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X-Men: Academy- Feeling thunder 2/? (movieverse, J/L)

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    Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot) Title: FEELING THUNDER part: 2/? author: myself ;) language: English, but that s not my native language, so please forgive me my
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      Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot)


      part: 2/?

      author: myself ;)

      language: English, but that's not my native language, so please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: All X-Men and other Marvel characters in here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and else. Not mine ;).

      Universe: Only based on the storyline of the movie 'X-Men'.

      Timeline: Begins with the first movie

      Romance: Jean/Logan, Scott/OC

      Summary: This story first retells the movie, but with a few surprising changes. Then the fight between Magneto's and Xavier's people gets worse than ever...

      Feedback: will not only be appreciated, but... well, you know *G*.

      Rating: none for this part

      remark: On my homepage on http://www.catbull.com/adora/fanfxmen.html you find all my stories with pics in it. With them they're nicer to read ;). But it's the same stories :).


      In the next few days, nothing really unusual happened. It seemed, the nightmare was over. Only later Katja would know that she just hadn't realised what was up with her because she had to pass an important test in her office. She didn't do anything but learning the whole day, falling asleep exhausted in the evening. But then the weekend came. Friday evening. She had passed the test. Enough work for this week. Kind of tired she went to the bus stop. Late again. 20 minutes waiting. It was cold, and she got angry, not realizing that the sky above her was darkening once more. Finally! She got inside, sighing relieved. That was, when another bus arrived on the other side of the street. The drivers began a nice little chat instead of going on. Enough was enough. She opened her mouth to shout something, something ironic, insulting... But she never got the chance to. A bolt hit the bus, filling it with high voltage. People screamed. A terrible smell of burned skin. Now Katja knew what Jubilee had been talking about. She began to scream too.

      "You were lucky, Miss." A very young policeman put a soft hand onto Katja's arm. She still was standing next to the destroyed vessel, staring at it, without a move, though it was raining down on her heavily, even hailing. "Something on your seat must have kept the voltage away from you. I'll bring you home now. You shouldn't be here."
      She didn't really care, so she just went with him. From the back seat of the police car, she could see the last body being lifted into the ambulance. Only one of them had survived, seriously burned. Three dead people. And nobody would ever know that she had been responsible for it. Nobody but she herself. It was time to leave. Before she'd cause any more catastrophes than bolts and precipitation. Every single unusual weather in the past few days suddenly made sense. It had been her all the time. She had to flee.
      The night passed by fast. Ordering a plane ticket, getting her stuff together. Nobody realised that Katja was leaving. Her Mom was working, her sister was asleep already. It was no problem to vanish. She wrote them a little note, saying, that she'd call them. It was the first time for her to fly but she couldn't care less. She hadn't chosen a window seat. Before the plane had even taken off, she had fallen asleep, waking up only once more, when a nice stewardess reminded her that she could unbuckle her seatbelt now. Then she slept till they landed in New York. She didn't dream.

      The weakness began when she arrived, after a long, hard trip in a rented car. When she arrived at the big courtyard of the mansion she had been searching for. The one, the woman on the phone had given her the address of. Suddenly even turning the wheel was exhausting. She left her car, most crooked, on some parking space and dragged herself to the house, feeling more and more dizzy by the second. Thank God, she didn't have to search for the right entrance too long. She wouldn't have made that.
      It took quite long till someone answered the door. Finally it was opened, by a young woman, very thin, very beautiful, with dark skin and endless long, white hair. Her eyes flashed up whitely for a moment when she saw the visitor. A light breeze left Kathi's long black hair flowing. The woman frowned, obviously being as puzzled about the little incident as Katja herself. She closed her eyes for a moment, and the white color was gone. "Yes?"
      "I'm searching... for... Jubilee..." That was all she managed to say before she fainted.

      "Katja! Katja, can you hear me?"
      Puzzled, Kathi woke up some time later. When her disorientation slowly vanished, she realized that she was on some kind of sick bay, laying on a stretcher. Next to it there stood a young woman with dark red hair and pale skin. "Hi."
      "Hello. I'm Dr. Jean Grey. How do you feel?" Smiling softly, she measured her young patient's blood pressure.
      "Like being hit by a truck. How could you know it's me?"
      She grinned lightly. "I'm psychic. Telepathic and empathic abilities. Can you get up?"
      "Yes... I think so." Kathi sat up carefully. "I'm fine. I don't just black out usually. I don't know why it happened."
      "But I do. You just wanted too much. It's a miracle that you made it to come here alone. Did you plan to set a new record?"
      Katja couldn't tell why she lost control just then. Perhaps because now she knew that she was where she had wanted to go. Because now she was with people who'd help her. Or just because of Jean's reproachful voice that her bad nerves couldn't take right now. She started to cry like a child.
      "Hey!" The doctress wanted to put an arm around her shoulders.
      She shrank back at once. "No, please... I... I'm afraid..."
      "It's okay. Cry, I think that you need more than any medicine."
      And Kathi did, letting out all the tears of the last hours, days, weeks. For too long she had been strong, had managed it to come here somehow, using all her strength in trying not to go crazy. Now she couldn't take anymore.
      Jean didn't say anything, just waited patiently till Kathi calmed down slowly. Then she asked her to show what had happened.

      The trick with the bolt worked quite well by now. One thought of Fabi was enough to produce it.
      "Fascinating." Thoughtfully Jean looked at the burned grass. "But next time we'll do that somewhere else, or the Professor will kill us. This garden is his sanctuary. Anything else?"
      "Yes... Rain- Sadness." It was drizzling lightly again already. Katja wasn't the least surprised when it began to hail, too. The fear was still there. Jean stayed with her, though the hailstones were big, hard and painful. "Hail- fear. Thunderstorms- rage, hate. And when I'm feeling fine, I guess, the hole in the ozone layer grows."
      Jean didn't show any sign of surprise herself. "When did this start?"
      Kathi told her everything, trying to put herself together this time. Somehow she made it. The worst still was this one certain evening that she couldn't think of without starting to cry again. "These people... I killed them. How can I ever live on with that guilt?" She sat down on a bench, resting her head in her hands. "I somehow feel like... standing next to myself and watching myself. I wonder how I'm still able to do all this."
      "People are always stronger than they know themselves." Jean sat down next to Kathi. "Your whole life has changed within days. First, you have to understand what happened, only then you can to begin working with it. But most important for you right now is to accept that it's not been your fault. You didn't want to kill somebody. It was nothing but an accident."
      Again the young girl cried. But this time because of relief. She was accepted, Jean hadn't turned from her. She was being given a chance. When the doctor placed her arm around her shoulders this time, she let her do it. She wouldn't hurt her, that much control she thought to have by now.
      "I'm sorry that I can't help you too much right now, though", Jean sighed. "Professor Xavier, the owner of this mansion, and my friend Storm aren't here right now, they'll be back in the evening only. I'm sure you have many questions. Xavier is the one to answer them. And Storm will be your most important partner from now on. Your mutations are related, only a little different. You'll talk about that in the evening. But until then you should get busy. Are you tired?"
      "Not much. I slept during the flight."
      "Then we'll start with bringing your stuff to your room. I understand you're working with computers quite much?" Jean smiled. "You can have one in your room, if you want so. All pupils do."
      Kathi blushed immediately. "This would be great. I'd like to keep contact with my friends and my family... At least with e-mails..."
      She stopped the girl gently. "That's the idea, really. We want to offer our pupils as much occupation as possible to be fine around here. We've got a flatrate in the whole house so that's no problem. I'll tell Scott, my boyfriend, to install it for you. He's our specialist if it's for technical stuff. Let's get your things. Then you'll stop worrying, at least." The rain stopped. Jean took a short look at the sky. The cloud that had been only right above them, vanished. Now the sun was shining over all the estate again. "That's the first thing for you to keep in mind. You're only effecting the weather right around you. About 12 square yards, I'd say. So, I see I could cheer you up?"
      Katja smiled too. She began to remember how to do that. "Let's just say... You saved my life."
      Jean didn't answer but pressed Kathi's hand shortly, showing her that she knew that the girl was absolutely serious.

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