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[xmmff] X-Men: Academy- Feeling thunder 6/? (movieverse, J/L)

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    Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot) Title: FEELING THUNDER part: 6/? author: myself ;) language: English, but that s not my native language, so please forgive me my
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      Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot)


      part: 6/?

      author: myself ;)

      language: English, but that's not my native language, so please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: All X-Men and other Marvel characters in here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and else. Not mine ;).

      Universe: Only based on the storyline of the movie 'X-Men'.

      Timeline: Begins with the first movie

      Romance: Jean/Logan, Scott/OC

      Summary: This story first retells the movie, but with a few surprising changes. Then the fight between Magneto's and Xavier's people gets worse than ever...

      Feedback: will not only be appreciated, but... well, you know *G*.

      Rating: PG for this part, light brutalty

      remarks: On my homepage on http://www.catbull.com/adora/fanfxmen.html you find all my stories with pics in it. With them they're nicer to read ;). But it's the same stories :).


      "Well, here we are. Who takes care of the frog now?" Magneto had left Toad by the entrance. They had found the Blackbird, but it had been empty. Magneto's machine was stuck to the torch. No sign of the X-Men- and that was a bad sign.

      "My powers are nowhere fully developed. He probably could defeat me without much effort." Jubilee looked at Flashwind seriously.

      "I can't do this." Katja suddenly felt ice-cold. "I can't just kill somebody!"

      "Can't you stun him? A weak bolt?"

      "I can't even promise that I'll hit him. I have these abilities for a few weeks only!"

      "Flashwind! Jubilee!"

      Startled, they turned, spotting the X-Rover on the other side of the street. Bobby was on the wheel. They went there fast.

      "Ok, girls, listen. I'll try to lead him away and freeze him, if you help me, Jubes. But you've got to be fast, Flashwind."

      "I'll do my best", Katja nodded.

      "Be careful", Jubilee warned her. "Mystique will be up there, and Sabretooth. You're fighting for the first time in your life."

      "Don't worry, I didn't forget that." Flash shortly touched her shoulder. By now she could ignore the constant pain. It felt like the wounds had split open again, but she couldn't mind that now. The battle wouldn't take long, anyway. No matter what would happen, it would happen fast. "I'll just distract them. Perhaps they don't even need me."

      "Perhaps. Good luck." The girls hugged shortly, none of them believing it.

      Now! Katja started off. She had never been any good at sports. Usually she was not able to run extremely fast. Yet the mutation began effecting her body more and more. Most Mutants were naturally trained, with fat cells being reduced, muscles building up without much effort. She made it to close the door behind her. Hearing the quiet hiss of Bobby's freeze rays, she knew that Toad wouldn't follow her any time soon. She climbed the stairs up to the torch as fast as possible. Jubilee had told her where to go, it wouldn't be a problem to find the others. But what to do then? She remembered Mystique's warning too well.

      At least that problem was solved by itself. When she passed the museum, she saw the enemy lying on the floor. Dead. Katja gulped... and looked away fast. She had known from the start that this fight wasn't going to be easy.

      The next floor was the right one. The door was locked. Through a window she could watch Sabretooth return from a fight with Logan. Scott's VISOR was on Victor's belt. Scott! Wolverine! Were they even alive? Katja's heart stopped beating for a moment. Apparently she was too late again. She could wait for Wolverine to be back now, hoping that he would beat Victor... Or she could help win this fight. In these seconds she stopped once and for all being a secretary. "Sabretooth!"

      A growling that could mean 'Who's there?' as well as 'Get away before I eat you!'

      She tried to sound exhausted, and in pain. "Mystique... They have... I'm hurt..." This beast was big, nearly twice as big as she herself was, she better not forgot that. Fighting him was useless. She just could try distract him long enough so Logan could attack from behind. And she better prayed that Wolverine was still somewhere around. The door was opened. Flashwind kicked Sabretooth with all her strength, aiming for his knees with her high heels. "Surprise."

      Victor really went back for a moment... For exactly three seconds, that was. Then, a strong, rough hand pulled Flashwind up by her hurt arm and threw her back onto the floor brutally.

      It took her breath away for a moment. She kinda could feel all the scars from the operation being ripped open, like an explosion in her arm. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Logan, who had realized what she wanted to do and had used the chance, now drawing back into the darkness of some corner... With Scott's VISOR in his hand. Then the pain made her black out for seconds.

      Sabretooth went to Storm, apparently not realizing how the X-Men looked at each other, excited. The fight with Wolverine had made him weak. "You owe me a scream."

      Logan appeared right behind him, inconspicuously conducting him into the right position for Scoot to shoot. "Lost something?" He threw the VISOR to the wall, the team was bound to. Sabretooth grabbed for it, but Jean was faster.

      A laser ray hit Victor, blew him out of the torch, causing a long and hopefully deadly fall.

      This time the pain was there at once. Katja pressed her right hand onto the bleeding on her left arm, clenching her teeth. She saw Scott's short, terrified sight when Logan freed the team, but shook her head. Not now. Rogue was much more important now. From far away, she could hear Storm bringing Logan to the torch, hearing the fighting noise... But it got quieter by the minute.

      Cyclops came back to her as soon as possible, while Wolverine was fighting Erik. This time he didn't play a role, didn't hide behind some silly fancy talk. "Jean, do something!" His voice cracked when he took Katja in his arms, most carefully removing the uniform sleeve. "The blood loss... She's dying!"

      "Unlikely. That doesn't happen so fast." His girlfriend couldn't stay away from the fight for too long. No one could tell for sure if Logan would really make it. "Press this on the wound." She tore Storm's cape apart, closing the deep wounds with it, pulling it tight with her belt. "Pull, as hard as you can. That's all we can do right now." She was visibly hurt by the way, he suddenly showed how much Katja meant to him.

      "You've got to... help Rogue..." Flash somehow managed to say, taking the belt before Cyclops could. "Go!"

      "Right you are." Jean shortly took her hand. "That was damn courageous, you know. What about Toad?"

      "No problem anymore", Katja explained.

      "Good news for once. Let's move. You'll make this alone?" Jean asked Kathi, without even looking at her boyfriend.

      "I'll just have to."

      "Just keep the pressure steady." Jean shortly caressed Katja's cheek. "Hold on." Then she rejoined the others.

      "Flashwind, can you hear me? Don't you dare becoming unconscious now!"

      She startled. Yes, she had been near to black out. Suddenly she was extremely tired.

      "Hey, look at me!" Scott gently placed her head on his lap. His voice trembled. "Stop that! I... I don't want you to die!"

      "It hurts so much..." Speaking was exhausting.

      "Now will you stay here!" He shook her lightly. "If you collapse, you won't wake up anymore!"

      "Sleeping is good..."

      "But not with a wound like that! Look at me, Flashwind!" He was quite good at ordering people around.

      "Could you please stop screaming? I'm not deaf", she growled. Opening her eyes again took more strength than fighting Sabretooth.

      "Don't do that!" he shouted in despair. "Don't let them get you! Stay with me! Help me... to keep you in this moment."

      A dry cough was heightened the pain. "Isn't that strange? I saw you... Two days ago, in my room... I saw you, and I knew immediately that you were the man I've always been looking for."

      He tried to laugh. "What a relief. I thought, I was the only one feeling that way... Seeing you in the riding hall..."

      She felt a goose flesh on her arms. Could it be? "Scott..."

      Gently he caressed her face... "I'll be back as fast as I can." He had to go back to the others. The fight wasn't over yet. If Wolverine didn't make it...

      Moments later, there was a loud crash- and the X-Men cheered, relieved. Flash closed her eyes, smiling lightly, opened them only once more when Scott knelt over her again, taking the belt that kept her pressure bandage, for now her hand was slipping.

      "He made it!" Jean returned as well. "Wolverine destroyed the machine!" She stopped when she saw how close Scott was to Flash. The way he held her tight. The way he looked at her. Her face grew dark, showing several different emotions now. Realizing. Disappointment. Resignation. But also something like- relief.

      Suddenly Katja wasn't half as tired anymore. She could see clearly now. "I'm sorry", she whispered. "I didn't want to come between the both of you."

      "You didn't." Jean bent down, checking the bandage. Then she raised her head slowly, looked at Katja, looked at Scott. "Not really."

      "Jean!" Marie's voice, full of fear, disturbed this most important moment. "Come, fast! Logan needs help!"

      The doctor, who usually was so calm and rational, jumped up immediately. "Storm, bring me there!"

      The first police cars arrived on the island. Soon the ambulance would be there as well.

      When Jean turned to her boyfriend once more, her eyes showed the same look that had been on Scott's face just minutes ago. "I... I'll be back in a few moments."

      "That's okay. We'll make it." Scott nodded lightly. "We'll make it."

      Flashwind blacked out shortly after the first ambulances arrived. Magneto was taken prisoner. Mystique disappeared, though they had been so sure of her being dead. This woman had better cloaking abilities than they probably could ever know. Logan had fallen unconscious after saving Rogue, but he didn't have any bad wounds, he'd survive.

      After the fight, early next morning, Scott and Jean were in the cellar with their hurt team mates. Where everything had started for Flash. "She'll be okay. The doctor just asked me to take better care of her. He's never had two such operations within two days", Jean told the Professor who had woken up these very moments.

      Xavier looked at Katja shortly who was laying on the bench next to his, still blacked out. "Remarkable. She joined this battle without any doubts. Within minutes she became one of us. It's her destiny to fight with us." He smiled at Scott and Jean. "Reminds me of three other young people I know."

      His wards only smiled weakly. They hadn't talked to each other since the battle had been over.

      Xavier sighed. "Let's bring them to their rooms."

      "Logan should stay here. I suppose, he'll wake up tomorrow, in the evening, then I want to check on him." Jean shortly ran her hand over the plaster on Wolverine's forehead. "But I can give Flashwind her infusion in her room, that's right. I'd prefer to have her close to our apartment, anyway."

      "Quite true." Scott picked Katja up, as careful as possible, and brought her upstairs. When he left her room, Jean waited for him outside, standing with her back to him. He shortly cleared his throat.

      Jean turned around slowly. He could tell by her eyes that she'd been crying. They just looked at each other, without a word, not knowing how to start.

      'You two always belonged together.' That was Xavier, talking to them by telepathy. 'You were about the same age when you arrived here. Instead of quarrelling and fighting you stretched and challenged each other as teenagers. Everybody just waited for you to hook up. It was no surprise that you fell in love quite fast. You always were the perfect couple of the Mutant High.' He stopped shortly. 'To some things you can get used to too much.'

      Outside, the dawn was breaking. A hard night ended.

      Finally Jean put herself together and asked it. "Are you in love with her?"

      He nodded, hesitatingly. "Yes... Yes, I think so. Are you in love with him?"

      "I don't know. Probably. He's fascinating me." Her shoulders were trembling.

      Cyclops wanted to hug her but her repulsive gesture showed him that that would have been wrong.

      "We had a wonderful time together", she mentioned.

      "Yes", he agreed. "From the start, you've been the only one for me. I never even thought of finding another woman."

      "That was the problem, probably. It was just a matter of course for us." She lowered her head. "I'll never forget you."

      Now, in spite of her resistance, he embraced her. "Jean, listen... Even if we split up now, I want you to know that I'm still there for you. I'll always be."

      "Like the Professor said- we belong together. No one will ever destroy what we have. You'll always be my brother, Scott." Their last kiss was the most beautiful one they had ever shared.

      The first sunbeams welcomed the beginning of a new day.

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