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FIC: Old Friend, 8/13, Charles/Erik, NC-17, post X2

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  • Henrika
    *This chapter deals with graphic descriptions of m/m sex* Chapter 8 Charles woke up to the feeling of Erik s caresses. He wasn t sure how long he d been
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2003
      *This chapter deals with graphic descriptions of m/m sex*

      Chapter 8

      Charles woke up to the feeling of Erik's caresses. He wasn't sure
      how long he'd been asleep, but obviously he had turned over sometime
      during the night, because he was on his back now, and Erik lay next
      to him, on his side, stroking his half-erect member with his hand.

      At first Charles thought he was dreaming – wet dreams were uncommon
      at his age, but since he was a lonely man it occurred every now and
      then – but this was no dream. Erik was really caressing him as
      intimately as he'd hoped.

      "Awake at last…" Erik murmured when he saw Charles had opened his

      Charles groaned with both pleasure and surprise when he woke up
      properly and realized what was happening. The feeling was wonderful.
      His penis rose to its full size within a few seconds, and in spite
      that it hurt, his body tried to thrust deeper into Erik's hand.

      "Do you like it?" Erik whispered in Charles' ear and tightened his
      hold of the telepath's penis.

      Charles, whose breathing had become ragged, had to try hard to form

      "Erik… maybe you should stop…" he whispered hoarsely.

      "Why?" Erik asked and started kissing Charles' neck. "I like it. And
      you do too. I can tell that."

      Erik removed the sheet that covered them both to be able to see
      Charles properly. No lights were on, but that wasn't necessary. The
      light from outside was enough. It wasn't dawn just yet, but it
      wouldn't be long before it came.

      Charles didn't stop Erik although he wasn't really sure about this.
      His body definitely wanted it, but his conscious mind…

      "Oh, Erik…" he sighed and cupped his hand around the back of Erik's
      head. His old friend had incredibly soft, thick hair, and he loved
      pulling his fingers through it.

      "Charles, please, let me pleasure you," Erik asked. "I know you want

      Charles sighed again. Yes. He wanted it. He wanted it more than
      anything right now, and when had he been able to deny Erik anything?

      One single nod was enough. Erik kissed him as he pulled back the
      foreskin of his penis, exposing the head. A small, clear drop of
      transparent fluid had already formed in the slit, and more came out
      when Erik squeezed his member.

      Erik had always loved playing with Charles' penis. Charles was not
      circumcised, unlike Erik himself and most other men, so his penis
      was exciting to touch. Charles moaned again when Erik moved his hand
      down to cup his testicles, rolling them gently in his hand.

      After some time he slid his hand upwards again, and started
      caressing Charles' nipples. The small buds stiffened at once, and he
      managed to draw another moan from the telepath.

      "You still like having your nipples caressed?" Erik asked.

      Charles nodded mutely.

      "I can do more than caress…" Erik whispered and bent down again to
      take Charles' left nipple in his mouth.

      "Oh, God…" Charles sighed while Erik was licking his nipples and
      simultaneously stroking his erection with his free hand. His
      pleasure was so intense he almost believed he'd faint.

      "Would you like me to take it in my mouth?" Erik asked suddenly.

      Charles almost jerked. Erik had not done *that* for him in…at least
      an age.

      "Erik, my darling…" Charles said seriously and placed his right hand
      on his friend's blushing cheek. "You don't have to do that. Wouldn't
      you like to come inside me instead?"

      Now it was Erik's turn to be surprised. Did Charles really mean he
      should… fuck him? No, that wasn't possible… Not in the condition he
      was now.

      "Charles…" Erik began. "How shall I… I can't lie on top of you."

      "You don't have to. We can do it sideways, in the spoon-position.
      Then my ribcage won't be burdened. But if you don't want to…"

      "Oh Charles, I do, more than anything!" Erik exclaimed. "But I just
      want you to be completely sure."

      "I am," Charles stated. "Take me, Erik. That is what I want."

      "It will be my pleasure," Erik replied, smiling broadly.

      He rose to his knees, and slowly started parting Charles' paralysed
      legs. Charles was looking completely relaxed when Erik brought his
      hands down to touch his anus, which confirmed he really was sure.

      "Do you have any lubricant?" Charles asked before Erik stuck his
      fingers in.

      "Of course. Wait and I'll take it out."

      He took out the little bottle from his bedside table and opened it.

      "Do you always keep it in that drawer?" Charles asked amused. "Or
      did you plan this?"

      Erik smiled back. "Occasionally, I have brought a date home. It has
      been useful then… But not lately."

      Charles didn't like the idea of Erik with other men – or women, for
      that matter – so he asked nothing more.

      Erik took a generous dollop onto his fingers, and then started to
      prepare his lover. Charles felt tight, but he was relaxed, so there
      wouldn't be any trouble entering him. He made sure his lover's
      channel was sleek and well prepared before he proceeded.

      "Do we need a condom, you think?" he asked.

      Charles made a motion that was probably meant to be a shrug of his

      "Well… I am not sick, anyway. I can guarantee that."

      "Me neither, but I always use a condom with my other lovers, as you
      may see. But we are both healthy…"

      "I've never cared much for condoms," Charles said with a scowl.

      "Then forget it. It feels much more intimate without," Erik agreed.

      He coated his bare member instead, and thought it felt great not
      having to roll on that silly rubber thing this time.

      "Okay… ready?" he asked.

      Charles turned to his side, pulling his upper leg up with his hands
      to give Erik access. Erik slid down behind him and spread his

      "Alright?" he whispered.


      Slowly Erik started entering him. He was extra careful this time,
      because Charles was injured and probably hadn't done this in a
      while. But it went well. Charles gave out one single soundless sigh
      when he was penetrated, and his heart instantly started beating
      quicker. He had truly missed this feeling! It had surely been a
      lifetime ago!

      Erik waited for some time, giving Charles time to adjust before he
      started moving. In the meantime he kissed his lover's neck and
      gently touched him with his hands. One minute later he started
      thrusting slowly, creating a calm even pace which suited them both.

      Charles had started moaning, but those were moans of pleasure, not
      pain. He grabbed Erik's hand which lay pressed against his stomach,
      and squeezed it. Erik squeezed back.

      This position wasn't ideal, considering they couldn't see each
      other's faces, but at least they could feel the closeness of each
      other's bodies and move in rhythm, which was enough.

      Erik increased the pace somewhat the seconds before he came,
      gripping Charles' hand almost spasmodically hard before he
      ejaculated inside him. Yes, he was actually coming inside Charles
      himself, not a condom this time, because he knew it was safe. Those
      other men he'd been with lately were no real lovers; just bed

      They lay still for a while, sweaty and panting, after Erik's orgasm
      had passed, with their legs as well as arms entwined. But Charles
      wasn't finished yet. Erik could feel that when he moved his hand
      down, feeling the telepath still had an erection. Without words he
      closed his hand around it and started to stroke it; not too quickly,
      but not too slowly either.

      Charles gasped anew when he finally came, and felt the powerful
      orgasm surge through his body. His seed spurted over Erik's hand and
      some of it trickled down onto the sheet under them. Charles rarely
      dared to masturbate until he came home at the mansion, because dry
      stains of semen would be embarrassing to explain, since he couldn't
      change his own bedclothes.

      Erik stroked his member until it softened, and then wiped his sticky
      hand on the covers. He was still inside Charles, but pulled out when
      he noticed there was no longer any movement. Charles' breathing had
      already grown deep and even, and it almost sounded like he was
      sleeping. To make sure that wasn't true, Erik gently nudged him.

      "Mmm…" Charles mumbled and stirred a little. He was actually falling
      asleep and didn't wish to be disturbed now. Erik decided to let him
      rest and talk to him when he woke up and felt more alert.

      Erik threw a quick glance at his digital alarm clock. It was only
      5:46 AM. They could very much afford some more sleep. Erik curled
      next to his lover and kissed his neck before he closed his eyes and
      fell asleep.
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