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  • x_chick03
    Longing Ships: Kurt/Ororo Genre: Angst/Romance Rated: PG-13 Salvation Alone in the night, he walks. Wind in his hair, rosary in his hand, darkness all around
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2003
      Ships: Kurt/Ororo
      Genre: Angst/Romance
      Rated: PG-13

      Alone in the night, he walks. Wind in his hair, rosary in his
      hand, darkness all around him. His mind racing with memories of his
      life. Often wandering with thoughts of what his life could've been
      had he not been a mutant, but it was pointless to plague himself with
      it. He was a mutant and he had accepted that fact long ago. He had
      even accepted his appearance and was at peace with it.
      He continues his walk and wanders away from the street, to a
      secluded path. There, he teleports to the highest branch of a nearby
      tree. He sits, crouched on the branch. His mind begins to wander to
      that day at the White House. He was like a demon, taking out everyone
      in his path, with no remorse or concern, at all. He often wonders if
      God has left him or perhaps, was testing him. He had tried to live by
      the Bible, but there were several sins that could've been avoided. In
      fact, his body was covered with angelic symbols to make up for the
      sins of his life.
      "Why would God create a monster like me?" he thought, "Maybe,
      God has never been with me."
      At that last thought, a tear fell from his eye. All he wanted
      was to know was that God was behind him and loved him just like He
      did everyone else. He feared that was a demon, like some had called
      him. Maybe he was meant to be a messenger of evil.
      "Oh, why must I torture myself with these thoughts?" he
      He teleported down to the ground and just stood there for a
      second. Then, he fell to his knees, screaming out into the darkness
      around him.
      "Return to me, my Salvation. My soul cries for deliverence.
      Am I too lost to be saved. Will I be deinied?"
      He sat there, on his knees for a minute, terars falling from
      his eyes like rain. Then, he thought of the one person who could make
      him feel better, his beautiful Storm. One smile from her and his
      heart sang, one word and he melted. She had walked into his church in
      Boston one day, looking for him, and since that day, his life had
      never been the same. Maybe God still cared about, if he sent an angel
      like her into his life.
      He needed her so badly, but he had tried to avoid getting
      close to her. He could hardly restrain himself when she was around,
      and he truly didn't want to sin again. He desided that he really her
      strength and kindness right now, so he teleported two miles at a time
      until he reached the Institute.
      Once he got there, he teleported into the hallway outside her
      bedroom and hesitated for a moment. Then, he knocked on the door. A
      few seconds later, the door opened and she smiled at him.
      "Hello, Kurt. Do you want to come in?" she asked him. She
      could tell that he was upset and really wanted to help him.
      "Uh....ja....but not for long," he stuttered out as he looked
      at her. She was wearing a black silk night gown, that stopped just
      before her ankles. It had lace cut out through the chest, under her
      breasts and in between them, so that just a tiny bit of her skin was
      visible. Her long silver hair was flowing down her shoulders. "God,
      give me strength," he thought to himslef, as he walked into her
      "I hope I am not disturbing you. I can leave if you wish," he
      told her. He hoped that she would talk to him. He didn't know who
      else to go to.
      "Not at all," she replied with a warm smile. She walked over
      to the bed and sat down. "Do you want to sit down?" she asked him,
      motioning towards a spot next to her.
      Both reluctantly and eagerly, he walked over and sat down
      close to her. Now he could smell the sweet perfume on her and had a
      good view of her body in that gown.
      "What's wrong Kurt?" she asked him. She had always been
      straight-forward and if it concerned someone she cared about, then
      she had to know if she could help.
      "Ah, so many things. So many thoughts.... I can't stop
      thinking about that day in the White House," he confided in her. He
      trusted her and knew that she would only help him. He needed her kind
      words of encouragement right now.
      She rested her palm against his cheek and put her other hand
      on top of his. "Kurt, you are the most spiritual man I have ever
      known, with the deepest soul, and the kindest heart. You would never
      hurt anyone. I know that and I believe it. It wasn't your fault. I
      know that, you know that, and God knows that," she told him. She
      honestly meant every word of and hoped that he believed her.
      He looked up at her, in her eyes, and just held the gaze for
      a minute. For a moment, he wanted so badly to kiss her, and it was
      taking everything he had not to. "You are an angel and I thank God
      every day for bringing you into my life," he told her. He realized
      after he told her, that she probably knew how he felt about her now,
      and he looked down at the floor.
      "And I thank God everyday for letting me find you," she told
      him. She lifted his chin up and just looked at him. She wanted him,
      but she didn't want to push him into anything that he didn't want or
      wasn't ready for.
      He looked at her and then he knew that he couldn't stop
      himslef anymore. All of a sudden, he grabbed her face in his hands
      and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the
      kiss. They both stopped and just looked at each other for a minute.
      "Ororo...." he started to say, but then she cut him off by
      placing a finger over his mouth. Then, she covered his mouth with
      her's and they went into a frenzy of passion, with hot kisses and
      hands frantically trying to pull off clothes. When the clothes were
      off, they fell back on the bed, still kissing.
      * *
      The next morning when Storm awoke, she reached for Kurt, but
      he was gone. In the place where he slept, she found a single rose.
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