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  • x_chick03
    Ships: Kurt/Ororo Genre: Romance Rating: PG-13 Longing The night clung to him like a second skin. He loved the darkness, he was able to hide from everything.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2003
      Ships: Kurt/Ororo
      Genre: Romance
      Rating: PG-13

      The night clung to him like a second skin. He loved the darkness,
      he was able to hide from everything. He could stay high above the
      street and look at all the people walking by; lovers holding hands,
      mother and child, teenagers out with their friends. These were all
      things that he could never experience. You see, he was not a normal
      person. He was Kurt Wagner, also known as Nightcrawler. He was a
      mutant, and not just any mutant, his mutation had started at birth
      bearing physical mutations as well. Along with the power to teleport,
      he had blue skin, burning yellow eyes, only 3 fingers and toes,
      pointed ears, and a long prehensile tail with a point on the end. So,
      you can imagine how most people would react to seeing him. And
      because of this, he was never able to lead a normal life. He had
      never known love or even his real parents. The most he knew was that
      he was born in Germany and lived there most of his life. He was
      adopted by a sweet couple who never treated him like he was
      different, and when he was a bit older, he joined the circus
      performing acrobatics. The circus was the one place where he was
      praised for his power. The crowd loved him and cheered with every
      stunt he pulled. But he left the circus to come to America, a place
      he'd only heard about.
      Here he made some incredible new friends, X-Men, and lived with
      them at Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters. It was a place for
      mutant children to learn how to control their powers and to use them
      responsibly. He liked it here, everyone was kind to him and nobody
      recoiled at his appearance. Things were a bit rough here now, after
      eveything that had happened within the past few months. The X-Men had
      lost one of their own in a battle to save themselves and humanity
      from a crazed scientist who had years before done experiments on
      another of the X-Men. Jean Grey had given her life to save her
      friends, Kurt included, and nobody had gotten over it yet. She was a
      lovely woman, a doctor actually, and loved by everyone here. The
      Professor's prized pupil, Storm's best friend, and the love of two
      men: Scott and Logan. Scott had not taken it very well, he still
      barely spoke to anyone at the institute, and Logan skipped town for a
      while. The Professor seemed like he was holding back something,
      though Kurt could not figure out what. Then there was Storm, a
      goddess of the winds and rain, she remained strong and unmoved,
      although Kurt knew she was hurting inside. Secretly, he really
      admired Storm, she was the most beautiful of God's creations, pure
      and true, as strong as the winds she conjured up. He often thought of
      being with her, but he knew that would bea sin and he very seriously
      doubted that she could ever have feelings for him. Kurt had committed
      enough sins in his time, and he didn't want to include any sins of
      the flesh. He had never known the feel of a woman's skin or the
      passion of her kiss, but he longed for these things when he thought
      of Storm.
      Just as he thought of her, he noticed her sitting by the lake.
      "She looks like an angel sitting there. Surely being loved by her
      could not be a sin." he thought to himself. "I must see what she is
      doing." With that last thought, he teleported to a nearby tree and
      hid in the shadows watching her. "She looks sad. I wonder what could
      be wrong. Surely someone so beautiful has no reason to be so sad." he
      He wanted so desperately to talk to her, but he knew that he
      shouldn't. But, as he crouchd there watching her, he wanted to hold
      her and kiss her. His heart sang for her and he knew that he must at
      least talk to her. As her friend, he owed her that much.
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