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Fic: Of Weasels and Wolverines (Logan and a furry bandit)

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  • "Sunshine"
    OF WEASELS AND WOLVERINES Rated PG for language Disclaimer: I don t own any of the Marvel characters, however Danielle aka Panther is my creation Archiving:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2003

      Rated PG for language

      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Marvel characters, however
      Danielle aka Panther is my creation

      Archiving: Feel free but please let me know where

      Summary: Logan has a run in with a thief

      Author's Note: If you have never seen a ferret or don't know much
      about their playful ways, they are kleptomaniacs. Don't leave
      anything around that they can take and hide.

      Danielle had settled in to her new surroundings at the school and it
      was time to ask the Professor if she could bring her little ferret
      friend to come live with her. Her horse was away for training and
      being boarded, so there was no need to make room for him just yet.
      Of course, Charles saw no problem in allowing her to keep the little
      critter in her room provided she kept him under control.

      The resident kids took delight in the furry little animal.

      The afternoon brought some excitement around the school. Felix was
      running up and down the halls entertaining the kids with his crazy
      ferret antics - bouncing around like a nut and making his little
      ferret noises that had all the kids giggling. Danielle kept her door
      open while the kids babysat and played with him. In the meantime,
      she was setting up his cage. Afterwards, she called for his return.

      What she failed to realize was that Felix had ventured into Logan's
      room, sneaking in when Logan returned, and unknown to Logan, had
      confiscated one of his cigars that he left on his coffee table. The
      kids said nothing but giggled as the little animal carried his heist
      back to Danielle's room and stashing it under her couch. When he
      came out from under the couch, she put him into his cage and he ate
      his dinner. In the meantime, Logan was angrily looking around his
      room for that last cigar.

      "I know I put the damned thing here," Logan pondered while scratching
      his head.

      Logan opened his door again and peered at the children. They all
      softly giggled at him and Logan cast an evil glare that sent them
      scattering back into their rooms.

      The next day, Felix was allowed the run of the hallway again. And
      again, he slipped into Logan's room when he opened the door. Logan
      had gone in for a shower after working in the yard. This time, Felix
      highjacked one of Logan's socks, and when Logan opened the door to
      leave his room, the little bandit snuck out carrying the sock down
      the hall and placing it under Danielle's couch with the stolen cigar.

      When Logan returned to his room to collect his laundry, he realized
      there was a missing article.

      "Hum. What the hell is goin' on?" Logan wondered.

      He glanced around puzzled as to where the missing sock might have
      gone. Again, he looked outside and saw nothing. He sniffed the air
      and could not pick up the scent of anyone he would recognize.

      The evening was another venture and this time the furry masked bandit
      stole several of Logan's things. Logan had left his door open. He
      was in his room making a repair to his bathroom sink with Scott's
      assistance, but Scott kept running out to grab stuff. To solve the
      problem of constantly opening and closing his room door, he suggested
      Scott just leave it ajar. This left Felix with easy access to his

      The ferret dragged each confiscated item down the hall one at a time
      and placing them under Danielle's couch. First, it was a small
      screwdriver from the toolbox. Felix was able to snatch it while
      Logan was busy under the sink. Next, he grabbed a bottle cap from a
      beer. And his last trip resulted in the stealing of another cigar –
      in fact, Logan's last one and one he was seriously looking forward to
      enjoying after the repair was completed.

      Felix was tired of running around and brought something with him to
      Logan's room, where he curled up under Logan's couch and fell to

      Logan finished his repair and figured he would relax with his cigar
      and get some fresh air outside before going to bed.

      "Damn kids. Musta snuck in here and stole my cigar. Why do they
      have to keep playin' tricks on me?" he cursed. Scott snickered at
      the thought of how the kids loved to play with Logan.

      Angry and not in the mood to go ask Charles for another lot of
      cigars, Logan went to bed.

      In the meantime, Danielle was franticly looking for her little furry
      friend. She ventured up and down the hallway asking the kids if they
      had him or had seen him recently.

      A short time later, Logan woke up and turned on the light. In his
      bed beside him was an article of clothing – and certainly not his.
      He lifted it up to realize it was a lacy black bra.

      "What the hell! Christ! Where did this come from?" he pondered. He
      took a sniff and it had Danielle's sweet vanilla perfume all over

      "Hum. Maybe I'll bring this back later," he said slyly to himself.
      He snuggled back into bed and within a short time began to dose off
      again. He woke up again as something brushed against his nose making
      him want to sneeze. Logan turned on the light and there was Felix –
      curled up in a tight ball on Logan's chest. Felix had shifted around
      and his fuzzy tail tickled Logan's nose. He lifted the weasel from
      his slumber and looked at the collar he wore – Danielle's name was on
      the tiny tag. With a huff, Logan snatched up the black bra and
      walked down to Danielle's room. He knocked on the door and was
      invited in. Logan opened her door and looked inside to see Danielle
      down on her hands and knees with her couch pushed off to the side.
      In front of her on the floor were all of Logan's stolen items.

      "I think I have two things that belong to you," Logan stated.

      "Felix!" she said with excitement as Logan held the ferret out to her.

      She quickly took him and hugged the little critter.

      "I think I need to return a few things to you," she said pointing out
      the stash of items on the floor.

      "Hum. I have something else of yours, too," Logan said. Hanging off
      of his finger was her black bra. Danielle blushed and swiped the bra
      away from him. A devilish smile crept across Logan's face.

      "I would put a leash on that little beast if I were you," Logan said
      before claiming his stolen goods and returning to his room.

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