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FIC: Late Night Work Out, (Sabretooth/Magneto slash, post X2)

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  • Henrika
    Story Title: Late Night Work Out. Rating: NC-17 for m/m sex. Pairing: Sabretooth/Magneto (yes, another one;) Fandom: Movieverse, post X2 Summary: Erik goes to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2003
      Story Title: Late Night Work Out.

      Rating: NC-17 for m/m sex.

      Pairing: Sabretooth/Magneto (yes, another one;)

      Fandom: Movieverse, post X2

      Summary: Erik goes to the gym for a late night work out.

      Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. Marvel does. No money

      Archive: My website
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html Others, please
      ask first. xmmff, feel free to archive it if you want to, although I
      won't fly at you if you don't.;)

      Series/Sequel: This story is totally independent. It has absolutely
      nothing to do with my previous Mags/Sabes fics. Maybe there will be
      a sequel somewhere in the future, but there's nothing for now,

      Feedback: *Very* appreciated. If this pairing squicks you though,
      I'm not very interested in hearing about it. Now is your time to
      turn back.

      A/N: Any warnings? Yes, this is about Mags and Sabes getting it on.
      Don't like it? Hit the back button, or read it anyway. I
      don't care,
      but don't flame me if you chose to ignore the warnings. Also,
      is a little rough sex, but no non-con. That wasn't so bad was it?
      OK, let's proceed to the fic.

      Magneto was feeling terribly out of shape. Now, newly escaped from
      that horrible plastic prison where he'd been incarcerated for the
      past two years, he decided to do something about it. He couldn't
      even walk in stairs anymore without losing his breath, and that was
      a bad sign.

      Four weeks had passed since his escape, and since young Pyro joined
      his team, The Brotherhood of Mutants. His old recruit Sabretooth had
      also rejoined, and once again, with four members, The Brotherhood
      was complete. Stryker was dead (presumably) and although Erik's
      attempt to wipe out mankind through his old friend Charles had
      failed, he was content. Except for his bad shape.

      Erik wanted to avoid getting a physically frail old man. That was
      inevitable, of course, but a good diet and hard exercise could
      postpone the ordeal, which had already begun. His younger recruits
      would start laughing at him, and Erik could simply not stand the

      Their new lair was a hyper-modern compound that contained everything
      they would ever need. Of course there was also a gym, where the
      others, especially Sabretooth spent much time, and which Magneto had
      effectively avoided until now. He had been there once with Pyro, but
      he hadn't seriously *done* anything then; in fact he just offered
      go with the boy to have the pleasure of watching him in the showers
      afterwards. Young John had probably not suspected anything, but at
      least Erik got his pleasant view.

      Now he would go there for a serious reason. Erik had never really
      liked working out, but that didn't matter now. He had to get his
      body back in shape.

      He decided to go down there in the evening. Probably the gym would
      be empty at that time, and that's exactly what he wanted, since
      didn't want any of his minions – not even Mystique, who he
      the most – to see how bad his situation was. He dressed in baggy
      warm-up clothes, brought a towel, and sneaked down to the gym.

      The gym wasn't empty like he'd believed and hoped. Sabretooth
      there, lying on his back on a bench and doing presses with heavy
      weights. The huge man's swelling muscles rippled with each pump,
      his whole body was glistering with sweat. Currently Sabretooth was

      He could instantly smell Erik when the other man entered, and sat up
      to look at him.

      Erik hesitated for a split second. He really, *really* didn't
      to "work out" in front of Sabretooth and make a fool out of
      but what choice did he have? He had come here, and he couldn't
      leave again without an explanation. That would be like confessing
      Sabretooth had scared him off. So he entered the gym, and tried to
      look like it was something he did every day.

      "Good evening…" he muttered and nodded shortly at

      Sabretooth just grinned in response and set his weights down. Erik
      started to wish he had never come here at all.

      "Mags!" the big mutant grinned. "You're certainly the
      last person I
      expected to see here. Why have you come? Are you here for a work

      Erik shot him an angry glare. "Yes, of course I am here for a
      out," he muttered. "What did you think?"

      Sabretooth shrugged. "Just askin'. It's the first time
      I've seen you
      here. You don't seem to the work out type."

      Now Erik even managed to smile, and sat down on the bench next to
      Sabretooth's. No, probably Sabretooth was right; he was maybe not
      the work out type. And he sure as hell didn't look like one

      "No, I suppose I'm not," he admitted and put his towel
      away. "But I
      thought it's time to change that. It's never too late to
      one's mind."

      Sabretooth had to suppress laughter. After regarding Mags, he'd
      surprised if the old man could manage ten presses with a 20-pound
      weight before passing out from exertion. He didn't care to tell
      this, though. He wasn't an empath or anything, but he had a
      his boss wouldn't appreciate to hear it.

      "Well…" he said instead. "Since I'm here, I might as
      well help you
      get started. What would you like to start with?"

      "Huh?" Erik blinked dumbly. Sabretooth offered to help him?
      almost couldn't believe it. The big brute never cared about
      or anything but himself, so why this unexpected friendliness?

      "Mags? Would you like me to assist you?" Sabretooth asked

      "Yes, sure…" Erik murmured finally. "If you'd like

      "It will be my pleasure!" Sabretooth grinned proudly.
      "So, what
      would you like to start with?"

      Erik's eyes wandered about the large gym. Since he wasn't a
      down here, he didn't know what the different devices were used
      Some looked odd to say the least… Erik tried to think of
      to say, but all he did was to stare sheepishly at Sabretooth.

      "I don't know," he said after a while. "What would
      you recommend?"

      "I'd go slow at first," Sabretooth replied. "You
      mustn't exert your
      body too much in the beginning, so you won't get hurt. I assume
      you're… out of shape, are ya, Mags?"

      Magneto sighed. "Out of shape" was exactly what he was,
      although he
      didn't like the sound of that phrase.

      "Yes, I am," he said, and tried hard to conceal the
      irritation he
      felt. It was really not Sabretooth's business, but since he had
      agreed to this in the first place, he assumed some slightly awkward
      and personal questions came with the territory.

      "Then we'll fix that, but it will take some time,"
      stated. "I mean… you're old…"

      "I am not *that* old," Erik remarked dryly.

      "How old are ya, then?"

      "Only 68," Erik replied with dignity. "But I've heard
      from some that
      I look ten years younger. But that was not what we were discussing.
      I asked what you thought would be best for me?"

      "If you'd like, Mags, you could do some presses,"
      suggested. "But with smaller weights than mine, of course. I
      your body will tell you when it's time to quit."

      Erik shrugged. Since he clearly had no knowledge of this place, or
      how things worked, he had to trust Sabretooth's judgement.

      "Alright," he said. "How do I do?"

      "At first, you have to take that sweater off. You'll get warm
      sweaty shortly, and besides that big lumpy thing isn't even
      practical. So off with it."

      Erik complied, even though he was slightly reluctant to take off the
      sweater. He was wearing a tank top underneath, that clearly showed
      the miserable state of his muscles. Probably the view would give his
      henchman a good laugh, if nothing else.

      Sabretooth regarded Erik when he pulled off his sweater, and
      noticed, of course, that he was ashamed. His skin was very pale, and
      his biceps practically non-existent. Oh, man… He could sure use
      work, Sabretooth thought.

      "Well... Okay… Lie down on your back there on the bench,"

      Erik did what he was told and tried to find a comfortable position.
      It was hard. He wondered how people could lie like this, and even do
      presses at the same time. To him it seemed impossible. His back was
      already protesting.

      Sabretooth got up to his feet and walked to stand behind
      bench. He placed a few small free-weights on the bar.

      "It's alright, I'll be your spotter this time," he
      said and easily
      lifted the bar with one hand. "Now take this, and do fifteen
      to begin with. Can ya do that?"

      Erik saw the massive bulk of Sabretooth looming over him, and
      extended his arms to accept the bar. He could always "cheat"
      using his power of magnetism to control the weights, but probably
      Sabretooth would know if he did. So Erik stretched his fingers out,
      and prepared to take the weights, both physically and mentally. He
      knew he had to manage fifteen presses, otherwise Sabretooth would
      never let him forget it.

      "How much is it?" he asked with a frown before he did

      "25," his minion replied shortly. "Now go!"

      Erik sighed, and then he did what Sabretooth wanted and let him
      place the bar in his hands. 25 pounds wasn't really that much. It
      didn't feel so heavy, at least not yet, but after a few times it
      did. Erik was sweating, and could literally feel the lactic acid in
      his muscles. He was almost out of breath after 12 presses, and
      considered using his powers to take the weight off his arms. It was
      really bad, he realized. He needed to do something about this
      swiftly, otherwise he'd probably die of an aneurysm or something.

      Erik did the remaining three presses before his arms gave way and
      started to drop the bar. Sabretooth caught it with a reflex before
      Erik could do it with magnetism. Erik gave out a small, involuntary
      cry. Sabretooth grinned down at him, and Erik could see his black
      cat-like eyes gleam behind his thick eyebrows.

      He's mocking me, Erik realized. Of course. Who wouldn't?
      I'm feeble.
      Why did I even agree to let him assist me?

      "Let go," Erik croaked.

      "You sure?"

      "Yes. Let go," Erik ordered his recruit.


      Sabretooth let go of the bar, even though he didn't think Magneto
      would be able to take it on now. But instead of catching the bar,
      Erik let go of it, and simply let it hover in midair before he
      slowly set it back in its place above himself. When he was done he
      sat up and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his
      hand. A few drops had trickled into his eyes, and made them sting
      like crazy.

      Erik exhaled deeply and brushed his sweat-slick grey hair back from
      his forehead. He was blushing, with humiliation obvious on his face.
      He lacked both strength and stamina. If he hadn't had his powers,
      would have been pretty helpless.

      "Was it hard for you?" Sabretooth asked.

      "No, didn't you see how smoothly it went?" Erik snapped
      back. Right
      now he felt like crumpling every goddamn device in this gym and
      making some kind of useful laboratory of this place. It would serve
      him much better.

      "That was your first step," Sabretooth said. "Rest a
      minute, before
      we continue."

      Erik thought he'd choke. "Continue?" he spurted. "No
      thank you. Not
      tonight. Right now I just want to shower and then go to bed. No more
      working out. I think I've had enough of it."

      Sabretooth snorted. "You can't seriously expect that to do
      any good,
      can ya? If ya want muscles like mine, you have to put some more work
      behind it, Mags!"

      "You said yourself I have to go slow at first. And really, I *do
      not* want muscles like yours. What I want is to be able to walk in
      stairs without losing my breath."

      Sabretooth shrugged. "I don't know why you even came here.
      you've done is whining. But if you want to see results, you had
      better drop that attitude at once."

      "What?!" Erik snapped. "What attitude? What are you
      talking about?"

      "You gotta have more faith in yourself," Sabretooth said
      seriously. "It won't work otherwise. You came here with a
      approach. What did ya expect?"

      The giant came and sat down next to Erik on the bench. The elder man
      felt very small and puny next to the blond's hulking frame.

      "You're used to getting what you want. I know that, Maggie,
      but your
      own body is the one thing you can't command," Sabretooth said
      in a
      soft voice and then placed his big hand on Erik's thigh.

      "I don't even know why I came here. It was a really stupid
      idea. I
      see that now," Erik said, furious because Sabretooth was
      him. "I didn't ask for your help, and I don't need it
      either. I
      can't even understand why we are having this debate. If you
      me now, I have to take a shower. I smell, and so do you."

      With that he stood up and threw the big clawed hand off his thigh
      and marched out of the gym.

      Erik headed straight for the showers. He undressed in the changing-
      room, and was halfway in the shower room when he noticed he'd
      forgotten his towel in the gym. Damn. He could go get it, of course,
      but Sabretooth was probably still there, and Erik didn't want to
      there naked. He could dress again, but he didn't want to pull on
      those smelly clothes either.

      I'll shower anyway, he decided. I can always bring my towel after
      I've showered. Then he's probably gone.

      So Erik went inside the shower room and stood under a nozzle and let
      the water run. He did it without touching the faucet. But the water
      nearly had time to hit his body before the door was opened and
      another figure entered to take a shower.

      It was Sabretooth, of course. Erik opened his eyes and looked in the
      direction of the big man. He made no attempts to cover himself up.
      He didn't know if Sabretooth had seen him nude before, but even
      he hadn't, he probably wouldn't care.

      "Hey Mags, you forgot your towel," he said as he entered.
      "I left it
      in the dressing room."

      "Good…" Erik muttered and silently followed Sabretooth with
      eyes. The other man was naked too, of course. His long, damp hair
      hung down his back, and his massive bulk was still glistering with
      sweat. He actually looked good.

      Erik knew it was common politeness not to stare at other men in a
      public shower, but he figured a glance or two couldn't hurt. He
      assumed Sabretooth knew he was gay (they hadn't discussed the
      subject, but still) so he might as well expect some looks when
      chosen to come here at this time.

      There were four showers in the room, but for some reason Sabretooth
      chose the one next to Erik. Erik silently cursed him. This way Erik
      would have to watch him the whole time, and he was afraid the feral
      man wouldn't like to be ogled by an old gay.

      Sabretooth turned his shower on and let the warm spray hit his bulk.
      It felt great. Every now and then he glanced at the elder man's
      weedy body next to him, and discovered that Erik was busy checking
      him out as well. He had to fight hard not to laugh. Of course he
      knew Mags was queer, but he had never believed *he* would ever
      attract the old man's eye.

      Sabretooth had nothing against being looked at – he was used to
      by now – so he let Mags continue, curious to see how far he would
      take it.

      After a couple of furtive glances, Erik grew bolder. When Sabretooth
      stood there, within his reach, he might as well take a closer look.
      He didn't get a chance to see too many naked men nowadays, so
      might be his only chance in a long time. He almost forgot to shower,
      and no longer tried to avert his eyes.

      Sabretooth had a good body. Very…male. Tall, with broad shoulders
      and huge, swelling muscles. He was very hairy too. His whole chest
      was covered with crisp blond hair that continued down his abdomen
      and thickened again around his sex. Sabretooth's cock, even when
      limp, was very big. Erik's eyes widened when he saw it properly
      he had to hold back a gasp. He couldn't help thinking how that
      member would feel in his hands, or…

      Now *this* was becoming a problem. His eyes and body liked what he
      saw, even though his conscious mind didn't like it at all.
      his will his body started to respond. He got an erection and a
      familiar yet unwanted throbbing started in his loins.

      Erik almost panicked. Sabretooth would see it, and probably smell it
      as well. What should he do? Flee the scene? That might be the most
      sensible thing to do, but would Sabretooth ever take him seriously
      again if he fled?

      But Erik didn't get a chance to flee. Before he could do anything
      the feral giant lunged at him and pinned him against the wall in a
      flash. He wrenched his right arm up behind his back and used his own
      size and weight to press the smaller body of the old man against the

      Erik didn't get a chance to react at all. Suddenly he just found
      himself pinned between the wall and Sabretooth, feeling the larger
      man's wet chest hairs and bulging pectorals in his back. He cried
      out reflexively. A multitude of thoughts passed through his shocked

      What was this? Was he going to be killed? Beaten? Bitten? Mutilated?
      Sabretooth was twice his weight and many times stronger. Erik's
      powers worked from a distance, and only a fool would engage in hand-
      to-hand combat in his case, especially against someone like

      Sabretooth could hear and feel the furious pounding of Erik's
      It almost sounded like it would jump out through his chest any
      second. He couldn't help grinning. This was exactly how he wanted
      the presumptuous old prick.

      "Ahh…" Erik whimpered, still terrified. Sabretooth's
      iron-grip of
      his didn't ease, and until it did, he was going to remain in this
      position. He couldn't possibly know what the madman wanted with
      but the strange thing was that he hadn't lost his erection yet.
      mere thought of it sickened him now. He couldn't be turned on by
      this, could he? No, never. He was probably having a purely reflexive

      "So, Mags…" Sabretooth whispered in the older man's ear.
      "Was this
      what you wanted all along, huh?"

      "What…?" Let me go, Victor… You are hurting me…
      Ahh…!" Erik
      stuttered and couldn't help wincing in pure terror when he
      felt something hard and heated and very large pressing against the
      small of his back. Sabretooth's erection.

      Oh, God! Was this monstrous brute going to rape him? Erik really had
      a hard time picturing getting raped in a shower room by Sabretooth,
      but that was certainly not impossible now. He, the Master of
      Magnetism, raped by his brutish henchman, just because he shot him a
      glance or two in the shower?

      His arm had started to hurt from being in this unnatural position.
      If Sabretooth didn't release him soon he would certainly panic
      maybe do something foolish.

      "Let me go, please…" he tried again, hoping that Sabretooth
      had come
      to his senses.

      Sabretooth didn't answer. Instead his reached around Magneto and
      gripped the other's erection in his huge hand. Erik gasped
      What was he doing?! Oh, this couldn't be happening!

      Gently Sabretooth nudged Erik's legs apart with his knee as he
      stroked his firm erection. His own hardness was pressing against his
      captive's back, and he bent his legs a little, to get more in
      with Erik.

      "So you're excited? I can smell your pre-come…" he
      whispered. "What
      would you like me to do? Fuck you from behind? Would you like that,

      Looking never hurt anyone, but Erik had a policy never to sleep with
      his team-mates. That was simply not professional, and that's how
      preferred to keep his relationships with his minions. But on the
      other hand, he had never had a minion he had actually wanted to bed.
      Pyro was yummy in a way, but he was just a boy, and Toad, although
      he was dead now, still made Erik nauseous sometimes. But

      A part of Erik wanted to break that policy now, and simply let the
      brute fuck him, but he had still enough brain in him to realize that
      would be a very insensible thing to do. He was sure Sabretooth's
      engorged member would cause him real physical damage if he wasn't
      thoroughly prepared and lubricated. He hadn't seen it in its full
      size, but he felt it against his buttocks, and that was more than

      Sabretooth was sniffing his wet hair now. The firm grip of his arm
      slowly eased and instead he felt the giant's hands on his
      and then on his back. His erection was throbbing painfully now, and
      he still couldn't fathom that this situation actually aroused

      Sabretooth was gentle now, and his caresses, which had seemed so
      threatening only a minute ago, felt erotic. Erik's breathing grew
      heavy and he rested his warm forehead against the cool, white tiles.

      Sabretooth's hands were kneading his buttocks now. A large finger
      slid in between his buttocks and brushed his puckered opening. Erik
      winced. Sabretooth wasn't going to finger him, right, not with
      claws? Didn't he realize that was impossible?

      To Erik's relief the finger disappeared. He could still feel
      Sabretooth's member though, and hoped he would take care and not
      just force his way in, even if Erik agreed to this.

      "Let me turn around…" Erik breathed, hoping that Sabretooth

      "Okay…" was the answer, and he actually moved enough to let
      spin around.

      Now Erik was able to look into the larger man's face. He put his
      palms against his chest, as to attempt pushing him away. Still a
      little shaky, Erik started dropping to his knees. Sabretooth's
      tangled in his wet hair and his huge erection was poking Erik's

      "Open your mouth," the brute growled and his hold of
      Erik's hair
      tightened. Erik didn't like that. In his frenzy, Sabretooth might
      very well suffocate him.

      "Let go of my hair first," he asked softly. "Then
      I'll do it."

      Reluctantly Sabretooth did what he was asked and let his arms drop
      to his sides. He felt a tentative lick on the tip, that almost drove
      him mad and made him slam his whole cock down Magneto's throat.

      After a few teasing licks, Erik closed his mouth around the entire
      head. He had done this before, many times, and he considered himself
      quite good at it too, but there was just no way for him to take the
      entire member, and he hoped Sabretooth understood that. Slowly he
      began working more and more of the shaft into his mouth, and tried
      to find a pace that would not gag him but still create enough
      stimulation. None of his previous partners had been near the size of
      Sabretooth, so he had to adjust to it.

      At least he believed he managed quite well, because the giant was
      soon gasping and grunting indiscriminately and thrusting his hips
      into Erik's mouth, almost gagging him in the process. But
      Sabretooth's hands returned and held him completely still.

      Erik looked up at the man he was pleasuring, with a questioning look
      on his face. Had he done something wrong?

      "I don't wanna come this way," Sabretooth said. "I
      wanna get inside
      your pretty white ass. Bend over, Mags."

      Erik wasn't sure of this. He wasn't usually the submissive
      when he
      slept with other males. He liked to be on top during lovemaking, and
      pound into his partners and look down at their faces as they clamped
      down on him and welcomed him inside their bodies.

      Getting Sabretooth to bottom was not an option, of course, so if
      they were going to do this, he had to be the one. He just hoped
      Sabretooth wouldn't try to force him if he decided not to.

      Besides, Sabretooth was big. Too big, perhaps. Erik wasn't sure
      could take him into his body without being injured.

      "Bend over," Sabretooth repeated and made a motion with his

      "Wait… we don't have to do this here," Erik tried.
      "Let us go up to
      my room, into a bed, and…"

      "No, if we leave now, we won't continue," Sabretooth
      stated. "Besides I don't wanna wait. I wanna fuck you

      Erik knew that it was probably true. If they stopped now, got
      dressed and walked upstairs the tension that had built up between
      them would be gone, and they would both realize how foolish the
      whole thing was, and go separate ways. Sabretooth didn't want
      and honestly, Erik didn't want it either.

      "Alright," he finally agreed and rose to all fours, as
      had instructed him. "You can do it, but you must be *extremely*
      careful. Lubricate me and prepare me well. If I hurt, you have to
      promise me to stop. Alright?"

      "Okay…" Sabretooth muttered, and started to look for
      something to
      use as lubricant. He only had a bottle of shower gel. It would have
      to do.

      The gel was blue. He used his knuckles to prepare Erik instead of
      his fingertips, since his claws prevented him from using them. It
      worked well though, and Erik moaned with something Victor believed
      to be pleasure when he thrust his knuckle into his opening.

      Magneto had a very nice ass. Sabretooth almost felt like reaching
      forward and tonguing his cleft, but he didn't, since he was
      of Erik's response. Anyway, he wanted to get this over with. He
      wanted to come badly, and he was going to do it inside Erik. Since
      he knew he couldn't get any diseases, a condom was not needed.
      Barebacking Mags was safe.

      He coated his own length with a thick layer of shower gel before he
      was satisfied. He had promised Erik to take care, and he would.

      He put his left hand on Erik's hip, and grabbed his own shaft
      his right. "Okay Mags, are ya ready?" he asked before he

      Erik, who was currently feeling a bit like a dog, nodded. He could
      almost not believe this was happening. He was about to get fucked on
      the shower room floor by Sabretooth!

      "Yes, I'm ready…" he said in a hoarse voice, and did his
      utmost to
      relax, so that his body would be able to take Sabretooth's huge
      member, or at least a part of it. The length was one thing, but the

      Shortly he felt the large head of Sabretooth's cock against his
      opening, which slowly but relentlessly started to push in. The
      lubricant made it easier, but it still wasn't easy. Erik had to
      fight back a scream when the bulbous head pushed past his sphincter,
      and flexed his muscles reflexively.

      "You have to relax," Sabretooth said. "Come on now…"

      Erik tried to comply. He had not been fucked for nearly 25 years,
      and never by someone this huge. Sabretooth slowly pushed deeper and
      deeper. To Erik it felt like being fisted, and the feeling was not
      the least enjoyable. His erection flagged, and he had to try hard
      not to squirm away.

      Sabretooth didn't even try getting his entire length in. A good
      was enough, and that was more than most people could take.

      Erik gritted his teeth when Sabretooth had stopped pushing and now
      was still. It hurt, but not as badly as before. It still felt
      uncomfortable, though. He wondered what would happen when Sabretooth
      started moving.

      He did it very gently. Erik was much smaller than he was, after all,
      and he must not be too rough. He wondered if he'd put on enough
      lube. Anyway, Mags would let him know if he hadn't. He placed
      his hands on Magneto's hips and started thrusting carefully.

      Erik rested his head against his hands on the wet floor of the
      shower room. What he felt now was only slight discomfort, not pain.
      He had to admit his partner was not being rough, which surprised him
      a little. Sabretooth usually didn't show any regard to other
      people's needs and feelings.

      One bump accidentally brushed Erik's prostate. He cried out with
      both pleasure and surprise, and felt his erection slowly returning.
      Sabretooth noticed this, of course, and reached around him to take
      it in his hand.

      It was much smaller than his own was. Erik's shaft virtually
      disappeared into his large fist. Still Magneto was fairly well-
      endowed for someone his size and age, so he had nothing to be
      ashamed of there.

      Erik gasped when he felt the hand around his erection, and started
      to pump it. That, together with the constant stroking of his
      prostate was almost enough to send him over the edge. His arms gave
      way under him, and he came, spurting his seed over Sabretooth's
      and the wet, slippery floor. Since the water was still running, it
      quickly washed the semen down the drain.

      Sabretooth chuckled as he felt Erik's member soften in his hand.
      very much stamina there either, he thought.

      Erik's internal muscles flexed and clamped down on his
      shaft when he had his orgasm. Sabretooth grunted in pleasure, and
      quickened his speed. He was close now, and started riding Magneto
      harder. He grabbed the other's slender hips and pumped into his
      still narrow channel, not really caring if he hurt Erik or not. He
      could hear the old man groan with something he believed was pain,
      not pleasure, but since he got no serious reaction, he continued.

      He roared out when he finally came, filling Magneto's insides
      his seed. He stayed in Erik after he had come and regarded his lithe
      body. The old man was on his knees now only due to his support. He
      started to wonder if Erik had fainted.

      "Erik?" he grunted and slapped Erik's right buttock
      lightly. "Are ya

      Slowly Erik lifted his heavy head. Yes, he was still here, but he
      almost wished he wasn't. Right now it felt like he just wanted to
      to sleep there and then.

      Sabretooth let his now half-erect cock slip out of Magneto's back
      channel. His semen started pouring out as soon as he did it, but the
      sphincter around Erik's entrance closed quickly, as it was not
      natural state to stay stretched.

      Sabretooth got to his feet and offered Erik a hand up. "Come on,
      now," he said. "You don't wanna stay here all night, do

      Erik pulled his hand over his face and slowly turned his head to
      look up at the man who had just fucked him. Sabretooth looked
      casual, as usual. Erik wondered if he was going to forget about the
      whole thing now when he had gotten what he wanted. Probably, and it
      might even be a wise thing to do. Unfortunately, Erik did not work
      that way. He couldn't forget things just because he wanted to,
      he sure as hell wouldn't forget a thing like this.

      "Are ya coming?" Sabretooth repeated, now annoyed. He was
      offering Erik his hand, and this time Erik took it. The big man
      pulled him to his feet without effort. Erik's legs were still a
      shaky, but he believed he would manage to walk. He had a dull ache
      in his bottom, but nothing very bad. Maybe it would hurt to sit for
      the next few days, although he could deal with that.

      "Let's get dressed," Sabretooth said and started walking
      back into
      the dressing room. Erik followed him. Silently he wiped himself, and
      discovered some blood on the towel when he wiped his nether regions.
      A little blood, not much. Some minor tearing, perhaps. Erik chose to
      ignore it and started getting dressed. When he was finished,
      Sabretooth suddenly came up behind him and placed a large hand on
      his shoulder.

      Erik sighed deeply. "Yes?" he said.

      "Did I hurt you?" Sabretooth asked seriously.

      "No… not really… I'm a bit sore, but I am going to be

      "Good." The large hand travelled up Erik's neck, and
      finally gripped
      a handful of his soft, damp hair. "You're beautiful,"
      said, pulling his hand through Erik's hair.

      "Thank you…" Erik whispered. Beautiful? The feral giant
      believed he
      was beautiful? Not just "attractive enough to fuck"? It
      surprised him. He hadn't believed Sabretooth had an eye for such.

      "I'll go now," Sabretooth muttered. "See ya tomorrow,
      Mags. If you'd
      like to try another work out in the gym…"

      The large man bent down and whispered in Erik's ear, "…you
      know I'll
      be there…"

      Then he went away without casting Erik another look. Erik stayed
      until he could make his legs obey him, and then he left too. He went
      straight to his bedroom, without talking to anybody. What would he
      tell Mystique or Pyro? That he had just slept with Sabretooth?

      Safe inside his room, he curled in his bed, trying to find a way to
      deal with this situation. He was Erik Lehnsherr, Magneto, the leader
      and founder of the Brotherhood of Mutants. What was he going to do

      Well… he thought after a while. I guess it's not such a big
      deal at
      all. At least the screwing burned some calories.

      The End
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