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Fic (1/1) R/L, G - "No Words for It"

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  • Sharon
    Title: No words for it Author: Bailey Rating: G Summary: Just a little piece about what our two favorite people might do in the middle of the night…
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2003
      Title: No words for it
      Author: Bailey
      Rating: G
      Summary: Just a little piece about what our two favorite people
      might do in the middle of the night…
      Disclaimer – I don't need one, do I? I mean, I don't even mention
      the characters' names!

      He lies in bed, one arm thrown up so his forearm rests on the pillow
      over his sideburned head. His eyes are open, squinting at the
      ceiling. He breathes slowly, flaring his nostrils a little with each


      She lies in bed, on her side facing the window. Her hands are curled
      by her cheek. Her eyes are open, looking out the window at the
      waning moon. Absently, she slides the edge of one thumb genly up and
      down her cheek.


      He slips out into the yard of the mansion, closes the door almost
      silently behind him. He moves quietly on bare feet across the
      cobblestone walk and onto the lawn. He wears only his jeans and the
      dogtags that glint softly among the hairs on his chest. He slips
      into the woods.


      She emerges from the kitchen with a cup of hot chocolate in her
      hand. Her slippers slap gently down the hall, then she is out the
      door with a soft swirl of the robe around her legs. She takes a seat
      on the low brick wall that divides the patio from the lawn, swings
      her legs up atop the wall and crosses them at the ankles, leans back
      against a square pillar. Gazing out into the woods, she sips her


      Crouching in a tree's shadow, his forearms on his knees, balancing on
      his bare toes, he watches a fox as it passes. He can smell the blood
      from its recent meal. He can hear its breath blowing in and out of
      its nostrils. The fox turns its head and locks eyes with the man.
      It pauses to sniff the air, then continues on its way.


      She sets her cup on the wall near her feet. A spider is making its
      way across the wall, and she places her hand in its path. When the
      spider reaches her hand, it reaches with one leg for her pinky finger
      and begins to raise a second leg. Before the second leg gains
      purchase on her skin, the spider drops lifeless to the wall. Gently,
      by one leg, the woman lifts the spider with her thumb and index
      finger and places it in her palm. She moves it about with one
      finger, examining it.

      The man walks out of the woods and crosses the lawn to where the
      woman sits. When he is ten feet away, she hears him and looks up.
      As he draws nearer, she lifts her hand with the spider on it, holds
      the palm before her lips, and blows. The spider flies from her palm
      toward the man's chest. His right hand snaps it out of the air and
      he looks at it, then raises an eyebrow quizzically at the young woman
      before him.

      "I used ta be so scared a spiders," she says quietly. "When I was a
      kid. Now I'd really like ta have one crawl all over me, jus' ta feel

      He sits on the ground, leaning against the wall on which the woman
      sits. His head settles against her robed hip. He whistles
      softly. "That'd be one lucky spider."

      She reaches out her hand, the one that killed the spider, and brushes
      the tips of the man's wildly tousled hair. He turns his head and
      blows softly on her wrist.

      She smiles down and him, shaking her head, then returns her gaze to
      the woods. He closes his eyes.


      They are everything to each other, and they are nothing. They own
      each other, and yet they are completely free. They can not explain
      it, but they know it to their cores. They can meet every night, or
      weeks can pass in between – it's always there waiting for them. It's
      theirs alone, and it makes them both so happy and so sad, as love
      will to us all.
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