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FIC: Brand New '81 Dodge 1/1 [NC-17 X2 Charles/Erik]

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  • C. Elisa
    Summary: Charles and Erik have to try something new. Rating: NC-17 Disclaimer: Charles and Erik belong to Marvel Comics and Fox Entertainment, and I doubt
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      Summary: Charles and Erik have to try something new.

      Rating: NC-17

      Disclaimer: Charles and Erik belong to Marvel Comics and Fox Entertainment, and I doubt they'd let me buy the rights.

      Feedback: Please. c-elisa@...

      Author's note: Inspired, in an odd way, by the Greg Brown song "Brand New '64 Dodge." Thanks to Andraste for commenting on the first draft.

      URL: http://c-elisa.slashcity.org/81-dodge.html

      Brand New '81 Dodge
      by C. Elisa

      Erik carefully folded the catheter back along the length of Charles's cock and taped it down. Then he picked up a condom from the bedside table. "And this goes on over it."

      "To keep the catheter clean," Charles said. "And to help keep it from being torn out -- since I wouldn't be able to feel it --"

      He was repeating things Erik already knew. But Erik was still staring blankly at the packet in his hand.

      "I know it's not the same," Charles said. "But it can be...."

      Erik looked up, raising his eyebrows. "Actually, I was just thinking --" he glanced back at the condom -- "I've heard of these things, but I never expected to have a use for one. You can't imagine how strange I felt purchasing them."

      Charles smiled. "I wonder if gossips in Salem Center are revising their opinions of us as we speak."

      "It is the perfect cover. Who would imagine that I wanted contraception to use with another man?"

      "Just think -- if we'd thought of that ten years ago, we might still be in Alaska now."

      Erik held up the foil packet between two fingers. "You think _this_ would have made a difference."

      "No, I suppose not." Charles sighed. "What _is_ the point of making hotel curtains that transparent?"

      "What is the point of being a telepath if you can't detect a full-blown case of homophobic panic ten feet outside the window?"

      "I was distracted," Charles protested.

      "I remember."

      "Besides, if I hadn't used my powers to freeze everyone, things could have gotten a great deal uglier. I've never been sure what the literal meaning of 'run out of town on a rail' is, but I think we were about fifteen minutes from finding out."

      "I still think building the school 'far from the eyes of men' was a good idea, if we had actually managed to buy the property. We just needed to apply the same principle to our personal lives." Erik looked down into his lap, covering his mouth with his hand. His laughter was almost silent -- nervous but real. "How is it that none of that seemed funny at the time?"

      "Things never do," Charles said.

      "Well." Erik sat up straight. "We certainly have far too many children in this house already. It's past time we took responsibility for -- what's the euphemism? -- 'family planning.'"

      He tore the packet open, but before he took the condom out, he put his hand to Charles's cock to resuscitate it. Charles's erections faded quickly now, but returned easily in response to the touch he could no longer feel.

      Which didn't mean he couldn't enjoy watching. Erik's practiced hand was making the same movements that had brought him off in a bedsit in Manchester, in a brownstone on the Upper West Side, in Cerebro behind the only lock they really trusted against the students... in a tiny hotel in Alaska, in front of curtains that had seemed opaque enough from their side. Erik bent down to lick a slow line parallel to the catheter, plainly enjoying himself too; and soon they would work out the best way for Erik to lower himself onto Charles's cock, with which he would, now, have to fuck himself. The breath that Charles slowly let out was half arousal, half relief.

      Erik had laughed. For the first time since a 1981 Dodge Viper, not three hours off the showroom floor, had veered across the median into the path of Charles's car, Erik had actually laughed. Everything was, after all, going to be all right.

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