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FIC: Old Friend, 4/13, Charles/Erik, NC-17, post X2

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  • Henrika
    Chapter 4 Mystique had left Charles a tray with food, plus some books and magazines to read. She had also emptied his bedpan and washed it for him. Charles
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      Chapter 4

      Mystique had left Charles a tray with food, plus some books and
      magazines to read. She had also emptied his bedpan and washed it for
      him. Charles hated not being able to relieve himself on his own. It
      made him feel so powerless, which he disliked strongly.

      He politely thanked her for her help, but Mystique didn't say
      It was clear that she didn't like doing it; probably she just did
      because she had promised Erik. She was a very reticent woman.
      Charles couldn't help wondering if she was like that when she
      with Erik – and others – and the thought made his blood

      Erik returned around 9:00 PM. He went straight to his bedroom to
      check on Charles. The telepath – or ex telepath was maybe a
      word – lay sideways in the bed, seemingly still. Perhaps he was
      asleep. Erik noticed the food tray and the pile of magazines on the
      bedside table, and realized Mystique must have checked on him, like
      she promised. He could always trust her.

      Should he wake Charles up? Yes. He had been sleeping far too much
      lately, and besides they needed to talk. He bent down and gently
      shook the other man's bare shoulder. He was mindful that Charles
      still hurting, and couldn't take any rough treatment.

      Charles slowly opened his eyes. He turned his head to see who had
      woken him up, and hoped it wasn't Mystique.

      But it was Erik. When Charles saw his old friend he suddenly felt
      much happier, and that made it easier to wake up.

      "You can sleep later," Erik said. "Now I want you

      "Hmmm…" Charles murmured sleepily and twitched his eyes.
      "What time
      is it…?"

      "Nine," Erik announced. "Not quite bedtime yet. Come on
      now. I have
      bought you something."

      Charles raised his head and noticed that Erik had actually brought a
      bag inside. Curiosity took over and he suddenly felt much more
      alert. "What have you bought, Erik?" he asked smiling, and
      into a sitting position.

      Erik smiled secretively and handed the bag to Charles. "Look and
      you'll see."

      Charles expectantly pulled out the object the bag contained and
      started laughing when he saw what Erik had bought him. It was a T-
      shirt with the text: "BRAINSTORMING – CAN LEAVE YOUR HEAD IN
      WHIRL" and under that a joke image of a man whose head spun like

      Erik laughed too. "Do you like it?" he asked. "I saw it
      in a shop
      window and thought of you."

      "That was very sweet of you, Erik," Charles replied. "It
      is great.
      Thank you."

      He carefully studied the garment for another moment and then let it
      sink to his lap.

      "Has Raven checked on you?" Erik asked.

      "Yes, she was here a few hours ago."

      "Good. Have you slept much?"

      "A whole lot. But my chest hurts, especially when I breathe."

      "You have a broken rib," Erik explained. "I would need to
      you and check on your injuries. Can I do it now?" he asked.

      Erik started to pull the cover away from Charles' body to have a
      look at him, but his old friend held it back and looked slightly

      "Charles…" Erik said pleadingly. "I have seen you naked.
      Now come

      "I suppose you have. Quite a few times, I might add…"
      Charles sighed
      and allowed Erik to expose his body. He had looked at his own
      injuries during the day, and had to admit they looked quite nasty.
      And he did feel a little modest when Erik pulled the cover away to
      look at him, despite that – or maybe because – Erik was an ex

      Erik regarded his friend's body carefully. Some of his bruises
      started to fade, and the cigarette burn marks also looked better.
      Erik didn't know if Charles himself knew he'd been tortured
      that, but he didn't hope so.

      He removed the bandage around Charles' head to look at the wound
      his temple. The swelling was still there, of course, but the wound
      itself looked a lot better.

      "Is your head hurting?" Erik asked.

      "There's a dull ache every now and then, but nothing
      replied Charles.

      "That is good. I'm quite sure you sustained a concussion, but
      apparently it was mild. It just seems to have affected your

      Charles sighed sadly. "Just…" he murmured. "The words
      and "telepathy" don't go together…"

      Erik cupped his hands around his friend's head. "Yes,
      Charles, they
      do. You could have lain here brain-dead. You should be happy. You
      were lucky."

      "I have been a telepath all my life. It is no easy

      "I know that it isn't, but at least you're alive. Be
      happy for that.
      I remember when you lost your legs. At first it seemed like you
      wouldn't function without them, but you did."

      "I still have my legs. They just don't work," Charles

      "Exactly. You're healing quickly otherwise," Erik said
      and placed
      his hand on Charles' unfeeling thigh. "I wouldn't

      Charles noticed – in spite of being unable to feel it – the
      gesture. A couple of inches more, and Erik would brush his sex. He
      wondered if Erik was doing it on purpose, or if it appeared natural
      to him. Charles squirmed, starting to feel awkward. Despite his
      handicap, he still had the same needs as everyone else, and Erik
      *was* an ex lover; someone he had once desired very much.

      "Is there anything more you wish?" Erik asked after a while.

      "Yes, actually… Do you think I might take a bath?"
      wondered. "I'm feeling very… dirty."

      Erik grinned, and Charles hoped that his choice of words had not
      been misinterpreted.

      "Yes, of course, I understand you," Erik said and passed his
      over Charles' thigh, almost like a caress. "I'll help
      you. Wait

      He left the bed and entered the adjacent bathroom to prepare Charles
      a bath. He ran water into his large bathtub, and waited till it was
      almost full. The water was hot, but not too hot – just like
      preferred it. Erik knew a whole lot of his old friend's

      When the bath was done Erik went back inside to bring Charles. The
      telepath was still in the same position as before, although he had
      considered pulling up the sheets to cover himself up. He wasn't
      to feeling exposed, and didn't really like the feeling. But since
      was going into the tub now, it didn't matter.

      "Let's go in now," Erik said and bent down to pick
      Charles up. "Put
      your arms around my neck."

      Charles did what he was told and wound his arms around Erik's
      Erik lifted him up slowly and gently, knowing that Charles' body
      sore and couldn't stand hasty movements. He carried his old
      into his large, luxurious bathroom and carefully lowered him into
      the hot water.

      Charles sighed in pleasure when the water engulfed his body. He
      leaned his head back against the wall and slowly relaxed. He was
      glad that Erik remembered how he wanted his baths, and thought that
      his old friend maybe still cared for him, after all.

      After closing his eyes he suddenly felt a soft, damp sponge on his
      skin, and discovered that Erik was washing him.

      "Erik…" Charles objected weakly. "I can do that myself,
      you don't
      have to…"

      Erik silenced him by placing his finger over his lips.

      "But I *like* doing it," he said. "And I'm sure you
      do too."

      Charles did, although he couldn't help feeling a little awkward
      well. Erik often used to give him sponge-baths when they were young,
      and remembered exactly what Charles liked, but they weren't
      anymore, and Charles had gotten used to cleaning himself.

      His arms, shoulders and chest went well, even if Erik made sure to
      rub his nipples on purpose, but when Erik's hand disappeared
      the water, to wash his belly and lower, it started to feel
      uncomfortable. Charles thought whether he should let Erik do this;
      it felt good, sure, but Charles wanted to avoid getting an erection
      in the tub. He couldn't help laughing when Erik pulled the sponge
      over his crotch.

      "If I weren't feeling so lousy, I might even get excited!"

      Erik leaned out until their faces were only centimetres apart. "I
      wouldn't mind it," he replied. "I like touching you,
      Charles. I like
      your body. I always have. You're very sexy, do you know that?"

      Charles laughed again. Sexy? He really didn't think of himself in
      those terms, and no one at the school probably did either. Of course
      it surprised him, but it pleased him too, to know that Erik still

      "In fact I'd love to join you…"

      "Do it," Charles suggested spontaneously.

      "I'm sorry, I can't. I mustn't wet my hair this late.
      But I'll be
      happy to give you this sponge-bath. Shall I continue?"

      Charles nodded. "Do so."

      Erik continued to rub Charles' skin with the sponge – slowly
      blissfully, until the movements became caresses. Erik smiled at
      Charles' reaction when he pulled it over his sex, and wondered
      had caused Charles to become so modest. Years in celibacy, perhaps?
      That was one probable cause.

      But suddenly Charles twitched and recoiled from the touch with a
      pained expression. Erik knew immediately. He had probably brushed a
      wound or a bruise.

      "I'm sorry," he said at once and pulled his hand back.

      "No, it's alright," Charles sighed with a forced smile.
      couldn't know. Don't worry."

      "Did it hurt much?"

      "No, it just burned a little."

      "Charles…" Erik began and placed his hand on Charles'

      The telepath's eyes met Erik's.

      "Do you know who did this to you?" he asked seriously. He had
      asked that before, but it was time now. "Answer me, Charles. Do

      "No," Charles replied. "I don't know. They really
      surprised me.
      There was no time to see… I don't know, Erik. I don't
      even know how
      many they were."

      "How did it happen?"

      "I was on my way home from a mutant/human co-existence lecture at
      Washington," Charles began. When I was headed to my car in my
      wheelchair, someone struck my head from behind, and after that I
      don't remember anything, for which I'm happy. I know that
      people hate me, but…"

      "Were you there alone?" Erik exclaimed angrily.

      Charles winked in surprise. "Yes."

      "Why was none of your "X-men" with you? Cyclops? Storm?
      Even Logan!
      How could they let you go by yourself?"

      "I used to be able to handle myself," Charles replied
      indignantly. "I didn't know I was going to be attacked…
      Who does?"

      "I still think it was irresponsible to let you travel alone,"
      claimed. "Charles… you nearly died. Have you thought about

      "It's a little difficult not to."

      Erik reached out his hand and gently stroked Charles' cheek with

      "If you knew who it was, you would tell me, wouldn't
      you?" he asked.

      "Yes, of course," replied Charles. "Why?"

      "I just wanted to be sure. So, do you think you're done

      "I think I am," Charles said with a little smile.

      Deep inside, he was a little disappointed in Erik for not joining
      him in the tub. It wouldn't be wrong to see Erik naked again, he
      thought. He hadn't done that for over 20 years.

      Erik tucked up his sleeves, but he still got water on his clothes
      when he lifted Charles up from the bathtub and wrapped his body into
      a large, soft yellow towel. He placed his friend on a bench and
      carefully started drying him off. Charles's skin was beautiful
      it wasn't full of bruises and burn marks.

      Charles liked the tenderness Erik was showing him, but he didn't
      like to feel as helpless as he did now. Normally, he could do all
      these things by himself, despite his physical handicap. At home he
      had a bathroom designed for disabled persons, and could do most of
      the work with his upper body. And then he had his wheelchair. He
      didn't know where it was now. Probably his attacker had smashed
      or something.

      Erik gently rubbed him with the towel. His abused body hurt, but it
      was a nice feeling as well. No one had touched him intimately for
      decades, and he had to admit he liked it.

      "Would you like to return to the bed?" Erik asked when he was

      "Yes please."

      "Feeling clean now?"

      Charles smiled. "Yes, very. It was a pleasurable experience."

      "That's good. I won't leave you now, because I'm soon
      turning in as

      Will Erik sleep here with me? Charles thought, surprised. He
      known that Erik had taken him to his own personal bedroom, but that
      was obviously the case. The room was very Spartan, and nothing like
      Erik's style, as Charles knew it, and therefore he had presumed
      was a guest room.

      Erik removed the towel and lifted Charles into his arms again to
      take him back into the bedroom.

      Charles didn't like the idea of Erik carrying him. He knew he was
      too heavy for Erik's slender frame, and would give Erik a bad
      eventually. But right now there seemed to be no choice, so he
      tolerated it.

      "Is this your room?" he asked when Erik put him down on the

      Erik nodded. "Why? Did you think I'd leave you here all

      Charles shrugged. "It just doesn't seem like…you."

      "I don't know how long we're going to stay here,"
      explained. "It seemed unnecessary trying to create a personal
      atmosphere. But this is my bedroom, and right now you are in my

      So that means Erik will be sleeping next to me, Charles thought. It
      was a comforting thought to sleep next to someone after something
      like this, but sleeping next to Erik would make it seem like they
      were a couple again – which they weren't, of course.

      Erik laughed at Charles' hesitant face. "I have slept next to
      since I brought you here, three days ago. You just haven't known,
      since you have been unconscious."

      Charles smiled. "It actually feels good not having to be
      alone," he
      admitted. "That would be awful after something like this."

      "I know," Erik replied and took Charles' hand in his own.
      remember when we were young, and I used to have my frequent
      nightmares about Auschwitz. You were always there when I woke up
      screaming, and I'm grateful for that."

      "Want to sleep now?" Charles asked.

      Erik glanced at his wall clock and saw that it was 10:30 PM.
      he said. "Let's sleep now. It's been a long day."

      Erik went into the bathroom again to brush his teeth and let the
      water out of the bathtub. In the meantime Charles tried to get
      settled and pulled his paralysed legs into the bed. His abdomen with
      the broken rib hurt, but once he had settled, he pain faded. Erik
      had a comfy bed and he really liked being in it. And soon Erik would
      be lying next to him…

      When Erik returned from the bathroom and saw Charles, he first
      believed his friend was already asleep. But he wasn't. Charles
      opened his eyes when he heard steps in the room, and watched just in
      time to see Erik strip naked.

      He wasn't sure what to say. Would Erik be sleeping naked? Next to
      him? Charles was painfully aware of his own nakedness, and touching
      would be inevitable.

      "Charles…" Erik admonished when he saw the telepath's
      look. "I have always slept naked, I do it now, and I always will.
      You should know that, so don't give me that look, please."

      He crawled into the bed beside Charles, and pulled the quilt over
      them both. Erik was really tired and wouldn't have any trouble
      falling asleep tonight, unless Charles would be one, of course.

      "Charles, my friend, look at me," Erik said pleadingly, and
      obeyed, although his facial expression revealed that he was feeling

      "I won't rape you, if you're worried about that. And this
      isn't the
      first time we're lying naked in a bed together. You should be
      at peace with the thought."

      "I know…" Charles sighed. "But I've been sleeping
      alone for so long
      now… It just feels a bit strange to sleep with you again. After
      we've been through…"

      In a way Charles was pleased. What he was hoping for in the
      bathroom – seeing Erik naked – had come true anyway. Erik
      much like he did last time they were sharing a bed; one difference
      was his grey pubic hair and looser skin. Otherwise he was the same.

      "I would love to hold you," Erik said. "Just hold you
      – nothing

      "I… I would like that," Charles replied after a while.

      Erik moved closer to him, and spooned against his back from behind.
      Closer contact than this was impossible, and although the embrace
      wasn't sexual, it was incredibly intimate. Erik carefully wrapped
      his arm around Charles' waist and placed his hand on his belly.

      It was a very good feeling. Charles gradually relaxed and started
      breathing in rhythm with Erik. He suddenly realized how much he had
      missed this; Erik and their intimate relation. He had his students,
      who he loved very much, but it wasn't the same. Only Erik was his

      Suddenly Erik's hand slid lower, and closed around his soft sex.

      "What are you doing…?" the half-sleeping telepath

      "I'm sorry… Erik whispered in his ear. "I don't
      know what came into
      me. I'm sorry."

      He moved his hand back up and rested it against Charles' flat
      The idea of stroking him was tempting, but this was enough for now.
      Soon they were both soundly asleep.
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