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Fic: A Wolverine, A Baby, and A Bottle of Beer

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  • "Sunshine"
    Title: A Wolverine, A Baby, and A Bottle of Beer Rated PG for language Summary: Logan and his infant daughter spend some time alone Disclaimer: I don t own
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2003
      Title: A Wolverine, A Baby, and A Bottle of Beer

      Rated PG for language

      Summary: Logan and his infant daughter spend some time alone

      Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I do own the creation of Danielle
      aka Panther

      Feedback: Please

      Archiving: with my permission - would like to know where it is being

      Jean Marie was born six months ago and already was showing signs of
      the mutant gifts she had inherited from her parents. Both Logan and
      Danielle had unmeasured regenerative abilities and feral
      personalities and Little Jean was beginning to demonstrate those

      Danielle was close to her little girl. She spent hours with her and
      their closest time was during feedings. Danielle breastfed her
      child, and she would always look so proudly upon her daughter. Rogue
      would take the infant every so often to allow Logan and Danielle some
      time to be together.

      But, it was Logan who surprised everyone at the Xavier School. This
      child had stolen her father's heart as easily as her mother had
      several years ago. This sweet little lady had already learned that
      she could get dad to do whatever she wanted whenever she batted her
      eyes at him and cried for his attention. The entire school knew Jean
      Marie was daddy's little girl, and it really had been interesting to
      see how the gruff Wolverine became a gentle loving father.

      "Logan, I am going shopping with Marie. I'll be back in an hour.
      Will you be ok with Jean Marie?" Danielle cautiously asks.

      Logan was sitting on the couch in the TV room with Jean Marie curled
      up sleeping in the cradle of his broad arm. He was watching a hockey
      game and enjoying a beer.

      "I'm fine. Go. Have fun," Logan insisted without turning around.

      "She should be content for a few hours. I fed her and changed her,"
      Danielle said.

      "Danielle, everything is under control. Ya worry too much, darlin',"
      Logan replied.

      Danielle looked at Logan with unsure eyes.

      "I'll keep an eye on things, Danielle," Jean said in reassurance.

      "Logan, it's not that I don't trust you. But, you fold the minute
      Jean Marie wants something, and I know how demanding she can be,"
      Danielle replied.

      Logan looked down at the little bundle sleeping peacefully in his
      arm. Yes, it was true. Logan fell apart any time she cried for
      attention or wanted something. She lay in the crook of his arm
      contently sleeping – her tiny hand grasping his shirt. He still
      found it hard to believe that he and Danielle made this little
      angel. Danielle kneeled down near Logan and traced her finger around
      Jean Marie's face. Logan looked into Danielle's worried eyes.

      "Danielle, go and enjoy yerself. I can handle this, really," Logan

      Danielle received a kiss from her husband and then kissed Jean
      Marie's forehead before leaving with Rogue.

      "Ya ok, Danielle?" Marie asked as she opened the passenger side of
      Danielle's car.

      "I feel so uneasy about leaving him alone with her," Danielle replied.

      "This is the first time ya eva left her. It's different than when ya
      give her to me to babysit, huh?" Marie asked.

      "I suppose it is," Danielle responded softly.

      "Jean will make sure everythin' is ok," Marie said as they pulled out
      of the driveway.

      Logan relaxed again putting his attention back on the hockey game.
      Jean Marie was still sleeping. He smiled to himself. How hard could
      this be, he wondered.

      With the end of the hockey game and the beginning of another, Logan
      still found himself at ease with his sleeping child. Until...

      She started to stir. At first, Logan figured she was just trying to
      get herself more comfortable and would go back to sleep. This wasn't
      the case. With a blood-curdling wail, Jean Marie began screaming.
      Logan leaped up terrified that something was wrong. She didn't smell
      like she needed her diaper changed. He tried to talk to her and get
      her to relax and stop crying. Logan rocked her gently with no
      success. Jean walked in.

      "Everything alright?" Jean asked.

      "She'll settle down in a bit," Logan replied.

      He didn't want anyone to think he couldn't control the situation.

      The screaming went on, and on, and on. No matter what Logan did,
      Jean Marie continued to cry.

      "Maybe she's hungry," Jean said.

      Panic began filling Logan's heart. His little girl, his offspring,
      wanted something and he didn't know what.

      "But, Danielle ain't home yet," he replied.

      "Is she teething?" Jean asked.

      "Huh?" Logan asked.

      "Come here and let me see," Jean said.

      Jean put her finger around Jean Marie's mouth probing for erupting
      teeth that might be bothering her. Nothing, but the child did stop

      Logan relaxed. It seemed like she was going to go back to sleep. He
      returned his attention to the TV, as Jean returned to what she was

      After a bit, Logan realized it was getting later. Danielle hadn't
      returned yet and Jean Marie was again growing restless. She began
      fussing and pulling at his shirt looking for attention. The child
      looked up into her father's eyes and let go with such a howl that it
      sent shivers straight up Logan's spine. He leaped to his feet with
      her in hand and panic again filling his heart.

      In a moment of desperation, Logan reached for his bottle of beer and
      put some on his finger. He needed to stop her from crying and damned
      if she didn't when he stuck his wet finger into her mouth. She
      hungrily sucked on it. He knew beer wasn't what she needed, but
      hell – he was desperate.

      He gave her a little. The crying subsided into softer whimpers.

      "Hum..." he wondered as an eyebrow curiously rose.

      He gave her a little more. Silence. He took a long swig himself.

      She cried again demanding more beer – her little arms reaching out to
      grasp the bottle he held to his lips.

      "Ya got yer dad's taste buds, little darlin'," he said before giving
      her just a bit more.

      The child settled down and Logan sat down on the couch with the baby
      resting on his chest.

      Jean came in having heard the commotion. She found Logan and child
      relaxing again.

      "You ok? Thought I heard her crying again," Jean probed.

      "We're fine," Logan grunted.

      Jean wondered what was going on. She sensed something was strange.

      "Logan, tell me you didn't..." Jean trailed off.

      "What?" Logan sternly asked.

      "You didn't give her any of that beer, did you?" Jean asked seeing
      the bottle in his hand.

      "Why would you think I would do that?" Logan retorted.

      "You know you would give her a hang over the size of Texas, if you
      did such a thing," Jean said.

      "Shit, she's got her daddy's healin' abilities. And, that ain't
      sayin' that I even did," Logan replied.

      Jean shot him an odd look. Something was up and somehow she knew he
      was lying without even having to telepathicly invade his mind.

      But, all seemed fine. Father and child were silent and obviously

      Danielle came home and was happy to see Jean Marie hadn't torn Logan
      to pieces. Logan shot her a little glare.

      "I know, I know. I said an hour. We got stuck in traffic. Didn't
      Bobby tell ya? Marie spoke to him on my cell phone over an hour
      ago," Danielle explained.

      "Nope," Logan replied blankly.

      "I 'um gonna kill Bobby. He makes a lousy messenger," Marie said.

      "Ya think she's ready for some feedin'?" Danielle asked as she leaned
      over the child resting comfortably on Logan's chest.

      "She was fine. Really," Logan replied.

      "Cool. I'm gonna go put this stuff away and then I can feed her
      before bed," Danielle replied before heading off to their room.

      Logan looked down at Jean Marie. She seemed content making goo-goo
      noises and pulling at his sideburns. Logan lifted her and looked
      into the infant's eyes. Jean Marie's eyes were wide with love for
      her father and a big smile crossed the infant's face. Logan returned
      the smile.

      "Well, little darlin', that will be our little secret," Logan said
      before taking her down the hallway to his room for a proper meal.
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