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The Aftermath (2/?)

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  • princessthat05
    I don t own any of these characters except for the new character I m introducing. Continued from the first chap. Have an awesome day and don t forget to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2003
      I don't own any of these characters except for the new character
      introducing. Continued from the first chap. Have an awesome day and
      don't forget to feedback plez!! ~Me

      Title: A mutant on trial
      Author: me!
      Rating: G
      Characters: Prof. Xavier, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Iceman, Rogue,
      and my new character

      Scott ran into the living room of the old mansion that was
      fronted as "Professor Xavier's School for Gifted
      Everyone who lived in the mansion was gathering around the
      television and Rogue stood in the middle with the remote control to
      the TV in her hand. "I think the story that they previewed is
      coming on next. Shhh!" Professor Xavier was just now wheeling
      the living room, "what is it Marie?" Rogue turned the volume
      on the
      television up to 16 as the news anchor appeared on the
      screen. "Here is an update on a new story that is unfolding in
      front of our very eyes. A real live mutant has been captured by
      authorities and is now standing trial. The mutant was captured in
      Rhode Island yesterday when it was found over the body of Senate
      Majority Leader Christopher Louis. The mutant attempted to use its
      powers to disappear but failed after being hit in the head by an
      officer with his gun. The mutant was then taken to a secret building
      where a new technology made it impossible for the mutant to use its
      powers to escape. The mutant has given no one its name so it has
      been named mutant 612. It will be given a chance to speak its
      defense before its fate is ultimately decided, let's listen in,
      state calls mutant 612 to the stand.'
      A beautiful woman appeared at one of the doors to the left
      of the courtroom. She was dressed in orange and she was shackled in
      chains and handcuffs around her feet and her hands. As the woman
      was placed on the defense stand the news camera got an up close look
      at her. Her hair was light blond and she had intense blue eyes that
      seemed to stare into the soul of whoever she was looking at, she had
      long blond lashes that set off her eyes and pink lips that fit her
      face perfectly. Scott stared for a moment and then realized that
      she looked quite fragile and he wasn't the least bit surprised
      government had caught her.
      "The court will now hear your testimony mutant 612, what
      have ye to say?" The mutant bit her upper lip with her bottom
      and paused. "Mutant 612?" one of the juries snapped off
      impatiently, and after the passing of a few more seconds, "we
      give you one more chance and one more chance only!" The woman
      a small puff of breath and stood up. "You want a statement do
      she asked in a tone that put all of Scott's reasoning of her
      being a
      fragile mutant to rest. "What exactly do you want me to say?
      you want me to make it easier on you and say I committed a crime
      that I didn't commit? Well, I'm not here to make it easier
      on you.
      You can kill me, which undoubtedly you will do because as everyone
      of you knows, a mutant doesn't stand a chance in a human court.
      matter how good or respectful, "all mutants must die!" Is
      that your
      lease on life? Senator, Mr. President," she said this as she
      each one in the eye. "My right to freedom and life will be taken
      from me and you haven't even looked for evidence to the contrary
      what you say I did. Why? What happened to my right to a fair
      trial? What happened to all men being created equal? Oh I forgot,
      all of my rights have been taken from me because I am a mutant.
      Because I am different. Hasn't this always been the case in
      History? You reject the unfamiliar just because it is different and
      instead of learning from that difference you condemn it.
      Unfamiliarity, scares you, I understand, but condemning mutants to
      death and persecution is not the way to deal with this fear."
      President began shaking his head, "we are not afraid, we must
      sure you do not harm our country or it's people." The mutant
      the President dead in the eyes, "if you are scared of mutants
      when they are not hurting you in any way, you wait until the mutant
      race decides it has had enough of your passive trials and your
      idiotic judgments. There is the real reason to be scared. It's
      known fact that if there was a war between mutants and humans,
      mutants have all the advantage. So my advice to you is to tread
      lightly on this subject, because you have no idea what you are
      getting yourself into if you launch an all out war on mutants. So
      kill me if you will but I will rest on this final note, I didn't
      commit this crime, and do not think by murdering me you are getting
      some kind of justice. Because your justice is cold and will do you
      no good! I am ready to except whatever it is that you are to hand
      out because unlike humans, mutants are civilized beings and I will
      not fight my fate."
      The mutant backed up from the audience and was told to sit
      in a chair as the jury deliberated. The jury came back in 20 min
      and gave its verdict to the president to read. The President nodded
      and gave the verdict back. The mutant stood up and cast knowing
      eyes toward the juror. "On the account of murder in the first
      degree, we find the mutant 612 GUILTY! It's sentence will be to
      it on death row immediately and she will be it's death will occur
      6:00 PM tomorrow." The verdict rang through the courtroom and
      the humans in the room let out a loud cheer and jumped up and down
      screaming obscenities toward the mutant. The mutant was ripped out
      of the chair so quick that she stumbled and fell to the ground. The
      cop that was attending to her looked about him and getting caught in
      the uproar kicked her in the stomach twice yelling, "Get up!"

      The mutant coughed up some blood but soon rose to her feet.
      And as the camera caught a close up of the mutant Scott saw in her
      eyes, not so much anger or guilt but of understanding and pity on
      the people in the crowd. She was shoved through the door that she
      came in through and that was it. Rogue clicked off the television
      and cast a sad gaze at Prof. Xavier.
      Everyone was speechless, except for Scott, but he held his
      tongue. "That was indeed a sad thing to watch. But we must keep
      our moral up." There was a long pause after Prof. Xavier's
      sentence "moral boaster." Everyone expected there to be more
      after a couple of seconds Xavier ordered, "Back to bed, now
      children!" All of the children exited into two different wings,
      which were segregated into the girls, and boys bunk areas. As soon
      as all the kids were gone Scott gave voice his feelings on the
      subject, "We have to help that mutant, no matter what!"
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