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FF: A birthday party at the x mansion ((OCs and the x mansion residents)))

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  • jessie
    Title:A birthday party at the x mansion universe: movieverse rating: PG feedback: please... disclaimer: I don t own the x men, they belong to Marvel, and 20th
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2003
      Title:A birthday party at the x mansion
      universe: movieverse
      rating: PG
      feedback: please...
      disclaimer: I don't own the x men, they belong to Marvel, and 20th
      century fox. I own only isabella, the twins and Elena. the other made
      up characters belong to those in the x men movie RPG, who made them
      up, I'm in that this story is based upon.
      A/N: what should the twin's names be? you the reviewers decide, they
      are a boy and a girl.
      Second author's note: Heres a little background on Elena. She is a 15-
      year-old girl from an alternative future, where her parents are
      Isabella and Logan/Wolverine. She came to the past when she was 10
      and decided to stay because in her time/universe her father(logan) is
      missing and presumed dead after a disastrous mission that fatally
      wounded her grandfather (charles). so Nate and Issy are about 23 or
      so. This is a completely different story then Friends?


      "Aw, Ah swear issy these two are just the cutest little darlins' in
      the world" Rogue said as she played with and cooed at Nate and issy's
      month and a half-old twins. "They are aren't they?" Isabella said
      smiling at them after setting down a punch bowl.
      Riley came over and set a bowl of potato chips on one of the tables
      that had been set up outside for the party. She took a chip and
      popped it in her mouth. "Hey, wasn't I cute when I was that old?" she
      asked her mother.
      "Of course you were, I meant that they are the cutest babies
      Ri smiled. "Nice save." she then went back inside to help out with
      the rest of the party plans.

      "Here we are, the birthday cake." Scott said coming out to the yard
      where the party was to be held, he set the cake on the main table so
      Issy could take a look at it. "This is perfect Scott, thanks for
      picking it up; where's Jean."
      "Right here" came the redhead's voice as she joined them outside. It
      does look great Scott" said Jean. "I'm going to see how Nate is
      coming along at the barbecue." Scott gave his wife a kiss and then
      watched her walk over to where their son was BBQing the food for the
      Mostly everyone was outside enjoying the clear skies, thanks to
      Storm, and the wonderful sunny day.
      "Anything else for me to do?" asked scott to his daughter in law.
      "Nope, everything is about taken care of."
      "Great, I've been wanting to play with my grandchildren all morning."
      with that he went to where Rogue sat by the twins stroller and
      started to play with them; tickling then gently which got big smiles
      from the babies.

      "OK, dad, make a wish and blow out the candles." Xavier thought a
      moment and hen blew out the two candles, one was in the shape of a 7
      and the other was a 5.
      "What did you wish for?" asked Hank.

      "Hank, you know full well If I tell you what I wished for it won't
      come true." he said with a smile.
      "Besides" the professor continued. "I have everything I want." he
      looked around at his 'family'
      Hank handed Charles a large knife and he cut his birthday cake, Hope
      helped hand out plates with cake pieces to the guests.

      "This cake is great" Issy said
      "Well dear, you are the expert on sweets; you have quite a sweet
      tooth." Nate replied jokingly. Scott laughed.
      "Ha, ha, very funny Cable." Issy replied.
      Isabella only called him Cable on missions or when she was annoyed
      with him.
      Xavier had his plate on his lap and was talking with Storm and Jean
      while Rogue, Riley, Hope and Mitch were playing peek-a-boo with the
      "You know Issy, you could go on our next mission." Marie told the
      younger woman. "Yeah, I haven't been on the team since before the
      babies were born; it might take me a while to get back into the swing
      of things." she paused to take a last bite of her cake. "Although, I
      haven't been away from the twins yet."
      "There's nothing to worry about." Scott said. "Charles and the others
      will be here to watch over them."

      "Yeah, I suppose your right Scott...." she didn't finish her sentence
      because she noticed Logan come near them and Rogue hand over one of
      the twins to Logan who held the infant a little awkwardly. isabella
      smiled. "I wonder if you were that way when Elena was born." she
      The feral mutant looked at her. "Yeah, I often wonder that to
      Issy threw away her plate along with her husband's and went to talk
      with Storm, Jean and Rogue; who had joined the other two women.
      Nate took his baby daughter from Hope who was still playing peek-a-
      boo with the baby while he smiled at Logan who was holding his baby
      son; more securely to Nathan's relief.

      "sorry I'm late, I had to finish wrapping grandpa's gift." came a
      voice coming from the house. It was Elena; Issy and Logan's daughter
      from an alternative future. She went to her grandfather, kissed him
      on the cheek and gave him his present. "I wanted it to be perfect."
      Charles smiled at his granddaughter. "it looks wonderful Elena, I
      almost don't want to open it."

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