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X-Men: Academy- Feeling thunder 3/? (movieverse, J/L)

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    Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot) Title: FEELING THUNDER part: 2/? author: myself ;) language: English, but that s not my native language, so please forgive me my
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      Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot)


      part: 2/?

      author: myself ;)

      language: English, but that's not my native language, so please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: All X-Men and other Marvel characters in here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and else. Not mine ;).

      Universe: Only based on the storyline of the movie 'X-Men'.

      Timeline: Begins with the first movie

      Romance: Jean/Logan, Scott/OC

      Summary: This story first retells the movie, but with a few surprising changes. Then the fight between Magneto's and Xavier's people gets worse than ever...

      Feedback: will not only be appreciated, but... well, you know *G*.

      Rating: none for this part

      remark: On my homepage on http://www.catbull.com/adora/fanfxmen.html you find all my stories with pics in it. With them they're nicer to read ;). But it's the same stories :).


      "Take your time with moving in. Scott is teaching driving lessons right now. I'll send him here as soon as I'll see him. Can I leave you alone?" Jean smiling watched Katja taking a look around in the little room she had been given.
      "I think so. Where's Jubilee, by the way? The woman on your phone, I mean. She gave me your address."
      "Yes, Jubilation Lee", Jean laughed. "She helped us in the office a few times lately since our secretary is quite sick. That's typical her, saying her code name... She's in school till four o'clock. You want to talk to her? Then I'll send her a short message."
      "Please", Katja nodded, opening her biggest bag, taking out her riding stuff, the trousers and the leather chaps.
      "You could have told me", Jean remarked, amused.
      "Now I know how you can spend the afternoon. Come with me", the woman smiled.
      "Whatever you say." They left the room together, without locking the door. If someone in this house really wanted to enter a room, he or she would, anyway. "Jean... Do me a favour."
      "Which one?"
      "Call me Flashwind." This time Katja didn't blush.
      Jean arched an eyebrow. "'Flashwind'."
      "Sometimes I wonder if I'm really the only person in this mansion who has no problem with her real name", Jean grinned.
      "I don't have a problem with it." Katja didn't fully understand the comment but she wasn't the least insulted. "It's just... If I hear anyone of you pronouncing 'Katja' that horribly wrong once more, I'll just have to throw up."
      "Accepted", Jean admitted, laughing. "So, Flashwind it is. Welcome to the Mutant High."

      "Pick one."
      Katja gasped when they left the house through a back door on the ground floor and suddenly stood in a huge stable. About 30 boxes, about 30 most beautiful horses. "The Professor?"
      Jean nodded. "The animals are one of my jobs here."
      "Are you a horse trainer?" Kathi asked, curiously.
      "Nearly. I've taught riding when I was in college. Now I just don't have enough time anymore. The medical treatment here is a full-time-job. But I'm helping in the stable whenever I can. The horses are trained by the people of the riding school on the other side of the street. Perhaps you saw it when you came here."
      Katja thought to remember. "So, is that where you ride, too? I didn't see any bridle-paths here."
      "Most of the pupils prefer riding through the woods, but we can use the hall and the courtyards there, yes", Jean explained. "It's your decision, really."
      "I think I better stay in the hall for now, or I'll get lost. The price?"
      "Flashwind, one thing you must remember living here: Never ask about money. If we needed any, this house wouldn't exist."
      "I understand", Kathi murmured, though she didn't understand anything.
      Jean sighed. "You can ask all your questions in the evening. Try to relax now. I hope you don't mind but I have to get back to work now. We're busy at present."
      "No problem. I'll find the way back to my room, I think. If I won't, I'll just look at the map."
      "The house isn't as big as it seems. Three days and you're through", Jean commented. "See you later."

      Horses had always been a big part of Katja's life. Riding was her biggest hobby. But she had never been really good. She just had never had enough time. So she was quite surprised, how good she came along with Pharao, the white Trakehner stallion that she had chosen. It was as if she wouldn't ride him for the first time at all. Thinking about it, she didn't even know why she had taken just him. Perhaps because the name was cool. The riding hall was hilariously similar to the one in the stable in GroƟheim where she came from. A restaurant was in the same building. Through big windows, the guests there could watch the riders like zoo animals. One time, when Katja looked up there, she spotted a young man with sunglasses watching her. She didn't lower her head. She didn't mind what his problem was, staring like that was just impolite.
      When he realized she was watching him now, he stood up and left. Little triumph.
      Kathi wasn't the only person in the hall but she stayed out of any conversations. Actually, she wasn't shy at all, but she felt instinctively that mutants were outsiders here. There'd be people fearing her soon enough. But at least she could calm down a bit in this hour.

      "Can I help you?"
      Katja startled, turning around fast, when suddenly someone stood right behind her. Probably she better got used to such things fast. It was one of the pupils, about 17 years old, no physical peculiarities. "Thanks, but I think I'm close", she mentioned, smiling. "I'm living for a few hours only. I'm still fighting with the house. But now that I'm on the right floor, I'm determined to not give up."
      "You know your room number?" No, of course not, she had not paid any attention to that. "On this floor, you said? We'll find that. You're Flashwind, aren't you?" Fhey walked down the hall together.
      "News seem to spread fast around here", Flashwind grinned. "What's your name?"
      "Bobby. Bobby Drake. I'm here for quite a long time yet." He shrugged. "We'll be in school together, I guess, at least in physics. That's an obligatory subject in here. The Professor is a good teacher. Here, that must be it."
      Yes, now Katja remembered. The picture on the wall next to the door was most beautiful. It showed an unicorn, her most favourite mythical creature, the most precious animal. She felt that she began to get comfortable in the mansion. "Thanks, Bobby. See you in school then." She sighed. "I have much to catch up with."
      "We all do." When he grinned, he looked like the stunningly handsome guy that he'd someday be. "Bye."
      Flashwind entered the room, throwing her riding crop somewhere on the floor and let herself fall on the bed, closing her eyes. Suddenly she was very tired. Jet lag, probably.
      "I take it, you're Flashwind."
      She sat up so fast that she hit her head on a sideboard on the wall. "Ouch!" Only now she realized that there was a computer on the little desk in the corner now.
      A man, probably Scott, laid under her desk in between lots of cables. It was the guy from the riding restaurant. A damn pretty guy, she hadn't really realized that before. Tan skin, dark hair, full lips, muscular chest, nice arm muscles. She couldn't see his eyes, they were still covered by the sunglasses, but from how he looked, they surely were black like the night. "Did I startle you?" he grinned. This grin was strange. It didn't look friendly. More... rejecting.
      "A little. Hi. Scott, I suppose?"
      "Cyclops. That's it." He stood up. "Everything should work now. Switch it on."
      Kind of puzzled, she did it. They didn't shake hands. He had the charisma of a freezer. The internet was working without any problems. "Thanks."
      "No problem." He got his gadgets together without looking at Katja.
      "Did I do something wrong?" She was proud that she had dared to ask.
      Now his smile was warmer. "No. I guess I'm just a little annoyed that you handle my stallion better than I do. Sometimes I'm just a real sexist."
      Katja blushed deeply. "Pharao? That's... Sorry, I didn't know."
      "Of course not. And it's not forbidden, either. I don't have much time for him, it's mostly someone else working with him. As I said- I was impressed. He isn't always that calm." Scott went to the door, with a leather jacket sloppy worn over his right shoulder. "Storm called. The Professor and her will be back at eight o'clock. Go to his office then."
      "I will." She still was confused. Something was wrong. Or was it just her tiredness making her think so?
      "By the way, pretty dimple of yours." With that he closed the door, finishing the first real strange incident today.

      "Hello. I'm Professor Charles Xavier. You're late."
      The salutation wasn't exactly friendly. Kathi, who actually had just lost her way once more, searching for the office, frowned, annoyed. "Hello." Xavier stared at her for some time, long enough to make her feel more and more uncomfortable. Had she done something wrong? She hadn't even said anything so far! At least Storm smiled at her. But she remained silent, it was clear that the Professor was the leader here.
      Finally, Xavier shook his head. "You're like a silent movie to me."
      First she didn't understand what he was talking about... But suddenly she got it- the language. Apparently this was a telepath too. He saw the pictures in her head but probably he didn't speak any German. "I'm sorry."
      "Don't be. It's confusing but I'll get used to it. Now, let's get started. I have to admit, Flashwind... Your mutation is something, I've never seen before. From all we know, there was never someone that old suddenly mutating."
      "I sure didn't choose it", she commented, still standing in front of his desk, not knowing where to put her hands.
      "Sit down!" Storm shouted from her corner, laughing quietly. "And don't worry, the Professor isn't half as grumpy as he pretends to be. Jean reported what you told her, but perhaps you want to repeat it shortly?"
      So Kathi told her story again, trying not to make it more dramatic than it already was.
      Then Xavier talked. It took quite a time.
      "Just to make sure, I understood", Katja finally mentioned, thoughtfully. "This is a school for mutant children... And the teachers are some kind of... superheroes? But no one knows about all this?"
      "To the outside, we're only a school for gifted youngsters", the Professor agreed. "Officially, we have nothing to do with mutants, except for the private advice center in the internet. My secretary is leading this center, if someone asks. She's a social worker. But this has nothing to do with our pupils. Anonymity is most important for them."
      "Why do I get the feeling that this isn't all you wanted to tell me?" She somehow doubted that he told this everything to all his new pupils.
      "We're facing one of our biggest challenges", was the shocking answer. "One of my arch enemies, Magneto... He's a powerful mutant who hates humans more than anything. He's planning an attack on the world with his group, called the 'Brotherhood'. I don't know what he'll try to do, though. Him and his people... They're strong. This battle will be dangerous, and our team is still young."
      He didn't need to tell her any more. "I'm supposed to become an X-Man", Flashwind realized. "Perhaps within a few days, even."
      "You're not forced to do anything."
      She avoided Xavier's sight, these grey eyes of his were burning.
      "It's just... When you arrived here today, everyone got new hope. Of course you won't fight them right away. But this completely new and mysterious mutation of yours could be very useful to us. One more fighter in our team would be a great help. I would give you time to think it over but..."
      "We don't have it", she finished his sentence, nodding. "Well, who wouldn't just love to save the world?"
      Storm showed an enchanting smile that made her look like some kind of most beautiful elf. "Welcome to the team, Flashwind."

      When Kathi came back to her room, Jean and Scott just closed the door of their apartment on the end of the hall behind them. She sighed softly when she felt a little pain like a sting of a bee in her soul. Why did she always feel attracted by the wrong men?
      Scott realized her sight and looked at her a little too long and a little too serious for a moment.
      This was the second when she finally felt completely lost. She realized that she really had fallen in love with him at first sight. Shaking her head, she entered her room. That was the very last thing, she needed right now. She wrote some e-mails to her family, telling them that she was alright and that she'd keep the contact with them. Then she started looking through the files of the mansion's intern network. Scott had already created an account for her. There were files of all the X-Men and of the members of the Brotherhood. She was too tired to read all of it, but at least she didn't feel all that silly anymore. She began to wake up from the bad state she had been in when arriving here. The conversation with Xavier had helped. Tomorrow Jean and her would go to the city office to register Katja, as a secretary in Xavier's estate and as a extraordinary pupil in his school. With that she was back to life. At least from the outside. Carefully Kathi touched the black leather uniform that she had gotten from the cellar with Storm. Was this really to become her destiny?

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