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Fic: Trouble in Paradise (Logan/Danielle)

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  • "Sunshine"
    Title: Trouble in Paradise Part 1 of 1 Rating: PG for adult situations Summary: After When Love and Hate Collide, Wolverine and Panther deal with the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2003
      Title: Trouble in Paradise

      Part 1 of 1

      Rating: PG for adult situations

      Summary: After 'When Love and Hate Collide,' Wolverine and Panther
      deal with the aftermath caused by Mystique.

      Feedback: Absolutely!

      Archiving: fine with me but please let me know where.

      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the X Men and don't write for profit,
      however the creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine and it is
      forbidden to make any use of this character without my permission.

      Danielle stood before Logan and sighed heavily. Her mind drifted to
      Mystique. After being held captive by the Brotherhood mutant,
      Danielle had been feeling at odds with herself and with Logan.

      She loved Logan deeply, but a part of her cringed at the thought of
      him spending intimate times with Mystique. Danielle had been
      confronted several times by Mystique after the incident. The blue
      mutant tormented her by telling of all the things she did with Logan –
      sexual things. Danielle never asked Logan what happened – she felt
      she didn't need to – the female scent of Mystique had been all over
      Logan when they reunited.

      "What's wrong, darlin'?" Logan would ask.

      Danielle would smile and not respond. She would go on with whatever
      she was doing or leave the room. Logan knew enough what was
      bothering her and he couldn't hide it – the blue mutant had taken
      advantage of him while in captivity and there was little he could do
      to stop it. He was cold to Mystique's advances, but the drugs she
      used left him wondering how far things actually went with her.

      Danielle was not in any way uncomfortable with herself or lacking any
      trust of Logan. She knew he had no choice – it was all a matter of
      survival. But, a part of her couldn't let go of the idea of him
      being with Mystique. She spent several nights sleeping alone either
      on one of the couches or even on the floor. It was hard for her to
      be near him.

      "I can still smell her on you," Danielle would say.

      "I'll take another shower, if it makes you happy," Logan would reply
      even though he had already taken several showers trying to rid
      himself of the offending scent.

      Jean watched the turmoil between Danielle and Logan. Danielle sat
      outside alone looking out at the sunset while Logan watched her from
      the window with a lonely and heavy heart.

      "Give her some time and space, Logan. She will come around," Jean

      "I wish I could get her to understand it didn't mean anything – what
      little that actually did happen. All I could think of was getting
      back to her," Logan said sadly.

      "It's easy for you to turn off your emotions. You have done it for
      so long. Danielle is feeling a little uneasy. She just needs some
      time to come to grips with what happened," Jean said.


      "Logan, would you come into my office?" Charles asked.

      Logan followed the professor and took a seat in one of the chairs in
      front of his desk.

      "There is going to be a gathering of sorts on Liberty Island. It has
      been several years now, but the world leaders are hoping to get
      together again for negotiations concerning mutant freedom. It has
      been requested by the United States President that we attend as
      guests of honor," Charles started.

      "Really? I guess that means I have no choice in having to be there,"
      Logan replied.

      "I know you don't care for large crowds, but this would be a very
      important appearance," Charles said.

      "Do I have to wear a suit?" Logan asked.

      "No. The Team will be in uniform – sort of a way of making the
      public aware of us," Charles responded.

      "Sounds cool," Logan replied. (Damned black suits.)

      "The children will be providing some of the entertainment. Danielle
      has gotten her band together to provide the music. We all know how
      much she loves to sing and dance," Charles said.

      Logan hung his head down. The mention of Danielle's name hit a nerve
      and Xavier sensed it without even having to enter Logan's troubled

      "Logan, she loves you. Just be patient. She will come around,"
      Charles said.

      "You are sounding like Jean," Logan said softly. "I just wish I
      could take it back, so she doesn't need to feel hurt."

      "She will be fine. She knows you were forced into a situation,"
      Charles replied.

      "You think she'll ever get over it?" Logan asked.

      "I know she will. She's a tough girl," Charles replied.


      The party on Liberty Island was full of fun, laughter, and a coming
      together of mutants and humans. Danielle led the children of the
      Xavier school in a series of dance numbers set to the music of
      N'Sync. The members of the X Team were on public display and showing
      how they posed no threat to the public and would always be around to
      help in times of need.

      Danielle and the children returned to Charles. There were several
      tables set aside for them and ice cream and soda was served for a job
      well done. Logan watched Danielle from the distance as she answered
      questions from some of the delegates. Her feline instincts had made
      her aware of his eyes peering at her. When she finished answering
      the questions, Jean confronted her.

      "I think you are being a little too hard on Logan," Jean said.

      Danielle looked to her and then in Logan's direction. He looked so
      sad wanting to be with her.

      "I just can't get the thought out of my mind," Danielle said.

      "You know he would never have done anything intentional," Jean

      Danielle looked to him again.

      "I suppose you are right. We need to move on," Danielle said.

      She walked over to the stone fence looking out at the large crowd.
      Silently, Danielle called for him – the toss of her hair and the way
      she looked at him was all he needed to understand. Logan slowly
      approached her.

      "You look so sexy in that uniform," Danielle said of the skintight
      black leather X Team jumpsuit.

      She continued to look out over the crowd without turning around. His
      gloved hands grasped her shoulders gently massaging the tension
      away. Danielle closed her eyes. She did miss her Wolverine.

      "I love ya, darlin'," Logan said softly.

      "I know. I love ya too," Danielle replied while turning to face

      In the distance, the Xavier residents watched as Logan and Danielle
      finally interacted.

      "Hey, look – Logan's trying to make up with Danielle," Bobby said to
      Marie, Jubilee and John.

      Logan pulled a yellow daisy from one of the planters and tucked it
      into Danielle's hair.

      "I guess I had trouble putting the thought of you and Mystique out of
      my mind," Danielle said.

      "It meant nothing. Hell, woman, she didn't get to do more than kiss
      me and try to get me to...ya know. I wouldn't – no matter what," he

      "She told me otherwise," Danielle replied.

      "Ya know she's lyin'," Logan retorted.

      Danielle looked deep into his eyes where she could see right into his
      soul. His arms pulled her close embracing her tightly. Danielle
      held on not wanting to let go.

      "Yer all I need – you, me, and Jean Marie," Logan said.

      The entire X Team seemed to collectively sigh in relief as Logan
      kissed Danielle. The feelings of deep love and passion ebbed through

      Back at the mansion, Danielle put Jean Marie to bed then stepped over
      near the window. She sat down and looked outside. Logan watched her
      in silence, and then he walked over to her. His firm hands kneaded
      her shoulders relieving the stress.

      "Come to bed, darlin'," he finally said.

      Danielle looked up to him, stood up and leaned into his body.

      "Promise you will be gentle with me," she coyly said.

      "Promise," he replied before kissing her deeply.

      All would be well...for now.
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