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FF: Friends? (complete) Magneto, OCs, Nathan Summers, Jean grey-summers

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  • jessie
    Friends? disclaimer: I don t own anything, they belong to Marvel, Stan Lee, and 20th century Fox. Probably the only thing I own is Isabella and her children.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2003

      disclaimer: I don't own anything, they belong to Marvel, Stan Lee,
      and 20th century Fox. Probably the only thing I own is Isabella and
      her children.

      A/N: this is based on an RPG (Role Playing Game) I'm in; The people
      in said RPG do not own the x men.

      rating: uh.. PG-13, just to be safe

      reviews: sure, but no flaming please, If you don't have anything nice
      to say, don't say anything at all. Didn't Thumper say that in bambi?

      Charles Xavier Scott summers, who was named after his grandfathers
      and who was all of four years old, wandered out into the front
      grounds of the mansion. The Xavier school and mansion now belonged to
      his parents, Nathan and Isabella Summers, ever since his grandfather
      Charles Xavier; who had founded the school passed away just two
      months earlier of very old age.

      The little boy came to his grandfather's grave and saw a man he
      didn't know standing there.

      "Hello" Charley said curiously to the unknown man. The man who was
      dressed in a long black trench coat and wore a black fedora atop his
      head looked as if he belonged in the 1940's. He seemed a little
      suprised by the young boy's presence...as if his mind was somewhere
      else... like the past. He smiled when he saw the boy. "Well hello
      there my boy." he said cheerfully so as not to frighten the
      child. "Your Charley, aren't you?" "Yes" the toddler replied knowing
      that he wasn't supposed to come outside by himself and especially not
      talk to strangers; but his boyish curiosity about this man got the
      better of him.

      "How do you know my name?" he asked. The man smiled. "I've heard
      about you, you see I was a friend of your late grandfather's." he
      knelt down in front of Charley to get a better look at his old
      friend's youngest grandchild.

      "Really?" Charles asked, the man with the gray hair nodded. "Yes, he
      and I knew each other very well. my name is Erik Lensherr." Charley
      cocked his head ever so slightly, he knew that name from some where
      but he just couldn't remember. ***************

      Isabella Xavier-Summers was walking through the mansion looking for
      her only son Charley. She had been searching for him for a while and
      was starting to worry. "Charley!" she yelled "Charley!" no reply; she
      decided to use her telepathy to find the four year old. He was out on
      the grounds... with a man..Magneto. Issy ran outside and towards
      Charley. "Get away from him" she said angrily at magneto and scooped
      her son up in her arms, holding him close to her.

      Erik stood from his kneeling position on the grass by xavier's grave
      and dusted his pants where he had knelt. "Isabella my dear, I'd never
      dream of hurting your son, I'm just a harmless old man." Isabella
      scoffed. "Harmless isn't exactly a word I'd use to describe you." she
      spat venomously.

      "Mother" came a voice from the house. It was Isabella and Nate's
      fifteen-year-old daughter. "Mother?" she asked when she had reached

      "Jean-Marie, take your brother inside." Issy told her daughter and
      handed the little Charley over to his big sister. "but mom..." she
      was cut off my Isabella's stern voice. "Jean-Marie Ororo Summers; do
      as I say." The girl nodded and headed towards the mansion with her

      "Erik, what are you doing here?" asked Isabella. Magneto pointed to
      Professor xavier's grave. "I'd think it obvious, I simply came to pay
      my respects." "Well you have, now please leave." she replied. The
      master of magnetism sighed. "Isabella my dear, I've been fighting
      practically all my life; please I don't want to fight anymore.
      Especially not here and not with you, I believe Charles would like us
      to mend the rift between us." Issy looked at him a moment then
      said. "Yes, on that I'll agree with you."

      Erik smiled. "I'm glad we can start mending our relationship
      isabella." "Me to." Suddenly a voice could be heard from the mansion,
      it was Scott and Jean's son Nathan. He angrily came up to them. "What
      is HE doing here?"

      Magneto only sighed while isabella calmed her husband. "It's OK Nate,
      he's only here to visit dad's grave; please lets not cause any
      trouble." "Maybe I should leave now." "No, no Erik please stay." said

      Nate looked furious and then his face softened. "OK" he said. "But if
      he tries anything...." "I assure you Nathan, I will be on my best
      behavior." Erik said sarcastically. He nodded, still a little worried
      that magneto might try something. "Are you going to be OK? I have a
      class in a few minutes." Nate told his wife. Issy nodded. "If
      anything happens I'm sure I can handle it."

      Nate gave her a kiss and then with one last glare at Erik that
      said "if you try anything, you'll answer to me." Erik seemed to get
      the meaning and smiled as if to reply. "Oh really?" With that Nathan
      left Issy and Erik alone.

      Issy watched her husband leave and then turned to Erik. "Did you
      leave those there?" she asked the man and pointed to the bouquet of
      flowers that lay on her father's grave next to the bouquet that she
      had placed there that morning. "Yes"
      "They are gorgeous, thank you." she replied; Erik smiled.
      There was a moment of odd silence between the two, which was broken
      by magneto. "I understand congratulations are in order." the young
      woman looked at him questionably. "Your pregnant."
      "Yes, but how did you know? Nate and I only just recently found out
      ourselves." the elder man smiled at her. "As your loving husband left
      he sent me a telepathic messege telling me that if I try anything
      that would hurt you or your unborn child, I'd have to answer to him."
      She smiled wryly. "Nate can be over protective at times." Mags looked
      at isabella with an air of sympathy. "So I've noticed."

      "But he does make me happy." she added.

      Again there was that moment of silence which again was broken by

      "I came her to say good-bye to Charles but I was hoping that I'd
      see you."
      "Yes, I thought we could start anew, maybe even over time grow to
      tolerate each other."
      Issy put a hand on the old man's arm. "There have been mistakes made
      on both sides, Erik."
      "Still" he sighed "I would like for us to put the past behind us, I
      want to be on friendly terms with you and your family. Not for my
      sake but for you, your children, the others." a beat "and especially
      for Charles. I think he'd want us to become friends."
      Isabella lightly squeezed his arm. I'd like that." she said.

      the headmistress of Xavier's school for gifted youngsters glanced at
      her watch. "Oh great, I have to be at a rehearsal for ' The Scarlet
      Pimpernel' that my drama class is putting on; would you care to join
      me Erik?"
      magnus sighed. "I don't think I should, I probably wont get a warm
      welcome from the staff or students."

      "Nonsense, the rest of the staff will be accepting, and as for the
      students; most of them are well behaved. Besides you're my guest and
      as the director's guest you'll be well treated. I'm also the head
      mistress, I can put any of the children under house arrest if they
      disagree to having you present." Charles daughter said with a laugh,
      which also got a chuckle from her companion.

      Magneto offered her his arm. "Well in that case, shall we?"
      Isabella looped her arm through his and they went inside the mansion.


      Months later Issy sat up in bed, in her own private room in the
      mansion's med-lab. "Thanks Jean" she said to her mother- in- law
      after the older woman handed the new mother her baby daughter and
      baby son.Jean smiled at Isabella and her new grandchildren then
      looked at her son Nathan who was sitting in a chair next to his
      wife's bed.

      "I'll be outside if you need Me." the two nodded.

      It had been a few hours and most the residents of the mansion had
      come by the med lab to see the twins and congratulate the parents. It
      was a surprise then to both Nate and Issy that after Jean-Marie and
      Charley left the room that magento knocked lightly on the door and
      upon entering asked if he could see the babies.

      "of course, Erik" Issy said happily, she was still in bed holding her
      daughter in her arms while siting next to her bed was Nate holding
      his sleeping son. "My, they are precious." Erik said as he came near
      the couple and gazed at the newborn twins.
      "Thank you." nate said a little coldly; he still didn't trust Erik
      completely, even though most everyone in the mansion did. Like his
      wife, mother and children. Although he knew his father Scott felt the
      same way he did, both father and son were trying to accept magneto

      The elder man kissed Isabella on the cheek. "How do you feel?" he
      asked her. "Ok, but I'm still tired."
      "Erik, would you like to hold him?" Nate asked the gray haired man.
      Mags nodded and the younger man gently handed the baby over to
      him. "Be careful, hold his head."
      "I know." magneto told Nathan.
      "Have you picked out names for these dear little ones."
      "Yes" replied Nate "the girl's name is Aurora Luna Summers. after
      Issy's mom."
      "We told Wolverine that if we ever had another son we'd name him
      Logan." issy told Erik, he nodded. She continued.

      "But we decided on the perfect middle name for him. "His name is
      Logan Erik summers."
      Erik smiled and looked from Nate to Issy. "Thank you." his voice was
      a whisper.
      "Also we talked it over and I don't think dad would mind, but we want
      you to be Aurora and Logan's surrogate grandfather."

      Magneto was surprised to say the least. "Thank you both." he managed
      to say and looked down at the sleeping newborn boy in his arms.

      THE END or is it? should I do more with this storyline?
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