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FIC: Truth or Dare, ~NC-17~ Kitty/Jubilee, post X2

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  • Henrika
    Title: Truth or Dare Rating: Probably NC-17 Pairing: Jubilee/Kitty Fandom: Movieverse, post X2 Summary: The students play truth or dare , which develops into
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2003
      Title: Truth or Dare

      Rating: Probably NC-17

      Pairing: Jubilee/Kitty

      Fandom: Movieverse, post X2

      Summary: The students play "truth or dare", which develops
      something much more serious.

      Disclaimer: Marvel and 20th Century Fox own them, not me. This story
      is not for profit.

      Archive: List archives, and my personal webpage:
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index.html Anyone else,
      please ask first.

      Feedback: Please? Everything except flames is very welcome.

      A/N: In case you didn't know already, this is a femslash story.
      means girl-on-girl action. If that's not your thing, stop reading
      now. Others may proceed. Also, I have included a few characters from
      the comics, that may be coming in the next movie. And I'm sorry
      if I
      didn't get Remy's accent totally right, but I have never
      written him

      And thank you, Nick, for the beta. You're great! *hugz*


      "Jubilee, truth or dare?" Rogue asked her friend.

      Most of the older students at the Xavier-institute were sitting in a
      ring on the floor in the room Kitty and Jubilee shared. Just to be
      social, Kitty had invited her friends to a little "late-night
      (without the teachers' knowledge of course, since according to
      all little students should already be asleep at this time of night.)

      It had been Jubilee's idea to play "truth or dare" but
      she was
      already starting to regret it. She was sure her friends would do
      their best to embarrass her in front of everybody.

      Dare was lethal, and truth…well, it wasn't lethal, but it
      could sure
      as hell be embarrassing.

      "Truth!" she sighed.

      Rogue smiled wickedly. She whispered something to Bobby, her
      boyfriend, and the other mutant nodded encouragingly.

      Rogue turned back to her friend. "Jubes, are you a virgin?"
      asked, and was immediately met by raging roars of laughter from the
      other students.

      Jubilee could feel she was blushing, and didn't know what to say.
      course she was a virgin, but that was hardly something she wanted to
      share with half the school.

      "That's personal," she muttered and gave Rogue a
      murdering stare.
      How dare she?

      "Hey, you gotta answer the question!" Kitty exclaimed.
      "Don't think
      we'll let you back out now! This was your idea! If you don't
      your ideas, stop having them!"

      The others in the room, including Bobby and Rogue, booed at her.

      "Why don't you tell us first? Are you a virgin?" she
      snapped at
      Rogue, feeling more than a little annoyed by now.

      "*I* asked *you*," Rogue said. "Now don't be a
      coward, Jubie."

      The Asian mutant sighed. It seemed like she wasn't getting away,
      after all. "Yeah, I'm still a virgin," she snapped.

      "Why?" Bobby asked.

      "That's none of your business!" Jubilee replied. "And
      I only needed
      to say yes or no. Not why, or who I'd done it with, et

      "But you just said you hadn't done it," Kitty remarked.

      Jubilee rolled her eyes. Why was everyone fucking with her
      tonight? "That would mean *if*, you moron!" she sighed.
      "Now let's
      drop this. Is it my turn to ask someone?"

      "Y' know, Remy can help you wit' `tat thing,
      petite," Remy grinned
      at her across the room. He was one of the newest students at the
      school, but even though he hadn't been there very long, he was a
      shameless flirter, who – literally – tried to charm the pants
      every girl he met.

      "Sorry Rems, but not this time," she replied, smiling back at

      "Let me know if y' change your mind," Remy said with a

      "Thanks, I'll remember that," Jubilee sneered
      sarcastically. "Now,
      is it my time to ask?"

      "Yeah, ask someone," Rogue said.

      "Okay… Bobby," she decided. "Truth or dare?"

      "Dare," Bobby grinned boldly, secretly hoping Jubes would
      assign him
      something that involved Rogue.

      Jubilee realized this, of course, and decided to pay Rogue back in
      her own coin for what she did earlier.

      "Okay, Bobby," she said casually, "I want you to kiss
      Rogue. For at
      least five seconds," she added then to make sure there would be

      Rogue looked dismayed. "No, not that! If we kiss I'll be
      around with a frosty breath for hours!" she exclaimed.

      Bobby, on the other hand looked excited. He didn't get many
      opportunities to kiss his girlfriend (mostly they just did things
      with their clothes on, without actual skin contact) so this was
      something he'd do gladly. So what if Rogue got a frosty breath?

      "Consider yourself kissed," Jubilee said smugly.

      "You're supposed to dare *him* not me!" Rogue objected.
      Jubes! You're a bitch!"

      "Yeah, of course I am, I'm a virgin!" Jubilee grinned
      maliciously. "This is your price for finding out! Now kiss her,

      Bobby captured Rogue's lips in a kiss before she could recoil,
      she immediately felt the power transfer. Rogue's lips grew cold,
      finally her whole face, and when their five seconds (or was it six?)
      had passed, she wasn't much warmer than a snowman. When she
      her breath came out in a frosty cloud, just like she feared.

      "I'm an ice princess!" she whispered. "I'll get
      you for this,

      Jubilee just giggled innocently, but couldn't quite conceal her
      vindictive mood.

      "That served you well," she told Rogue. "And Bobby seems
      to agree
      with me."

      Rogue spun around to look at her boyfriend, who was sitting there
      with a sheepish smile on his lips, and she angrily punched her
      gloved fist into his stomach.

      "This isn't funny, you dork!" she hissed. "Just wait
      until we get

      "Ouhh, I'll be waiting, alright…" Bobby cooed teasingly,
      Rogue even more.

      Still annoyed, but aware that she couldn't do anything about it
      right now, Rogue chose to ignore the comment. She just glared at
      Bobby, and turned away from him again. He'd get what he deserved,
      but now was not the time.

      "So, it is my turn to ask someone," she stated, trying to
      find a way
      to get her revenge on Jubilee. She couldn't dare Jubilee, since
      Jubilee had asked her, so her only alternative was to pay her back
      through someone else.

      "Yeah, but you can't ask me," Jubilee pointed out.
      "And besides, you
      started it!"

      "I know that," Rogue said. "In fact, I don't even
      *want* to ask you.
      Consider this stupid banter over."

      "Gladly," Jubilee said dryly. "We're even now,

      "I suppose we are."

      Rogue threw her long brown hair over her shoulder while she
      feverishly thought of who to ask, and what kind of punishment she
      would give Jubilee. Her breath still came out as steam, and provoked
      some of the students into laughing. Rogue ignored them with a chilly

      "So… Kitty," she decided. "It's your turn now,
      sugah. Truth or dare?"

      Kitty looked excited. This was the first time anyone asked her. She
      wasn't sure whether to choose truth or dare – both could be
      dangerous, but somehow dare was worse. You could always lie of
      someone asked you an embarrassing question, but if someone dared
      you, you had no choice but to do what you're told.

      "Dare," Kitty replied proudly. She wanted to show everyone
      wasn't sissy little Katherine Pryde any longer, but a mature, 17-
      year-old woman, who wasn't afraid of challenges.

      Some of her friends cheered at her choice, but neither Jubilee nor
      Rogue were amongst them. Jubilee was not sure Rogue had
      simply "forgotten" their banter, and figured she might do her
      to get her revenge as soon as possible.

      "So, Kitty, you're sure about your choice?" Rogue asked

      "Very," Kitty claimed. "Now dare me!"

      "Alright. Kitty, I dare you to compare your tits with
      Jubilee's and
      show us who's got the biggest!"

      For a while Kitty's face looked like an aspirin tablet –
      white and
      crumbly. It was obviously something she hadn't expected at all,
      her cocky, confident attitude was suddenly gone.

      "What?" she managed to say after a while. "You
      actually… Marie, are
      you serious?"

      "Yes, dead-serious," Rogue stated casually. "Lift up your
      shirts and
      show us who's got the biggest boobs. Now."

      Jubilee thought she'd choke when she heard it. She should have
      guessed! Why did Kitty have to be so stupid and choose dare?
      the little chit realize Rogue was planning her revenge, and would do
      anything to get it?

      Kitty and Jubilee looked at each other across the room, both looking
      dismayed. Were they really going to *do* it? Frankly, neither of
      them knew who actually *was* bigger, but that didn't matter very
      much now. Rogue had dared Kitty to compare her boobs with

      The boys present in the room started to cheer, and soon they were
      chanting in unison.

      "Show us! Show us! Show us! Show us! Show us!"

      Kitty felt her face become red. She didn't know what would be
      running (or phasing) out of the room, and listening while her
      friends called her a coward for months after this, or simply
      swallowing the bitter pill and going through with the dare –
      although she needed Jubilee to do that.

      Jubilee noticed Kitty's split emotions. She thought about the
      things herself, and knew what kind of responses they would get if
      they refused, but there was no way IN HELL she was going to show her
      breasts to these guys!

      "I'd rather drop dead!" she snarled, giving Rogue a
      murderous stare.
      The boys immediately started booing at her, and gave her two thumbs

      "Come on, girls, it's just a dare!" Warren, a mutant with
      wings called.

      "Just a dare? Fuck off!" Jubilee snapped. "What if
      someone dared you
      to show us your dick? Would you do it?"

      Warren shrugged. "Well, it depends. I might."


      "I bet you're both so small you don't *dare* show
      us!" Bobby
      laughed, and the others, especially the boys, agreed.

      That was too much for Jubilee. She bounced up, approached Kitty, and
      pulled her up to her feet.

      "Take your shirt off," she ordered her friend and roommate.
      show them who's biggest!"

      Jubilee herself started unbuttoning her purple cotton shirt and got
      it off in no time. Rage had given her courage, and she barely
      noticed eight pairs of eyes on her while she was standing there,
      stripped to the waist, except for a tiny strapless bra.

      Kitty was more hesitant. All she wanted was to sink through the
      floor – literally – but she knew Jubilee would kill her if
      she did

      "Come on, show us your "pryde"!" Warren called,
      giving the girls two
      thumbs up now.

      "If you won't take your shirt off, I'll do it for
      you!" Jubilee
      hissed at her roommate.

      "Okay, I'll do it…" Kitty squeaked and started to
      unbutton her
      blouse. The boys – especially Remy – cheered loudly when she
      the garment off, and exposed her still quite flat chest. Kitty wore
      a bra, white, plain and simple; not very sexy, but that was never
      her intention. Jubilee was also quite flat, which was comforting in
      a way, knowing that she wasn't the only small-boobed girl at the

      Jubilee wondered how long they would have to stand there before
      everyone's critical eyes. Some of the boys were practically
      salivating, and Jubilee felt a strong urge to kick them all in the
      groin. Kitty wasn't comfortable either, and they both wished this
      embarrassing performance would end soon.

      "So, who's got the biggest?" Rogue asked

      Bobby frowned, scrutinizing the two girls inquiringly.
      "Jubes," he

      "No, Kitty!" Warren objected. "Have you no eyes,

      "I `tink they're de same," Remy stated.

      "Yeah, it's a draw!" Warren agreed.

      "No, Jubilee," Bobby persisted. "Look!"

      "They have to take off their bras before we can tell
      Warren grinned evilly.

      "Forget it," Jubilee snarled. She wouldn't do it. They
      could call
      her a coward for all eternity, and she still wouldn't do it. It
      just too much.

      "Never…" Kitty murmured and tried to cover herself with her

      "Come on…" Warren tried. "That's the only way for us
      to tell for

      "Correct me if I'm wrong, but that was *not* a part of the
      Jubilee pointed out. "No one said we had to compare *bare*

      Bobby, Warren and all the boys sighed disappointedly. No, Rogue had
      never actually said that, although it would have been yummy.

      "Okay, fine, it's a draw," Rogue stated. "You can put
      your shirts
      back on, girls. I suppose we're even now."

      Grunting obscenities, Jubilee and Kitty put their shirts on again,
      and buttoned them hastily. They were both still flushing violently,
      feeling more embarrassed than ever. Jubilee was going to pay Rogue
      back for this, but not now. She needed some time to chill out first.

      "I don't think I want to play truth or dare anymore…"
      Kitty murmured
      as she settled on her place again. "Can we do something else?"

      "I agree with Pryde," Jubilee said, doing her best to sound
      despite the humiliation she felt. "An idea, anyone?"

      "Let's play monopoly," Kitty suggested.

      "Or strip-poker!" Warren countered.

      "No, monopoly," Jubilee retorted. "I've had enough of
      you hormonal
      sex-maniacs for a while. You'll see no more naked flesh in this

      "You sure?" Bobby said with a wink.

      "Don't count on it."


      After everyone had left, Kitty and Jubilee tried to clean up most of
      the mess the other students had left behind. If one of the teachers
      or worse; Professor Xavier – saw this, they would be in deep

      "Horrible evening…" Jubilee muttered while picking up
      cushions and
      stuff their guests had sat on.

      "Yeah," Kitty agreed. "But I'm not the one who wanted
      to play truth
      or dare!"

      "If I'd known they were such pervs, I wouldn't have
      suggested it. I
      won't make the same mistake twice."

      Kitty looked thoughtful, and suddenly she giggled. "But it was
      actually kinda fun in a way…" she mused. "Feeling all those
      eyes on
      my body… just mine. To be the object of their staring… What
      can I
      say, it was fun!"

      Jubilee snorted and threw the cushion she was holding back onto the

      "Well, miss Exhibitionist, if I remember correctly, you
      weren't the
      only one on stage!" she pointed out dryly. "Besides
      you're being

      "I'm not…" Kitty objected, although she was actually
      feeling a
      bit "kinky". She had never been looked at before, and
      certainly not
      like that, and even though she wasn't sure she wanted that kind
      attention, it felt thrilling, in some weird, kind of dangerous way.
      She was just old dumb Kitty Pryde, but still…

      "They never decided who had the biggest," she pointed out to
      Jubilee's reaction.

      The Asian girl sighed. "That's because it was a draw,"
      moaned. "We're the same, Pryde. Can we please drop this

      "Why couldn't they decide it?" Kitty nagged, not allowing
      her friend
      any escape from the topic. "Was it perhaps because they
      given a view good enough? We didn't take off our bras, after

      "Don't say you regret it!" Jubilee exclaimed and spun
      around to look
      into Kitty's eyes.

      But Kitty wasn't finished yet. She approached Jubilee, and stood
      right in front of her. They were the same height, the same build,
      and apparently their boobs were the same size too. They were like
      two sides of the same coin; one European and one Asian side.

      "Wouldn't you like to know who's biggest?" she asked

      Jubilee gave a gasp, and then started laughing wildly. "Kitty!
      can't be serious!" she snorted.

      "I'm dead-serious," Kitty claimed, and didn't move
      aside when
      Jubilee asked her to. "Let's measure our tits. Right here,
      and we'll
      see who's bigger."

      Jubilee sincerely thought Kitty had lost her mind, or was
      successfully losing it, anyway. She stared back at her friend's
      sheepishly, not sure what to expect. When Kitty didn't budge or
      start laughing, Jubilee figured she might be serious about her

      "Pryde, you mean that?" she asked, frowning hesitantly.

      "Of course. I hope you have a measuring tape here somewhere,
      that's the only way to find out for sure."

      "You've lost it."

      Kitty smiled confidently, following Jubilee's movements when she
      tried to step aside to walk past Kitty.

      "You're afraid I might be bigger. Admit it!" she

      That was enough. Jubilee dashed to her desk, opened the top drawer,
      and tore out a measuring tape. She marched back to Kitty, and put it
      in her open hand.

      "Like the hell I am!" she called. "Reality check, girl!
      Now let's
      see if you're right!"

      She struggled out of her shirt, and let it drop to the floor,
      standing there in her strapless bra again, with her arms in the air.

      "You have to take off your bra if I'm going to measure
      them," Kitty

      Jubilee didn't object anymore, but did what she was told, and let
      her bra fall down as well. After all, she had nothing that *Kitty*
      hadn't seen before.

      "Okay, measure them," she said impatiently.

      Kitty started her task. She slowly walked around Jubilee, winding
      the tape measure around her chest, just where her nipples were
      located. She gently passed her hands over her friend's
      breasts, "accidentally" brushing her nipples, and felt them
      hardening against her palms.

      Jubilee's breathing became ragged and her body responded
      to the feather light touch. Kitty's hands felt dry and heated,
      the touch – although feather light – burned like fire. She
      have imagined her body was so sensitive to touch, but apparently she
      was wrong.

      Kitty's hands continued over her naked back, tracing over her
      beautiful tanned skin. She could hardly feel the tape measure,
      although it was wound around her ribcage. She could only focus on
      Kitty's touch.

      Kitty smiled. Jubilee's hardening nipples were a blatant proof
      she did like this, and Kitty thought she might as well let her
      friend enjoy it. Her touch turned almost into caresses, and the
      whole measuring-thing had become a secondary element. She lightly
      passed her hand up Jubilee's back, caressing her beautiful slim
      shoulders. From there she continued down again, until she reached
      the small of Jubilee's back. The Asian mutant was ticklish and
      shivered when Kitty's hands traced her sensitive skin.

      Kitty was enjoying it too. She had never touched anyone – save
      herself – this intimately before, and she liked Jubilee's
      to her touch. She wanted to slide her arms around her friend's
      ribcage, and cup her breasts, but she realized Jubilee wasn't
      for that yet, so she managed to restrain herself.

      "Uh-huh… How big was I?" Jubilee suddenly asked, her
      voice ragged.
      It *seemed* like Kitty had been doing a lot more than measuring her
      boobs, but she still wanted to know what the result was.

      "Erm…23, 6 inches," Kitty replied, looking at the place
      where she
      had placed her thumb.

      "I suppose it's my turn to measure you, then," Jubilee
      pointed out.

      "Yeah… Just a second."

      Kitty started taking off her shirt, and her plain, white bra with
      it. She let them drop just like Jubilee had done, and stood there,
      stripped to the waist, just like Jubilee.

      Kitty's breasts were very much the same size as Jubilee's,
      her nipples were pink, not chocolate brown. She handed Jubilee the
      tape measure.

      "Turn around," Jubilee instructed her. Kitty did what she was
      and turned around, holding her arms up. She couldn't help hoping
      that Jubilee would "accidentally" brush some of her more
      regions, although she didn't think so. Jubilee wanted to get this
      over with as quickly as possible. Caresses were definitely out of
      question. And besides, Jubilee was not "into" that kind of
      stuff. Or
      was she?

      Jubilee tried to act casually when she carefully wound the tape
      measure around Kitty's body. She had to make sure that she did
      right; the measuring tape needed to be exactly over her nipples. She
      brushed them briefly, and felt them stiffening in the process. She
      could also hear Kitty drawing a deep breath, and a shiver wracked
      her slender frame.

      Jubilee couldn't help grinning to herself. She was only paying
      back in her own coin. Hey, this was fun! She had always suspected
      her roommate was a dyke, or perhaps bisexual, and this was the
      obvious proof that she was right.

      Then what was she? She had always been relatively uninterested in
      boys, although she hadn't thought about it until now. She
      paid much attention to girl either, though she felt a lot more at
      ease now than with someone of the opposite sex.

      She decided to take this one step further. She sneaked her arms
      around Kitty's ribcage, and cupped her small but taut breasts in
      hands. The other girl gasped and instinctively bucked back against

      Responsive to touch. Good.

      Kitty's nipples were burning in her hands, becoming impossibly
      stiff. The tape measure fell from Jubilee's hands down onto the
      floor. Neither of them paid any attention to it. This wasn't
      measuring tits any longer. This was girl-on-girl action. Or at least
      a start.

      Kitty's body grew burning hot in a few seconds, and an equally
      burning sensation was pooling between her legs. Jolts of pleasure,
      as sharp and tingling as electricity, shot through her body and
      almost took out her legs and made her fall. But Jubilee caught her,
      and she gratefully leaned back against her friend, feeling the other
      mutant's tongue on her exposed neck.

      That, together with the wonderful work Jubilee was doing on her
      nipples, was the most erotic thing Kitty – old dumb Pryde –
      had ever
      experienced. She could feel Jubilee's erect nipples against her
      back, and tried to turn her head to kiss her.

      Their lips met in a passionate yet tender kiss. They had both closed
      their eyes; eyesight was something unnecessary in a case like this,
      where touch and sensation was so much more important.

      Slowly Jubilee started passing her hands further down, along
      flat belly, until they reached the waistband of Kitty's jeans.

      This was a crucial moment. She could imagine that Kitty's sex was
      burning as badly as hers, yet she wasn't sure Kitty wanted her to
      further. She froze for a moment, awaiting her friend's reaction
      her actions.

      Kitty desperately wanted to lose the rest of her clothes. When she
      felt Jubilee's hands on her jeans, she desperately hoped she
      start disrobing her, but it seemed like Jubilee didn't want to
      this further.

      Disappointment swelled inside Kitty, and she whispered hoarsely,
      Don't you want to…?"

      "Are you sure?" Jubilee whispered back in her ear. Her voice
      hushed, aroused, and her soft lips and warm breath caressed
      neck like a warm summer breeze. She was so close… Closer than
      ever thought she'd be.

      "Yes, take off my clothes…" Kitty whispered back.

      Jubilee needed no further encouragement. She unzipped Kitty's
      and started working them down her slender hips. Kitty helped her by
      wriggling until her jeans were down around her ankles, and all she
      wore now were small white panties.

      Plain white panties, just like her bra. No black thong there!
      Obviously Kitty hadn't planned anything this evening, anyway. No,
      why would she?

      Jubilee kneeled before Kitty, and saw a wet spot in the fabric
      between Kitty's legs, indicating her arousal. Without hesitation
      slid her fingers inside the waistband, and started pulling
      underwear down. When they lay around her ankles together with her
      jeans, and her brown pubic bush was fully visible, Jubilee stood up
      and kissed Kitty's lips. She wrapped her left arm around her
      friend's now-naked body and slid her right hand in between them.

      She found Kitty's impossible wet cleft in the fraction of a
      and started stroking her nether lips with her fingers. Kitty's
      balled into fists and her whole body jerked spasmodically when
      Jubilee found her clit and rubbed it teasingly. She came hard,
      flexing her sleek inner muscles when the sudden, strong orgasm hit
      her, and nearly saw starbursts behind her closed eyelids. It was
      undoubtedly the best orgasm – and of course the only one so far
      had ever experienced, and it took her aback. Panting heavily, she
      rested against Jubilee for a while, while her friend tenderly
      stroked her muddled mane of brown hair.

      "Thank you…" she muttered in Jubilee's ear. "But
      what about you…"

      "Don't worry," Jubilee said hastily. "I'm fine.
      You seem really
      smashed, and should probably rest."

      But Kitty shook her head. No way. She was going to repay Jubilee for
      this. If she managed to give back something half as good she would
      be satisfied. But she was not going to let her friend go without
      returning the favour.

      "Nonsense," Kitty said resolutely. She had regained some of
      strength and managed to stand on her own. "I'll do the same
      for you.
      Be still now, because I'm gonna take off your pants."

      Jubilee opened her mouth to object, but closed it again. She
      couldn't object now, not when something so wonderful was awaiting
      her. She stood still, just as Kitty told her, and let her head fall
      back when Kitty kneeled in front of her to unzip her pants.

      Kitty fumbled quite a long time with the zipper – the orgasm had
      left her hands very shaky –and sighed in relief when it finally
      in and slid down, allowing her to remove the offending garment.
      Jubilee also wore plain, ordinary panties, just like her. They were
      alike in so many ways. She tore them down roughly, hearing the seams
      crack, but paid no attention to it. All she could focus on was her
      friend's black bush of wiry pubic hair, and how badly she wanted
      bury her face in that luscious pussy.

      But none of that happened now. A sudden sound, which they soon
      realized was a knock on the door made them both freeze on the spot.
      They stared into each other's terror-struck eyes for a moment,
      before they broke free from the paralysis and rushed to find their

      Shirts, panties and jeans were put on in a matter of seconds, and
      before they were done, they heard a familiar voice calling to them.

      "Kitty? Jubilee Are you there? It's me, Warren. I think I
      forgot my
      wallet in there. Could you please let me in?"

      "Uhh… Just a second!" Kitty called back, trying to sound
      as normal
      as possible. She failed, of course, but luckily Warren was still on
      the other side of the door.

      She didn't bother to put on her bra, but simply buttoned her
      and hoped she looked roughly normal. It was late after all, and they
      could always claim they were just going to bed.

      Kitty opened the door. Jubilee was sitting on her bed, trying to
      look casual as she skimmed through an old magazine.

      "Hi," Warren said. "Girls, have you seen my wallet
      around? I must
      have forgotten it here earlier…"

      Jubilee bounced up and picked up a black leather wallet from the
      floor, which probably belonged to their late guest.

      "Here," she said flatly and handed it to him. "We
      weren't gonna
      steal it, if that's what you think!"

      Warren simply grinned at her. "I had a great time this evening. I
      hope we can do it again some time!"

      "Yeah. You can hope!" Jubilee said sarcastically. "Now
      when you have
      your wallet I suggest you go, because Pryde and I were just going to

      Warren let out a disappointed sigh. "Sure you don't want
      he tried.

      "Another time, maybe," Kitty said with a sharp smile.
      "But not
      tonight. We're both smashed!"

      "Alright. Bye then. See you in class tomorrow," the winged
      said, and left.

      They quickly closed the door after he'd gone, and stared at each
      other in both dismay and relief.

      "Shit!" Kitty exclaimed. "That was close!"

      "Yeah," Jubilee agreed. "And the door wasn't even
      locked! He could
      have just walked in on us, you know."

      "Hmmm…" Kitty agreed. "That would have been a sight!"

      "Terrible, if you ask me! We'd been forced to leave the

      "The town too," Kitty filled in.

      "And the planet!" Jubilee chuckled.

      "Too bad he came in the middle of… I never got the chance to
      the favour," Kitty said regretfully. "I… really would
      really have
      liked that."

      "Well…" Jubilee mused. "We're roommates, Pryde. You
      can do that some
      other time. But then we'll make sure to lock the door first."

      "Great idea, Jubes. Really great."

      The End
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