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Fic: Feral Bonding

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  • "Sunshine"
    Title: Feral Bonding Rating: PG for language Setting: a fill-in chapter in my long series centered on Wolverine and my original character, Panther Feedback:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 12, 2003
      Title: Feral Bonding

      Rating: PG for language

      Setting: a fill-in chapter in my long series centered on Wolverine
      and my original character, Panther

      Feedback: absolutely

      Archiving: please with my permission - I would like to know where
      it's being saved.

      Disclaimer: I don't claim to own any of the X Men however the
      creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine and use of this character is

      Jean looked out the window of the Professor's office. It was the eve
      of the end of the first week Danielle had spent at the school. She
      was outside enjoying her afternoon walk in the courtyard and was
      promptly joined by Logan.

      "Logan is spending a great deal of time with our new resident,"
      Charles stated.

      "Yes," Jean replied blankly before returning her attention to the
      couple outside.

      The courtyard was filled with activity. There were several of the
      younger residents playing Frisbee and others grouped together in
      chat. Danielle and Logan walked together in silence and keeping just
      enough distance in respect of each other's personal space. Yet, it
      seemed more likely that they were in some way afraid of being close.

      "Somethin' on yer mind?" Logan asked.

      "Nothin' I can't handle myself," Danielle replied. She was thinking
      about the threats her ex-boyfriend made when Logan rescued her.

      "Hum…" he growled.

      She walked a little ahead of him, stretching and soaking in the
      warmth of the late afternoon sun. A light breeze whipped around
      them. Logan raised an eyebrow as he watched her black skirt rise up
      as the wind caught it. He took note of her incredible figure – so
      feminine and yet so strong. His eyes ran up the black tights to her
      round and firm backside and he smiled slyly. He continued his
      journey of her letting his eyes follow the line of her back, up over
      her shoulders and then to the mane of long wavy dark brown hair with
      golden highlights.

      She glanced over her shoulder, as the sunlight cast a golden glow in
      her chocolate brown eyes. Her feral instincts were informing her
      that she was being scrutinized. He could see the animal in her as he
      noted how her eyes took on a feline look – a light golden hue began
      to shine in them.

      "See somethin' ya like?" she snidely asked. Logan didn't respond but
      the half smile that curled up on his lips was enough of an answer for
      her. Logan rarely smiled, so when he did, it usually meant he was
      deeply affected.

      "Logan is fascinated with her," Charles said.

      "Of course, he would be. He's got new prey to chase," Jean said

      Charles instantly picked up on the hint of jealousy in Jean's voice
      and her quick remark opened her mind to him.

      "Well, I think there's more to it than just having a new adult female
      on campus. He's responding to her in ways I think even he is unaware
      of. I think he likes how she mirrors him in so many ways. He is
      very curious," Charles said.

      Xavier's telepathic abilities searched Logan's mind. He found
      thoughts of curiosity and typical male interest. She was a woman who
      shared his same gifts and primal tendencies. Yet, for some odd
      reason, curiosity and interest were mixed in with feelings of fear.
      Charles wondered why Logan would be afraid when he always seemed to
      have a way with women and right now was obviously demonstrating a
      certain interest in Danielle.

      He began to sift through the jumbled thoughts and heard Jean's voice –
      girls flirt with the dangerous guy, then they marry the good guy.
      Logan was clinging to the words that had been said – those words of
      rejection. It didn't matter that he was strong, handsome, and in his
      eyes, capable of being the good guy – he had been rejected –
      something Logan had trouble handling. Emotions were things he had no
      ability to rapidly heal. All he could do was bury them deep down

      "What are you picking up with Danielle?" Charles asked Jean while
      still focusing on Logan.

      "I don't think you want to know what she's thinking. I can understand
      his curiosity. He has someone here who is so much like him - from
      the feral personality to the mutant healing ability. He has someone
      whom he can really connect with," Jean replied.

      Charles snickered softly. There was no question Danielle found Logan
      attractive, yet even for her, there was an underlying fear. Logan
      was indeed curious but his instincts kept him distant.

      "Their behaviors are most intriguing," Charles said.

      "Yes, I have been taking some detailed notes, especially after that
      little scene in the dining hall. They periodically engage in those
      growling matches and somehow I wonder if it has to do with
      territoriality, although I have never seen such posturing between
      those of the opposite sex. I can't even pin the behaviors down as
      being of a sexual nature, either. They are of restrained viciousness
      mixed with playfulness, from what I can sense. I would understand if
      the contests were between Scott and Logan, as they still hate each
      other," Jean said.

      Danielle stood by the Koi pond and realized it was getting a little
      chilly as the sun was setting. Wrapping her arms around herself, she
      held fast not to think of the chill that was running through her
      body. Logan sensed her discomfort and quickly shed his leather
      jacket without her seeing what he was doing. He gently laid the
      jacket across her shoulders and she accepted the gift. His hands
      rubbed her shoulders trying to bring some extra warmth to her and he
      felt her tense up and a low rumble of a growl sounded from deep
      inside her. Logan quickly backed off.

      "Maybe you can describe these outbursts in a detailed study," Charles

      "Looks like we have ring side seats," Jean said.

      Danielle pulled her arms through the jacket sleeves and turned to
      him. She didn't make it terribly well known, but her senses were
      surrounded with stimulations. Her primal drives were sparked by the
      intimate closeness of Logan's jacket – worn in some places, having
      seen a lot of miles of travel, and it smelled so strongly of him. To
      her, it had an intoxicating scent of pure male strength that wafted
      from the leather and filled her nostrils.

      She was stirred with his closeness as well. Logan listened to her
      growl and responded with a growl deep in his throat. Jean opened the
      window to listen in, as she and the professor continued to observe
      the interactions of the two feral mutants.

      Danielle, for the first time since arriving to the school, looked
      Logan over thoroughly. She observed the look of physical
      superiority – a body of strong build with a hidden enhanced skeleton
      of metal and weapons encased inside his arms. His looks were very
      male and rugged with strong features, brown hair and sweeping
      sideburns. He was a man of unknown age, unmeasured strength, and had
      engaged in a lot of military action.

      Logan was a warrior – a brave soldier whose newfound mission was to
      protect his adopted family. Yet, his light brown eyes revealed a
      hidden pain – a pain of having had been constantly on the run, of not
      knowing his true self, and having only the nightmares to provide some
      flashbacks to a past he may never know. As much as he was determined
      to start fresh, as he declared during the Alkali Lake mission, he
      still longed to feel complete. And, he wore his jeans way too tight.

      She cocked her head in silent acceptance of everything he is. But,
      even though he was superior she felt an urge to prove herself against

      "Logan is a killing machine – a perfect predator - and it is like she
      is challenging him," Jean noted.

      Danielle moved towards him – her hand reaching out and grasping his
      side. He jumped nearly a mile high since it was one of his ticklish
      spots and he was quick to guard it. Danielle looked at him slyly
      sensing his defensiveness and she reached for his side again. Logan
      backed away with a smile cutting across his face.

      "You ain't gonna do that, now are ya?" he asked.

      "Do what? Tickle the hell outta ya? Naw, not me," she snickered
      while increasing the speed of her pace to catch up to him as he
      continued to back away.

      Logan quickly turned and broke into a fast run. Danielle sprinted
      after him in pursuit and caught him. Charles thought Logan let her –
      his longer strides would have easily kept him ahead of Danielle.
      Danielle tickled him furiously and Logan laughed deeply and almost to
      the point of tears. He pleaded for mercy as he defenselessly dropped
      to the ground on his back. She pinned him down and looked deep into
      his eyes as he caught his breath.

      "Ya know, Rogue is right when she says you need to smile more. Ya
      got a cute smile," she said.

      Logan hated to admit it felt good to smile. It was something he
      rarely did. He was too used to being angry and hateful of the world –
      a world that hated and feared him because he was different and even
      more so that he was a living killing machine. He withdrew into
      himself not understanding her willingness to be such a friend to
      him. Logan had sensed her compassion that first time they met in

      "Logan's retreating. I sense such fear," Charles stated.

      "Maybe he senses something we aren't picking up on with all that
      Danielle is doing," Jean said.

      "I would have thought there would have been more aggression with the
      way Danielle was displaying. What do you make of the playfulness?"
      Charles asked Jean.

      Jean cocked her head curiously.

      "Danielle seems to be taunting him. This playfulness is almost to
      test to see just how strong he is," Jean replied.

      "Give up?" Danielle asked Logan.

      "I ain't done with you yet," Logan replied snidely.

      "Give it yer best shot," she replied before getting up.

      He sprang to his feet and before she could respond, he had her tied
      up in his arms. Logan growled as she tried to fight for her
      freedom. As she slipped out of his tight grip, she quickly turned
      around and prepared to defend herself. Logan's knowledge of martial
      arts didn't help him – she was a good opponent, although she was not
      as polished as he was. They pushed and shoved each other in attempts
      to intimidate the other.

      Some of the children gathered around as the rivals began to square
      off. They were curious as to all the aggression but fearful of the
      seriousness of the attacks that were ensuing. Danielle wailed loudly
      with her voice filled with primal rage, and she charged at Logan.
      Her kicks and punches landed with accuracy and were loaded with
      pain. Logan retaliated with equally dangerous strikes, but he
      controlled the urge to let his claws spring forth.

      "This is truly amazing," Charles said. Just then, Scott entered.

      "This shit has got to stop. What kind of example are they setting
      for those kids?" Scott said snidely.

      "I think this is interesting. After what we saw in the dining hall,
      I can't wait to talk with them and discuss what triggered this.
      Besides, I will explain it all to the kids in class tomorrow," Jean

      "We believe it is some kind of test, quite like what we saw in the
      dining hall the other morning," Charles said.

      "I have read of some animal species engaging in these tests of
      strength – but it usually is between two males fighting over
      territory or a mate," Jean said.

      "Why would they need to fight with each other? If Logan and Danielle
      wanted – you know, to get close – then this doesn't make sense,"
      Scott added.

      "We might be seeing some very new behaviors developing in the
      evolution of this particular line of mutation. Jean, I do hope you
      are taking accurate notes," Charles commented.

      Danielle ran off into the woods. Logan followed her – slinking into
      the dense growth of maple trees and underbrush. Danielle had made it
      a point to travel downwind of Logan making it difficult for him to
      pick up her scent. He sniffed the air then crouched down close to
      the ground looking for tracks.

      The Wolverine was now loose – the predator was hunting his prey. His
      fine-tuned ears listened for even the slightest crack of a twig under
      foot or the brush of a tree branch against his leather jacket she was
      now wearing. Dusk made for better cover as well and Logan knew she
      was pulling out all the stops to make catching her very difficult.

      Logan climbed one of the larger rock outcroppings giving him a
      vantage point to scan the area. His light brown eyes saw nothing.
      His ears picked up nothing and there was no scent in the air that
      might lead him to her. The hunter now felt hunted. A primal fear
      began to build up from deep down in his gut. The animal wanted to
      run – to escape the threat he now felt.

      He jokingly called out to her.

      "OK, Danielle. You win this round," he said.

      There was no reply. He headed back out into the courtyard and there
      she was standing with her arms crossed in front of her.

      "Where ya been?" she joked.

      The kids snickered around her as Logan stood several feet in front of
      her. He growled loudly and she responded with an equally threatening

      He rushed after her – the fury of the Wolverine was in control again
      leaving behind Logan the man. The scent of restrained desire filled
      the air between both the predator and the prey. But, who exactly had
      which role was undisclosed.

      Logan smartly swept her feet out from under her, but she quickly
      recovered. He lunged for her and she bolted in the opposite
      direction. His hand grasped her shoulder and they tumbled to the
      ground. Logan pinned her down under the weight of his body and held
      her wrists together over her head. Danielle tried to hide the
      delight she was experiencing in feeling him on her – the warmth and
      hardness of his body thrilled her to the core.

      She struggled again getting free and both rose to their feet.
      Danielle didn't get far when he grabbed her around her midsection
      bringing her to a quick stop. Logan held her tight bracing her body
      firmly against his. She stopped struggling for a moment and inhaled
      deeply the scent that was all Logan's.

      But, she was not about to make things easy. She tilted her head back
      and took his chin between her teeth threateningly holding on with
      just enough pressure to demonstrate her lack of fear of him. He
      found the nip rather arousing, and she quickly picked up his change
      in scent.

      Logan felt her squirm again but never relinquished his hold on her,
      and they sank to the ground. His primal urges were becoming
      stronger – the hunter had caught his prey. He sat with her still
      held tight in his arms. Logan felt her taut body against him. She
      was coiled up ready to spring if he even let up on his grip just a
      little bit. He felt her warmth and listened to the soft growl she
      emitted. Logan let up on his hold just enough to allow one hand to
      gently stroke her arm wanting her to relax. What he could do now
      shook him to think of the audience before him.

      Danielle felt his heat and could hear the rushing sounds of his blood
      racing through his veins – veins pumping with increased volumes of
      adrenaline and testosterone.

      Feeling him loosen his grip was just what she needed. She used her
      shorter stature against him and weaseled her body around until she
      was able to face his throat. Her unusually sharp canines grasped his
      windpipe firmly but gently. He knew she had the instinct to kill,
      but this action was not one with deadly intention. It was something
      very different. Her bite was almost like a loving caress, and he
      reveled the feel of her teeth on him and the warmth of her breath as
      it breezed on his skin. His body relaxed with her unusual type of
      attention, and she knew he was becoming too aroused.

      Danielle held him for several minutes but realized he was not
      releasing his steel grip, and she enjoyed how he responded to her
      aggressions. Yet, both of them realized where this all could lead,
      and that there were a dozen children watching them. Logan let go of
      her slowly. She studied his light brown eyes looking into the depths
      of a lonely soul.

      He wanted so badly to kiss her and as he began to lean towards her,
      Logan noticed Jean and the Professor in the window observing them.
      He backed off to the disappointment of the children and quickly got
      up to offer Danielle a hand. Danielle felt him retreating and
      decided she might have been misinterpreting his actions, especially
      after noticing Jean watching.

      "Yer one hell of a fighter. Ya take advantage of every opportunity,"
      he said running his fingers through his hair and trying to shake off
      the arousal that had begun to overcome his body and mind.

      "A girl's gotta protect herself," she replied in a matter of fact

      She shook off the grass from her skirt before realizing Logan was
      standing before her. Danielle looked up into his eyes again. He
      looked back with equal intensity before allowing his hand to sweep
      aside the long lock of hair that fell over her eye.

      "Yer a little rough around the edges, but I bet I could show ya a few
      ways to clean up yer moves," he said.

      He walked behind her taking her arms and showing her a few

      "Try keepin' yer center of gravity like this," he demonstrated.

      He was Weapon X – the perfect killer – a man with an animal heart and
      primal rages that made him the best soldier any army could have in
      their possession. His body had been altered – his skeleton inhumanly
      strong, his arms sheathed the sharpest blades known to mankind, and
      he had unlimited regenerative abilities – all this making him nearly
      indestructible. She was trying hard not to get overly excited.

      She glanced over to a few of the kids mimicking their poses.

      "Ya eva thought of teaching?" she asked.

      "Never was good at expressin' what's on my mind," he replied.

      "Yer doin' a good job now. Somehow, I could see ya teachin' these
      skills of yers to the kids. Look at them," she said.

      She turned around to face him and Logan shrugged his shoulders. He
      never thought of himself as a teacher – an alcohol-drinking, cigar
      smoking, cage-brawling, womanizing bastard – a monster created by the
      sick mind of a warped individual – a man tortured indiscriminately,
      sliced open and physically changed into a killing machine - that's
      how he saw himself. For a brief moment, he marveled at how Danielle
      didn't fear him – she rivaled him in so many ways – and he allowed
      just a hint of pride to be expressed on his face.

      "Hey kids, come here. Logan is gonna show us some stuff," Danielle
      said gathering up the children.

      "Danielle, I ain't good at this," Logan balked.

      "Well, give it a try," she replied.

      Logan huffed deeply as Danielle shot him an angry glare. It took him
      a moment to compose himself, but then he started off showing the kids
      a few simple defensive moves. Danielle crossed her arms in front of
      herself and watched as Wolverine conducted his first class. After a
      few minutes, Logan felt more at ease forgetting the students were in
      their early teens. The soldier was conducting his first drill and
      Danielle took delight in it.

      "Now, this is very interesting," Charles said. "Look at the way the
      children pay attention."

      "I would pay attention, too, if I had a teacher that was capable of
      dicing me up if I misbehaved or didn't listen," Scott snickered.

      "I think this is a good idea for Logan. Danielle is making him focus
      on something other than his problems," Jean replied.

      "This might be just the thing Logan needs," Charles said.

      The sun had fallen behind the trees and it was getting dark. The
      children thanked Logan for the lessons and begged him for more the
      next day. Hesitant to agree, he said he would think about what he
      could show them. The children all ran inside to wash up for dinner,
      as Logan confronted a smiling Danielle.

      "Ya look fantastic with them," Danielle said.

      Shyly, Logan half smiled before saying, "I'm not used to kids."

      "Ya did fine and I actually would look forward to a few more lessons
      myself," she replied.

      "Ya think ya might be interested in a rematch in the Danger Room at
      some point?" Logan asked.

      "Yer on. I would get some ice ready," she replied.

      "Ice? What for?" Logan asked.

      "For the ass whooping I'm gonna give ya," she responded and walked

      Logan watched her leave. The gleam in his eye was bright enough for
      even Jean to see from far away.

      "That's one hell of a way to flirt with someone," Scott said.

      "A very interesting choice of words. Yes, maybe that's all the
      displaying really was – their special way of flirting. But, I like
      the influence she is having on him," Charles replied.

      "Professor, I can't help but wonder what you are up to," Jean said.

      "Logan has an awful way of trying to hide his lonely heart," Charles

      "Are you trying to fix him up with her?" Scott asked.

      "Let's just say the environment has been presented. It's up to them
      to take it from here," Charles replied.

      Jean saw Danielle coming inside the mansion and she excused herself
      to go talk to her.

      "Danielle, do you have a moment?" Jean asked.

      "Sure. What can I do fer ya?" Danielle replied.

      "Can I ask you about what just happened with Logan outside?" Jean
      asked innocently.

      Danielle snickered. "You mean our little shoving match?"

      "Yes. Was there any meaning to it? I mean I was curious as to why
      you two engaged in it. What was on your mind that sparked it?" Jean

      "Logan is a fine lookin' guy, and bein' he's like me – feral, as you
      say – it's just me pushin' his buttons to piss him off a bit,"
      Danielle responded.

      "You mean like tormenting him into a rage," Jean said.

      "I guess you could say that. Then again, I just like play-fighting
      with him," Danielle responded before going back to her room to shower
      and change for dinner.

      Jean remained where she stood for a moment contemplating what she
      just heard. Then, she heard Logan walking in, as his heavy work
      boots sounded on the hard wood floors.

      "Logan, what was that all about outside?" Jean asked him.

      "Just goofin' around," he grunted.

      "Nothing more than that?" Jean pried.

      "Ya really want to know?" Logan snorted.

      "Yes, I really want to know," she replied.

      "She makes me horny," he said then turned to go to his room.

      Jean watched as he passed by Danielle's room. His pace slowed and
      she could see him sniffing the air. He paused for a moment and
      closed his eyes obviously enjoying whatever scent he was inhaling.
      Then, he proceeded on to his room.


      Jean kept watch over the two ferals and made extensive notes on the
      behaviors she observed. As time went on, it seemed that Logan and
      Danielle were spending more and more time in each other's company.
      However, the telepaths sensed there were emotional walls up on both

      Many times, Danielle and Logan could be found in the gym working out
      together – their constant harassing made each other work harder.
      Jean watched them.

      "Com' on, wimp. You could do better `n that," Danielle snidely
      remarked as Logan raised an eyebrow and lifted the weighted bar on
      outstretched arms.

      As his muscles strained to lift the iron, Danielle delighted herself
      in watching him. His arms tensed; his chest tensed; his abdominal
      muscles tightened. Everything about him was silently turning her on.

      Of course, Logan would have his revenge – tormenting her as she tried
      a little kickboxing with him. He would dance around the ring not
      allowing her a target to strike at.

      "What's the matter, darlin'? Can't catch me?" he would provoke.

      With a snarl, she lunged pushing him against the wall and digging her
      nails into the sweaty bare flesh of his sides. She lifted her knee
      within striking distance of his most precious body part.

      "Ya better watch it or else," she threatened.

      Logan knew she meant business.

      With a quick maneuver, he grasped the underside of her knee and
      pulled her off her feet. He pinned her down under his full weight as
      she struggled to try to free herself. Logan snickered wisely knowing
      he wasn't letting her go. The fight for freedom was pointless. The
      harder she tried the stronger he held her.

      She finally relinquished the struggle just lying under him. Her
      hands journeyed down over the sweaty flesh of his sides, and Logan
      could only begin to wonder what she was up to. He quickly grabbed
      her wrists figuring the thought of tickling him was dancing around in
      her mind.

      "What? Don't trust me?" she asked sarcastically. Logan raised an
      eyebrow again.

      "No," he grunted.


      After dinner, a few of the male residents had gathered in the TV room
      to watch a football game. Logan sat on the couch with his feet
      resting on the coffee table and sucking down a beer. Danielle popped
      in, hopped onto the couch next to him, grabbed his beer and took a
      long swig. Logan looked at her curiously raising an eyebrow to her
      bold attitude. Taking Wolverine's beer away was dangerous.

      Of course, the young boys snickered at Logan's curious response and
      Danielle's boldness. She kicked back and leaned against Logan's
      shoulder. A collective `oooo' was heard from the boys.

      "You only think yer tough," she said arrogantly.

      Logan looked into her eyes seeing a very bold and self-assured woman
      at his side. His eyes narrowed as he raised his clenched fist and
      released his claws. They shimmered from the glow emanating from the
      TV. Danielle ran her finger over the top of one claw, took another
      swig from the beer bottle and nestled down by his side again.

      "You aren't gonna give him back his beer?" Bobby asked with a hint of
      fear in his voice.

      "Nope," she replied even though she could now hear a low rumbling
      growl coming from Logan.

      She narrowed her eyes and peered at him sternly and growled back.
      Logan sensed there was no use and sheathed his claws. Danielle then
      returned the beer bottle and left him. She returned with two fresh
      bottles, one of which she handed off to him. Logan silently accepted
      it and quickly downed the entire bottle.

      The boys watched him finish, slam the bottle on the coffee table and
      release such a belch that they couldn't help but giggle. Danielle
      was not about to be outdone and did exactly the same thing. Logan's
      reaction was unsuspected – he didn't get mad – he smiled instead.
      Her attention turned to the TV as the Giants scored a touchdown.

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