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FIC: Old Friend, 5/13, Charles/Erik, NC-17, post X2

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  • Henrika
    *warning: This chapter deals with elements of violence and torture. Proceed with caution.* Chapter 5 Erik got up before Charles woke up, and found no reason to
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      *warning: This chapter deals with elements of violence and torture.
      Proceed with caution.*

      Chapter 5

      Erik got up before Charles woke up, and found no reason to wake him.
      He got dressed and left Charles sleeping, in order to have

      He had some business downtown today, but would be free after that.
      He left, hoping it wouldn't frighten Charles to wake up alone.

      Nonsense! Erik thought. Charles is all but fragile, not matter what
      his physical body tells us. Being alone for a few hours won't give
      him any trauma. Although if Erik would have known what would happen
      while he was gone, he never would have left the room at all.

      Mystique and John were already sitting by the breakfast table when
      Erik entered the kitchen. They said good morning, and he greeted
      them back, though he noticed that Mystique didn't look him in the
      eyes like she used to. Erik realized she might be angry for some
      reason, but he couldn't figure out why.

      "I'm heading downtown for a while," he told them. "Raven, will you
      make sure Charles gets his breakfast?"

      "Sure, I'll make sure of that…" Mystique murmured while she was
      stirring her teacup without drinking anything.

      Pyro was also looking a bit weird, fingering his lighter
      continuously. It wasn't like either of them to be acting like that,
      and Erik almost asked them if something was wrong. Had it something
      to do with Charles? he wondered.

      But he didn't have time to ask anything before another person
      entered the kitchen and sat down by the table. It was Sabretooth.
      The blond giant sat down next to Mystique without saying a word, and
      Erik couldn't help noticing that Mystique winced.

      It surprised him a lot. Sabretooth and Mystique fighting was nothing
      new; it happened often, but Mystique was usually not afraid of him.
      Had he really hurt her this time? If that was the case, he would not
      get away with it, Erik decided.

      "I had better get ready," Erik said after drinking a cup of tea and
      eating a plate of cereals. It had been a quiet and gloomy breakfast,
      and the atmosphere around the table was all but cheerful. Erik
      suspected that something was wrong, but he decided not to interfere
      unless it got worse. Maybe he had made a mistake letting Victor
      Creed rejoin?

      "I'm going soon. Raven, then you will take care of Charles until I
      get back?" he asked knowingly.

      Now Mystique looked up. Erik expected to see something in her eyes,
      but the look in them was blank when she looked at him.

      "Yes, of course," he replied. "I will make sure of that."

      "Good. I'll see you later."

      Erik left the breakfast table and his three fellow mutants, heading
      out to his car.


      As soon as Erik had left Mystique felt Sabretooth's menacing and
      scornful eyes on her, and felt a strong urge to run away from the
      table. But she wasn't going to. She wouldn't give him the

      "Aren't you gonna feed Xavier soon?" the large mutant asked

      "Not yet," Mystique replied without looking up. "And I won't tell
      you where he is. Don't expect that."

      Sabretooth laughed to himself. You don't need to, he thought. I'm
      not as stupid as everyone thinks I am. I'll find out some other way.

      He wasn't going to attack Mystique again, partly because Pyro was
      sitting by the table, and because it wouldn't help. Mystique was
      loyal to Magneto in rain and shine. Instead of brute strength, which
      was normally his field, he would have to use his wits.


      Charles immediately noticed that Erik was gone when he woke up in
      the morning. Instead of his old friend, there was a note on Erik's
      side of the bed. Charles picked it up and started reading.

      It said, with Erik's trim handwriting:

      "Charles, I had some business downtown, so I am probably gone when
      you awake. I told Raven to come by with your breakfast. See you
      later. Yours,

      Charles sighed. Of course. He didn't know what kind of "business"
      Erik had, but he wasn't looking forward to another one of Mystique's
      visits. The woman was freaky, and besides they didn't like each
      other. But of course he wanted breakfast, and if Mystique was to
      deliver it, he had to tolerate her.

      Mystique came by 11 o'clock. She entered his room with a light knock
      in her usual blue shape, carrying a food tray. The breakfast
      included a plate of cereals, a piece of toast, a teacup and an
      apple. Charles assumed she had made it herself.

      "Good morning," he greeted and forced himself to smile.

      Mystique simply looked at him with her yellow, cat-like eyes, and
      placed the tray on his bedside table.

      "Do I need to empty your bedpan?" she asked matter-of-factly.

      "Yes, please, that would be good," Charles replied and stuck his
      hand under the quilt and pulled out the basin. He had only peed once
      this morning, so there wasn't much in the bedpan.

      Mystique took it without words and disappeared into the bathroom to
      empty and wash it. She really disliked being Xavier's "nurse" but if
      Erik wanted her to be, she wouldn't object. She also wondered if
      Erik had slept with the telepath. She strongly suspected that he was
      at least *going to* if he hadn't already. But she wasn't going to
      ask Erik, and definitely not Xavier either. It was their business,
      and they could do as they pleased.

      She returned to Charles with the bedpan and handed it to him. He
      accepted the basin and stuck it under the quilt.

      "Do you need any more help or can I leave now?" she asked.

      "Where was Erik going?" asked Charles.

      Mystique shrugged. "Why do you ask?"

      "It was only a question. Are you always so nice? Or is it just me?"

      Mystique sighed loudly and leaned against the wall.

      "Xavier," she said and avoided using his first name on purpose. "You
      don't like me anymore than I like you, so what's the point in
      pretending? That would be hypocrisy. I come here only because Erik
      asked me to, and I keep my promises to him. I don't know why he's
      keeping you here, and I won't speculate, but you're not here because
      I want to. I think what happened to you was terrible, but your X-men
      could take as good – if not better – care of you as we can. I don't
      understand Erik, but I won't question him either."

      She was also about to tell him he was the reason why she had sore
      and aching arms, but didn't. She was quite sure Xavier didn't have
      to know that.

      "I do hope we understand each other," she finished instead. "I'll be
      back in a few hours unless Erik's come home."

      With that she spun around and elegantly moved her blue body toward
      the door. She didn't look back at Xavier when she left. Charles
      didn't mind. He didn't like having Mystique's eyes on him anyway.

      He placed the tray on his lap and started consuming his breakfast.
      Charles had to admit Mystique was a good cook. He wasn't sure why,
      but he had never expected her to be the cooking type. Apparently, he
      was wrong.

      Charles chewed and ate slowly, and really grasped the opportunity to
      enjoy the meal. He wouldn't get another one until this afternoon, he
      realized, so he had better make it last.

      He saved the apple for last. When he had eaten his cereals and drunk
      his tea, he put the tray back on the bedside table, and chose a
      magazine to skim through. Mystique had left him both serious non-
      fiction and cheap scandal chronicles. Charles had got a hold of a
      scandal chronicle; obviously it belonged to either Mystique or John,
      since Erik had never been interested in such, as far as Charles knew

      Charles wasn't either. The private life of various celebrities
      didn't interest him the least, but he still skimmed through the
      magazine, mostly just for fun, while he was eating his apple.

      Charles longed for Erik. He missed his company, but also his touch.
      Despite that he had almost been asleep when it happened, Charles
      clearly remembered what Erik did last night. He had touched him
      intimately. Very intimately, and Charles didn't exactly mind it. If
      Erik wanted to caress him again, Charles wouldn't stop him. It would
      be nice to feel a hand except his own down there again.

      Charles fidgeted when the door to his room suddenly opened. He
      expected to see Mystique, or maybe Erik, but it was neither of them.

      It was Sabretooth. At first Charles refused to believe it. He
      believed his mind was playing him tricks. He blinked once, but
      didn't really expect Sabretooth to be gone when he opened his eyes
      again. He was no vision, and no dream, but real, and really was
      standing there.

      The feral blond giant slowly closed the door behind him. He was so
      huge he had to crouch down when he came in.

      Charles was completely petrified. He didn't know what he had in
      mind, but he was sure of one thing – Sabretooth wasn't planning
      anything nice.

      The giant leered maliciously while he approached the bed where
      Charles lay, totally helpless. He only had one thing on his mind.
      This would be fun!

      "So Mags keeps you here!" he triumphed. "His own bedroom! I can't
      believe I didn't get that at once!"

      Charles desperately tried to recoil when the clawed maniac
      approached the bed, but he had no chance, of course. His legs didn't
      obey him, and even if his lower body had functioned normally
      Sabretooth would have been too fast for him.

      Sabretooth grabbed the paralysed old man by the throat with his
      large hand and immediately pressed him back into the mattress.
      Charles tried to scream, but the scream got stuck in his throat and
      couldn't get out. He was completely helpless. Sabretooth was many
      times stronger than Charles, and now he couldn't use his telepathy.

      "No new tricks?" Sabretooth growled and brought his face close to
      Charles' while he squeezed his throat. Xavier could barely breathe
      and the older man's terror and helplessness excited him. Sabretooth
      hated everything Charles Xavier was, and blamed him for everything
      that had happened to him after the incident at Liberty Island three
      years ago. Now he would take revenge, and he was really going to
      enjoy it.

      He tore the quilt off Charles' body with his free hand and kept him
      pressed down with the other. The sight before him made his grin

      "So you're naked, I see? But that's how ol' Mags wants you, isn't
      it? Has he fucked you yet? No? No, he'll probably wait till you're
      feeling better. He's so considerate, right?" Sabretooth
      mocked. "But he will fuck you. I'm sure of that. If he still wants
      you after I'm done with you, that is!"

      Charles started to panic. He realized there was absolutely nothing
      he could do. His physical strength was laughable compared to
      Sabretooth's, and if he struggled he'd only worsen his own
      situation. What was Sabretooth going to do to him? Beat him? Kill
      him? Rape him? Oh God, no! This couldn't be happening!

      The lack of oxygen started to make Charles' face red. He closed his
      hands around Sabretooth's massive forearm in a feeble attempt to get
      his hand off, but for no use.

      The blond giant laughed at his attempt and started passing his
      clawed index finger over Charles' chest, down toward his belly. He
      *could have* buried his claws deep inside Xavier and gutted him in
      two seconds, but he wasn't going to. Not yet, anyway.

      "Do you know what I can do to you?" he slowly whispered in Charles'
      ear. "I could gut you like a fish. I bet your blood would taste
      good. I'm sure of that. You look vital despite that you're a

      He pulled his claw over Charles' stomach and passed it lower, until
      it reached his pubic hair. Charles whimpered miserably when the
      lunatic grabbed his penis and started to squeeze it.

      "Do you like this, you little faggot?" Sabretooth sneered. "I'm sure
      you do. Would you like it if I fucked you? I can be nice and do it,
      if you want me to. I can split you open with my cock. I don't have
      to use my claws when I've got other weapons!"

      Charles was pretty sure that Sabretooth was right. He risked dying
      if he was raped by Sabretooth.

      The hold of his throat tightened and the lunatic's sharp claws
      pierced Charles skin, and the old man thought he'd die. At the same
      time Sabretooth's claws broke through the foreskin of Charles'
      penis. Charles barely felt it. He was already passing out. Soon he
      wouldn't feel anything anymore.

      Suddenly Sabretooth actually let him go. Charles reflexively
      clutched his throat and sucked air into his lungs, which gratefully
      accepted the oxygen they had been denied.

      "You didn't say "please", so I'll leave your ass alone for now!"
      Sabretooth hissed. "But if you even breathe about this to Mags, I'll
      come back and kill you!"

      Then he left.

      Charles lay down and breathed spasmodically for several minutes
      after his attacked left. He was so deeply shocked, terrified and
      something else too, which he couldn't really define, and also
      surprised that he was still alive in the first place.

      His throat ached, and so did his penis. Warm blood trickled from the
      scratches, but he didn't feel it. Charles curled in a fetal position
      and fell asleep or lost consciousness – he couldn't tell which
      himself, but he was relieved.
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