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FIC: Old Friend, 9/13, Charles/Erik, NC-17, post X2

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  • Henrika
    Chapter 9 When Erik wasn t up by 11 AM next morning, Mystique grew tired of waiting for him. She made Xavier some breakfast and decided to go and leave the
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      Chapter 9

      When Erik wasn't up by 11 AM next morning, Mystique grew tired of
      waiting for him. She made Xavier some breakfast and decided to go
      and leave the tray in their room. It was her knockings that awoke
      Charles and Erik, who'd been sleeping soundly until then.

      When Erik woke up and heard someone was at the door he was
      terrified. He shook Charles, who wasn't quite awake yet, and hissed
      in his ear,

      "What if it's John? I told him he could see you today. Oh no! He
      cannot see us like this…"

      "Haven't you told him you are a homosexual…?" Charles murmured into
      the pillow.

      "No…" whispered Erik. "Not exactly. He'd only believe I'm going to
      hit on him."

      "Nonsense… He wouldn't believe that…" Charles murmured in reply and
      slowly rolled onto his back. He hadn't told his younger students
      about his sexuality either, but it didn't matter, since he was
      expected to be asexual in any case.

      "Who is it?" Erik called anxiously.

      "It's me," Mystique's slightly annoyed voice sounded. "I'm here with
      Xavier's breakfast. Can I come in?"

      Erik breathed a sigh of relief. So it was only Mystique. Oh. She
      knew what went on here anyway, so she might as well come in.

      "Yes, Raven, come on in," Erik replied.

      Mystique opened the door and came in, carrying a tray with Charles'
      breakfast. Erik recalled he hadn't eaten anything either, and was
      almost about to ask Mystique to bring him food as well. But probably
      she wouldn't be very happy to do it.

      Mystique shot them a look from her yellow eyes when she came to
      place the food tray on Xavier's bedside table. She barely resisted
      the impulse to snort. It wasn't difficult to realize what had

      So he didn't want to sleep with me last night, but with a wheelchair
      bound cripple, Mystique thought. Terrific.

      "John's in the kitchen," she said, stopping by their bed for a
      while. She could see that Xavier's bruises were fading in colour,
      and many had already turned yellowish.

      "You had promised him he could see Xavier today," she continued, as
      though Charles wasn't even present. Charles sighed, but decided to
      ignore it.

      "Yes, later," Erik replied. "We have to…get ready first."

      Mystique smiled a pointy smile. "Yes, I understand that you must.
      And you might want to air this room, Erik. It reeks of sex."

      Charles could feel himself blushing. Of course Mystique knew, and
      Charles was sure she disliked the idea, but the room didn't "reek of
      sex" like she said, right? Suddenly he felt Erik entwining their
      fingers under the covers. It was a nice feeling, but he was hoping
      Erik would stop at that and not start caressing him while Mystique
      was in the room.

      "Raven, you can leave now. We'll manage," Erik said.

      "I am sure you will," Mystique replied knowingly. "Don't let me be
      in the way."

      Erik started to laugh when she had gone. "I actually feared it was
      Pyro," he admitted.

      "You should tell him that you are a---"

      "He is just a boy!" Erik objected. "He'd believe I was trying to
      seduce him."

      "Hasn't he seen you bring home any of your "dates"?" Charles asked.

      Erik sighed. "We do have something called privacy. But we had a
      great time last night, hadn't we?" Erik murmured, gently nuzzling
      Charles' neck.

      "Yes," Charles smiled. "We had. You are still a great lover, Erik."

      Erik pretended being offended. "Why wouldn't I be? Because I am
      older? I could have lasted longer, if I'd wanted to. Without
      Viagra," he added.

      Charles suddenly grew serious, and pulled his hand through Erik's
      soft curls. He knew he still loved his old friend very much, and
      didn't want to leave him."

      "I know you don't need any Viagra," he said quietly. "You're still
      as virile as a 25-year-old!"

      "Nonsense!" Erik laughed softly. "When I was 25 I could keep going
      all night! You should remember."

      "Erik, I do," Charles assured him. "It was so long ago… since
      someone loved me like that."

      "Really?" Erik asked, lifting his head. "Who was your latest?"

      He realized Charles couldn't have a very active sex life at the
      mansion, constantly surrounded by a bunch of scared kids, but he
      should be able to get out *sometimes*. Therefore Charles' reply
      surprised him a lot.

      "You were," said Charles.

      "Me?" Erik exclaimed, staring at Charles with his mouth wide
      open. "But that was…"

      "Over twenty years ago. I know," Charles concluded. "There is no
      reason to look like that, Erik. Be happy no one else has "defiled"

      "Charles…! How can that be? And don't try blaming your students,
      because you haven't even had them that long."

      "Erik…please…" Charles sighed. "When you left me I was devastated.
      All I could think of was a way to get you back. Finding someone else
      was no alternative."

      "You were devastated?" Erik asked in surprise. "But… We met even
      after I moved out from the mansion. You never seemed devastated. You
      even said it was best for us both."

      Charles nodded concurringly. "I know. But I am good at keeping a
      straight face. I didn't want you to see how pathetic I really was."

      "Charles, you are not pathetic," Erik objected.

      "I came over you eventually," Charles said with an inward little
      smile. "You weren't that indispensable. And I have to admit our
      breaking-up probably was the best in the long run. We were fighting
      so much, and…we would have ended up smothering each other."

      "Yes, maybe," Erik agreed. "But that doesn't explain why you didn't
      take a new lover. Sex is not love. You could have done it without
      feeling unfaithful to me."

      For a moment Charles regarded his old friend like he'd been an
      idiot. Maybe Erik wouldn't understand it, but Charles was at least
      going to try to explain.

      "Erik…" he started carefully. "Look at me. You are in a different
      league. Who would want me, even if I was looking for sex? I can't
      simply go to a bar and pick up someone. Not like you can."

      "Are you referring to your paralysis?" Erik asked.

      "That amongst other things. And I am not… Truthfully, one night
      stands don't appeal to me much."

      "Charles, I think you are very sexy," Erik said, resting his head
      against Charles' shoulder. "I'm sure you'd have no trouble finding

      "I don't believe "sexy" is the first adjective associated with me
      when people see me," Charles sighed. "They see a wise, understanding
      and helpful old cripple, but hardly a lover."

      "Well…" Erik said and suddenly started to giggle. "You do have your
      mental powers. You can always use them to twist a few heads!"

      "I am not *that* desperate!" Charles exclaimed but couldn't help
      laughing as well. The laughter made his ribs hurt, so he stopped

      "And I think you should tell John that you're a homosexual," he then
      proceeded. "The boy will find out anyway, sooner or later, and it's
      better if he hears it directly from you than some other way."

      Erik sighed. "But he will…"

      "No," Charles said firmly. "He won't. Take me, for example. I have
      told my elder students that I am a homosexual, and Scott doesn't
      believe I'll hit on him because of that. John will understand."

      "That is different," Erik claimed. "You have known Cyclops since he
      was a child. He looks to you as a father. There's a difference."

      "It is your choice, of course, Erik, but you know now what I advice
      you to do. You can never get an honest and open relationship if you
      won't tell him."

      Charles was right, of course, and Erik knew it, and it bugged him.
      Would it be best to tell Pyro that he was a… Erik imagined what that
      would mean. John would become afraid of him.

      "We'll see," he finally said. "Maybe I'll talk to him…"

      "He might already know," Charles suggested.

      Erik almost winced. "How could he know?"

      "John is an observant boy. Maybe you underestimate him."

      Erik, who didn't want to bring the discussion about sex and
      relations further, found a way to end it.

      "Charles, your breakfast is getting cold. Maybe you'd like to eat?"

      Charles glanced at the tray which Mystique had placed on his bedside
      table. Was he hungry? Yes, indeed, and Mystique – against all odds –
      was actually a very good cook.

      "She didn't bring you anything," he remarked when he discovered
      there was only food for one person.

      "No," Erik agreed. "I suppose she expects me to come down to the
      kitchen and make my own breakfast. I have legs, after all."

      "Is she always like that?" Charles asked.

      "Who? Mystique?"

      "She appears so cold… distant and chilly. Is she like that to you

      Erik chuckled when he thought about it. Mystique could be a real
      bitch sometimes, especially when she was jealous.

      "No, not always," Erik replied. "But right now she is jealous. She
      doesn't like having you here."

      "You two…?"

      "At times," Erik interrupted. "But not really. She can change, after


      Erik reached for the tray and placed it on his friend's lap.

      "It's late," he said. "I must go and have a bite. Will you be

      "Of course," Charles replied, smiling slightly. "Sabretooth isn't
      still here, is he?"

      "I wouldn't think so, but I'll keep the door locked just in case."

      Erik got out of bed, but instead of getting dressed, he merely
      pulled on a robe and stuck his feet into a pair of well-used
      slippers. Before he left he bent down to give Charles a kiss on the
      lips. The kiss tasted of the apple the telepath had just taken a
      bite of.

      "I'll be right back. Would you like anything?"

      "Yes, some clothes," replied Charles. "If I am going to see Pyro, at
      least I want to look presentable. That is the way he is used to see

      "Clothes…" Erik murmured thoughtfully. "Alright, I'll get you that.
      But you know I prefer you without, don't you?" he said with a
      suggestive wink.

      "Yes, I know that, old friend."
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