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FIC: Old Friend, 2/13, Charles/Erik, NC-17, post X2

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  • Henrika
    Chapter 2 Three more days passed before Charles regained consciousness. Erik connected him to an IV to prevent dehydration, and hoped Charles hadn t sustained
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      Chapter 2

      Three more days passed before Charles regained consciousness. Erik
      connected him to an IV to prevent dehydration, and hoped Charles
      hadn't sustained any brain damages. He had talked to John, but
      to his decision not to let him see the professor.

      "Maybe when he is feeling better," Erik promised him.

      When Charles woke up it was morning. The first thing he noticed when
      he regained consciousness was that he was in a bed, but not his own.
      He lay completely still for some time and took some deep breaths
      before he opened his eyes to see where he was.

      His eyesight was blurred to begin with, and his right eye hurt very
      much when he tried to open it. He blinked and tried to focus his

      He noticed that he was in a room, but since the room was dark, he
      couldn't see very much. A large chest of drawers that stood a few
      feet away was so unclear that it very well could have been an object
      from an alien civilisation.

      But despite this Charles knew that this was a room where he'd
      been before. His whole body ached when he tried to move. Every bone
      and muscle in his body objected to the motion, and Charles relaxed
      again and tried to remember what had happened.

      He had been attacked. He had been on his way home from a lecture on
      the mutant/human co-existence at Washington DC, and was attacked on
      the way back to his car. Before Jean had always been his driver, but
      now when she was gone he had to travel by himself.

      He didn't remember anything else. But where was he now? He was
      naked, and had a bandage wound around his chest and head. He was
      injured, and someone had taken care of him. Who?

      Charles decided to scan the house telepathically to find out where
      he was, but when he tried he got himself a shock. He was unable to
      do it. His telepathic abilities were gone. Reflexively he brought
      his hands to his head to check if someone had put a so-
      called "neural inhibiter" on him, like Stryker had, but there
      was no
      neural inhibiter this time. His powers were just…gone.

      Never had Charles felt as helpless as he did now. Trapped in a
      crippled body his telepathy had been his only strength, shield and
      defence during all these years. As a child, it had almost driven him
      mad and drowned him in other people's mental voices, before he
      learned to raise shields, but he had learned to control the gift.
      Now when it was suddenly gone Charles felt helpless and vulnerable,
      and most of all empty. No voices filled his head now save his own.
      It was very frightening.

      Suddenly the door was opened, and Charles saw the last person he had
      expected to see – Erik.

      They both jerked when they saw each other, but Erik recovered in no
      time, happy to see that Charles was awake. He smiled at his old
      friend and went to sit down on his bed edge.

      "Good morning," he said. "How are you feeling?"

      "Erik…" Charles whispered. "What are you doing here?
      Where am I?"

      "You are at my place," Erik replied calmingly. "Don't
      be frightened.
      I understand if you're feeling confused, but no one is going to

      "What happened? What have you done with my telepathy?"

      Erik looked surprised, and although Charles couldn't read his
      thoughts now, he saw that the expression was real.

      "Done? I haven't done anything. Are you saying that you no
      can…? That your ability is gone?"

      "Haven't you done it?" Charles asked dubiously.

      "Taken your powers? No," Erik replied seriously.
      "Absolutely not. It
      must be due to the concussion you sustained from the assault.
      Probably it is just temporary. Your powers should return."

      "I…feel so empty without the telepathy…" Charles

      "I know how you feel, Charles. I really do," Erik said
      compassionately and placed his hand atop Charles'. "That was
      how I felt at that horrible plastic prison. I was completely
      powerless and could do nothing to defend myself. The only thing I
      used to look forward to was your visits," he added with a little

      "You really did that? Looked forward to my visits?" Charles
      asked, a
      bit surprised.

      Erik laughed. "As a telepath you really shouldn't have to
      ask! I
      know I often seemed… introvert and defensive, but that was
      because I
      was scared and angry. I really was looking forward to your visits,

      Charles tried to smile, but his face hurt so much that the smile
      turned into a grimace instead.

      "Erik, what really happened?" he asked again. "How did
      you find me?"

      "Don't you remember? Nothing at all?" Erik asked

      Charles shook his head. "No, nothing since the attack."

      "You… You sent out a telepathic cry for help, which I
      grasped. And
      then… Are you sure you want to hear this?" Erik asked before
      he went
      on with the story.

      Charles nodded. "Absolutely."

      Erik slowly told him what had happened, and Charles listened
      attentively without interrupting a single time.

      "But… How did you know I was on that little gravel road if my
      couldn't be seen from the highway?" Charles then asked.

      Erik shrugged. "It was just a feeling. I can't describe it.
      And I
      didn't know you were there then. I didn't even know that it
      was your
      car. But it doesn't matter. The important part is that you're
      alive, Charles."

      "How long was I unconscious?"

      "Roughly three days. I started to wonder if you were in a

      "Three days!" Charles exclaimed. "My students must be
      worried to
      death! Have you called them and told them I'm here?"

      "No," Erik replied. The thought hadn't even occurred to

      "Give me a phone. I want to call them and let them know I am
      Charles demanded.

      "No, Charles, I will not give you any telephone," Erik said
      seriously. "You shouldn't even know about this place. I
      won't let
      you contact them."

      "Erik, do you realize how worried…"

      "I know very much what you mean, but I won't let you call
      Erik interrupted. "Not yet. You're still injured and should

      Charles sighed. "So now I am your prisoner?" he asked
      dubiously. "Just because I'm helpless gives you no right to
      hold me
      prisoner. I just want to let my students know that I'm alright.
      that too much to ask?"

      "Right now, yes. And you are not my prisoner. You are my patient
      guest. I saved your life, Charles.

      "I know, Erik, and I am grateful, but…"

      Erik smiled and silenced Charles with a motion of his hand. "No
      more "buts" now, my friend. You should rest. Or would you
      something to eat? You haven't eaten for several days."

      "Yes, please, a few sandwiches and an omelette would be
      Charles sighed.

      "I'll get you that," Erik said and stood up.
      "Anything else? You
      always wanted tea with your breakfast when we were young."

      "Yes, please, tea sounds very good too."

      "No problem. Anything else?"

      "I think that will be fine, Erik."

      "I'll bring you your meal, "Erik said and prepared to
      leave the
      room, when Charles suddenly called his name. Erik turned around in
      the doorway.

      "Yes, Charles?"

      "Where are we? Still in the USA, I hope?"

      "Chesapeake, Maryland," Erik replied. "That is more
      information than
      you need."


      Erik met Mystique in the kitchen when he went to bring Charles'

      "I have good news," he announced his colleague and sometimes-
      mistress. "Charles is awake."

      "Really? That sounds good," Mystique said. "I haven't
      heard him in
      my head yet, though. Shouldn't you be wearing your helmet?"

      "That's not necessary," Erik replied as he cracked an egg
      into the
      frying pan. His telepathic powers are gone. I suppose it's
      temporary, but I'm not sure. Anyway, he can't do anything to
      us now."

      "Is it a brain damage?"

      "Possibly, although nothing except his psionic powers have been
      affected, which is fortunate. He is still Charles Xavier, but not
      telepathic, which is a great difference. I almost believe I prefer
      him the way he is now."

      Mystique laughed, exposing her white teeth in her otherwise solid
      blue face. "Yes, I can understand you. So, how long are you gonna
      keep him here, Erik?"

      "Until he's recovered," Erik murmured. He really
      hadn't thought much
      about that, but at least he was going to make sure Charles was well
      again before he let him go.

      "Planning on seducing him?" Mystique asked with a wry smile
      nudged Erik with her hip.

      "No!" Erik objected and much to his chagrin started
      blushing. "Charles and I… we're not… like that
      anymore. That was a
      long time ago."

      "Can you swear you're not the least attracted to him?"

      "Raven, he is hurt! All I feel for him now is compassion. This
      discussion is over. Where is John, by the way?"

      "He went to the mall this morning with a friend. Why?"

      "It was just a question. What about Sabretooth?"

      Now Mystique just snorted. "That animal! Who knows? He's out
      in the
      woods, I guess, hunting. He hasn't been here for days."

      "Good," Erik said. "I didn't like the look he gave me
      when I carried
      Charles inside. He looked so menacing and feral. Do me a favour,
      Raven. Don't tell him where Charles is in case he shows up."

      "Why would I do that?" Mystique replied with a shrug.

      "It is serious," Erik said brusquely.

      "No, no. Alright, I won't tell him."

      Erik smiled relieved and kissed Mystique's cheek. "I can
      trust you, can't I?"

      "You know you can," Mystique said.
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