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Next Of Kin [Magneto/Xavier]

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  • Andraste
    Disclaimer: Not mine. Marvel s and Fox s. Making no money here. Rating: G Pairing: Magneto/Xavier. Next Of Kin By Andraste It was the smell that always made
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2003
      Disclaimer: Not mine. Marvel's and Fox's. Making no money here.

      Rating: G

      Pairing: Magneto/Xavier.

      Next Of Kin

      By Andraste

      It was the smell that always made his heart beat faster, not to mention his
      extra senses signalling the sharp instruments that surrounded him on all

      Erik pushed the instinct away. This was an American hospital. It would not
      hurt him. Could not, even if it wanted to. Nobody was going to dissect him

      "I'm sorry, Mr. Lensherr, but he's still in intensive care. Only close
      relatives may visit."

      Not dead. Unless that was something they only told 'close relatives'.

      But Erik would have known if he were dead. That was how the mindlink worked.
      Unless it wasn't, and how much reliable data could they gather with only a
      single pair of subjects?

      "I am his ..."

      Lover? *Boyfriend*?

      They'd only shared a bed for more than two decades. Nothing that counted.

      "I must see him."

      "I'm sorry, sir, but it's a hospital regulation." The girl - was it a sign
      you were getting old when nurses began to look like children? - projected
      false concern with an undertone of puzzlement. She obviously had no grasp of
      subtext. Humans, especially American humans, could be so stupid.

      He didn't know how to do this. Not when he was tired, frightened, angry, and
      the only sound inside his head was silence. If Charles were here he would
      have found the right words to talk her around, even without telepathy ...
      Charles *was* here. Magnetic resonance let him 'see' through floors and
      walls, but it was too crowded and confused. Full of interference, too many
      signals to hide the familiar pattern. But Charles was here.

      Lying in a bed, hooked up to machines, drugged until even the soft hum of
      the link that remained when he slept was deadened. He might never wake up.
      If what Erik had been told about the accident was accurate, he was lucky to
      be alive.

      Erik couldn't stop it, couldn't fix it, couldn't see him, couldn't ...

      "Does he have any family we should contact?"

      That was all Erik could stand. He felt every curve and edge of metal within
      close range begin to bend to his will automatically, felt the monitors and
      devices blur and buzz ... and pulled back.

      He would not kill by accident.

      "None whatsoever, it would seem. Now if you'll excuse me I shall return at a
      later time."

      If they failed to save him, Erik would rip the place to pieces on general
      principles. Of course, that would upset Charles. Who would be in no position
      to argue or admonish.

      He could go and call Moira. Who didn't qualify either. He didn't even know
      where Cain was, not that he would help or that Charles would want Cain's
      help ...

      Erik sat in the car outside the hospital, eyes prickling, mentally testing
      the weight of every metallic object within a one mile radius. If Charles
      died - then there would be things he could do.

      They would find out that he was not as powerless as he seemed.

      The End


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