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[xmmff] X-Men: Academy- Feeling thunder 4/? (movieverse, J/L)

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    Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot) Title: FEELING THUNDER part: 4/? author: myself ;) language: English, but that s not my native language, so please forgive me my
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2003
      Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot)


      part: 4/?

      author: myself ;)

      language: English, but that's not my native language, so please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: All X-Men and other Marvel characters in here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and else. Not mine ;).

      Universe: Only based on the storyline of the movie 'X-Men'.

      Timeline: Begins with the first movie

      Romance: Jean/Logan, Scott/OC

      Summary: This story first retells the movie, but with a few surprising changes. Then the fight between Magneto's and Xavier's people gets worse than ever...

      Feedback: will not only be appreciated, but... well, you know *G*.

      Rating: none for this part

      remark: On my homepage on http://www.catbull.com/adora/fanfxmen.html you find all my stories with pics in it. With them they're nicer to read ;). But it's the same stories :).


      Katja didn't get more than five hours of sleep. Next morning, quite early, someone knocked against the door of her room loudly. "Flashwind! Get up, quickly!"
      Yawning, she sat up. Till she had stood up and looked outside, Storm was gone already.
      Scott also just left his apartment, looking at least as tired as she herself felt, jumping on one leg, just about to put on his second boot. "Two mutants in danger", he shouted. "Put on your clothes!"
      She wasn't exactly asked if she would join them, that was just a matter of fact. Kathi was too exhausted to think about it. As fast as possible she got suited up. These tight uniforms were sadistic. Minutes later they left with the Rover, Storm, Cyclops and herself, driving to the coordinates of the street that Jean and Xavier had found after a long, waking night.
      "We have to find them before the Brotherhood does."
      For the first time, Flash saw Scott with his VISOR. This big, alien like looking thing - reminding on some kind of Star Trek series - gave him the appearance of a mutant after all now, more than the sunglasses yesterday. That was her first thought, and she was ashamed for it at once. Now she was one of them, after all.
      "Flashwind, if we meet Magneto's people, you'll stay in the car. I want you to look and learn. You've got to know about them, when it comes to the big fight." Storm's voice made it clear that any resistance was futile.
      "They?" Katja asked. "You think, there'll be more of them?"
      She shrugged. "The Professor couldn't tell exactly. He just felt that the mutants he found are in danger. And Brotherhood danger is never fun."

      It everything just happened much too fast. After Scott had made it to chase away Sabretooth, he went to the damaged car, to the girl who was sitting in it, stunned with fear, shooting the seatbelt holding her. When he wanted to get her outside, there suddenly was Mystique behind him, knocking him down.
      Katja knew at once, if she didn't do anything now, they'd lose the second mutant. She left the Rover, running there. She needed no memories this time. Scott's bleeding lip was enough to enrage her.
      Quite frightened, Mystique jumped back when a bolt missed her only barely, turned around fast. Ice cold eyes, full of hate, seized Katja. Her lips formed silent words that Flash understood without a translator. "See you soon." She gave Scott, who tried to threaten her with his VISOR, a hook to the chin that knocked him down once more and got to safety.
      Scared, Katja ran to Cyclops who apparently had blacked out. "Wake up!" She took his shoulders, shaking him. Storm was about to rescue the girl, but the girls couldn't carry both men away, that was for sure. "Scott, damn it, get up!" Kathi shouted in despair.
      That helped. Somehow he managed it to get awake enough to pick up the male mutant, and they ran off. The heat was unbelievable, but they escaped the explosion. When they were able to speak again, Scott looked at Flashwind, looked at Storm and mentioned, kinda amused: "Next time I'll stay in the car."

      Rogue, the girl, they had saved, was having deep depressions. Katja, who knew that state from the time after Fabian had quit their relationship, realized this at once. So she stayed by Marie's side in the first few hours. When they talked to Xavier, when she was being showed around, when they went to the laboratory in the cellar, where Jean checked on Wolverine, the second mutant.
      Marie was talking to them normally, seeming only a little shy, but she didn't anyone let come close to her. Soon it turned out that it impossible to get through to her. She was just frightened to hell.
      "You sure you want to put that thing into him, Jean?" Katja asked, suspiciously looking at the injection the doctor wanted to give Logan. "Whom is it for? An elephant?" Logan was handsome, without a doubt, but also very strong built. And Marie had told them about a cage fight that he had fought in. That man was dangerous.
      'He's chained.' Jean told Flash - by telepathy, so Rogue wouldn't get excited about the lightly rough answer - while she used her telekinetic abilities to get an injection from a table. 'Besides, if that makes him wake up, I'll be glad. We're running out of time. We have to find out what Magneto wanted from him.' She placed the needle.
      Suddenly someone did wake up. It was Marie. "Jean, wait!"
      But it was too late already. Logan jumped up from the stretcher, the straps holding him being torn faster than they realized.
      Jean, more or less prepared, shrank back, but Wolverine was faster like a cat. He took hold of her, gagging her for a short moment... And then he was gone before anyone could react. The safety door closed behind him.
      "Are you alright, Jean?" Flashwind asked, worried.
      "Yes... Follow him, fast!" her friend coughed. "Go!"
      The girls left the room, seeing Wolverine at the end of the hallway. "Logan!" Marie shouted.
      He turned around, again with this rapid speed. His eyes narrowed. "You? What's this about? Who sent you?"
      "Nobody." She neared him slowly. "We're here because these people want to help us."
      "I don't need help. Give me my clothes and show me the fastest way out of here, that helps me most."

      "As you wish", Marie answered. "But before you go, fighting for another truck to run away again, you should remember who saved your life today."
      "You're far too pert for your age", he growled. For a moment it seemed, he'd cooperate, but then he just went away.
      Katja sighed. "Let's just wait. Xavier will surely get to him."

      No... Logan was difficult from the start. Very difficult. He agreed to stay in the mansion for a few weeks, till Magneto would do his attack, but that was the only cooperation. He only talked to Rogue and Jean, the others didn't receive more attention than some kind of nodding from him.
      Cyclops watched him and Jean all the time, ever since they had talked to him for the first time, in Xavier's office. Ever since Wolverine had started trying to flirt with Jean, ignoring Scott's irritated sights completely. The tension was unbearable, the first day was hell for all of them.
      Rogue and Katja, who had fast become friends, wanted to get away from the icy mood in the afternoon. They went riding together. Logan wasn't too happy with Marie leaving, but they could convince him that they'd be safe enough in the riding hall.
      "He's really worried." Flashwind jumped on Pharao's bare back once they had entered the building. No one had rode the stallion so far today. From what Scott had said yesterday, she decided she could risk it to take him again.
      "I like him", Marie explained. "He helped me very much. Though we spent just one and a half day together, it seems to me that know him quite well."
      "Don't fall in love", Katja warned her. "He's much older than you are. You'd just make a fool of yourself."
      Marie grimaced. "He's the first one who cared for me in quite a time. I just know that I like him."
      Flashwind sighed, got Pharao going in a slow trot. It was Rogue's own decision really. And Kathi had her own problems to worry about. Scott for example. When they had met in the hall before, he had smiled at her warm enough to make her feel dizzy.
      'I didn't have the chance to thank you for helping me today.'
      'That's ok.' She had tried not to look at him.
      He had taken her arm gently, keeping her from running away. 'That was not self-evident, you know. Thank you.' With that he had leaned forward, kissing Katja's cheek and leaving fast then.
      What was that supposed to mean? Interest? But why did he keep on watching Logan and Jean then like a lion at midnight? Kathi just didn't understand it. Damn, why was she thinking about it, anyway? After all, it hadn't been too long since she had last been hurt by a man. She decided that she needed some more distraction.

      'What's your game? I know your business, but I don't know you name...'
      "Damn!" Being completely out of breath, Katja stopped dancing. She had unlearnt most of the turns of the seven courses she had done two years ago. Depressing. Besides, training without a partner was exhausting. Angrily, she started her favourite CD once more.
      "Why, didn't realize you're that grim so far."
      Startled, she turned to the door of the attic. Scott stood there, grinning.
      "Could you please knock next time?" she growled, really feeling angry, in fact. Her hair was untidy, and she was wearing her oldest shirt over a short skirt. Horrible.
      "I did. You didn't hear me", he smiled. "Looked good, what you were just doing. May I join?"
      "I was in several dancing courses, ever since I was 16, including additional training for Mambo and Lambada. Tell me you can do the Mambo, and you make my day."
      "A little bit", she murmured. A dancing partner? Just here? "Did you flee?" She saw at once that he didn't look good.
      "Jean and I agreed to stay away from each other for a few hours. This whole story is burdening us both." He tried to sound neutral but he visibly was caring about it quite much.
      Had Katja really thought, just for a moment, that he could be interested in her? "Sorry to hear that."
      "It's okay. So, may I have the pleasure of the next dance?" Scott switched the CD to 'Mambo Nr 5'. "I'm dying to train my Dirty Dancing show, in fact. It's been far too long since last I had the chance to."
      "I can't do much more than the basic steps", she warned him.
      "Would you like to learn it? I've been in this course three times, I think I can show you."
      Cyclops being her dancing teacher! Sure, of course! Great idea! That wouldn't be class but masochism. And Jean surely wouldn't like it. That's what Kathi's senses said. Her heart answered before she had finished considering it. "I'd love to."
      "Well, what are we waiting for?" Taking her hand, he pulled her close fast- too close nearly leaving her stumbling. "Watch out. The kneeling comes later", he grinned.
      Son of a bitch! He knew exactly what was up with her! Katja didn't answer, just stood on tiptoe and bent her left leg lightly. "Ready."
      "Not that fast. You're much too tense. Stand up straight... Shoulders back... Now, will you stay on your toes?"
      Great start. Not exactly romantic. Katja felt reminded of her very first dance lesson. But it helped, she had to give him that. Fast, she began to remember the things she had heard in her own Mambo course. She didn't need to look on her legs anymore, suddenly it just worked. Scott was a great leader, too. She raised her head, managing it to return his smile this time. She was completely under his spell.
      "You can move", he remarked. "But you're thinking of the steps too much. Mambo isn't just stepping forward and to the side. It's a heartbeat. Here. You've got to feel it." He softly placed her hand onto his chest. "Fast, fast, slow. Fast, fast, slow. Don't think. By the way... Was that Cha Cha you did actually a Roxette song?"
      "'Dangerous'", she nodded. "I've always loved this band. Great music, and the singers are very nice. I once met them... Thinking about it, that was probably the most beautiful day in my life. I never thought that I, just me could be that lucky."
      "Hmm." He just nodded. "Such things happen only once or twice in your life. A perfect moment... Like a whole universe, full of mysterious forces."
      Katja's eyes narrowed. Had he just quoted a movie? If, then he had gotten a better look on her room already than she had expected. The walls were paved with every Star Trek picture that she had been able to get her hands on. That had helped her starting to feel at home. Was it possible to fall in love with someone whom you knew for one and a half day only? Suddenly she understood Marie a little better. If they were going on like this, she'd just hug him, burying her face in his shoulder... Was he actually lightly caressing her hand that still was placed on his chest? If she just have could have taken one short look into his eyes...
      Scott lead her into a fast turn, then pulled her near again... And this time he did it on purpose much too close. Their faces were just inches apart, they both were breathing fast and loud.
      "Scott, are you here?" The door was opened.
      Scott and Kathi let go off each other at once. Storm didn't say anything but in her eyes, Flashwind thought to see some kind of... disapproval. Not that it would have surprised her, from what Ororo had seen. And from what she nearly had seen. Whatever would have happened next. Had she really just been that close to Cyclops? Seconds later it already seemed like a dream.
      "The Professor wants to do a short flight in the Blackbird. We've got new information about Magneto's possible hiding place."
      "Coming. We'll continue tomorrow, okay?"
      "Of course", Katja agreed, though she wasn't sure about this at all. Another game like this? "Should I come with you?"
      "That won't be necessary. I doubt that we'll really find anything. Magneto knows how to hide. See you." He left fast.
      "Yes. See you." For today it was definitely enough. Katja went to her room. Her right leg already was asleep when the left one wasn't quite laying yet


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