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X-Men: Academy- Feeling thunder 9/? (movieverse, J/L)

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    Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot) Title: FEELING THUNDER part: 9/? author: myself ;) language: English, but that s not my native language, so please forgive me my
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      Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot)


      part: 9/?

      author: myself ;)

      language: English, but that's not my native language, so please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: All X-Men and other Marvel characters in here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and else. Not mine ;).

      Universe: Only based on the storyline of the movie 'X-Men'.

      Timeline: Begins with the first movie

      Romance: Jean/Logan, Scott/OC

      Summary: This story is about the happenings in the X-Men movie as well as the war between Magneto's and Xavier's people starting...

      Feedback: will not only be appreciated, but... well, you know *G*.

      Rating: PG for swearing? LOL

      remarks: On my homepage on http://www.catbull.com/adora/fanfxmen.html you find all my stories with pics in it. With them they're nicer to read ;). But it's the same stories :).

      remark: This is for everyone who always thought, Scott would be an ADORABLE dancer... Don't tell me I'm the only one... :p And be calmed, from next chapter on, that family stuff will be over and we'll go back to Brotherhood trouble... (and I just HAD to use the "living a lie" comment *G*)


      "Scott! Flashwind! Come down! Pupil conference in the auditorium!"

      "Oh no..." Katja rolled her eyes, banged her head against the wall behind her a few times. That felt good.

      Scott rested his forehead on her chest, looking at least as annoyed as her. "Five minutes of being alone, and who's disturbing? We're not there", he shouted, sounding fairly convincing, but unfortunately less intelligent.

      Ororo laughed quietly. "The Professor wants you to join. So put your clothes on and come down."

      For a moment, Flashwind was speechless. "Why doesn't she believe me when I tell her that my computer isn't working and you must repair it?" She pulled her shirt down that really had slipped a bit.

      "Perhaps because she saw us do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation two times already?" Scott grinned. He straightened one of the strings of Katja's shirt that had twisted, kissed her bare shoulder lovingly then. "Better. They'll start speculating early enough. Storm laughing her head off out there is enough for now. She's really got that special talent to disturb people in the worst moments."

      Flashwind went to the mirror on the wall, shortly combing her long hair. "Well, to be honest... I would have stopped sooner or later myself", she admitted. "Don't think I... It's just... After five days of a relationship, that's a little early." Today, in the morning, she had returned to Scott's apartment. The days without each other had been hell for both of them. Now she had the proof that she had needed for his and her feelings. As soon as she had unpacked her things - again - they had been all over each other. Kathi hid behind her long hair, not wanting him to see her blush.

      "Hey, look at me." He turned her head softly. "That's not a problem, you know. I'm not your boyfriend because I've been searching for a one-night-stand. Okay?"

      "Okay", she smiled, relieved. "Well, then... Let's make them happy and go down."

      "Yep. Oh, just one more thing..." He showed that typical half-grin that Katja liked so much about him already. "If you want to wait, that's okay, but slow down then next time. This is somehow sadistic."

      "What do you mean?" She frowned. Had she done something wrong?

      Gently, he pulled her close to him, nibbling on her ear. "If you can't feel that now..."

      Again, she blushed. Had it been her saying, she wanted to wait? "I'll take care", she promised. "I'm sorry."

      "Not for that. So, you want to tell them today? We can keep it a secret, you know." Fast getting a new shirt from the drawer, he redressed and opened the door for her then.

      "We'd be living a lie." She shook her head. "I couldn't do that. Could you, Scott? Sooner or later they'd realize anyway. I'd prefer to show them before."

      "True. Well, it's no shame to be in love." They headed for the stairs.

      "Do you have any idea what this conference is about?" At the end of the hall, they nearly ran into Rogue and Bobby. Now they were the ones disturbing. When they got there, the younger pupils fast left, with much more distance between them than before.

      "That will be trouble sooner or later", Scott remarked. "No, I don't know. Xavier did quite a few phone calls these days, but from what I know, they've been about the school, not the X-Men. You still don't know your way around here, do you? You're searching for something special in the broom cupboard?"

      Katja put her hands onto her hips, insulted- and startled. Not a good idea. "I sure hope, Jean removes those silly stitches soon. I'm here for a week only, I'm allowed to get lost in the house. Besides, I've never been to the auditorium so far. Is it this?"

      Loud voices behind a big door. Apparently they were the last ones joining.

      "Yep." Suddenly he seemed nervous.

      Flashwind thought to know what was bothering him. Ever since Logan had left a few days ago, Jean was looking depressed enough for everyone to realize. By now, probably everybody knew that her and Scott had split up, that the 'perfect couple' of the Mutant High was no longer. But no one could know of Scott's and Katja's relationship. He surely was worried about how the others would react to it. "There's one advantage about all this", she tried to cheer him up. "The pupils probably have been afraid of the next school lessons with you already. When for once you'd be in a real bad mood. Now they'll know that you'll be just as unfriendly as usual."

      "You've got a point there", he laughed. "Hold my hand, baby."

      "As you wish." They smiled at each other once more and entered the room then side by side.

      For once, there were good news. The city of New York was offering a talent evening, especially for schools for gifted youngsters. To give high intelligent children a better image. To show that they could do more than just learning fast. The Professor had been asked to join with his people. "That's a perfect way for us to distract the people from any connection between the Statue of Liberty battle and this estate", he explained. "Anonymity isn't only important for you but also for the X-Men, that you know. So I'd you to register. No gifts, no one is to know that you're mutants. I didn't agree to it yet, first I wanted to ask you. But I do think, we have many abilities to show to the people."

      The pupils were most enthusiastic about the suggestion. Most of them had an idea about what to present. Jean noted everything, smiling for the first time this week.

      Suddenly Scott raised his hand.

      "What are you doing?" Katja asked, astonished.

      The Professor arched an eyebrow, amused. "That's a competition for pupils, Mr. Summers, not for teachers."

      "I'm not speaking for myself only", Cyclops answered. "Flashwind and I will do the Mambo. Flashwind does have biology and physics lessons here, after all. That's enough of being a pupil."

      "Hey, didn't you forget something?" Flashwind complained. "You could ask me before deciding that, you know."

      "Later", Scott grinned. "So?"

      Xavier hesitated for a moment. "Okay. I don't want to spoil your fun. But be careful, for heaven's sake. The executive knows both of you."

      "We'll take care", Scott promised. "Won't we, baby?"

      Flash grimaced shortly. She hated people making decisions for her. "Cheap surprise tactic", she murmured.

      "What was that?" he asked, grinning.

      She felt like slapping him. Unfortunately, she liked him too much already for that. "I said, if you really think you can show me the lift in two weeks, then I'll be with you."

      "That's the right attitude." He kissed her passionately, nearly taking her breath away. "Or did you want to protest?"

      The conference was over, everything had been said. The pupils watched the new couple curiously while leaving the room.

      "You won", Katja sighed. They left to the training room in the attic at once, before Jean could get the idea of forbidding Kathi to dance because of her injure.

      Scott placed an arm around Flash's shoulders. "I love to win."

      "Turn... turn again... You're too close! Look at me! Down!"

      One more test dance finished. Katja was sweating. No, it wasn't funny at all to train with Scott. Being completely out of breath, she stood up from the final pose.

      "Too late again", he criticized her. "When the fade out begins, we have to be on the floor already. You've got to concentrate, you're making beginner mistakes."

      "This is getting boring", she commented. "We've got only one more week left to train, we did the lift two times only so far, and by now it seems to me, I'm do nothing but mistakes."

      "The lift isn't half as difficult as it looks", he declined. "But you're right, for today that's enough. Would you like to go to the cinema?"

      "I'm afraid that has to wait for the weekend", Katja sighed. "I've got to do physics today. I promised the Professor that I'll give him my housework tomorrow." Since she was an extra ordinary pupil, Katja actually didn't have to do any housework, but she wanted to see for herself if she had understood everything that Xavier told them every Monday and Wednesday from ten to twelve o'clock. She had never been too good at sciences.

      "Guess, that's more important", he nodded. "Well, then I'll ride Pharao myself just for once." But it shouldn't come that far. When they left the room, they nearly ran into Rogue.

      "Flashwind, there are visitors here for you", she shouted, excited.

      "For me?" Katja arched an eyebrow. "Unlikely. Are you sure?"

      "Absolutely. There aren't that many Katja's living here. Don't look at me like that, you wanted to know." Marie winked when Flash pulled her face, looking lightly worked up.

      Scott still was the only one in the mansion who could pronounce her name without any problems. She seriously was thinking about introducing herself with 'Cat' from now on. She shrugged, puzzled. "Where are they?"

      "Waiting in the living room. Jean's with them. Hurry up! They're quite anxious to see you."

      So Kathi went downstairs with Scott. This time, she was the one to be glad that he was with her, holding her hand. The shock was quite big when they entered the room.

      Jean sat on her favourite sofa, wearing a pretty, formal red office dress and her glasses, with a cup of tea next to her. She was holding a data notepad. Probably Flashwind's data. She was talking to...


      "Katja!" Three people jumped up at once. Katja's Mom and her sisters, indeed. It was like a miracle. They hugged tightly.

      Only now Flash realized that she had been homesick. Fighting, training, school, Scott, all this had suppressed but not completely eliminated it.

      "My dear child... Are you alright?" Worried, her mother seized the bandage on Katja's arm.

      She should have put on something with sleeves. But she hadn't really expected someone from the other side of the world suddenly standing in the mansion. Someone who hadn't even known the address.

      "I'm okay", she nodded. "Mom, may I introduce you... Scott Summers. Scott- my Mom, Sabrina and Claudia, my sisters. Scott helped me to get settled here."

      "Hello." Only hesitating, the older woman shook Cyclops' hand. Bad sign.

      "You look good", Sabrina mentioned. "Changed, but good. We missed you."

      "I missed you too." She still was a little shocked. "How did you get here so suddenly?"

      "First, sit down, everyone", Jean asked them from her observation post. "And try to calm down."

      Mrs. Ninaus was asking Jean many questions this afternoon, many of them being unnecessary and embarrassing, many of them sounding naive. She seemed to be about to handcuff her daughter and bring her back home by herself. She wanted to know everything, what Katja was doing here, if she would make enough money for a living, how had she had gotten injured... She was talking as if Cat wasn't in the room.

      "Mom, I'm grown up", Flashwind finally growled.

      Scott stepped on her foot, a little rough. 'Patience', the look on his face said.

      "Well, from the US-American point of view, that's not exactly true", Jean remarked. "In this state, you're grown-up with 21 years only. And since the Professor helped you get the citizen ship, here, you're under-age. That's what your mother and I were just talking about. Actually, that's no problem. She just wanted to make sure that you're being taken care of." She smiled at Katja's mother. "I've agreed to adopt you for that one year till you'll turn 21. Some things you're just not allowed to sign yet, It would be silly sending them to Germany everytime."

      "That's what I've always dreamed of, signing my own power of attorney", Flashwind murmured. "Fine with me, then."

      "Good. So I'll leave you alone now." Jean stood up. "I'm sure, you've got much to talk about."

      "I'm leaving too." Scott shortly caressed Katja's hand. "I'm in the stable, if you need me. Madam... Sabrina... Claudia..." He kissed Cat's cheek shortly, briefly only. He had felt her Mom's spontaneous rejection as well as she had.

      Flashwind's older sister felt that she was sad and put an arm around her shoulders. "Show us around."

      After a little tour through the house, they went to the guest room, the woman were staying in. "Well, well." Katja sat down on a bed. "Now we've seen the building, the stable, the school... We talked about the nice weather here and the nice weather in Großheim... You told me that all the family greets me... That you did all my formalities... But that's not what you came to tell me for."

      "Come home, Katja", her Mother began. "You can't just give up everything you have in Germany!"

      "I told you in my e-mails already", Katja sighed. "I've got much to learn about myself right now. That I can do only here. Here, I do have a future. Once, someone at home got to know what's happened with me, I'll never get any job in an office again."

      "That's an excuse", Sabrina claimed. "You don't have to tell anyone! We won't!"

      "Don't you understand?" Cat was getting, annoyed. "I can't control my powers! I'm a danger! I can't even work with my gift so far, not to speak of hiding it!"

      "And you think, nobody will find you here? Our detective needed two days", Claudia remarked.

      "If nobody is searching for you, then nobody can find you." Her sister shrugged. "I didn't hurt anyone... so far." She didn't mention the bus. She wasn't able to. She could have told anyone, but not her own family. Besides, with a village the size of Großheim, it was unlikely that they didn't know it, anyway. "If I don't learn how to handle this thing, something bad will happen. Then you'll visit me in jail next time. Here are people to help me."

      "Sure. Like that rowdy with the sunglasses, right?" Finally her mother said what was really bugging her. Mostly, it took some time, but after a while, Katja always brought her to admit. "You're leaving your family because of a trouble-maker who's sharing a different girl's bed every week here. I really thought you to have more taste. More intelligence, too. Just one of these... these mutants." She pronounced it like a very slimy bug.

      That was enough. "Just in case you didn't realize, I'm one of these... these mutants myself now", Flash shouted. "And that's why I'll stay here, like it or not. I have to learn how to live my life before I can go back."

      "And you are sure that when you did that, you'll still want to return?" Sabrina asked, sadly. Unlike her mother, she had already understood that the relationship of Scott and her sister was serious.

      "I don't know", Kathi said quietly.

      Claudia tried to persuade her for a last time. "It's not too late yet. Could you just think about this once more? About, if he's really the right man for you? Do it for us."

      Cat didn't answer, just pressed her lips together, folding her arms.

      "We should go to bed now", Sabrina finally said. "We'll stay till next Sunday. We'll have plenty of time for each other. Jean invited us to join the talent evening, to get to know the pupils. To see whom you're with from now on."

      "I'm glad you'll be there", Katja nodded, though that wasn't quite true. If her Mom would watch Scott and her with that angry sight all the time, the show would be anything but funny. "Good night, then."

      They all were sad and disappointed when she left. She needed to be with Scott now.

      She found him in Pharao's box. She had never seen him that sad before. "May I come in?" she asked, carefully.

      He startled. "Oh, Katja... Yes, of course." Absent-mindedly, he caressed his stallion's white fur.

      "Scott, I... I'm sorry about my Mom."

      "No, that's ok. Your Mom is great. Just flying to America for a week... And how much she's worrying about you..."

      "No, it's not okay", she contradicted him. "She had no reason at all to treat you like that. That's what I told her, too."

      "But she's right, that's the point. You're here for not even a month yet, and what am I doing? Destroying all your chances to return home as fast as possible. To find a good job, too. Once there'll be pictures of the two of us in the news, the trouble for you will start. Now, you still could hide."

      "Who the hell said I wanted this? Scott, look at me, please." Katja placed her arms around his shoulders. "I came here because I wanted it. It was my decision to join the X-Men. And nobody forced me to fall in love with you. I'm not regretting any of these decision. When I fight, I feel more alive than ever before. I can't go back. I'd be fading like a flower. Besides..." She stopped. It was too early, actually. But she was sure enough to tell him. "Besides, I love you. I don't care what people say. I'm a mutant, just like you are. I don't want to lose you."

      He rested his head on her shoulder. "I don't want to lose you, either. Anyway... Perhaps we should just go on distance this week. For your Mom. We're together everyday. Your family's here just for a week. Perhaps, you just have to give them time. It's difficult for all of you."

      "You want us to act as if we were just friends?" she asked. "How should we do this on Saturday? That'd ruin half of the show."

      "I'm afraid that will be no problem." Suddenly Jean stood next to them.

      "What do you mean?" She was holding a letter from the city office. Katja knew the ugly yellow note paper from the formalities, she had had to do lately.

      "They don't accept your Dirty Dancing show."

      "Pardon? Why? Because of me?" Cat asked, surprised.

      "Unlikely", Scott mentioned. "I suppose, they saw us last week, when we went to register you. Probably they didn't like what they saw."

      "Like that", Jean nodded. "They expressed it more diplomatic, but mostly, they're afraid that there could be trouble on the party if mutants were the centre of the attention. Meaning, of course we're allowed to go there, but we will not be on the stage."

      Scott beat against the wall of the box so tightly that Pharao jumped aside, frightened. "Sorry, bud." Fast, he gave his stallion a little carrot. "If they'd just quit those damn excuses! Young people are most open-minded about mutants than all the others! Cowards! We should cancel the whole thing."

      "You can't do that", Jean answered. "The pupils are dying to do their shows already. They're not responsible for it. Besides, the Professor was right. Their anonymity will grow with that evening. The city actually does us a favour."

      "This is crap, anyway!" he shouted. "Don't tell them. It would disillusion them even more than they already are."

      "I won't." She shook her head. "Of course it's crap. But some things we just can't change, not even with all our powers." She left.

      "I guess, the decision had been made for us", Katja commented. "So we'll behave this week?"

      "To keep things calm. We'll surely find some minutes of being alone, anyway." He kissed her gently. "Didn't you want to do physics?"

      "How could I forget", she growled. "See you tomorrow, babe." It was difficult to say good-bye this evening. They felt that something would change, and soon.


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