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A Real Life Dream (2/3) (PG-13) (X2) (John/Marie)

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    Extra credit to anyone who spots an allusion to another one of my stories. Enjoy Title: A Real Life Dream By: X X0832001@yahoo.com PG-13 Disclaimer: I own
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2003
      Extra credit to anyone who spots an allusion to
      another one of my stories.


      Title: A Real Life Dream

      By: X



      Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am getting no money

      Chapter 2

      Marie lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. She
      couldn�t really describe how she felt. She was
      lonely. She had her friends. She had Jubilee and
      Kitty to talk about girly things and go shopping. She
      had Bobby for the guy perspective and her frustration
      with her mutation. She had adults who cared about her
      too. Logan would protect her; keep her safe no matter
      the situation. The professor was always there with
      advice and guidance. He was working with her on her
      mutation, always trying new methods of control. He
      gave her hope that one day they�d find one that
      worked, that she could touch. But she was still

      Despite everyone in her life someone was
      still missing. A connection had been unplugged, she
      missed John. Even before she�d found the first letter
      in his closet she�d felt this loss without him. It
      hadn�t been a sense of loss like after her mutation
      developed and she lost all her friends back in
      Meridian. It was different; John hadn�t been just
      another friend.

      She wanted John, it was so frustrating.
      She wanted him, he wanted her. A stupid difference of
      opinion was what was keeping them apart. One
      different viewpoint made them go out and try and stop
      each other. It made both of them go home scratched
      and bruised, maybe worse. They were on opposite sides
      of a difference of opinion that was rapidly becoming
      the grounds of a war between humans and mutants. If
      the war came she was going to be on the side with the
      humans that hated them, and John was going to be with
      the mutants, trying to get rid of those people. It
      was a miserable no win situation.

      �Mail call chicas� Jubilee called, smiling
      widely. Marie rolled her eyes. Across the room Kitty
      lay on her own bed. Did they really need this daily
      ceremony? Kitty got mail from her parents all the
      time. Jubilee was an orphan, everyone that meant
      something to her was here at the mansion. Rogue had
      written her parents once she�d gotten settled at
      Xavier�s; but she�d never gotten a response. The only
      mail she ever got was an occasional credit card
      application or catalog. But it was more than Jubilee
      got. Jubes was thankfully too young for credit. When
      that changed the room was going to be buried by offers
      for the mall rat. Until then, there was need for
      Jubilee to go through this joyful mail distribution

      Needless to say Marie was shocked when a
      white envelope fluttered past her eyes and landed on
      her stomach. It was a small white letter envelope.
      Marie could count the number of letters she�d received
      on one hand of a clumsy carpenter. She ripped open
      the envelope without hesitation and unfolded her
      letter. She immediately recognized the neat,
      curvaceous writing as feminine. Wondering what woman
      was writing her a letter she scanned down to the
      bottom of the page.

      It was from Mystique. Marie could feel the breath
      freeze in her lungs. Why would Mystique write her a
      letter? Was it about John? The image of his abused
      body slung over Sabertooth�s shoulder assaulted her
      mind. He�d been so still; looked so dead. Magneto
      had said he�d live, but Magneto wasn�t a doctor. He
      could have taken a bad turn. She couldn�t breathe; it
      was like she�d been punched in the stomach. The image
      was frozen in her mind and wouldn�t change. Tears
      filled her eyes and Marie bolted to the bathroom. She
      couldn�t try and explain the flood of tears that would
      come if something had happened to John. An optimistic
      voice tried to assure her she shouldn�t jump to
      conclusions; she hadn�t even read what the letter said
      yet. But that voice was having serious trouble being
      heard over the logical reasoning that Mystique was the
      enemy, she wasn�t going to drop a line just to find
      out how Marie was doing at school.

      She settled herself on the counter next to the sink.
      That retched image; John swollen, oozing fresh blood
      as the dried version flaked from sick colored skin,
      refused to budge from her mind until she found out for
      sure what the letter said. With a deep, steadying
      breath she began to actually read what the shape
      shifter had written.


      I know about the note you�ve asked Magneto
      to give Pyro. Call me a romantic but love is a
      beautiful thing. While we may disagree on many levels
      on many topics, I don�t hate other mutants. I don�t
      begrudge you any happiness. I learned of your
      situation and am providing you with information you
      may find useful.

      You should know, the 16th of this month
      Magneto, Sabertooth and I will be away all day. Pyro
      will be alone at our current base, still located in
      the same Canadian city, number 246 on Regent Street.
      This information is for you alone. It is not meant to
      bring an attack from your X-men. It�s for the sake of
      Pyro and yourself. I am giving you one day. We ship
      out the 17th. If you want time with the man you claim
      to love I�ve arranged the opportunity.

      I don�t suspect you�ll throw away this
      chance; there won�t be action from your teammates.
      Though I warn you, if I am wrong and your X-men
      descend upon this vulnerable young man, the
      retribution will be swift and devastating. I�m giving
      you a day, use it wisely.


      The letter was brief, to the point, but
      Marie re-read it three times before she understood
      what it said. She let out the breath she�d been
      holding after the first read through. She�d described
      him as vulnerable but John was fine, not dead. She
      read again and had to re-read the third time to be
      sure what she thought was actually true. She was
      going to be able to see John! She was going to see
      him in person, not across a battlefield or as he was
      laid in a car. Marie was going to be in the same room
      with him and able to talk.

      Then a wave of anxiety hit her. They were
      going to talk. What would she say? She took a deep
      breath. Her head swam. She was nervous and excited,
      anxious and ecstatic. It was a weird bubbly feeling
      in her stomach. She popped down off the counter.
      Staying in the bathroom wasn�t an option. Already she
      was going to need an excuse as to why she�d run in
      there, and what her letter had said. She clearly
      couldn�t tell the truth. Even if Kitty and Jubilee
      didn�t tell the others they would try and talk her out
      of going.

      Rogue hated listening to all the John
      bashing. Right after he�d left it had been the worse.
      Marie hadn�t participated, but she could understand
      their initial reaction. They didn�t know John like
      she did. She knew what had happened in his life that
      made him choose the Brotherhood. He�d tried living
      with Xavier and believing the message of peace but it
      never stuck. Humans had treated him like scum, made
      him feel helpless for too long. He�d assumed a roll
      at the school, had his act, but wasn�t like the rest
      of them.

      When he was gone the �bad seed�, �good
      riddance� muttering began. Rogue disagreed with all
      of it but understood they were just upset. But once
      the X-men began fighting the Brotherhood, complete
      with its new member, the things they said about John
      became vicious. These people had barely known John
      and they were ripping him apart. Those that did know
      him were more like Bobby, sad and confused. That�s
      part of why Bobby kept that memorial to John until he
      was ordered to remove it, as a sign he wasn�t on the
      bandwagon, that he didn�t hate John. Rogue really
      respected Bobby for the strength of his friendship to
      John. She wondered if she could tell him about this
      secret rendezvous. Maybe after it was over

      She didn�t have too much time to waste.
      The 16th was in just a few days. She strode into her
      room, ignoring the looks from her roommates. She
      jumped onto her computer, quickly finding what she
      needed. Without the X-jet it was going to take at
      least 3 whole days to get there. The site claimed it
      was a 48 hour drive, not stopping for anything. She
      zoomed out on the little map that was being displayed
      and realized she had to get all the way across the
      country. It�s no time at all by jet, but she doubted
      she could come up with a plausible excuse why she
      should be allowed to take the jet, alone, and without
      saying where or why she was going.

      The 16th was Thursday, today was Monday.
      She had to leave, immediately. She jumped up from her
      chair and grabbed her book bag. Shoving in a shirt
      and heading back to the bathroom for her toothbrush
      she was blocked by Jubilee. �What is going on with

      �I gotta go� Pulling a very cheap trick
      she announced, �My Grandma died, I need to get back
      for the funeral.� Jubilee immediately stepped aside; a
      grandparent�s funeral was serious. Marie threw in the
      toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup bag, and hairbrush.
      That was really all she needed. Suddenly remembering
      her last run away experience she crammed a little
      blanket into the bag as well. Canada was a cold
      place. Turning back to Jubilee she asked, �Can you
      tell the Professor for me�

      �Oh yeah sweetie, anything else you need
      us to do?� Marie felt bad lying to them, and when she
      was inevitably caught by this rushed series of lies
      she had no idea what she�d tell them. But she just
      didn�t have time now. This was her one shot to see
      John. �No, that should do it.� With that she was out
      in the garage, throwing her backpack into the back
      seat of the car. Jumping into the driver�s seat she
      roughly pulled down the sun visor in search of the
      keys. Everything seemed to take entirely too long
      when she was this rushed. With the shiny metal in
      hand she gave a twist and brought the car to life. It
      started now. Regardless of what trouble she�d be in
      when she got back it was worth it.

      It was one of the most boring road trips in history.
      Absolutely nothing happened. She didn�t get lost, she
      didn�t encounter anyone interesting, she spent the
      whole time in the car, alone. She had had plenty of
      time to think. She thought about a lot of things,
      mostly John. She reminisced about their late night
      talks, the times Bobby had cancelled and they wound up
      just hanging out with each other. It was funny she
      was nervous now because he always made her so

      It was an excited nervous though. Not
      like an �I so need to pass this math test� nervous,
      more like a �What do I say?� kind of nervous. She put
      the car in park and officially ended her journey. The
      address Mystique had specified was 4 houses down. She
      got out of the car and made her way down the street,
      her anxious mind flying through scenario after
      scenario of what she would find at the house.

      Marie turned the knob and pushed. The
      door easily moved aside and gave her entry into the
      enemy�s lair. The letter could have been a trap,
      trying to get her alone and vulnerable as part of some
      complex plan. It had happened before, with these very
      same players. But for some reason the total ease of
      the situation made her worry for John instead of
      herself. One of the Friends of Humanity could have
      walked right in and done God knows what.

      The house looked like a normal 3 story
      suburban dwelling. Inside was a bit more chaotic than
      your average upper middle class home. Stairs to the
      right, the entry led to a kitchen. Off of the entry
      hall was the living room. The living room did betray
      this wasn�t a family home. Maps decorating the walls
      instead of art, computers surrounded the couch and the
      coffee table was actually large and high enough to
      have been moved in from the dining room. It was
      clearly a base of operations. Proceeding to the
      kitchen she froze in the doorway. She�d assumed since
      he was recovering he�d be in bed, upstairs. She�d
      wanted to look around and get prepared before she saw
      him. After 3 days in a car, only stopping when the
      gas tank was on fumes and again late last night when
      she simple couldn�t keep her eyes open any longer, she
      was a road weary mess. But there he was.

      John, clad in T-shirt and sweat pants, was
      sitting at a rickety kitchen table eating a bowl of
      Corn Flakes. �John� she whispered, unable to say
      anymore than that. The spoon hit the bottom of the
      bowl with a clang.

      �Marie! What are you doing here?� He was
      on his feet and next to her in an instant. She
      wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. He
      successfully covered a wince at the sudden movement.
      Mystique had suggested he get moving again, as they
      were leaving just after midnight, but this was the
      first he�d been out of bed in days.

      �God, Johnny�� she hugged him tighter and
      buried her face in his cloth covered shoulder. Being
      so close she felt him tense in pain. Without thinking
      she pulled back, grabbed the hem of his T-shirt and
      pulled it up. Bandages were wrapped around his ribs
      and bruises added a rainbow to normally healthy
      colored skin. �What did they do to you?� she cooed,
      tears welling up involuntarily.

      John only pulled her close again, ignoring
      the pain and pressing his face to her hair.
      Considering the damage to his ribs he should have been
      screaming. But, this close to Marie, having her in
      his arms, he couldn�t feel anything but happy. �I
      can�t believe you�re here.� He mumbled. A familiar
      scent hit his nose. �You�ve been smoking�

      She pulled back to look at his face.
      �It�s your fault�


      �You get me all confused�

      �The letter? I�d apologize for that
      muddled death bed confession, but it brought you here
      so�� he drifted away from his thought towards the
      concrete fact that his confession of love did not tell
      her where he had been staying, or that Magneto would
      be gone today. �How did you know to come here today?�

      Marie smiled. �Mystique sent me a letter
      telling me it was safe to come. I couldn�t believe
      she�d do something like that.�

      Now it was John�s turn to smile. Suddenly
      the slightly unusual morning made sense. �That
      explains why she was so insistent that they get an
      early start. You should have seen the way she bullied
      Sabertooth into hurrying along.�

      �I started driving as soon as I got her
      letter so I could make it in time.�

      �You drove here?�

      �Three days� He hugged her close again.
      She had spent three days driving alone in a car just
      to see him for one day. He couldn�t believe someone
      would care enough to do that for him.

      �You�re amazing�

      �You�re worth it�


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