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"Hanging on to Hope" PG-13, X2 (Sean, Chamber)

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  • wildfire7_us
    Fic: Hanging on to Hope Author: Wildfire Rating: PG-13(for talk of suicide) Summary: Xavier has asked the teachers and older team members to be mentors(Charles
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2003
      Fic: Hanging on to Hope
      Author: Wildfire
      Rating: PG-13(for talk of suicide)
      Summary: Xavier has asked the teachers and older team members to be
      mentors(Charles included) to the younger generation, so Banshee takes
      Chamber under his wing.
      Series: none, but all my fics do go together.
      Feedback: send it to me!
      Disclaimer: I don't own the songs, or any of the characters, no money
      is made.
      Sean Cassidy ran a hand through his short reddish hair, it had been
      long once, but after finding his daughter a year ago, he cut it, as
      his hair had grown long since his first wife's death from a terrorist
      attack near their home in Ireland. Sean had known nothing of Theresa
      even being alive, but thanks to Xavier he had found his daughter.

      Sean walked through the halls of the school, occasionally bumping
      into students on his way to one of his teammate's rooms, he could
      hear music blaring down the hallway and immediately knew Jono was in
      there. He recognized the song, and knew Jon wasn't in that great a
      mood, it was Seether's "Hang on" as one of the lines went:

      Well now I found myself
      Wish I was someone else
      My hands are stained with love
      Wish I could take it away
      I hid behind the shell
      In time the pain will melt
      My heart is stained with love
      Wish I could fake it

      I gave my life away
      There's nothing left to say
      I gave my life away
      You take it in your way

      "One of the main songs he's plays when he's feeling bad" thought
      Sean. Knocking on the door, he yelled," Jonothon? you mind turning
      that down just a wee bit?" - Sure mate, sorry - Jono replied
      telepathically and opened the door.

      Jonothon Starsmore had once been a talented youth in his native
      England, even being barely into his teens he was a reasonably well
      known musician and singer, and the fact that his family was quite
      wealthy helped matters, life was good until his mutation developed;
      psionic energy blew a hole in his chest, destroying his vital organs
      and the bottom part of his face, he didn't need to eat or drink, he
      couldn't talk so he had to rely on telepathy to communicate.

      "Jono, me boy it's a beautiful day, why did you lock yourself up in
      here?" asked Sean. - Go away Sean I don't want to talk about it -
      Replied Jon. "Why?" he heard what must've been the equivilant to a
      telepathic sigh in his head as Jono turned off his CD player and
      stepped out of his room. - Well, I don't really know how to say this
      but...it's been six years today since my "gift"(Sean could've sworn
      he heard Chamber laughing at that, but he couldn't blame him) showed
      up. -

      Jono put the special wrappings he had over his chest cavitiy/energy
      well, they were black leather, just like almost the entire rest of
      his clothing, and specially designed to block his energy from hurting
      others. "You wanna go somewhere, boy? Just to get out of the
      school?" - Yeah Sean I'd like that -.

      The two got in Sean's Jeep, driving to the same bar that Logan, Scott
      and he met Chamber in, and since what happened on that day, the
      barowner treated the mutants with dignity(although he had even before
      then)...and had a few bats and a loaded shotgun under the bar for
      anyone who tired to pick a fight the the people from xavier's.

      The both sat down at a table, "So what exactly did happen if you want
      to about it?" - Well...I was playing a few gigs with my band, singing
      and playing my guitar, we weren't famous or amazingly wealthy but I
      was happy; I had one of the best looking gels in the county for
      my "friend". About a month before, I had felt a strange burning
      sensation, no doctor could tell me anything so I kept it quiet. -

      Sean listened intently as Jon told his story, he himself had
      discovered his sonic abilities when he was in his teens, but kept
      them a secret from everyone, his wife included. - Then one day I went
      over to my gel's house, we start...y'know, and something just
      exploded, I felt my chest on fire for a few seconds, then I just
      blacked out, next thing I know I'm in some bloody hospital, wrapped
      up like a damn mummy, and I've got physcotherapisists and doctors
      asking me all sorts of questions. -

      Jono sighed again, - I just took it all in, thinking this was some
      kind of weird dream, days went by then weeks, and no one would tell
      me a damn thing about what happened. I finally just got tired of it
      and went to the bathroom, you know the ones were you can't break the
      glass? I removed the bandages and saw what this had done to me; the
      energy let loose, destroying the mirror, I grabbed a piece of glass,
      slashing my wrists - Tears were in Jono's eyes.

      "But you lost your heart in the blast" Sean stated. - Yeah, no heart,
      so I couldn't bleed to death, I don't have lungs so I couldn't hang
      or gas myself, and I don't eat, so poison was out too. how's that for
      a bitch of a curse, I lose vital parts of my body, and I can't die. -

      Sean was enthralled by this, he could sympathize, after Maeve's
      death, he just buried himself in work so deep that he could ignore
      his pain. - Well, eventually I got over it, my gel had been paralyzed
      from the waist down in the blast, I lost my heart, she lost her legs.
      And of course my parents saw me as a embarassment, but they did have
      some sympathy, so they gave me a good amount of money to use, and to
      be honest I was pretty close to being broke by the time I met you.
      The only thing that keeps me going somedays is the fact that it
      must've been meant for this to happen to me, that I have some purpose
      for this "ability", and perhaps someday, she'll forgive me, and I can
      forgive myself. -

      Sean was doing his best not to cry, but it was difficult, he saw so
      much of himself in this young man, and they had a lot more in common
      than most would know from looking at them. "Well, Jono you've got a
      new family here, with us, and we don't care what's happened in the
      past, Charles has always believed in a fresh start," as he poured a
      drink for both of them, he handed one to Chamber; "To hope" Sean
      said, - To someday - replied Jono as the glasses clinked.

      Something caught Jonothon's eyes, a guitar that was sitting on stage
      in the bar, as they would occasionally have open mic here, just
      seeing if anyone had some talent, he walked up to the bartender -
      Mind if i? -, "go right ahead, kid" the bartender said. Jono walked
      on stage grabbing the guitar, adjusting the strings a bit, before he
      began to play. He played his heart out into that instrument, just a
      old Jimi Hendrix song that he always enjoyed playing, but every one
      in that bar, mutant or human had to appreciate his skill.

      Jono's eyes were closed as he played, for seven minutes the only
      thing he saw, the only thing he felt was the music, and it was just
      like he had been back with his band in England; music was the only
      time he really felt free, he could forget about Gayle, his mutation,
      and the X-men, and just play. Sean smiled as he downed the last of
      his drink when Jono finished. "That was amazing Jonothon, almost like
      Hendrix was up on stage with you." - Thanks, Sean glad you enjoyed
      it - replied Jono, the area above his wrapping crinkling up almost
      looking like he was smiling as they drove back to Xavier's.

      "Night, Jono" - Night, bloody Irish - Jon replied back jokingly. Jono
      went back ot his room, sitting on his bed, as he put on his
      headphones, he feel asleep while listening to "Voodoo Child". - At
      least I still have hope, Gayle wherever you are, I'm sorry, luv - he
      thought as he fell asleep.

      - The End
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