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FIC: Number Thirteen (1/1) R

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  • cschoolgirl
    Title: Number Thirteen Author: cschoolgirl Email: cschoolgirl70 at yahoo dot com Rating: R Summary: Rogue s nightmares lead to some disturbing realizations.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2003
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      Title: Number Thirteen
      Author: cschoolgirl
      Email: cschoolgirl70 at yahoo dot com
      Rating: R
      Summary: Rogue's nightmares lead to some disturbing
      Disclaimer: Blah, blah, blah, not mine.
      Archive: Lists.
      Feedback: Doesn't everyone want it?
      Author's Notes: Thanks to DD, Jamie, and Jules for
      all the help and advice. Dedicated to Marrie for
      telling me to keep working on it and for the title.
      This story was inspired by a few short paragraphs from
      the novelization of the movie, but the story is set in


      She still had the memories of the trucker swirling
      around in her head. She had a clear picture of what
      he had planned on doing to her. It disgusted her.

      But the realization that he was planning on killing
      her, just as he had done to two other girls, scared
      her even more. She hadn't been this terrified since
      she had run away from home.

      She knew what he had done to those girls, where their
      bodies were buried. Now she wished she had held the
      bastard longer, drained everything from him, so there
      would be no chance of him ever recovering. Just as
      his victims had not been given a chance.

      Just as he hadn't been planning on giving her a

      There truly were some animals in this world, human
      animals, and she knew she was going to have to learn
      to deal with that if she stayed on the run.

      X-MEN -a novelization by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and
      Dean Wesley Smith


      If she could just stay immobile a little longer, he
      would think she was dead. Hopefully, when he left she
      could dig her way out.

      She fought to hold her breath as the dirt fell on her
      face. Just a little longer she told herself, it
      didn't matter that she was freezing and most of her
      body had already gone numb.

      She screamed when the third shovelful of dirt was
      thrown in her face. She struggled to sit up, his
      maniacal laughter ringing in her ears.

      "Shh...I got ya."

      She tried to blink the silt from her eyes, tasting the
      grit that filled her mouth. She wanted to break the
      tight grip that was trying to pull her down. She
      could beat death's embrace, Logan had taught her how
      to fight, to never give up.

      "It's okay, Marie. You're safe."

      Light penetrated the darkness, bringing with it
      another voice.


      "She's fine, Jeannie, go back to bed."

      "You'll call if..."

      "Yeah, now go before Cyke comes looking for you."

      Home. She was home and Logan was holding her. She
      felt his hand, encased in warm leather, brush the damp
      hair away from her face. The tension slowly drained
      from her; Logan would take care of everything. She
      opened her eyes to see the concern on his features.
      He gave her a reassuring smile, wiping at the tears
      that gathered at the corner of her eyes.

      "Sorry, kid. You shouldn't have to fight my demons."

      She tried to respond, but found that her mouth was
      dry, her throat raw. He placed a glass to her lips
      and she let the cool water clear away the last
      remnants of the dream.

      "Not yours," came her hoarse whisper. "All mine."

      He gave her a weak smile, one she thought was meant to
      appease her. She nodded but saw the guilt in his
      eyes. Guilt for not being able to protect her from
      Magneto, the source he believed, of her latest
      nightmares. In a way she wished she had his or
      Magneto's nightmares, at least those she could
      distance herself from. Even in sleep she knew they
      weren't hers, and over time they had become nothing
      more than bad dreams, which rarely woke her.

      These new ones, though, he shouldn't feel guilty
      about. He had taken her in before that trucker made
      it a reality. She shivered at the thought of what the
      trucker had planned for her, what he did to those
      other girls. He had been a low-level telepath, he had
      known about her mutation and his plans had been set

      Logan shifted next to her, pulling the covers tighter
      around her when she shivered. "Will you stay? Just
      for awhile?"

      "Only if you don't hog the bed."

      She let him get comfortable, rearranging the blankets,
      before snuggling next to him. "Did I wake you up?"

      "No, darlin'. I was still awake."

      She lay motionless, letting his breathing, heartbeat
      and warmth lull her towards sleep. "Logan, did I ever
      thank you for saving my life in Canada?" He gave a
      soft grunt of acknowledgment. "I'd be dead now if it
      weren't for you."

      A few minutes passed before he responded. "Me too,
      darlin'. Me, too."


      "I can't keep giving you sleeping pills. After this,
      when you ask, expect a full medical check up." Jean
      felt Rogue's uneasiness at the prospect, but she had
      already given the girl quite a few sleeping pills this
      month. "Are the nightmares still interfering with
      your sleep?"

      Rogue straightened from where she had been leaning
      over the desk, her nervousness starting to give Jean a
      headache. "Yeah...you won't tell Logan will you?"

      "No, Rogue. That's for you to do. However, Professor
      Xavier could help you work through any problems you're

      Rogue fidgeted with the top of one of her gloves,
      creasing and re-creasing it. "I know. I just want to
      do this on my own. Besides, from what I hear he will
      have his hands full with this year's incoming
      students, not to mention the recent turn in politics."

      Jean sighed inwardly. Rogue's life had not been easy
      since her mutation manifested and only recently gained
      some equilibrium. Jean watched her walk through the
      med-lab towards the corridor and called after her.
      "I'm always here if you need to talk."

      Rogue turned and smiled. "Thanks, I'll think about


      She had waited for the perfect time. Logan was off
      helping an old friend and would be gone a couple of
      weeks at least. The teaching staff was busy preparing
      for the new school year. Xavier and Jean were pulling
      late nights, readying themselves for the next Senate
      hearing set two weeks after classes began. With her
      friends away, few people would question her leaving.

      She had arranged her 'trip' with the Professor
      earlier. She felt bad for lying to him. Actually, it
      had been easier than she expected. His attention was
      already drawn in several directions and she knew he
      required greater concentration to read her when she
      was nervous.

      Which she had been, overly so, and if he sensed the
      truth behind her story he didn't say. She told him
      that she wanted to get away from the students, letting
      him believe that she was uncomfortable throwing
      herself into the mix.

      That last part was true, to a degree. Returning
      students would be aware of her mutation, but newer
      students wouldn't be. In a way she really did hold
      some apprehension toward them.

      She quietly slipped away on a hectic Friday morning
      the week before school started. She packed the back
      of the sedan the Professor let her borrow and drove
      her way west. It would take her under a week to reach
      the truck stop outside Edmonton. The same truck stop
      Mac had picked her up at a year ago. The exact same
      place he had picked the other two up. Her research
      showed that he stopped there twice a month on his runs
      to Northern Alberta.

      The month before Kitty left for college, she'd helped
      Rogue investigate the life of Mac the truck driver.
      Kitty had been eager to show off her computer skills
      and didn't ask any questions after Rogue told her that
      he was a relative she wanted to contact. Together
      they discovered his home address, current employer and
      route. The trucking company's gas card receipts
      indicated where he filled his tanks and when, which
      made him ridculously easy to track.

      The drive west would give her plenty of time to think
      over her plan. She still needed a battle strategy.


      When the nightmares had first surfaced a couple months
      earlier, she had searched through the memories of the
      three males residing in her head, trying to figure out
      who they belonged to. It surprised her to discover
      that the dream was the product of none of them.

      They belonged to the trucker that gave her the lift to
      Laughlin City. He had picked her up at a busy truck
      stop in Canada. The ride had been uneventful until
      that brief touch as she jumped down from the rig.

      By the time Logan sat down at the bar she had
      processed Mac's plans for her and knew she needed to
      find a different ride. Compared to Mac, Logan seemed
      like a safe alternative, seeing what it took the other
      fighter to provoke him into violence.

      Then with the accident and the events that followed
      the next couple of days, Mac was pushed to the back
      and forgotten. It wasn't until over a year later,
      when her life took on something resembling normalcy,
      that his memories crept back into her subconscious.

      She considered going to the Professor, but she was
      afraid he would want her to go to the authorities.
      That in and of itself wouldn't be a problem, until
      they started asking questions.

      After all she knew how the girls were killed down to
      every last detail. She also knew exactly where they
      were buried. That gave her reason to pause and then
      wonder how many others there had been in the year
      she'd been at Xavier's. How many more would there be
      before someone discovered him?

      She desperately wanted to seek Logan's advice, but
      knew his first instinct would be to protect her. That
      meant he would rather spend endless, sleepless nights
      helping her work through nightmares than expose her to
      any accusations or ridicule.


      She reached Edmonton four days later with a plan of
      attack formulated. It was simple: hang out at the
      truck stop during the week, trying to look scared and
      alone. That wouldn't be too hard; even at eighteen
      she still looked younger than her peers, and hiding in
      her cloak would only foster the impression of a

      She spent a restless night in the motel next to the
      truck stop before she began her daily vigil. The next
      morning she shouldered her bag and made her way across
      the parking lot to stake out a place by the diesel
      pumps. The day passed slowly as rig after rig
      re-fueled and pulled out onto the highway. Several
      times she was offered a ride, but told them she was
      waiting for someone.


      Waking up before daylight the second morning, she gave
      up trying to fall back asleep and made her way to the
      pumps again. After noon she bought a soda and used
      the restroom.

      Looking over the pumps as she resumed her post, she
      eyed a rig that belonged to the company Mac drove for.
      It must have pulled up while she was inside. This
      was what she'd been waiting for.

      Grabbing her pack, she headed for the furthermost pump
      where the rig was fueling. On closer inspection she
      didn't see a driver in the cab or out by the trailer.
      Walking around to the far side, a man appeared from
      between the tractor and trailer, startling her. He
      jumped down, pulling greasy gloves from his hands.
      Looking up, she noticed a broad smile break across his

      "Rogue!" He said her name like he was greeting a long
      lost child.

      She shifted her bag nervously, nodding in
      acknowledgment. "Mac."


      Logan took his time at the gas pump. This would be
      his last stop for some time and he wanted to take full
      advantage of it.

      He was eager to get back to the mansion. He had spent
      less than a week at Joe's before he was overwhelmed
      with the need to leave. A nagging feeling lingered
      at the back of his mind.

      He had called the mansion and was reassured that
      everything was fine. However, that feeling wouldn't
      go away, so he was headed back to see for himself.

      Checking the bike one last time, he noticed a car in
      the motel parking lot not fifty feet away. He felt
      the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. It looked
      like one of Xavier's cars, but what would it be doing

      Walking over to the sedan, he eyed the license plate,
      which identified it as being from New York. Peering
      inside, nothing seemed amiss; not even a map was left
      on the front seat. The car had been there at least a
      couple of days by the smell of it. There was nothing
      fresh, but something was familiar, something that made
      him want to know more about the car and its driver.

      Twenty minutes later, after checking at the motel and
      the truck stop, he called the mansion.

      Scott's voice greeted him in the usual manner.
      "Xavier's School-"

      Wasting no time, he cut him off. "What's Rogue doing
      in Canada?"

      He heard others as Scott talked to someone nearby.
      "She took a sort of vacation before school started.

      "I found one of the school's cars parked outside of a
      truck stop in Edmonton. She's been hanging around the
      diesel pumps for the last two days. Someone thought
      they saw her hitch a ride with a trucker."

      There was more talking in the background, followed by
      a seeming endless moment of silence. "Cyke! What's
      going on?"

      "She just contacted the Professor. We're on our way."
      Scott quickly gave him what information he could
      about her location.

      In a flash, Logan was on the bike and headed north.
      He was only too glad that he had once again borrowed
      Scott's bike as he hit the speed button.


      They traveled for the better part of two hours before
      Mac broke the silence. "Hope you don't mind, we ain't
      heading to Laughlin City. I don't want to chance
      losing you this time. I got great plans for us."

      He leered at her. She caught a glint in his
      eye...confidence? He'd gained a lot of confidence.

      Instantly, she knew she was in over her head. Her
      plan to drop him once they reached the graves wasn't
      going to work. She could fight, but he had always had
      the advantage of size and now he had the advantage of
      even more experience. Way too much experience.

      She began to panic. Frantically she scanned the cab
      for something, anything that would help. It was then
      that she noticed that there were no handles or knobs
      on her door.

      If she tried to bail it would only be after
      successfully breaking the glass and squeezing through
      the window. She cursed her stupidity for not having
      the foresight to even pack a weapon in her bag.

      In her visual search, she noticed a bundle of rope and
      a roll of duct tape on top of a shovel behind the
      seats. Unlike her, Mac had learned to be prepared to
      carry out his plans.

      Fear bunched her stomach into a tight knot. "How
      many?" She was surprised at how calm her voice

      A huge grin of delight spread across his rotund face.
      "Twelve, you'll make thirteen."

      He began laughing at a joke she obviously wasn't
      privileged to. "Get it. Mac Baker. You make a
      baker's dozen." He continued to laugh uncontrollably,
      shifting gears as the semi climbed a steep grade.

      She almost gagged on the bile that had risen in her
      throat. What had she been thinking? Her mutation
      didn't make her invincible. She was such a fool.

      It was hard to think straight with her mind racing in
      a million different directions. If only she could
      reach the Professor, he would be able to help her.

      She let her mind seek him out, sending images that she
      hoped relayed her fear.


      ~Oh god, Professor. I've~

      His thoughts quickly cut her off. ~The team is on
      their way. Right now I need you to concentrate on
      keeping me updated with your location.~

      She knew that the last bit was more for her benefit
      than his.

      ~He's a mutant, Professor.~

      ~Yes, he has some telepathic ability. I am having a
      hard time communicating with him. I will be able to
      make contact once I reach Cerebro.~

      She began actively seeking out landmarks along the
      roadway as darkness began to over take the daylight.

      Mac's comment broke into the observations she was
      relaying to the Professor.

      "He didn't scar you, did he?" At her blank expression
      he continued. "I saw those knives come out of his
      hands. He didn't use 'em to cut you? 'Cause I would
      hate to have to work around scars he left." She was
      horrified at his suggestion. Although Logan had been
      modified to kill, he would only do so when pushed.
      Mac, however, took delight in such a grim task.

      He didn't seem to notice her lack of an answer and
      continued on with his one-sided conversation. "Your
      pale white skin will look beautiful with all my
      wonderful red designs traced into it. Just like
      strawberries and cream."

      "See," he said reaching into his boot, "I had this
      knife specially made. Isn't the red coral inlayed
      into the ivory nice? It cuts so smooth, leaving thin
      lines behind. I haven't had a chance to use it yet."
      He tilted the blade slightly so that it glinted in the
      dying sunlight. He unnerved her further with his
      smile. She watched in silence as he slipped the knife
      back into his boot.

      He reached to pat her gloved hand and she flinched
      away. She had no desire to even chance having his
      visions of death fill her mind. She remembered the
      first two. His telepathy allowed him to see and feel
      their fear. His favorite fantasies a year ago had
      been of their last horror filled moments replayed in
      his mind. She didn't want to know what new terrors
      got him off these days.


      The semi slowed, pulling off the main highway to
      follow barely visible ruts. Rolling to a stop, Mac
      gave a happy sigh. "Good to be back. I need to start
      coming here more often. They get lonely."

      He reached behind the seat pulling out his supplies.
      Uncoiling the rope, he began to mumble to himself.
      She found it extremely unnerving; it was as if he was
      having a disagreement with someone.

      She scanned the cab again, looking for anything that
      might help her. Rogue considered slamming the door
      when he jumped out. Then she could hole up in the
      semi until help arrived.

      He smiled at her. "Don't bother. There aren't any
      locks on the doors."


      Jean answered instead. ~Hold on Rogue. We're only
      minutes away. The Professor is trying to communicate
      with Mac right now.~

      ~Jean, don't leave me alone. Please!~

      ~I'll stay as long as I'm able.~

      Jean's presence in her mind helped her remain calm as
      she sorted through possible escape routes with the
      other woman.

      Meanwhile, Mac bound her hands in front of her before
      climbing down out of the rig, mumbling the entire
      time. He looked back up and offered her a hand down.
      She didn't even want to think about accepting.

      Hand still out, he looked around wildly, then abruptly
      slammed his fist against the open door. "No! Stop it!
      Quit telling me what to do."

      He began shaking his head as if to clear it. "She
      needs my help, nobody else wants her. They keep
      throwing her away."

      Jean's voice cut through the confusion. ~Do it now,

      Kicking out hard, her foot caught Mac on the chin,
      snapping his head back and laying him out on the
      ground. As he struggled to figure out what happened,
      Rogue scrambled down. She began a frantic charge for
      a small grove of trees that stood out against the
      night's sky.

      She found it hard to navigate the uneven terrain. Her
      bound hands made the dash even harder. Only half way
      to the trees, she fell. Gaining her footing, she felt
      the slow trickle of blood begin from scrapes on her
      elbows and knees.

      Crouching and taking a moment to control her
      breathing, she listened for any sound of pursuit. Mac
      could be heard in the distance, still arguing with
      Xavier, as he picked his way toward her.

      The landscape was now totally immersed in darkness.
      She couldn't make out the expanse of land between her
      and the trees. Even though she had a good lead on
      Mac, she felt the need to make a blind run. Trying to
      stay low, she started for the trees.

      Within a few feet she stepped onto a large mound of
      loose earth. Reacting too slowly, she lost her
      balance and stumbled forward. She felt her body
      sliding head first into a vast emptiness. Twisting at
      the last moment, she landed hard on her back.

      She stared up at the stars, attempting to catch her
      breath. Her view was limited, and she realized that
      she had fallen into one of Mac's pre-dug graves.

      Maneuvering to her feet, she began hoisting herself up
      to the level ground. After struggling for what seemed
      like hours, she was able to swing a leg over the
      almost shoulder-high side of the hole. Rolling over,
      she lay still for a moment to gain her bearings.

      She could no longer hear Mac, only a low rumbling like
      thunder in the distance. Feeling the need to move,
      she pushed herself into a sitting position. That same
      instant a boot scraped the ground and the night
      exploded with light.


      She knew that staying still was not going to fool him
      into thinking she was dead. This was not one of her
      nightmares that she would wake up from. This was real
      and Mac was working quickly to fill her grave with

      She frantically struggled with the ropes that bound
      her hands. It was difficult with the weight of the
      dirt bearing down on her. It had already filtered
      into her ears and nose. She didn't dare breath
      through her mouth, for fear that the dirt would fill
      it also.

      When the next shovelful of dirt hit her face, she
      screamed. She struggled to sit up, the sound of metal
      on metal ringing in her ears.

      Suddenly she was not alone in her burial plot.
      Backing into a corner, she barely made out the words.
      "Shh...I got ya."

      Mac was a telepath, she told herself, he must know
      about her nightmares. He was using them against her,
      because this wasn't the mansion, so that couldn't be

      She tried to blink the silt from her eyes, tasting the
      grit that filled her mouth. She fought the tight grip
      pulling at her body. Logan had taught her how to
      fight, to never give up.

      "It's okay, Marie. You're safe."

      Light penetrated her darkness as a gentle hand brushed
      matted hair and dirt from her face. She heard another
      voice from above.


      "I got her, Jeannie."

      "Do you need help getting her up?"

      "Yeah, and get Cyke to..."

      "He's already taking care of the trucker."

      Logan. He was holding her. She opened her eyes to
      see the determination and fear on his features. He
      gave her a shaky smile. It was only then that she let
      the tears flow as the tension slowly drained from her.

      She rested her head on Logan's shoulder, letting him
      take care of everything.



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