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X-Men: Academy- Feeling thunder 1/? (movieverse, J/L)

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    so, I ll risk it and post my canon here after all *G*. I really wasn t sure about it, since it is quite personal, but I think there are many elements people
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      so, I'll risk it and post my canon here after all *G*. I really wasn't sure about it, since it is quite personal, but I think there are many elements people will enjoy, like Logan and Jean being a couple. I'm about to control all my english stories on my homepage right now (I'm German), and I'll handle it that way, that I'll send the parts I have controlled here... in little paragraphs, so reading won't be too hard... Hope you enjoy :). I'll rate the parts when I post them, it's from non-rating to NC 17, really.


      Series: X-Men: Academy (pilot)


      part: 1/?

      author: myself ;)

      language: English, but that's not my native language, so please forgive me my mistakes.

      Disclaimer: All X-Men and other Marvel characters in here belong to Marvel, 20 Century Fox and else. Not mine ;).

      Universe: Only based on the storyline of the movie 'X-Men'.<p>

      Timeline: Begins with the first movie

      Romance: Jean/Logan, Scott/OC

      Summary: This story first retells the movie, but with a few surprising changes. Then the fight between Magneto's and Xavier's people gets worse than ever...

      Feedback: will not only be appreciated, but... well, you know *G*.

      Rating: none for this part

      remark: On my homepage on http://www.catbull.com/adora/fanfxmen.html you find all my stories with pics in it. With them they're nicer to read ;). But it's the same stories :).


      "Come on, you can't really believe what you're just saying!" Fabian, a long-haired, leather clothes wearing goth, gave his ex-girlfriend Katja his well-trained, innocent look from his deep blue eyes, once more playing the role of the sweet, good guy.
      But that show Kathi knew too well already to fall for it. She had been tricked by it for months. "Whom do you think you're fooling? You were toying with me, that's all. You used me to show your friends that you can have a girlfriend at anytime. And I was naive enough to believe, you'd have feelings for me." Finally she could tell him. The two young people, the former perfect couple of their internet community, hadn't met for four months. Now that she finally was facing him again, all the rage returned. She would have exploded if she hadn't told him now. She couldn't mind less that several people were watching them. "And you know what I really believe? You didn't just want to hurt your ex girlfriend, did you? How long had you already been back with her when you finally thought of quitting our relationship?"
      Stunned silence. The only sound around were the one of raindrops suddenly falling on their coats. And a quiet growling some miles away. A thunderstorm, fitting the situation quite well.
      Fabian, who wasn't really used to loose an argument, was at a complete loss for words. Finally he murmured: "If you think so... I liked you very much, you know. But now you're acting nothing but childish."
      His disparaging voice was the cause, in the end. She had loved this man! Katja raised her hand to slap him, only the second slap in the face she'd ever give someone.
      Fabian saw it in time and fast took two steps back. That saved his life.
      A bolt hit the floor that he had been standing on split seconds ago.
      The thunderstorm stopped as fast as it had begun. Again silence, only disturbed by a quiet clattering. Katja needed a moment to understand that it was her teeth chattering. When she finally was able to turn her head from the burned grass in front of her feet and could look at Fabi again, she saw that he was trembling.
      "Are you crazy?" He could hardly speak.
      Kathi was shocked herself, but she understood the meaning of the question immediately. "Don't look at me like that! Now is that another thing you will hold me responsible for?"
      "Don't play me for a fool! You saw that as clearly as I did!"
      "What I saw is that you just were very lucky", she answered, trying to stay cool. She would not tell this man that cold panic was creeping up her throat. "You nearly lost your life. You keep this up, you'll lose something else." She turned from him.
      "You wanted to kill me." Now he had said it, the words, she had kinda waited for. "My god.... You... you wanted to kill me, Katja..."br> "You should stop taking drugs. Makes you delirious." She started walking away from him, her knees trembling. "That's absurd."
      "Stay here!" He put a hand on her shoulder.
      Her voice sounded unbelievably hateful. She never would have thought just this man to cause such feelings in her. "Keep your hands off me." She spoke slowly, clearly, showing him that he'd have his slap after all if he didn't leave her alone. Actually, it wasn't like her at all to act that way, but he had challenged her.
      At least he followed the order, slowly shaking his head. "How the hell did you do that, Katja? What have you done?"
      "You make me sick. I never want to see you again." She said a short good-bye to her friends and left the party. She had to get out of here.

      'You wanted to kill me.'
      Katja woke up, frightened. Again she had dreamed of it. She was cold, though the room was overheated, and she had a stale taste in her mouth. Cold sweat was on her forehead. Fear. She had never been that afraid in her life. What had happened that day? Everyone who had been on the party said, it had been an accident only. Even Fabian had stopped blaming her, but probably only because several people had told him to. But she couldn't forget it any more than he could. She stood up, going to the window. For a week it had been raining now, ever since she had come home this evening, feared, distraught, unable to do her job in her office for several days. Why couldn't she believe that it had been chance only? She rested her forehead on the glass, closing her eyes. Because she knew better. Because she had been there. She had reached out her hand and directed a bolt onto Fabian. What if she... No. People were either born with mutations, or they were manifesting during the puberty. Kathi was 20. It was impossible to mutate that late. Besides, there were only about 50.000 mutants known in the world. Why should it be just her? That was hilarious. Sighing, she switched on her computer. Going sure wouldn't hurt.
      http://www.mutants.com... The site took half an eternity to load. What the hell was she doing, anyway? Probably the page didn't even exist, or it was only about how to protect yourself from mutants. But it was the only way she could think of to find out about her current situation. No, nothing. Just a few information on mutants that she knew already. Useless. She was already about to close the window when she spotted a telephone number at the bottom of the page. Strange. Owners of non-commercial sites usually didn't publish any numbers in the web, it would cause hundreds of idiots to call. But this was exceptional. No explanation whom the number belonged to, just one little word. Only a very tiny written number, and in front of it, even tinier: 'Help'. Perhaps... What if... Her thoughts suddenly were running wild. Kathi leaned back, crossing her arms. Calm down, girl. What did you tell Fabi about fantasizing last week? One second later she had her mobile phone in her hand and dialled the number.
      The friendly voice of a woman asked, in English: 'Hello, how can I help you?'
      First she just wanted to quit the call. She was really close to. But then she remembered Fabian's shocked face right when the bolt had hit the floor. 'You wanted to kill me, Katja.' She took a deep breath. "I think I'm a mutant. I'm afraid."
      'Wait a minute, I'll put you through.'
      A short crack- then the connection was cancelled. Of course. Had she really expected a mutant to pick up the phone? That was nuts, completely nuts. No proof, not even a single hint, and she went and called some number in the United States! Hell! She decided to go to bed, that was the best thing to do right now. If you were asleep, you didn't have to think.
      Her mobile phone rang before she could stand up. This sound - the solemn theme of the 'Star Wars' movies - should change her life forever. An unidentified number. Hesitating she pressed the big green button that activated the connection. "Katja speaking."
      'Hello, Katja, this is Jubilee. You just called here because you've got problems, right?'
      The woman pronounced her name wrong enough to assure Kathi, she was really American. Also... Katja's telephone number didn't show up on normal phones if she called somebody. So, whoever that woman was working for, probably wasn't fooling around. Now what? Should she quit? Forget it? Or play a game without knowing the rules?
      'Are you there?'
      "Yes." She closed her eyes again. "Strange things are happening to me. I don't know what to do."
      'Okay, listen. I'll give you an address now. If you're a fake, better don't come here. You wouldn't be the first one trying that. States, FBI... We had them all here. All of them left without even a report. It's not illegal to offer an advice center so don't try to make trouble. You'd be wasting your time, and from what my computer says, also a lot of money, since you're from Germany. But if you're serious, get your stuff together and take the next plane here. Being a mutant, you're being a danger to yourself and to others. If nobody will help you, something bad will happen. That's for sure. Think about it. Here's the address...'
      Kathi wrote it down. Westchester, New York. "Thanks."
      'Will you come?'
      "I... I don't know. I don't know anything right now."
      The woman sounded seriously worried. 'Katja, please, listen to me. You wouldn't have called if you wouldn't be afraid. I'm sure, something bad happened to you. Something even worse could happen. Think about it- but not too long.'
      "I will. I promise." She quit the call fast. The mobile phone didn't ring again. Now being even more puzzled then before, Katja went back to bed. She finally had to get some sleep. Tomorrow she'd have to get back to work. Suddenly she stepped on something sharp, screamed quietly. What the hell...? She knelt down, ran her hand over the dark carpet. An earring. She should have known, she didn't wear any jewellery... But instead of just throwing the damn thing away, of course she turned on the light and took a closer look. It was one of Fabian's earrings. It was like a flashback, suddenly she was back with him, remembering all the feelings for him... The beautiful weeks... The short e-mail he had used to tell her, he wanted to quit their relationship, because of some 'personal crisis'... Crying, she threw the earring against a wall.
      The loudest thunder she had ever heard awoke half of the village. The display of her video recorder faded, all lights went out. Power failure. A bolt had paralysed the energy in the whole house.

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