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Fic: Night of the Hunter - NC17 Logan/original character

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  • "Sunshine"
    Title: Night of the Hunter Rating: NC17 for graphic adult content Disclaimer: I don t claim to own any of the Marvel characters, but the creation of Danielle
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2003
      Title: Night of the Hunter

      Rating: NC17 for graphic adult content

      Disclaimer: I don't claim to own any of the Marvel characters, but
      the creation of Danielle aka Panther is of my own doing

      Feedback: absolutely

      Archiving: yes, but please let me know where it is

      "Marie, what do you think of this color?" Danielle asked.

      Rogue peered at the hair color box and then at Danielle trying to
      imagine how she would look.

      "You would look so cool with this mixed in with yer dark hair," Marie

      "Ya think Logan will like it?" Danielle asked.

      "He would like anything you did. He is so crazy fer ya," Marie

      "Well, then let's give it a go. Need a new look before we go out
      tonight," Danielle said blankly.

      "Where you guys headin' this time?" Marie asked.

      "He just said to look awesome. That was it – so, I have no clue and
      I certainly intend on knocking him flat on his ass with that new
      black outfit," Danielle replied.

      Danielle readied herself with Marie's help.

      "My gawd, you look so cool. Those platinum highlights really are
      awesome," Marie said.

      Danielle heard the doorknob turning. She had locked it to keep her
      roommate and lover out.

      "That's Logan," she said.

      Marie went to the door and waited for Danielle to finish putting on
      her black leather bracelet before allowing Logan in.

      "Com' on, Danielle. Ya know a door ain't gonna keep me out," Logan
      slyly said from outside.

      Danielle signaled to let him in and Marie opened the door slowly.
      Logan stood silent and unable to speak. His eyes drifted over her
      observing every inch of her.

      "I'll leave you two alone," Marie said and quietly closed the door
      behind her.

      Logan walked over slowly. He stood before Danielle and gently took a
      lock of her new blonde highlighted hair in between his fingers. He
      cocked his head curiously.

      "Ya hate it," she said with a bit of rejection.

      He lifted her chin and kissed her softly.

      "I love it," he replied softly.

      His eyes journeyed over her drifting over the black lacy tights, up
      to the black denim skirt and further up to her frilly sheer black
      blouse that showed just the right amount of cleavage to his hungry
      eyes. He kissed her again, deeper and more passionately, and as her
      body nestled closer to his and his hands ran all over her, she felt
      his body respond physically to her being close. She wrapped her arms
      around his waist as he withdrew.

      "Yer gonna kill me with these outfits, woman," he snarled.

      "Ya sure ya wanna go out now?" she asked him as her hand reached down
      to feel his throbbing erection.

      He kissed her again as he moved her towards their well-used bed.
      Logan lay over her grinding his hips against her and leaving a trail
      of wet kisses from behind her ear down into her cleavage. She let
      him have his way with her, as always. He bucked a few times against
      her until he decided he really was hungry and would wait until
      later. The idea of teasing her would leave her with enough fire to
      set up for a wild ride later. It would piss her off, but what the

      It had been some time since Danielle was rescued from Stryker's new
      installation, where she was altered in much the same way as Logan
      was. She had returned to the Xavier School with her skeleton of
      adamantium and retractable claws like a cat. Her personality had
      changed too. With what Stryker had done to her in bringing forth
      Panther, her return to the school left her retaining a more feline
      attitude. She still had tons of compassion and love, but she carried
      herself very differently.

      But through all of this, Logan still loved her and embraced her –
      perhaps even more strongly now. They were perfectly matched –
      altered physically and both with feral tendencies that many times
      took the forefront. Her feline attitude and stronger personality
      made her even sexier than before, which Logan thoroughly enjoyed.
      Yet, it brought forth a strong instinct to protect her and a desire
      to make sure all other interested males stayed away from her.

      Logan escorted her into the restaurant and she clung to him closely.
      He enjoyed their special times together. Of course, it was sometimes
      a chore for Logan when some unsuspecting male tried to make idle chat
      with Danielle. And tonight would be just one of those nights where
      Logan was in no mood for any interruptions or diversions. He knew
      instinctively that Danielle was being watched.

      Danielle was returning from the powder room when someone she knew
      from her past deliberately bumped into her. She hugged and kissed
      him, and he began to make conversation with her. The competitor
      glanced in Logan's direction and quickly noticed the angry glare.

      Logan walked over to Danielle putting his arm around her. He didn't
      think much of planting a passionate kiss on her lips in front of his
      rival thereby marking her as his territory. She, of course, loved
      his full attention and protective ways and would scent mark him by
      rubbing against him affectionately. Her friend decided it time to
      part ways and bit farewell. Logan half-smiled hoping the departure
      was due to his intimidation.

      After their meal, Logan stretched and decided it was time to return
      to the outside into the fresh air of the night. Logan paid the bill
      and they left the restaurant. The night sky was full of stars as
      they walked together. He had his arm around her waist holding her
      close. She put her arm around him sinking her hand down into his
      back pocket. Danielle breathed in deeply enjoying the feeling of the
      crisp air filling and refreshing her lungs.

      "I wanna go for a ride," he said softly.

      "Anything ya want, darlin'," she replied with a smirk. She knew he
      was plotting something.

      They walked back to where he had parked the motorcycle. He climbed
      aboard and she got behind him wrapping her arms around his waist.
      Logan revved the engine and together they thundered on down the
      road. They traveled down the back roads heading towards Xavier's
      School. She pulled his jacket signaling him to stop. He pulled off
      the road. She hopped off and started walking near the edge of the
      forest. Logan set the kickstand and quickly followed her.

      "Where ya headin', darlin'?" he asked stupidly.

      She didn't answer him – only turning to him and silently beckoning
      him to follow her. He knew damn well what she was up to. She knew
      Logan all too well. Finding a spot that she took a liking to,
      Danielle headed deeper into the woods. Logan followed silently. She
      finally stopped walking, turning to him and wrapping her arms around
      him. Her kiss was full of desire and her scent had become very
      strong with arousal.

      Her hands unzipped his jeans and she pulled him forth to began
      massaging his throbbing hardened member. His tongue licked the sweet
      skin of her neck as his hands ran up under her blouse.

      That's when she took off – running deeper into the woods. The hunt
      was on and Wolverine now wanted his prey. Her scent of aroused
      female filled the air and Wolverine hungrily pursued it. Logan stood
      sniffing the air realizing she was not too far from him.

      He listened attentively as the sounds of twigs broke under her feet
      as she padded her way through the woods. Quickly, he ran off in that
      direction. Her scent grew stronger as he closed the distance between

      Standing quietly against a large oak tree, Danielle waited for him.
      She could hear him growling as he slowly approached her. Threatening
      to bolt again, Wolverine rushed her tying her up in his arms. She
      struggled half-heartedly loving how it aggravated him. He had pissed
      her off earlier with his teasing and she had a little revenge.

      But, Logan had captured his prey.

      Logan pushed her strongly against the tree. The animal in him took
      over and she knew what he wanted now. She pulled his shirt off and
      he nearly tore off her blouse. As Danielle licked and kissed his
      chest, she was sliding out of her skirt.

      He aggressively spun her around pressing his chest against her back
      and then leaning over to bite her shoulder. His hands strongly
      kneaded her breasts causing her nipples to harden under the skillful
      playing of his fingers.

      With the extension of one claw, he reached between her legs and
      sliced open her panties with the skill of a surgeon. She leaned
      forward against a fallen tree bracing herself, as Logan curled his
      body into her. Danielle growled softly like a feline ready to mate.
      She had her champion, and he certainly was ready to claim his prize.

      With several hard thrusts, he joined with her. She felt him slide
      inside filling her with his entire length. He bucked strongly until
      falling into a rhythm that pleased both of them. She listened to his
      heavy breathing and felt the warmth of his breath as it breezed on
      her shoulder. He bit down on her shoulder again drawing blood that
      he readily licked away before the wound healed.

      His hands held her hips closely to his body. If she were a normal
      woman without the healing ability, she would certainly have had
      bruises from where he held her tightly. Their bodies began
      glistening in the moonlight that sprinkled its way through the leaves
      of the canopy. A finger found the now erect bud of her womanhood and
      with crafty stroking he began to draw forth further pleasure.

      She could feel him inside her - every inch of his thick throbbing
      shaft forcefully pushing in and pulling back over and over again.
      The man had become lost to her and only the wild animal - her
      Wolverine - was with her now. He held her in place not allowing her
      to break their connection.

      The closer they got to reaching the edge of heightened ecstasy, the
      more vocal Logan became. The air filled with the scent of sex – a
      perfume mix of saliva, semen, and sweat - as well as Logan's loud
      animal-like repertoire of grunts, growls, and howls. She loved
      listening to him – his vocalizations stimulated her equally as much
      as his internal massage.

      Danielle pushed back against him beginning to say his name through
      labored breaths. She asked him for more, and he responded with
      harder thrusts. Their bodies slid against each other as sweat poured
      down them.

      She could feel Logan deepening his penetration and now beginning to
      strike that one special spot that made Danielle want to scream.
      Logan held her strongly - pulling her hips to his pelvis and he
      pumped with unbelievable fury. Wolverine was in control - his animal
      instincts driving him on. He had her on the edge and vulnerable to
      his every desire.

      Logan knew he was close to release but tried to hold back to allow
      the pleasure to last a little longer. He slowed his pumping only
      briefly to tease her again. Then, he started pummelling her with
      thrusts so strong that made her begin to go crazy.

      Danielle's chest was heaving heavily and her breathing was very
      labored. Words were lost to her. Only short sharp growls and grunts
      passed her lips. Logan couldn't hold out any longer for he had to
      release before he exploded. Her muscles had tightened around his
      shaft strongly squeezing him – wanting to take every drop his body
      could give her. She tensed ready to be set free into physical bliss.

      It was time to let go – to release the high they had been working
      towards. He could feel her needing it – needing him to let her
      climax and for him to release. Logan bucked strongly and groaned
      with every subsequent thrust that sent his seed spilling into her.

      Her body went limp as she felt her insides rock with the pleasure he
      was working so hard to give her. He squeezed his eyes tightly closed
      as his body shuddered intensely. He raised his head to the sky and
      groaned loudly and almost painfully as he bucked a few more times.
      As his motions slowed and the last bit of his seed was given to her,
      he leaned against her back resting until the high subsided.

      His hands gently glided over her shoulders – their bodies still as
      one. Their breathing began to return to normal before he broke away
      from her. She turned to him looking deeply into his eyes. He could
      see the yellowish glow of a feline in her eyes. After they put
      themselves back together, they returned to the school drifting in and
      walked to Logan's bedroom where they again made love - like civilized
      humans do.

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