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Fic: Scott's Good Deed - PG 13 - Scott (Cyclops)/ Rogue

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  • auntieamy
    Hi, I ll make my intro short and sweet. This is the first X-Men fic I have ever done. I did not get into the movieverse until I visited a friend this past
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2003

      I'll make my intro short and sweet. This is the first X-Men fic I have ever done. I did
      not get into the movieverse until I visited a friend this past July and the first sentece
      out of her mouth after 'Hello, how are you?' was "We're going to see X2." What can I
      say? One look at Scott and *thump*. I'm a school teacher, so the school appealed to
      me too.

      Anyway, read some good stuff off of Minisinoo's site and now, I'm trying my hand at
      X-Men fic. BTW, I've been writing fic for a while now, about 10 years. Started off in
      Highlander and wound up here.

      Enjoy and tell me what you think!

      Amy D.

      Title: Scott's Good Deed
      Author: Amy D.
      Summary: While informing a U.S. Senator of his daughter's mutant abilities, Scott
      saves the life of a member of the Senator's family.
      Rating/pairing: PG-13 - Scott (Cyclops)/Rogue (no, it's not slash, get your mind out
      of the
      gutter ;-)

      Mutants live in every walk of life and in almost every country on Earth. When
      that person's mutant powers manifest, usually during puberty, one of several things
      happens. Most of those things are too unpleasant to mention. But, some acutally are
      able to cope and control their mutant ablities without attracting too much attention.
      Some drift over to `the dark side' and become criminals, using their mutant powers to
      make their life easier, secure in the knowledge that the world now owes them
      something by making them a mutant. For a few, a very lucky few, they are found and
      taken to The Xavier School for the Gifted. A place where they are no longer the
      oddball, the freak or the weirdo. A place where they can learn to control their
      powers, not have their powers control them.
      From this school, comes a group of mutants, whose main job it is to collect
      those lucky few and bring them back to The Xavier School. As simple as it may
      sound, the job of collecting a new mutant is not always an easy one. About half of
      the mutants collected have been on the run from society for a long time and have
      learned,the hard way, not to trust anyone or anything that represents authority. It is
      an interesting job to say the least. This group of mutants are also teachers at The
      Xavier School. The students at The Xavier School have a name for these mutants.
      They call them The X-Men. Sometimes they save the world, sometimes they save just
      a small part of it.

      "I suppose it would have been asking too much for Senator O'Reiley to just
      accept the fact that his eldest daughter can move things with her mind." Scott
      Summers, leader of The X-Men, said to the air.
      It was always hard to judge how the parents would react to the news of their
      child's mutation. In Lucy's case, it had been even harder. She'd demonstrated her
      telekinetic ability right as her father came into the room. The book she was moving
      hit him square in the chest.
      Rogue, Scott's companion on the trip, shrugged her shoulders in typical teenage
      fashion. "Think about it, Scott. Up until now, he had the perfect life. We changed
      that. I changed that. He no longer has his perfect life. What did you think he'd do?
      Throw up his arms and celebrate?"
      Scott looked at her, knowing she was right. Rogue may have only been
      seventeen but she'd been a runaway like him and could read people very well. This
      skill, plus her mutant ability, draining the life from people she touched, had given her
      the chance to be an X-Man like Scott, which was also the main reason why she was
      with him. Learn by doing.
      "No, but I keep hoping their reaction will change." Scott said.
      They had been shuttled off to the sunroom in Senator O'Reiley's manison in
      upstate New York, after Lucy's revelation. The senator's wife had been far more
      understanding than the Senator and the rest of the family. Thus, Scott and Rogue
      were asked to wait while the family discussed what to do next.
      That had been almost an hour ago.
      Scott stood and looked out the windows to the most gorgeous view of the
      Catskills. In the early Fall, the leaves started to change and the Hudson River Valley
      exploded with color. The show nature put on almost made up for the next four
      months of Hell otherwise known as Winter. The senator may have been a
      mutantphobe but he had good taste in picking a spot to live in.
      Rogue came and stood next to Scott, looking at all the different colors.
      "Leaves don't change colors in Mississippi." she said, speaking of her home
      state, with just a trace of her Southern accent. "It's too far South, too warm."
      Scott looked around the room and spotted a door leading to the outside on the
      far side of the room. He smiled a little and took Rogue's hand in his.
      "C'mon." he said "Let's go look at the leaves close up. If they want us, they can
      find us. We've already set them off."
      The cool, clean air was a welcome respite from the stuffy closed-in air of the
      house. Scott and Rogue walked a short distance from the house, stopping at the first
      stand of trees they came to and those were only the first grouping. From the back of
      the senator's mansion past a small lake on toward the mountains at the edge of the
      property, stands of maple were scattered about the property like sprinkles on a
      cupcake. A cool breeze blew across the lawn stiring the leaves and tugging on Scott
      and Rogue's coat.
      "When I was a kid, I used to read about kids pulling the leaves into a pile and
      jumping into it." Rogue said, a certain wistfullness on her face. "Or there would be a
      story about someone's father burning leaves and the smell it gave off." Her brow
      wrinkled in thought. "Why would someone want to burn leaves? Doesn't that
      contribute to air pollution?"
      "That's pretty much why people stopped doing it." Scott replied. "Burning
      leaves ..." He didn't finish his sentence, his attention now on the small lake on the
      property. "Marie," Scott said, using her given name, something he almost never did "
      go back to the house and get some help."
      Before she could even open her mouth, he was moving away from her, shucking
      off his coat and shoes and sweater. Rogue turned and ran for the house.
      Part of Scott's mutant ability, shooting `opitic blasts' from his eyes, gave him
      uncanny tracking abilities. He could spot a moth landing 100 yards away on the back
      lawn of the school and not think twice about it. Such was the case here.
      His feet flew over the ground, the leaves crunching under his feet. Someone was
      in trouble in the lake. With a prayer that his sunglasses would stay on, he sprited off
      the small dock and plunged into the icy cold water. He surfaced, gasping from the
      coldness and scanned the water's surface.
      There, twenty yards off to his left, someone struggled in the water. He struck
      out for it, passing an overturned canoe. Just a few yards beyond the canoe, Scott's
      hand came in contact with a soden jacket but as soon as he grabbed it, it slipped out
      of his grasp.
      *Damn, damn, damn.*
      He dove once and then once again. His third trip under yielded the soden
      jacket. His hand clenched around it and he shot to the surface. Mutant or no, his
      lungs were about to burst. He broke the surface, sucked in a lungfull of air and swam
      for the shore. Whoever he held in his arms had ceased struggling a long time ago.
      On the shore, Rogue had brought out the Senator, his wife, Lucy and four or five
      servants, two of whom wadded out into the water and helped Scott in. He released
      his grip on whoever it was and sank to the ground, his teeth chattering, his lips
      turning blue from the cold water. He sucked the air into his lungs as if he was
      starving. Miraculously, his sunglasses had stayed on.
      Mrs. O'Reiley shrieked and said "Oh, my God! It's Daniel."
      Rogue, her attention on Scott, glanced at Mrs. O'Reiley and realized that Scott
      had just saved the Senator's son. For not the first time, Rogue wished her ability
      worked in reverse, giving life instead of taking it, but it didn't work that way. Four
      men gathered around Daniel, two more kept the family at bay and one, brought
      blankets for both Daniel and Scott. Rogue helped Scott pull the blanket around
      himself and waited, for what she wasn't sure. Behind her, the sound of coughing
      and a cry heralded Daniel's return to the land of the living. In front of her, Scott
      sat hunched over shivering uncontrollably.
      An older man, probably the head servant came up to her and Scott.
      "Can you walk?" he asked Scott.
      Scott nodded and, with some help, he did. Daniel had already been sprited away
      to the house and a waiting doctor.
      Hours later, Daniel was upstairs asleep. The doctor had said there was no
      danger, since he had been rescued so quickly. Had he been in the water any longer,
      it would have been a completely different story.
      Scott was given a change of clothes and a room to change in. He finally stopped
      shivering after a hot shower and a cup of hot tea to drink. Rogue did not leave his
      side the entire time. It was early evening by the time Scott and Rogue were ready to
      leave but there was one last conversation that needed to be held.
      Senator and Mrs. O'Reiley came to the room Scott had been given and were
      polite enough to wait until Scott was finished dressing before speaking.
      "Thank you." Mrs. O'Reiley spoke first. A plump woman with an eye for fashion,
      she had aged 20 years in just the past six hours. Her carefully made up face was now
      streaked with tears and her voice trembled when she spoke. "Daniel knows he's not
      to go out on the lake without an adult or a life vest. I just don't know what got into
      him." She stepped forward unexpectedly and hugged Scott, planting a damp kiss on
      his cheek. "Thank you," she whispered. She released him and left before anyone
      could say anything to her.
      Senator O'Reiley too, appeared to have rapidly aged. His formally healthy
      complextion now was as pale as the curtains hanging in the room. His hands
      twitched and wrung together and he couldn't stand still.
      Finally, he stopped and said "My wife has said exactly what I was thinking.
      Thank you." He paused, then said "I am forever in your debt. If there is anything I or
      my family can do for you, please, don't hesitate to ask."
      Scott stood, looked into the Senator's eyes and saw the fear there. "All I want
      from you or your family, is for you to think about what just happened. A mutant
      saved your son's life. I was happy to do it but what would have happened had we not
      been here? I'm a mutant and proud of it, so, is your daughter. What about her? You
      have the school's number. I'll make sure these clothes are returned as soon as
      The senator nodded mutely.
      Scott and Rogue were met at the front door by a maid holding a bag containing
      Scott's wet clothes. Impulsively,the maid hugged and kissed Scott before handing
      him his clothes.


      In the car, Scott cranked up the heat and looked at Rogue before starting the
      car. "Not a word of this to Jean. If she wants to know, I'll tell her."
      Rogue, wise beyond her years, simply nodded. Like it wouldn't be shockingly
      obvious when he returned to the school wearing different clothes than when he left.
      Or maybe the bag of sopping wet clothes would give him away. It wasn't up to her to
      tell Jean anything. However, if Jean corned her, she was spilling her guts, instantly.
      Given a choice between keeping Scott happy or Jean happy, she'd chose Jean every
      time. Scott couldn't throw things simply by looking at them.
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