alone with Brett.

      "Please, Jim," said Marie softly, with a gesture towards the
      door. "Check on Mike and see if he's OK. He might have got hurt."

      OK, that was an obvious attempt to appeal to my better nature -- the
      day Brett could actually hurt Mike in a hand-to-hand fight would be
      the day I won the Nobel Peace Prize. But it wouldn't hurt to make
      sure, and frankly, I didn't want to cross Marie. So I nodded, still
      a bit unsure, and headed for the door. As I passed her I caught a
      whisper from Marie.

      "I'm gonna be reasonable about this," Marie said to herself in a low
      tone. But she said it so quietly that I was pretty sure that Brett -
      - who was just a few feet awy -- hadn't heard her.

      The door closed behind me. Mike was waiting outside.

      "You OK, Mike? You're not hurt, are you?" I asked.

      "Nah, I'm fine. Brett's like most of the guys in this school with
      a "point and something happens" power. Get close to them in a fight
      and they're in big trouble."

      From inside the library came loud, muffled voices. I couldn't hear
      the exact words.

      I looked back at the library door. Damn, I was worried. "I dunno,
      Mike. Should we be leaving Marie alone in there with Brett? I feel
      awful funny about that."

      The noise level increased from the library.

      Mike shrugged, "Why should we care what happens to Brett?"

      There was a sudden thud and a shriek of pain from inside the
      library. The scream had come from Brett.

      I gave Mike a startled look.

      "Mr. Logan taught Marie how to fight," said Mike calmly.

      "Oh," said I said in sudden realization. I relaxed for the first
      time since I left the library.

      There was this loud wail -- again from Brett -- and something
      slammed against the wall, knocking a painting onto the hallway floor.

      "Sound like she's got a handle on the situation," I said. "Maybe we
      should make myself ourselves scarce. How about a soda?"

      "No, thanks. If Marie has to track me down, she's going to be even
      madder at me."

      A single voice, obviously Marie, was now yelling angrily inside the
      library. If Brett had anything to say, I couldn't hear it.

      "Well, there's one good thing," I said. "You're probably not in
      trouble with Marie any longer. She can't exactly chew you out for
      getting in a fight now that she's clobbering Brett herself."

      Mike smiled.

      Brett howled. A sudden thud cut him off.

      "You know, I almost feel sorry for Brett," I said
      thoughtfully. "The guy is having a really lousy day."

      Mike raised his eyebrows at me, "Do you really mean that?"

      "No. Not really," I said with a laugh.

      Then the door to the library opened and Marie came out. She was
      rubbing her knuckles. When she saw us, she went from looking really
      irritated to looking really embarrassed in a split-second.

      Mike and I started giggling. Really, that's the only way I can
      describe it.

      Lord help me, I couldn't resist, "So. Did you need a hand hiding
      the body? Or should we just call for an ambulance?"

      She gave me a look that she must have learned from Mr. Logan. Then
      she started down the hall, trying to ignore us.

      We followed.

      "Hey, Marie, wasn't there some sort of lecture you wanted to give
      me?" Mike asked her with a grin.

      "Y'all, shut up!" she said.

      "Does her accent always get worse like that when she's mad?" I asked


      "Thin ice. Both of you are on thin ice!" Marie snarled.

      "We better stop," Mike told me.

      "Yeah, it's not smart to piss off these really violent people," I

      "Even the pretty ones?"

      "Especially them, Mike. Nothing is more dangerous than a pretty

      Marie looked heavenward, "Are you two going to follow me around and
      give me a hard time all day long?"

      "That's the plan," I said agreeably.
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