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"Building up the Ranks" X2, PG-13, by Wildfire, (Erik, Pyro, Mystique, Others)

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    Story: Building up the Ranks Rating: PG-13 Author: Wildfire Summary: Magneto decides its time to bring in new recruits and old allies(Sabretooth and Toad
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2003
      Story: Building up the Ranks
      Rating: PG-13
      Author: Wildfire
      Summary: Magneto decides its time to bring in new recruits and old
      allies(Sabretooth and Toad return) the recruits are Wanda Maximoff-
      Scarlet Witch and Pietro Maximoff-Quicksilver, and Arkady Rossovich-
      Omega Red.
      Feedback: Send it to me! Even if you don't like the story, at least
      then I'll know peoples reaction.
      Let's start the party!
      *An abandoned building just on the outskirts of Baltimore*

      "Very impressive, Pyro. I must say your skills have been improving
      rapidly." Magento was training his latest recruit, Pyro. In other
      words, Magneto would use his magnetic abilities, and basically throw
      objects in Pyro's direction, Pyro would then burn or melt these
      various objects before they could hit him; he would occasionally
      miss, John had received various bruises from those times,"All the
      more incentive to get it right the first time", thought Erik.

      John had become disillusoned by Xavier's vision for peaceful
      coexistence, his experience seeing Logan shot right between the eyes
      by that stupid cop had been one of the final nails in the coffin. The
      final nail was what he did next, letting his rage take over; fire was
      flying every which way, burning cars, and attacking, no DEFENDING
      himself and his friends from a threat. Of course Rogue hadn't seen it
      that way and decided to stop it by touching him.

      "All right Pyro, that's enough for now" Erik said, John burning the
      last object, just as Mystique returned from Washington, having
      changed from Senator Robert Kelly, to a beautiful blonde woman, to
      about five other identities on the trip back to throw anyone off. She
      hadn't sensed anyone following her but couldn't hurt to be safe. "Are
      we prepared?" asked Erik. "I have the locations of the ones you've
      expressed interest in, along with our old allies." replied Mystique,
      her unique voice moving through the warehouse.

      "Pyro, we're going on a trip, well actually various trips. Oh, and do
      remember to bring your enhancements", Erik said in John's direction.
      The enhancements he was talking about were armbands made to fit under
      John's jacket. However, these armbands went all the way up to his
      elbow; and contained a good amount of lighter fluid in each, since
      John needed a source to start the flames, along with his lighter.

      "All right then, Mags. I'm all set where are we off to?", asked
      Pyro. "You'll see my boy, you'll see."

      *A bar, somewhere in northern British Columbia*

      John shivered a little as the three came in from the cold, Mystique
      shaped as the blonde woman again to look "normal" and Erik wearing a
      simple suit with his hat. The three sat near the bar, Erik
      occasionally looking at a hulking mass with long blond hair sitting
      in the back.

      Some man with one too many under his belt noticed the blond man in
      the back, and foolishly decided to pick a fight with him. as the man
      moved closer he noticed the other's claws, "Hey mutie, yeah that's
      right I'm talking to you, freak!" the alcohol slurring the drunk's
      speech. The blond acted as though he had never heard him. Then the
      drunk threw a punch, before anyone in the bar could react, the man
      was hanging by his neck, several inches off the ground, the mutant
      known as Victor Creed aka Sabretooth's clawed hand wrapped around his
      throat slowly squeezing the life from him. As Victor turned around
      even as people were running in terror of the "monster", there wasn't
      a person in the bar who had a doubt that he was enjoying killing this

      Magneto clenched his fist slowly and a poker machine in the back of
      the bar flew at Sabretooth, freeing the man and knocking Victor to
      the ground "That's enough Victor" Erik said strongly. "I have much
      bigger prey for you." Sabretooth jumped back up, almost smiling at
      his old boss, as well as seeing Mystique, even with her form changed
      he knew that scent well.

      But then Sabretooth noticed the runt sitting with them, "Who's the
      pipsqueak?", he asked. Pyro didn't even answer, he grabbed a mug of
      beer sitting on the bar, dousing a table in it; at this Victor got
      confused not knowing what he was up to, John then flicked his
      lighter, and threw a fireball right at the beer-soaked table,
      completely engulfing it in flames, "Call me Pyro, fur-face".
      Sabretooth roared, insane with laughter as the four left the bar, "I
      think I'm gonna like this kid, Erik."

      *A back alley in London*

      "No please don't hurt me!" Toad yelled as the three men closed in on
      him. "You freak! We should just kill you right now."

      Toad started laughing as he jumped into the air, catching all three
      of them with kicks from his powerful legs knocking them all out. He
      quickly grabbed any money they had on them, and then he heard
      clapping coming from the alley. "Very impressive Toad, I see you
      haven't lost any of your touch", spoke Erik.

      "Well, well; hello old gent! How's my former employeer doing? And you
      brought Raven, and Victor, well this is a nice surprise; I wish you
      would've called I could've put the tea on!" Toad said laughing.

      "How would you like to start working for us again, Mortimer?" asked
      Magnus; "Better than sitting around here mugging people. Where we off
      to mate?"

      *The Romanian countryside*

      Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver at 25 years old was doing what he did
      best, run. When he ran nothing on the planet could ever hope to catch
      up; he could run to the store just as fast as he could around the
      world. He could even run right over water, or straight up a building,
      the fastest he had ever been clocked was over 190 mph; his silver
      hair, moving just as fast as the rest of him, as he ran circles
      around anything that caught his eye.

      Pietro's twin sister Wanda, Scarlet Witch people had called her,
      because red was almost the only color she ever wore, and her powers
      were almost like magic. She threw a hex bolt at her brother, stopping
      him in his tracks. "Hey! That's not fair Wanda!" Pietro shouted back
      at her, "Well then maybe my darling brother should quit showing off
      all the time!" she shouted back. There was no hatred between the two,
      they had been close ever since they were adopted by the Maximoffs
      after their mother died.

      Just then the siblings noticed a small group of people walking
      towards them, the man, with grey hair, and blue eyes stuck his hand
      out towards Pietro. "Greetings young Maximoffs, I am Erik Lensherr,
      these are my allies the Brotherhood of Mutants." The twins looked the
      others curiously, "What is you want with us, Mr. Lensherr?" Pietro
      asked. "To join us my dear boy" Magneto replied immediately.

      "Humans will never accept us willingly it must be forced, a war is
      coming and all mutants must pick a side. I hope you choose the right
      one", Erik said offering his hand. The twins thought it over for a
      moment, both had been persecuted by almost everyone except their
      parents, for who they were, they knew he was right, and the others
      with this Lensherr looked to be skilled at what they did, better to
      be striking than on the defense. Both twins shook his hand. "Just one
      more person to pick up now," Magnus said to the others.

      *A military base in northern Russia*

      Guards were patrolling around the grounds virtually nonstop, then all
      at once it went downhill, a huge inferno broke out in the muntions
      building, coutresy of Pyro. Any guards that tried to investigate it
      were caught in a cyclone from Quicksilver, attacked by Scarlet
      Witch's hexbolts, or Sabretooth's claws. Toad and Magneto moved
      quickly through the building as Mystique disabled security systems.

      Finally with the resistance taken care of, the seven members of the
      Brotherhood found what they were looking for: The ultimate living
      weapon, Arkady Rossovich aka Omega Red. "Mag, you sure about this?"
      Sabretooth asked. "Me, him, and Logan ain't exactly on friendly
      terms." "Yes, Victor he's exactly what we need in this battle"
      replied Erik.

      Erik began focusing his magnetic power on the computers keeping Red
      frozen solid. Slowly but surely each system was destroyed, slowly
      thawing Rossovich from the prison he had been in for almost twenty
      years. He recovered amazingly well, found his carbonadium armor,
      donned it and released his tentacles, his blond hair and pale white
      skin contrasting to his blood red eyes.

      "I am Omega Red, what do you require of me comrade?" Arkady said, his
      eyes narrowing as he saw Sabretooth. "To join us, we are the
      Brotherhood of Mutants, if you fight along side us, you will never be
      put in chains of ice ever again", Magneto told him. "If you join us,
      Sabretooth and you can't fight, but I know where the other who
      imprisoned you is."

      "Wolverine! Omega Red is coming for you! I will have my vengenance!"
      Omega Red roared as he spoke.

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