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FIC: Summer's End (X-Men/Smallville Crossover -- 1/1)

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  • Amy
    Title: Summer’s End Author: Amy Rated: G Archive: A Small Drop of Ink, FF.net, XMMFF, Chloe Crossing, LJ. Anyone else want it? Summary: Chloe and John
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      Title: Summer�s End
      Author: Amy

      Rated: G

      Archive: A Small Drop of Ink, FF.net, XMMFF, Chloe
      Crossing, LJ. Anyone else want it?

      Summary: Chloe and John have to say good-bye.

      Disclaimer: As always, not mine. Chloe belongs to
      Alfred Gough, Miles Millar, and Tollins-Robbins. John
      belongs to Stan Lee, Marvel Comics, and 20th Century

      Author�s Note: This was suppose to be a drabble, but
      turned into a small vignette. It�s the fourth story
      in the Chloe/John saga, which includes �Sparks�, �The
      Warmth�, and �Safe in Your Arms�.

      John Allerdyce leaned against the bridge�s railing,
      absently flipping his lighter open and closed. �You
      sure you�ve gotta leave next weekend?� he asked as
      his hazel eyes stared intently ahead.

      Chloe Sullivan stared down at the water below them,
      which made small ripples in the street lamp light.
      �Yeah. I don�t want to, but school starts back in two

      Closing his lighter permanently, John straightened up
      and looked at her. �Then don�t go. Stay here.�

      �Then how would I ever be a reporter?� Chloe laughed
      as her green eyes met his. When he didn�t answer, she
      became serious. �Promise you�ll write?�

      �Yeah, whatever,� he shrugged, a strand of brown hair
      falling into his eyes.


      He sighed. �Sure, but don�t tell anybody.�

      Even though his statement left her extremely curious,
      the intrepid blonde had to repress her urge to ask
      questions. After dating the fire-controlling mutant
      for a summer, she had learned that there were some
      things he wanted to keep hidden. Instead, she smiled
      as she motioned locking her lips with an invisible
      key. �Don�t worry; you�re secret is safe with me.�

      John turned around and glanced down at the small
      creek. He didn�t know why Chloe�s leaving was
      bothering him so much. Normally, he could just forget
      her and move on. That wasn�t the case with her,

      After a quiet moment, he turned his attention back to
      her. �You gonna write back?�

      �Now that�s a silly question,� Chloe answered. She
      stepped closer to him and wrapped her arms around him.
      �If I wasn�t going to write back, I wouldn�t have
      given you my address.� She cocked her head to the
      side and grinned. �Besides, you�re unforgettable.�

      He chuckled as he pulled her closer. �That�s true.
      How could you ever forget John Allerdyce?�

      Leaning her forehead against his, Chloe sighed. �I�m
      gonna miss you. I don�t want to go back to Lana and
      her whining about Clark�s disappearance.� A month
      earlier, Chloe had finally told John the whole story
      about Clark and Lana, and Clark just deciding to leave
      Smallville without a good-bye.

      �Hey, if she ever bothers you, let me know, okay?�
      John lifted her chin to meet her eyes.

      Chloe nodded. �Okay.�

      With that, they said nothing else. Instead, they
      shared one last embrace in the lamplight.


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