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Fic: "When Love and Hate Collide" Wolvie/Panther adventure pt. 1

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  • "Sunshine"
    Title: When Love and Hate Collide Part 1 of 3(?) Rating: PG for violence Summary: The continuing adventures of Wolverine and Panther. Mystique rekindles her
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2003
      Title: When Love and Hate Collide

      Part 1 of 3(?)

      Rating: PG for violence

      Summary: The continuing adventures of Wolverine and Panther. Mystique
      rekindles her interest in Wolverine and plays deadly games to capture him.

      Feedback: Absolutely!

      Archiving: fine with me but please let me know where.

      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the X Men and don't write for profit,
      however the creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine and it is
      forbidden to make any use of this character without my permission.

      "What is the matter?" Scott asked Charles.

      Charles was staring into the monitor watching a news cast of a raging
      fire that swept through several buildings in the lower East Side of
      the Bronx. It was devastating. Several innocent men and women died
      from smoke inhalation, despite the rescue attempts made by the X Team.
      This was the tenth major fire to occur in the last few weeks in the
      New England area.

      "I have such a bad feeling about this, Scott," Charles said as he
      wheeled over to an illuminated map of the area.

      "You think Magneto is behind these fires?" Scott asked.

      "I know he is. All of them have occurred without loss of life to any
      mutants. Only non-mutant people have died," Charles replied.

      Scott watched the look of hidden anxiety cross his mentor's face.

      "Pyro?" Scott asked simply.

      Charles fixed his eyes on Scott. The stern look was enough of an answer.

      It had been some time since Pyro – John – had been seduced by
      Magneto's beliefs of superiority. Pyro, as a young teenager, had
      wanted to be accepted and understood by his family and was instead
      shunned. His deep anger penetrated his soul to the core and he fell
      prey to Magneto. Pyro abandoned his mutant caretakers and joined
      Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants some time ago. He had been out of
      sight up until now.

      "Somebody has to put that little punk's fire out," Logan snarled as he
      entered the room having heard the last part of conversation that
      passed between Scott and Charles.

      "And, what the hell do you suppose we should do? Go after him with a
      bucket of water or a fire extinguisher?" Scott replied snidely.

      "I suppose we should consider a way to capture Pyro and convince him
      to stop these evil deeds," Charles said.

      "How the hell are we supposed to do that? With foul language?" Logan

      "He's just a misguided young man. I wouldn't write him off as a lost
      cause just yet, Logan," Charles replied.

      "So, how does one capture the little fireball?" Logan questioned as he
      sat down near the console by Xavier's side. The arrogant look that
      crossed Logan's face didn't cause any grief to the older man.

      "Logan, young men like Pyro are looking for acceptance. John was
      always that type of boy while he resided here. He has always been an
      angry youth and Magneto preyed on his desire for acceptance by
      convincing him that he could be something very important," Xavier said.

      "Kinda sounds like yourself, hey Logan?" Scott said.

      Logan glared angrily at the younger man.

      "You still don't know a damn thing about me, Cyke, even after all this
      time," Logan sternly replied.

      "Logan, everyone is worth giving a chance to," Charles said.

      "Hell, we gave you a chance," Scott interrupted.

      "So, you think we can change his mind, huh?" Logan asked leaning close
      to Charles and not even blinking an eye as he shot another angry glare
      in Scott's direction.

      "You know, Danielle has always had a way with the kids. John never
      met her. Maybe she could work with him," Scott suggested. And, it
      was a good suggestion, except to Logan.

      "No way. I don't want her getting in the middle of this," Logan
      protectively answered.

      "Maybe we should ask her," Charles said ignoring Logan's comments.

      Logan slammed his fist down on the tabletop. He was not about to
      allow Danielle to get herself into any more trouble. She had seen
      enough action and the potential threat Pyro held made Logan nervous.


      "Danielle, what do you think?" Charles asked.

      "Logan didn't want me involved, did he?" Danielle asked back.

      The older man shook his head affirmatively.

      "I should have known. Logan forgets I can take care of myself," she

      "Logan's just worried about you," Ororo said.

      "What's the plan? Direct confrontation?" Danielle asked.

      "We were thinking of letting Kurt take part in this. His teleporting
      abilities would be able to bring John back here before John even
      realizes he's been taken," Charles replied.

      Inside Cerebro, Charles tried to determine where Pyro might strike
      again. Since he resided with Magneto, and Magneto's fortress blocked
      Xavier's attempts to mind meld with any member of the Brotherhood so
      long as they were inside, Xavier remained within Cerebro while the X
      Team were ready to go the moment Charles locked in on their target.

      Sure enough, Pyro struck again and only a few miles from the school.
      The X Team flew into action – the stealth jet flying towards its
      destination. Upon reaching the scene, Pyro was causing havoc to
      another apartment building. Cyclops and Pyro battled together
      fighting each other with fire or optic blasts. The nearby area turned
      into a raging inferno and people were fleeing in all directions.
      Wolverine, Rogue, and Iceman set up the rescues of those people
      trapped inside the burning buildings while Cyclops kept Pyro busy.

      And the plan worked. Kurt had managed to steal way with Pyro. He
      swung the young man over his shoulder and as John began to fight for
      his freedom, Kurt had teleported back to the Xavier school.


      "John, why?" Xavier asked the young man.

      "What do you care?" John replied.

      Danielle entered the small room that John, Xavier, and Jean were in.

      "John, this is Danielle. She would like to talk with you," Charles

      The young man looked away not wanting to listen. Jean, Scott and
      Charles left the room for the Combat Room. There, Charles turned on
      the security monitor and watched Danielle and Pyro interact.

      "John, we could do this the easy way or..." Danielle started.

      John looked in her direction.

      "Or what?" he snidely asked.

      Danielle's eyes turned golden yellow as she raised a clenched fist and
      popped her claws. She growled softly – the rumbling sound
      reverberated in the small room. John crossed his arms over his chest
      and sat back in his chair.

      "So, what's your story?" John asked snidely.

      "Would it matter to you?" Danielle asked back.

      John shrugged his shoulders.

      Logan sauntered into the Combat Room and leaned over Xavier's
      shoulder. He was rather annoyed that Charles had invited Danielle to
      be a part of this and was further angered seeing her alone with the
      dangerous young man.

      "What the hell," Logan snorted as he started for the door. His fury
      began to fly as well as a deep fear for Danielle's well being. Jean
      stopped him before he could exit the room.

      "Logan, Danielle is working with John. Let her be," Jean pleaded.

      Logan growled before allowing himself to be led back to watch the
      happenings on the monitor.

      "So, why all the anger?" Danielle asked.

      John shot Danielle a stern glare.

      "What anger? Being pissed at the world?" John snidely replied.

      "You think you are something really special, don't you?" Danielle
      asked trying to provoke deeper responses from John.

      He did respond. Standing up, John flicked open his cigarette lighter.
      He cupped the flame in his hand and played with it like a toy. John
      looked up at Danielle.

      "I don't know. Not like anyone really gave a damn about me," John
      said. "Not like you give a damn about me! You just want to stop me
      from being something important!"

      John hurled the fireball at Danielle. Her cat like reflexes allowed
      her to avoid the attack. She glanced over her shoulder as the
      fireball hit the metal wall and was extinguished.

      "You think violence is the way to make people like you?" she taunted.

      "It certainly gets ya noticed," he replied.

      "Not much of a reason," she responded.

      "Why do you care? What does it matter to you? What do them regular
      people matter when we mutants are the ones that are the future of the
      human race?" John attacked.

      "Now, yer soundin' like Magneto. And, what everyone fails to realize
      is that all life is important – no matter what the differences. You
      cannot extinguish one race just because it is different," she began.
      "It is like the natural world. Humans have indeed failed to
      understand the big picture. I will agree with you on that. But, you
      cannot eliminate them just because. It isn't a good enough reason,"
      Danielle added.

      "It's good enough for me," John started to reply. "People have been
      shitting on each other for centuries. Why should things be different

      "Because we should be evolved enough to see the failures of the past
      and learn from the mistakes. We have an opportunity to make changes,"
      she retorted.

      "No one does. It is such a damned selfish world and shit, man, I
      ain't seeing a reason to not think about only myself," John said.

      "Then, you are no different than any of them," she said.

      "I am different! That's the whole point!" John flared.

      He lunged for Danielle and she defended herself with a well-placed
      foot to his midsection. Logan watched wanting to go protect her, but
      Scott made him stay put.

      John regained his breath and lunged for Danielle again. This time,
      the young man got her down onto her back and pinned her down. She
      didn't fight. She just stayed still.

      "What's wrong? Realize I am indeed better than you?" John snorted.

      "You are just a young punk with no sense," she replied strongly.

      John raised his hand to strike her, but her clawed fist blocked his

      "Don't, John. You won't win," she replied.

      John pushed himself off of her and walked over to the wall. Danielle
      got to her feet and brushed herself off. A knock at the door was
      heard and Danielle opened it. Rogue stood on the other side with
      young Jean Marie in her arms.

      "What the hell is Marie doing? Man, don't any of you people have any
      sense?" Logan snarled angrily.

      "Logan, please relax. This is all supervised and we will intervene if
      need be," Charles replied.

      "I think she needs you. I don't know where Logan is," Rogue said as
      she placed the youngster in Danielle's arms. As Rogue closed the
      door, Danielle sat down in the chair as her year old child held on to
      her strongly.

      "She said Logan. That kid is Wolverine's?" John asked.

      "Me and Logan, yes. This is Jean Marie," Danielle said.

      John slowly walked over to the child and kneeled down. Jean Marie
      smiled widely at John.

      "She's cute. Didn't think that Hairball was into kids. He hated all
      of us so much," John said.

      "Logan's changed, too. He's realized there's more to life than just
      himself," she replied.

      John looked at Danielle then to the child. Instantly, Jean Marie
      reached her little hand towards him and grasped his finger.

      "This is what it is all about, John. We can make it a better world
      for the next generation. But, we all have to work at it together,"
      Danielle said.

      "Magneto has failed to realize he has a special ability to make things
      better for everyone, and he has convinced ya that the only way to do
      it is to make everyone like himself or even worse, to kill those not
      like him. That makes him no different than those who ordered his
      family put to death just because they were Jewish," Danielle said.

      John closed his eyes. Something was sinking in – a realization of sorts.

      "Ya know I am right. If we continue this crazy ass fightin', what are
      we teachin' the little ones?" Danielle asked.

      John knelt down by Danielle's side and looked into Jean Marie's
      innocent face.

      "Why did my parents have to hate me so much?" John asked.

      "I don't think they hate ya. They, like so many others, just don't
      understand. The human race has always feared what it doesn't
      understand," Danielle replied softly.

      It took some time, but John really opened up to Danielle. She worked
      with him gaining his trust and their talks became like therapy
      sessions for John. He still felt a burning anger inside and a longing
      to be really accepted – something he thought he had with Magneto. He
      began to realize how Magneto was simply using him – using his hate to
      cause harm to non-mutants.


      "What's wrong, Logan?" Danielle asked as they walked together in the

      "Nothing," he grunted.

      "Don't be laying that shit on me, man," she replied while tightly
      grasping his arm.

      Logan looked into her eyes. Her stern glare penetrated his soul.

      "I guess I am feelin'...I don't know," he said.

      "Ya feelin' what?" she probed.

      "Seein' ya work with that kid, I guess I started thinkin' about what
      kinda kid I musta been," he said.

      Danielle's hand ran up to his shoulder.

      "I know ya don't remember and I can't say I understand what that
      emptiness feels like," she said softly. "But, someday those memories
      might come back and then again, maybe they never will. Ya got a whole
      slew of new ones and tons more to make in the future," Danielle said
      to comfort him.

      "Yer right. Guess I started feelin' a little sorry fer myself," Logan

      "It's understandable. Come on. It's time to get Jean Marie so Rogue
      can do some studying," Danielle said taking Logan's hand.


      Mystique infiltrated the Xavier School disguising herself as a female
      student. She captured the attention of John and learned why he didn't
      return to the Brotherhood. This information was reported back to Magneto.

      In the meantime, Mystique saw Wolverine. She remembered her interest
      in him and seeing him again ignited the fires of desire.

      There were times she hated him for hurting her – actually, almost
      killing her. She tried seducing him offering to be any woman Logan
      desired. He refused and she never forgot.

      Although it had been some time, she began wondering if Pyro should be
      forgotten now and Wolverine targeted. He would make a much more
      powerful ally to the Brotherhood, and it wasn't as if Wolverine had
      any really strong bonds to the School – so Mystique thought. Deep in
      his heart, Wolverine was still a loner and still someone she wanted
      for herself.
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