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FIC: A Real Life Dream (3/3) (PG-13) (X2) (John/Marie)

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    Title: A Real Life Dream By: X X0832001@yahoo.com PG-13 Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am getting no money Chapter 3 They reluctantly parted and sat down at
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2003
      Title: A Real Life Dream

      By: X



      Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am getting no money

      Chapter 3

      They reluctantly parted and sat down at the table.
      They talked, they laughed. It was just like it had
      been before. They easily fell back to the friendship
      they shared. They weren�t enemies, it didn�t matter
      what side of the war they were on. They weren�t Rogue
      and Pyro, just Marie and John.

      The front door opened and a rumble of
      activity made Rogue jump up from the rickety table.
      Toad strolled into the kitchen focused on the fridge.
      He opened the door and began rooting for something.
      �Hey mate, who�s your Sheila?� the Englishman asked
      with a poor imitation of a thick Australian accent.

      �Bloody �ell Toad, I left Sydney when I was seven.
      I�m not t� bleedn� Croc �unter� retorted John in an
      equally bad mockery of Toad�s homeland. They were
      both smiling, no anger in the often repeated exchange.
      Toad grabbed something and turned around, coming face
      to face with the love birds. Reverting back to his
      own York colored inflection he smiled, �Oh, I know
      her, one of dem X-men.� Rouge felt the blood drain
      from her face. �Crickey mate, tell her to calm down.�
      He threw the apple into the air and caught it with
      his long sticky tongue. With a nod he headed back out
      of the kitchen and up the stairs.

      �Toad is alive?�

      �Yeah, still off active duty from the
      Liberty Island thing. Storm scorched him pretty good.
      He tends to wear out a little too fast for your
      average mission.�

      �Is he going to tell people I was here?
      Will you get in trouble?� she was worried about what
      an angry Magneto might do to an already weakened John.
      He�d mentioned Liberty Island, which was surely an
      example of why one didn�t go against the Master of

      �Nah, Toad�s cool� Marie still looked
      worried. He placed his hands on her shoulders and
      gently pulled her close. He kissed her, pulling back
      when he felt the drain. Immediately he pressed his
      lips to hers again, she kissed back passionately.
      John was unusually resistant to her powers. Sure she
      could drain him; she�d done so back in Boston. But
      John should have passed out cold with how much she
      pulled out of him. All he did was bend to his knees.
      He even stayed conscious.

      So they kissed. Marie was in heaven.
      John pulled back, shook his head to clear it and
      happily started another kiss. He couldn�t believe it
      was a wonderful reality. Any minute he expected to
      wake up. He pulled back and a moment later
      reestablished contact with his lips on her throat.
      She moaned happily and pressed closer to him. No
      dream could be this good. He broke contact again and
      shook his head. The movement put him off balance and
      he stumbled. �We better take a time out.� Marie
      smiled as she guided him to the room off the other
      side of the kitchen, there was a couch in there they
      could rest on.

      It was kind of weird; the Brotherhood�s
      base wasn�t what she�d expected. It reminded her a
      lot of her own home at Xavier�s. It was stupid, but
      she�d expected John to be surrounded by their evil
      enemies, good but manipulated by circumstances into
      thinking he was bad. The other mutants would laugh
      sinisterly, rub their hands together, and plot ways to
      kill humans. But it wasn�t like that. Toad and John
      were friends. They had some inside joke going about
      accents. Mystique actually cared about John, she
      wanted him happy.

      They lay on the couch, happily leaning
      against each other. Both had on enough clothes,
      touching wasn�t a problem. They just lounged there,
      happy just being together.

      �I�ve missed you so much.�

      �I know, it�s like a big weight around my

      �A simile, you�re so artistic.� John
      laughed at her comment. Pyro, the mutant terrorist,
      was artistic.

      Growing serious he asked, �Do you feel this ache when
      I�m on the other side of a fight?�

      �Every time; it�s a pain in the bottom of my stomach.
      I don�t want you hurt. I don�t want my teammates

      �Sucks to be us�

      They sat in silence for a moment after the succinct
      statement. Then Marie broke that with, �Quit�

      �I can�t quit� he whispered.

      �Why not? Quit and rejoin the X-men.
      Then we can be together.�

      �One, I don�t want to be an X-man. I
      really do believe that the humans are going to try and
      crush us. I �m going to do everything I can to
      prevent that.� Before Marie could disagree he
      continued. �And two, you don�t leave the

      �You left the X-men�

      �Magneto is not Xavier. I wasn�t even one
      of the X-men, just a kid at the school. But now, what
      I know isn�t getting out of the organization.�

      �So you�re trapped here?�

      �It�s kind of a voluntary entrapment.�

      She leaned against him, gently resting her
      head against his chest. His heart pounded a steady
      lub-dub rhythm. �So that�s where we are?� she sighed.
      She couldn�t make him abandoned his life, she
      wouldn�t want to. She was embarrassed by her order to
      �Quit�. He couldn�t up and abandon the life he�d made
      for himself anymore than she could just leave hers.
      So they were stuck in this miserable situation. They
      were so close, but a big clear wall had been put up
      between them. She wanted to cry in frustration.

      He looked down into her eyes. His chest
      ached at the sadness he saw there, he just couldn�t
      stand it. He took a deep breath, �No.� She returned
      the solid statement with a skeptical raised eyebrow.
      �I love you Marie. I�ll do whatever it takes so we
      can be together.�

      �But Magneto�what will he do to you?�

      �Maybe nothing; maybe he�ll let me step

      �And if not��

      �I will do whatever it takes Marie. It�ll
      probably take some time, but we�re going to be happy.�
      She smiled at this.

      They spent the rest of the day in each
      other�s arms. Toad stayed in his room. Magneto and
      Xavier did not get mentioned again. John and Marie
      excluded Pyro and Rouge, and just enjoyed being with
      each other. It was the best day either had
      experienced in quite some time.

      Later, Mystique called asking if John
      wanted any Chinese food since they were stopping on
      their way home. They�d be back in twenty minutes.
      Knowing the truth it was a pretty thinly veiled excuse
      to say when they�d be back. But the oblivious Magneto
      and Sabertooth had no reason to be suspicious. It was
      a tearful goodbye, filled with uncertainty. They
      kissed. It was a slow lingering kiss that made both
      weak in the knees.

      Marie ran to the car, tears already
      running down her cheeks. John�s eyes were glassy with
      unshed tears. Toad, the pervert who�d been watching
      from the stairs even had to hold back a sniffle. He�d
      had every intention of teasing Pyro some more, but the
      whole goodbye had just been too sad. Life was so

      A few days later Pyro was lying on his bed
      in the new compound. His eyes were closed and 2
      notebooks lay beside him.

      �Finish your story?� His dark eyes popped
      open. Mystique was in his room, standing over him.

      �Yeah, I did� he looked at her curiously.
      �Did you need something Mystique?�

      �I want to read the end of your story; the
      suspense is driving me nuts.�

      �You�ve been reading my story?� he rolled
      off the bed onto his feet. He was angry that his
      privacy had been invaded. Sure the story was
      obviously fiction, but the feelings behind the
      characters were his own. It was a little like she�d
      read his diary, of coarse John didn�t keep a diary.
      But more than angry he was confused. Why would
      Mystique want to read some romance novel-esq story
      he�d written? If she just wanted a book there were
      plenty around, written by actual authors. She could
      have brought a trashy romance novel at the drug store
      where she got the notebooks. There was no reason to
      wait for the next installment of what he was doing.


      �You�re good John, really good.� He was
      shocked, not just because it was the first time he
      could recall her using his real name. But the idea
      that he was good was so weird. He wrote because he
      liked to, he liked making up stories, he liked reading
      what he wrote. But he�d never really shown anyone
      else anything he�d written unless you count school
      projects or the occasion letter like the one he�d
      written Marie.

      �You liked it?�

      �You�ve got talent.� She picked up the
      last two notebooks and took them back to her room.
      This time he knew full well she had them, but she
      didn�t care. Deception like this was pointless. He
      was good and he should know it. With that established
      she left John alone with his thoughts.

      He typed, he revised, and he tweaked his manuscript
      for about a month. Mystique watched him doing this,
      curious. Magneto had deemed him ready to work again
      so his literary project filled his time back at the
      base between jobs. After the month he presented a
      thick stack of paper to Mystique.

      �Will you read it for me?� She gave him a

      �What are you up to kid?�

      �I wanna step back from this, be with
      Marie. If I can make a living doing this writing
      thing, I�ll still have time for the Brotherhood, and
      be able to have a normal life with Marie.� It really
      was sweet, that same womanly part that cared when he
      got hurt was touched by his goal. She smiled and
      nodded, taking the pile with her as she headed for her
      room. Getting published was hard. A man getting
      published in the romance genre was hard. Convincing
      Magneto to let you leave to be with the enemy you
      loved wouldn�t be as hard as John thought. Erik was a
      little soft when it came to young mutants in love.
      But even so, it was quite an undertaking John had
      begun. The least she could do was make sure he used
      commas and that his verbs agreed.

      Marie was lying on her bed. Her grounding was over
      but she really had no need to be anywhere else. It
      hadn�t taken long for her lie to be discovered. One
      didn�t bring a blanket to Mississippi this time of
      year. But respecting her privacy Xavier hadn�t pried.
      She refused to say where she went, and accepted her
      punishment. She was off X-missions for three months
      and had been grounded for two. It was a little weird
      to be grounded at her age, but she�d kind of expected

      Kitty and Jubilee had refused to speak to her for 4
      days, and since she was stuck in her room that had
      wound up pretty awkward. Luckily for that situation
      as teenage girls Jubilee and Kitty soon realized it
      was about a boy, and different rules applied to such
      situations. Marie was still wrong, but it was
      understandable and the four days were enough
      punishment. The two had done their best to find out
      who the mystery man was, but all attempts were futile.
      So, they continued to refer to him as �Mr. Mystery�
      and only pestered her occasionally about his identity.

      �You�ve got mail� announced Kitty happily as she
      appeared at the door. Marie looked up. She and John
      had been writing secretly since the day in Canada.
      John used fake return addresses and a PO Box so it was
      a slow system, but it kept them in contact. She
      missed him, and missed him more than ever when she
      read his letters, but it prevented that horrible ache
      of secretly loving him from afar. Since she was off
      X-missions for another three days she hadn�t even
      gotten to see him as an enemy minion. She wasn�t too
      upset by that since those situations were even worse
      than not seeing him at all.

      It was usually when the letters arrived that the
      onslaught of �Why won�t you just tell us who he is�
      would begin. But in Kitty�s hand wasn�t a letter, it
      was a package. She knew this was going to make more
      urgent demands. She might actually have to tell them
      after this. Requiring privacy she took the package
      from Kitty and shut herself in the bathroom. Tearing
      off the brown paper she found she held a book.

      Lines Blurred was the title, written in shiny gold
      metallic embossing. Under that was �By: St. John
      Allerdyce�. Marie nearly dropped the book. There was
      a note.


      It�s an advanced copy of my book. I did it; I�m
      starting a normal life we can share. I�m a novelist.
      I�ve gotten an apartment; a writer needs a steady
      place to get mail delivered to. If you want, you can
      join me here.

      We�ll work out whatever we need to. I�m not demanding
      you quit the X-men. I just want to have a place where
      we can go and be together, where our ideas on humans
      and mutants don�t matter. I want to wake up and have
      you near me, I want to close my eyes at night and know
      you�re safe, that you�re right beside me. And I want
      the time in between these activities to show you just
      how wonderful you make me feel.

      I know we�re still young, that we have all our lives
      ahead of us and there�s no need to rush into anything.
      But, I hate being apart. The roads we are on are
      separate and only take us farther apart from each
      other. We really don�t know what will happen in the
      future, the future of mutants remains hazy. So I
      don�t want to spend any more time feeling as I have
      the last two years.

      I love you.


      Marie was grinning from ear to ear as she
      left the bathroom. �What did Mr. Mystery send?� Kitty
      demanded, trying to sound angry but clearly happy to
      see Rogue happy. It was time. She was going to put
      everything out in the open. It didn�t matter now, if
      they made a fuss or disowned her for her love of a
      traitor. She and John were going to have a life
      together, a nice normal life.

      She held out the book. Confused Kitty
      took it from her hand and read the cover. She looked
      up at Rogue still not understanding the significance.
      It took about 15 seconds, a long time in this sort of
      situation, for her to remember John�s real name. She
      hadn�t really thought of him as John in so long.
      Since he�d defected he had really just become Pyro.
      But his actual given name was St. John Allerdyce.

      Her mouth dropped open and hung there.
      Jubilee rushed over and read the cover of the book
      that was leaving everyone speechless. She recognized
      the name, �Pyro!� Then a moment later she put 2 and 2
      together and vocalized the thought that was on the tip
      of everyone�s tongue. They just weren�t sure they
      wanted it out loud. �Your mystery man is Pyro, John�
      she quickly corrected. Rogue was dating John, not the
      Brotherhood super villain.

      �Yeah, Ah�m in love with him.� She braced
      herself for the yelling, being called an idiot and the
      warnings that were sure to follow. But her two best
      gal pals did nothing of the sort.

      �Awww, that�s so cute. You�re in love�
      Cooed Jubilee. Rogue was confused.

      �You�re OK with this?�

      �Girl, we totally knew�

      Rogue was floored, �you knew?�

      �We saw that letter he wrote you. You tried to play
      it off like no big deal, but come on!� Kitty

      Jubilee jumped in, �I know that was like pre Bobby
      break up and all, but you could tell.�

      �I�m that transparent?�

      �No, no, not at all. It�s just that we know you�
      and�� Jubilee faded and the more articulate Kitty took

      �We weren�t totally sure, we just had the idea, you
      know like a shadow in the back of our minds. Then you
      did the whole disappearance thing, then the super
      mopey grounded thing, we could tell it was pretty

      �Does Xavier know?�

      �Who knows, he�s like an all seeing Yoda guy.�

      �Want to come with me when I tell him I�m moving out
      to go live with John?�

      �No dear, you�ve made your bed and now you have to lie
      in it.�

      �With Pyro� added a giggling Jubilee

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