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The Aftermath (1/?) Scott and Logan

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  • princessthat05
    Hey everyone, this is the first chapter of an on going story that I m going to keep adding to. I hope you like it and don t forget to give feedback! Oh and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2003
      Hey everyone, this is the first chapter of an on going story that
      I'm going to keep adding to. I hope you like it and don't
      forget to
      give feedback! Oh and I don't own any of these characters.

      Title: The Aftermath
      Author: Me!
      Characters: For this Chapter it's just Cyclops and Wolverine but
      other characters will be added in later chapters.
      Summary: Scott and Logan are dealing with the death of Jean Grey 6
      months later. Scott is way emotional while Logan is Suppressing his

      (Continued from X2, Xmen United)

      It had been almost 6 months since that terrible day when he
      had last seen Jean and he was still shaken up. His eyes were dry
      because all of his tears had been cried and there was nothing left
      to cry. The room was pitch black because his eyes could not endure
      the light and he wanted to be able to cry without fogging up
      his "turbo shades" or so Jean used to call them. Cyclops was
      face down on his bed trying to keep himself from thinking about what
      had happened to Jean. He would rather think of the good times with
      her; the way she used to smile when he would make a corny joke that
      no one else thought was funny, the way her hand always found his.
      He exhaled hard and collected himself. He had loved Jean very much
      but it had been a while since her death and he believed that the
      grieving process should have waned down a little by now.

      Grieving was something Cyclops had never experienced much before and
      he knew that all of the other X-men were mourning just like him but
      when one is sad it doesn't occur to them that anyone else could
      hurting as much as they are. Cyclops blamed himself for Jean's
      death but more then that he also placed blame on that damned
      Wolverine. As soon as the X-men had gotten back to Professor
      Xavier's school Logan (Wolverine) had gone off to some distant
      to take care of some "personal business." As Cyclops was
      to feel a little more anger then sorrow a knock sounded at his
      door. A small, light voice came from the other side, "Sir, sir
      Rogue, Professor Xavier told me to come get you, something is

      Wolverine trudged up the side of one of the tall mountains of
      Georgia. He had left "The School for Gifted Youngsters" as
      soon as
      he was allowed. Logan had finally found the laboratory where he (as
      he knew himself anyway) was created, a place for which he had been
      searching for a long time. Wolverine had gotten a small glance into
      the life that he used to have before his amnesia, but more then
      that, he had lost the only woman he had ever had true feelings for.
      Doctor Jean Grey who was one of the so-called X-men. She had
      sacrificed herself for the group of people that had been there at
      the time. She had made a decision to be selfless and Wolverine
      loved her even more for that.

      Logan finally reached the peak of the mountain he had been climbing
      for an hour. He looked around, seeing a breath-taking scene before
      him. The scene didn't faze him because he was not in the mood to
      feel good about anything. Logan put his hand to his forehead and
      wiped off the perspiration that had accumulated there. A bird let
      out a loud squawk from behind him and as Logan turned around he lost
      his footing and started sliding down the side of the steep
      mountainside. Logan shielded his face from the rocks that littered
      the mountainside as they beat against his body. He began to wish he
      could die and just be at rest forever. Logan stopped rolling at the
      bottom of the mountain and turned himself over. His body
      immediately started healing itself and he just lay still with his
      eyes shut. Tears began to form behind the lids of his eyes as he
      finally succumbed to his grief. The strong feeling of guilt, which
      he had been so afraid of, prevailed over his consciousness and he
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