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Fic: "FOH: Towers Of Darkness" PG-13 (6/?) [L/R, Ororo/Legolas, Scott]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Sorry for the long wait. Still a crossover between LOTR and X-men. You still need to read the earlier parts. You can do so here:
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      Hi all,

      Sorry for the long wait.
      Still a crossover between LOTR and X-men. You still need to read the earlier parts. You can do so here:


      Part 6:

      He couldn’t believe he was gone. Boromir, his beloved big brother, protector and defender…he was dead.

      Faramir sat alone in the darkness of the cave where he had stopped to take rest with his army, his thoughts on his brother. He had been out guarding the borders of Gondor against Sauron’s army, a job which got increasingly harder with time as the army of the Dark Lord grew with each passing day. He knew he had been made Captain of the Guard only because his older brother had been away on his dream quest to Rivendell. Faramir remembered his last day with his brother as clearly as was it yesterday. Their farewell, his brother’s hug, his assurance that he’ll make everything alright, protect Gondor as always…and with a quick look at their displeased father had reminded him that he loved him in a voice so soft and low that it hadn’t reached their father’s or anyone else’s ears and that he should try and not let his father’s harsh words get to him. Faramir had promised he would try not to and with tears in his eyes had embraced his brother, saying a last whispered ‘I love you’ and then he was gone…never to return.

      Faramir had been uneasy about Boromir going to Rivendell in the first place. He had had a sudden premonition of losing his brother and had been terrified at the thought and so had asked if he could not go in Boromir’s place. His father had seemed to think it was a fool’s errand anyway and would rather have Boromir home to defend Gondor than Faramir, so had seen nothing against it. But his brother had never been a quitter and had never taken the easy way out; Boromir had been the one who had received the dream vision, so he had felt he had to be the one to go. He had teased his little brother, knowing of his great love for Elven culture and songs, and so had in jest promised he would kidnap a beautiful Elven girl for him who’ll sing Elfish ballads to him every night.

      Yet that was not to be. Now his brother was gone forever. Faramir sighed deeply, the darkness hiding his tears as he remembered his brother. Boromir’s warrior strength and leader skills had ensured him as their father’s favorite, but it had also landed him with all the burdens and responsibilities of the Gondorian leadership. Faramir - who had always loved songs, music, books, writing and history - had annoyed his father with his quiet being and tactful and compromising manners. He was weak in his father’s eyes and so his father had hated and despised him. Through the hurt and sorrow Faramir had had two bright spots during his childhood; his beloved brother’s undying support and love and no expectations to live up to. No one expected him to do anything or manage anything, making life that much easier for him, though it hurt more than words could say to hear his father think of him as worthless. His brother had always defended him, with words and deeds, against his father and anyone else. He had tried to get their father to love him but nothing had helped. Their father had hated only one thing about Boromir; his great support and love for his brother and had tried to separate the brothers whenever possible to prevent Faramir’s ‘weakness’ from contaminating his brother. They had grown up in a hard environment but the obstacles in their way had only strengthened their bond and they had grown as close as two brothers had ever been. Boromir had grown up to become a great warrior, leader and man and had had his greatest support among the soldiers while Faramir had grown into a quiet, thoughtful and kind young man who had the support and love of all women and scholars who ever visited the palace. Though Boromir hadn’t been as tactful as Faramir, and even though their opinions on many matters differed, their bond of blood and love had stayed strong till the end.

      Faramir tried to still his tears but couldn’t as he remembered finding his brother’s body floating downstream in a boat. His skin had been so cold, his face frozen forever in death. In Faramir’s eyes his brother had always seemed invincible but now he had seen him as all too human...all too dead. Only with great control had he managed to let go of his brother’s body to allow the funeral boat to sail on; towards lands where no one alive could enter.

      Only a few days after he had found Boromir’s body had he run into two small beings who were very special; the Hobbits Frodo and Sam. Frodo had carried the One Ring; its power had been amazing and very tempted and Faramir had thought about taking it, but power wasn’t what he wanted; he wanted his brother back and he wanted his father to be proud of him. He knew his father would want to know about the Ring so he had decided to lead the Hobbits, together with their unusual guide who called himself Gollum, to his father in Minas Tirith. Frodo had been horrified at the thought of going there and had claimed Boromir had attacked him over the Ring, to get the Ring for himself. Faramir had been very close to striking the Hobbit in anger for speaking such evil against his beloved brother but had instantly regretted his violent thoughts; the Hobbits were like small children in his eyes and he couldn’t bring himself to harm them in any way. Still, he couldn’t believe his brother would do anyone harm who didn’t deserve it; that wasn’t like him. Boromir could be merciless if needed but never unnecessary cruel. He would do what was best for Gondor and her people…and if his brother had thought the Ring could help Gondor then he was surely doing the right thing by taking it to his father. Hidden under the noble desire to help his country and people was the very real but childish desire to please his father. Surely if he brought the Ring to him his father would think better of him.

      Faramir ran a hand through his shoulder length brown hair and stood up, shaking the memories away. He went to a table where a map laid, trying to anticipate future Orc attacks to know where to send his army. For the millionth time he wished his brother was with him. He would know what to do…he always had. He sighed in frustration. Boromir had been the strong one; the warrior. Everyone had counted on him to be the next Steward. He had never been trained as leader of Gondor nor had he ever had a desire to rule the Kingless country though he loved it dearly. He doubted if the ruling families of Gondor would even respect him as a future ruler of Gondor after all the bad things his father had always said about him. Yet as things stood he was next in line – the kingdom would one day be his. In all honesty he had never desired that responsibly nor that kind of power. He didn’t mind leadership but Gondor deserved and needed someone…better. Someone like his brother. Yet such wishful thinking was without purpose and exactly one of the reasons why he had always gotten in trouble as a child. Though often shielded or defended by his brother he too had gotten a strict upbringing with physical as well as verbal punishment for mistakes the same as Boromir had. But as people began to give up on him things got easier in that regard and he had had time to dream, to read and to write. His fascination had always been the Elves and he had always longed to see Rivendell and the other Elven realms. He now felt guilty that when his brother had left for Rivendell he had felt a stab of jealousy towards him because he, who didn’t care either way about the Elven culture, had gotten to see it, while he who worshipped and loved it never had.

      Faramir’s thoughts got torn back to the harsh reality of the war he was fighting when one of his officers came into the cave and told him that Orcs were on the move. They had to get ready to leave soon. Faramir pulled himself together and gave the order to break up camp and return to Minas Tirith with their three prisoners; two hobbits and whatever Gollum could be said to be. Trying hard to ignore the growing voice in his head that told him that Frodo’s warnings were just and that he should do as the small Hobbit said and let him and Sam go towards Mordor, he still began to give orders to make the proper preparations to leave for his hometown. His eyes were now dry and only someone who knew him well, and that had only been his brother, would have been able to see the deep pain and sorrow that was reflected in Faramir’s deep green eyes. Lost to war and the sorrow of losing a loved one Faramir’s eyes spoke of pained experience that belied his handsome youthful looks.


      Author’s notes:

      Sorry for the long wait on new parts. I’ll try to get the next part out quicker.

      Thanks as always to Cathain for great beta!

      And remember…this is based on the films and so far we haven’t been told anything about how Faramir feels about his brother or their relationship to their father so I used a little from the books and did the rest. And also remember this is a crossover so I don’t want to hear about how I ruin Tolkien’s work…You should all know by now that this isn’t gonna follow the movies/books to the letter with the added Fellowship members I dragged into this.

      Thanks for reading and for your patience.

      Take care


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