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FIC: Happy, Shiny Morning

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    Short little ending Enjoy Title: Happy, Shiny Morning By: X X0832001@yahoo.com Rated: PG (Marie and John living in sin) Disclaimer: I own nothing, and am
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      Short little ending

      Title: Happy, Shiny Morning
      By: X
      Rated: PG (Marie and John living in sin)

      Disclaimer: I own nothing, and am getting no money.

      Summary: Just a description of the happily ever after
      life John and Marie share after their long and
      complicated journey through the Love Letters Series.

      Marie woke smiling when the day�s sunlight streamed
      through the poorly covered window across form the bed.
      She could feel John�s overly warm body pressed
      against her back. With a content sigh she rolled
      towards him. Ignoring the press of the futon�s metal
      rungs into her back she found a comfortable position
      with her cheek resting against John�s shoulder.

      A heavier sleeper than Marie it was an unconscious
      movement that brought his arm around her, keeping her
      close. Not that she was complaining about her
      situation. She reveled in the warmth he radiated.
      She was just so happy.

      Snuggling against him she could smell smoke. He�d
      had a mission for Magneto last night. He�d changed
      his clothes but the smell always stubbornly stayed on
      his skin and in his hair. With that olfactory
      indicator she could always tell when he�d been out.

      She never said that she knew when he slipped away;
      never brought the analyzing light of day onto the
      topic. He never said anything about when she
      disappeared to fight alongside the X-men. Though, she
      often wondered if there was something about her that
      gave away she�d been off fighting for peace. They
      were both still fringe members of their respective
      mutant organization. When Xavier called Rogue
      reported for duty. When Magneto needed Pyro, the
      young man appeared at the designated location. It was
      a situation they simply chose to ignore.

      The only rule they applied was they wouldn�t fight
      against each other. It had happened only twice, and
      both times they�d stayed out of the action, watching
      from the sidelines. Both had been chewed out rather
      thoroughly later, but neither could stomach the idea
      of hurting the other. If it occurred again, they�d
      take the punishment again.

      With a smile Marie wiggled up to look at John�s face.
      She loved him so much. She looked at his handsome,
      peaceful face for a few minutes before planting a
      quick kiss on his still lips. They turned up into a
      smile, �My favorite way to wake up� he mumbled.
      �Get up John� he used the arm he still had around her
      to pull her down on top of him. �You have a meeting
      with your publisher at noon.� He was still smiling
      when he opened his eyes.
      �I love you Marie� she broke into a smile and giggled
      a little.
      �I love you too John.� He was so adorable, even in
      this bleary, half awake state. �But you do have to
      get up. Ms. Jacobs is expecting you.� She scooted
      back, out of his embrace, and looked at him

      He rolled over and put his bare feet on the floor
      with a sigh. �Don�t I pay Randi to deal with these
      business meetings for me?�
      �Randi is your agent. Ms. Jacobs wants to meet with
      her artist, make sure you�re still writing.�

      John had gotten off the low bed and made it to the
      closet. �Of coarse I am� He replied, stripping off
      his shirt. �I�m inspired enough for years.� Marie
      watched him from the bed. Standing in his boxers,
      bent over looking through the plastic crate on the
      closet floor that served as a dresser drawer, she
      smiled appreciatively. He was beautiful. That really
      wasn�t the adjective she wanted, but it was an
      accurate description. The lines of his body, the
      confident posture, the texture, it was all just

      The edge of a little clear patch peaked out, ever so
      slightly, from the top of his boxers. John and Marie
      weren�t the only union between Brotherhood and X-men.
      In a purely professional collaboration Dr. Henry McCoy
      and one of the scientists Magneto keeps on hand had
      developed the patch.

      It was a little like the birth control patch. But
      John hated that description so they usually compared
      it to a Nicotine patch. The little square increased
      his body�s production of the chemicals that allowed
      him to manipulate fire without being burned. It was
      pretty much a biochemical wonder. Both scientists
      could have expected some serious acclaim if the patch
      didn�t have such limited use.

      She could still remember the day, about 2 months
      after Marie had moved out of the mansion. It was a
      cure she had doubted would ever exist, delivered right
      to her door by UPS. Apparently Magneto�s woman had
      kept Rogue and her power as a side project since the
      days of Liberty Island. She�d done extensive work
      classifying mutants and had a pretty through
      understanding of Pyro�s gift. Her information on
      Rogue had been incomplete and that was why she called
      on McCoy. Between their two minds they came up with
      something that would allow Rogue to touch the one she

      Why still remained a burning question. But neither
      one of the couple wanted to start questioning motives.
      Hank was a good man, he wanted people happy. Pyro
      didn�t know the other scientist real well, but it
      seemed to him her reasons were the same as Hanks. She
      wanted to make some mutants happy.

      John turned around, holding the pants and shirt he
      planned to wear. �Shower First, Smokey� she advised.
      He sniffed the air. The ashy smell hung around him.
      �Suppose I better� and he made his way through his
      office to the hall and the bathroom.

      It wasn�t a bad apartment. It had a kitchen, living
      room, and a tiny little bathroom off the entryway, and
      two bedrooms, all for $575 a month. It wasn�t a great
      neighborhood, but when you could control fire or put
      someone in a coma with minimal effort, you didn�t
      really worry if the area was a little rough.

      John could have had a much nicer place. Lines Blurred
      was popular, selling great. People just ate up his
      gypsies and the vivid descriptions that filled its
      pages. He already had a huge demand for his next
      book. He�d gotten an advance and was well on his way
      to finishing it.

      But Marie was paying half the rent. She refused to
      be a kept woman. A situation like that just went
      against her very fiber. So Marie waited tables at a
      coffeehouse down a few blocks. Most of her money went
      to school, she was a Psychology major at a nearby
      university. But, she always made rent and her share
      of the bills.

      She popped off the futon and over to the closet. Her
      plastic crate sat right next to John�s on the floor.
      Stripping off her shirt she replaced it with a bra.
      Plain and white, those puffy lacey ones had never been
      her style. She smiled slyly- except on special
      occasions. She peeled back the waistband of her
      pajama bottoms for just a second. The little patch
      was still firmly attached to her skin. In a show of
      solidarity she�d opted for the patch over the pill.
      If John had to wear one, she would too.

      That had been an odd visit to the gynecologist.
      Mutant or not, she was 21 and needed to have a girly
      doctor. Her doctor was a mutant sympathizer, knew
      about Rogue�s condition. So she was a little confused
      by the request for birth control. Marie herself had
      never actually imagined the topic would concern her.
      She�d long ago given up the idea of physical intimacy
      on that level. But with John�s patch, things had
      eventually progressed to the point where they needed
      to be responsible.

      Marie smiled to herself at the thought of John�s
      lips. She daydreamed about them as she languidly
      found clothes in the closet and put them on.
      Eventually, the whine in pipes meant John was turning
      off the shower. The noise snapped Marie out of her
      thoughts and inspired her to finish getting dressed
      quickly. She was applying her makeup when John
      appeared in the doorway between his office and the
      bedroom. Water dripped from the ends of his hair and
      splattered on the floor around his bare feet. His
      pants were on but his black dress shirt still hung

      �Do I have to wear a tie for this thing?� he looked
      confused; but also so sweet. She laughed at him.
      �You can engulf a building in flames with a flick of
      your wrist and you�re anxious over a necktie.� He
      smiled that warm grin that made her melt inside.

      She smiled; they had both taken to this �normal life�
      thing pretty well. She had her part time job and was
      going to school to become a psychologist. The classes
      were interesting and she was really looking forward to
      graduating and getting on her way. She wanted to be
      able to help people.

      Glancing at the clock she noted John needed to get
      going. She pulled a tie from the crate. �Wear the
      tie� he grumbled but put it on and buttoned his shirt.
      �Now go� she ordered. There was no reason to be
      late. She was pushing him toward the door when

      �What?� Marie was worried there was something wrong.
      He turned and looked into her eyes, �I love you
      �I love you too John� he kissed her. He kissed her
      with a passion that made her weak in the knees. He
      did that whenever he left, and yet she never got used
      to how sincere that confession of love was. It made
      her whole head warm and fuzzy.

      Smiling he went to work. After the door closed Marie
      couldn�t help but stare at its blank surface and smile
      about how wonderful things had turned out.

      *�~, THE END,~�*

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