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FIC: Some Friends Aren't Friends (2/2)(PG-13)(John/Marie)

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    Title: Some Friends Aren’t Friends Part 2 By: X X0832001@yahoo.com Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am getting no money, I am no threat, please don’t sue me.
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      Title: Some Friends Aren�t Friends

      Part 2

      By: X


      Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am getting no money, I am
      no threat, please don�t sue me.

      Today was Day 7 of the Bobby break up. It had finally
      happened. A week ago Marie had told Bobby �I really
      don�t think this is working out the way we thought it
      would.� This had led to a depressed Bobby on Day 1,
      moping about with �If it�s what she really wants� ever
      ready on his lips when the usual end-of-relationship
      condolences were dispensed. Day 2 had gone very badly
      when Jubilee told Bobby to go right in to the room she
      and Rogue shared. Rogue was just hanging out in
      there. Bobby had cracked the door and found Marie
      re-reading John�s letter. Snatching it away Bobby
      fumed at what he read. �That backstabbing jerk!�
      eventually gave way to �John is so gay� but it was all
      around a day of anger. Day 3 had a competitive edge.
      Bobby had been heard at breakfast commenting that if
      Rogue wanted a guy to write her love letters then he
      would write her a love letter to get her back. All
      day he could be found pouring over a notebook; writing
      and then madly scribbling. It wasn�t until Day 5 of
      the break up that things finally got perspective and
      accepted the facts. He couldn�t write Marie a love
      letter like John. It wasn�t just because John was a
      better writer. It was because when he sat down and
      examined his feelings, they weren�t the same as
      John�s. Bobby had thought he�d been in love, but it
      wasn�t the glow that John felt. Bobby and Rogue were
      close friends, but that was all they would be.

      So the last two days had been spent exploring the idea
      that they were just friends and teammates. It was
      difficult at first, a little awkward. But, they
      really fit better in these roles. Marie was sure with
      time their friendship would be great, Bobby would find
      happiness with another, and maybe, just maybe, she
      would too.

      Right now they were on their way to just outside
      Vancouver, Canada. Rogue looked outside of the
      X-jet�s window at the puffy clouds. The sunlight
      through them was too bright at first and she had to
      shield her eyes with her hand for a few moments. Once
      that had passed she could appreciate just how pretty
      and peaceful they seemed. It was odd to assign a
      state of mind to clouds, but they did seem peaceful.

      The mission they had undertaken wouldn�t
      be peaceful, that much was sure. A branch of the
      Friends of Humanity, an anti-mutant hate group was
      terrorizing mutants in a small Canadian town. The
      threats were one thing, but several mutants had gone
      missing. She looked around the jet. Cyclops was
      flying, and Bobby was spinning in his chair like a
      little kid. It was a small mission, if things got out
      of hand they were to retreat and call in the back up
      team. Storm and Wolverine were nearby; they could be
      at the FoH headquarters in fifteen minutes.

      They landed in a wooded area right next to
      the house that served as a base of operations for this
      branch of the Friends of Humanity. Cyclops led the
      team to the building. Peeking through the window
      nothing looked suspicious. It looked like a VFW hall
      or something. Silently Cyclops pointed to Rogue, then
      the door. Understanding she crept up to the front
      door, rang the bell and ducked behind one of the
      bushes that flanked the door. This plan had been
      worked out in advance, they knew their rolls. From
      the side window Iceman and Cyclops watched a man come
      up from what must be the basement, wiping what looked
      like blood from his hands onto his dark pants.

      He opened the door to find no one waiting
      there. Iceman suddenly slid across the lawn on a
      sheet of ice. He was an excellent distraction.

      �I got one!� the human yelled, rushing outside. Rogue
      slipped inside and stayed out of sight as eight other
      men rushed past her, the last slamming the door behind
      him. Rogue was inside, it was up to Cyclops and
      Iceman to give her time to find out was going on with
      this club. They did this by running the FoH around
      the yard. It seemed to be going fine, a wall of ice
      and occasional optic blast keeping the eight men at
      bay. Then someone pulled a gun. The sound of fired
      shots filled the air. Things had gotten more complex.
      �Damn� cursed Scott, dodging a bullet.

      Scott looked next to him and returned his
      attention to the battle. Then he did a double take.
      �Magneto?� Magneto and Sabertooth were standing next
      to him on the lawn.


      �What are you doing here?�

      �Young Mr. Allerdyce likes French Toast.�
      Scott looked at him as if he�d grown a third head.
      All of the bullets dropped to the ground. �Pyro went
      out for groceries so he could make French Toast 3 days
      ago.� The older man elaborated. No more words were
      needed, Magneto wasn�t here to fight the X-men, he
      wanted to get his team member back.

      The FoH fought hard, attacking the mutants they so
      hated. Cyclops and iceman worked on non-lethally
      incapacitating them. Magneto tired of this quickly.
      These angry, nasty little animals were doing who knows
      what to one of his associates. This �battle� was a
      mere formality. The humans stood no chance against
      the number of mutants assembled on the lawn. He
      glared at the young man on the stairs. He seemed to
      be directing the others, leading this fight. Ear,
      eyebrow, lip, were all pieced on the left, the metal
      in the man�s face glittered in the sun. Magneto swung
      his hand, breaking the �Friend�s� neck cleanly with an
      audible snap.

      The remaining FoH members whirled to see
      one of their own drop with a thud to the ground,
      clearly dead. There was a roar within the crowd, but
      most of the men could be seen slinking off, not quite
      prepared to give their lives to the cause. The
      remaining few were easily rounded up and tied up by
      the superheroes and super villains.

      Rogue looked around the dim house. The first floor
      was all one room. She glanced around quickly
      assessing the situation. There was a podium near the
      front window and folding chairs filled the large room.
      �They must hold meetings in here� she mused,
      approaching the podium. There was a book on its
      surface, figuring it might have some information Rogue
      picked it up. Suddenly there was a crash as a man
      charged down the stairs. She didn�t even have time to
      react. The FOH member had Rogue in a bear hug. �Hey,
      aren�t you a cutie. Shame you�re a mutie.�

      �Yeah, it breaks my heart� she hissed bringing her
      knee up as hard as she could. The man stumbled back
      and fell on the ground, desperately clutching between
      his legs. She walked past him and picked up the black
      book that had been dropped in the scuffle. She wanted
      to retch at what it contained. There were pictures
      and descriptions of mutants they�d captured and how
      they�d been �taken care of�.

      One of the last entries made her not only sick inside
      but also furious. It was John; they had captured
      John, her John. They didn�t use his name, didn�t care
      to find out who their victim actually was, just
      �Worthless Fire Bug� and pictures. But Marie didn�t
      need the entry labeled; she could see clearly it was
      John. The pictures made tears well up in her eyes.
      They�d done terrible things to him. He was a
      wonderful person with a beautiful soul, and they�d cut
      him, starved him, and beaten him. She whirled back to
      the man who had now made it to his feet and was
      working on straightening up. She caught him with a
      shin to the face and when he hit the floor she ground
      her heel in that sensitive spot. The man screamed and
      tears rolled freely down his face. Rogue saw the
      wretch before her, knew she caused his miserable
      predicament, but surprisingly didn�t feel bad about
      what she�d done.

      They kept their prisoners in the basement so she
      headed for the stairs. At the top she paused and
      pulled out her communicator. �Rogue to Cyclops�

      There was a pause then, �Yes Rogue?�

      �All clear in here. But, they have been keeping
      mutants in the basement. Mistreating them and holding
      them in cells. I�m going to let them out.�

      �We�ll be there soon to help.�


      Rogue made her way down the stairs and encountered the
      doors. There were 5 of them, all in a row. �Anyone
      down here?� she called. A soft whimpering could be
      heard but she couldn�t quite locate where it was
      coming from. Taking a deep breath she opened the
      first door. It was empty. The second had an
      occupant. It was a girl, about 12 years old, sitting
      curled up and crying. Rogue recognized her from the
      book. �It�s alright� Rogue cooed coming to kneel by
      the girl. �We�re here to take you away.�

      �Really?� came the sniffled reply

      �You�re going to be fine.� She took the girl�s hand
      and led her out of the cell. Footsteps on the stairs
      drew her attention. Bobby and Cyclops appeared from

      �Good work Rogue� Cyclops congratulated. Rogue passed
      the girl off to Bobby.

      �There are still 3 more to check out.� She opened the
      third door and found it empty. The fourth contained a
      quiet male body. She couldn�t stop her initial
      observation that it wasn�t John. Rogue rushed to it
      and pressed gloved fingers to the neck. She couldn�t
      feel anything, and gave a pitiful glance towards
      Cyclops. She didn�t know if there was no pulse or if
      she was just missing it through the thick fabric of
      her gloves. Scott bent down and sadly shook his
      head. The young man was dead.

      The door opened slowly on the last cell. It was
      empty. �He was in here; they called him �the
      worthless firebug�.� Rogue whispered near tears. She
      had been so determined they would find him. Her
      optimistic spirit sure that when she opened the cell
      door he�d be sitting against the wall, a little worse
      for wear but defiantly OK. She spotted the menu,
      lying on the floor, ignored in whatever activity had
      gone on in this cell recently. She knelt down and
      picked it up. She felt her heart stop, it wan another
      letter from John. This had been his cell. There was
      blood staining the paper, and she knew it was his. She
      read his handiwork and tears slipped from her eyes.
      It was beautiful. You will always have my love, John,
      seeing the words filled her with thick emotions.

      God, Was he really dead? Were they torturing him?
      They�d done it before, it was in the book. It was a
      hollow aching feeling in her stomach. But he could
      already be dead. His letter said he was expecting it,
      that he was so close he could feel death. Tears
      continued to roll down her cheeks. Maybe Magneto had
      rescued him. The thought struck her suddenly and she
      did her best to hold on to that idea. It gave enough
      comfort for her to at least stand up again. She
      needed to get away from this basement of horrors. In
      a fog she headed up the stairs. She didn�t say
      anything and didn�t look at the others. She couldn�t,
      she couldn�t explain that John meant so much more to
      her than they knew. She couldn�t explain how the idea
      of him dying, alone, miserable made her want to die.

      Bobby followed the shadow of Rogue making her way up
      the stairs carrying the little girl, who had a clear
      death grip on his neck. It was like not finding John
      had stolen some part of Marie. She was like a zombie.
      He could kind of understand. He�d read John�s letter
      to her. If she felt about him the way he felt about
      her it was like she�d lost a part of herself. They
      belonged together, but circumstances took every
      opportunity to rip them apart. He looked at the girl
      in his arms. She had arms wrapped around his neck and
      legs around his waist. She was about 6 or 7 years
      younger than him, not that much shorter than him but
      rail thin so she wasn�t hard to carry. But her grip
      was tight and she looked at him with the eyes of a
      young child.

      �Are you Okay honey? Everything�s going to be fine

      �Yeah�yeah, just�I don�t wanna be alone for a while.
      They�they�they�then they just leave you for�for...for
      so long.�

      �It�s Ok now, I won�t leave you alone. I�m Bobby.�

      �Samantha� She rested her head against him. Bobby
      reminded her of her big brother. �Will I get to go

      �You sure will. Do you remember where they are?� She

      �Then I�ll take you there.� He turned to Scott. �Is
      that alright? Can I take her home? He parents are
      probably worried about her.�

      Scott flipped through the pages of the horrible book
      Marie had found. Locating Samantha by picture on the
      page labeled �Glowing Freak�. Apparently she emitted
      light from her hands. The bastards had picked her up
      walking home from school just two days ago.

      �Yeah, you do that Bobby; I�ll meet you
      back at the jet.�

      Scott watched Bobby head up the stairs.
      He was taking all this misery much better than Marie.
      Rogue was more sensitive than her boyfriend. Well,
      ex-boyfriend, news traveled fast in the mansion. She
      seemed like she was in shock. That surprised the
      X-men leader. Rogue had seen plenty, even before she
      became a member of the team. So it surprised him that
      she was so upset by these Friends of Humanity. She�d
      really broken down in that last cell, with the paper.
      It didn�t make sense but since she�d taken the paper
      with her he didn�t know what it had said.

      Looking around at the emptiness he finally
      remembered that they hadn�t found Pyro. After
      realizing that he realized he�d lost track of Magneto
      and Sabertooth quite some time ago. They hadn�t
      helped move the FoH inside, they hadn�t come down here
      with them, they�d just disappeared towards the end of
      the fight. So there were three dangerous members of
      the Brotherhood of Mutants unaccounted for. The
      Brotherhood hated humans. They were unaccounted for
      in a place with incapacitated members of the Friends
      of Humanity. The FoH were a mutant hate group. Scott
      tore up the stairs to where they had left the tied up
      humans, waiting for the proper authorities to pick
      them up. Sure the group was awful and Cyclops had no
      love for the mutant haters. But, they deserved to be
      locked away in prison, punished by the justice system.
      Being torn apart by Sabertooth or burnt alive by Pyro
      wasn�t what they needed.

      They�d put the remaining FoH in the
      folding chairs, tied up. Even those who were
      unconscious had been tied up. It had taken a little
      while, they were just finishing when Rogue had called.
      When Cyclops arrived he found them right where they
      should be, not any worse for wear than they were when
      he saw them after the battle. There were nine of
      them, cursing and spitting at him like beasts, but the
      Brotherhood hadn�t killed anymore of them. It made
      him wonder what they were up to. Could Magneto have
      been honest? Did he just come; claim whatever was
      left of Pyro, and leave? Peacefully? Scott
      remembered the pierced fellow; well mostly peacefully.
      Still ignoring the curses and yelling by the mutant
      haters he headed back to the jet. It was a small
      town, taking Samantha home wouldn�t take too long.
      Iceman was probably waiting by the jet.

      Cyclops was correct; Bobby was leaning
      against the side of the jet while Rogue sat in the
      grass. It was defiantly time to get the jet back to
      New York. They were hidden well in this overgrown
      area but Cyclops didn�t want to upset the neighboring
      community any more than they already had with their
      fight. The landing sight was very close to the house,
      Cyclops jogged towards his companions. But as he
      neared them, Rogue took off.

      Marie was sitting quietly with her
      thoughts, knees up under her chin and leaning against
      the X-jet. The she saw something that made her heart
      stop. She couldn�t draw in a breath. Sabertooth and
      Magneto were getting into a dark car. Something was
      slung over Sabertooth�s shoulder. Marie squinted. It
      was John! He looked dead. He was motionless, and
      even from a distance she could tell, frighteningly
      pale. She took off in a run towards them. She had to
      know for sure.

      �Rogue� scolded Scott as he made a grab
      for her. �Stop, where are you going?� She easily
      pulled away and continued across the lawn. Scott
      looked at the next closest person for insight. That
      person happened to be Bobby. The young man shook his

      �She�s got some stuff to work out with
      John.� He explained.


      �Yeah, we should just give her a few

      She wanted to say so much, ask so many
      questions. But when she reached Magneto and
      Sabertooth she couldn�t speak. They were loading John
      into the backseat. He was badly bruised, dried blood
      flaked from his face and the glimpse she caught of his
      arm was horrendous. �Is he�� was all she could
      manage, tears already slipping from her eyes. Magneto
      smiled warmly at the crying girl.

      �He�s alive child. The humans were cruel,
      but Pyro will survive.� Relief filled Marie in a

      Looking around the car she spotted a little notebook
      and pen. She scribbled furiously.


      I know what I am writing you won�t be as
      eloquent and moving as the letters you have written
      me. Your words are beautiful; they make me feel so
      special. There is so much I want you to know, but I
      must be fast here. I don�t think Magneto and
      Sabertooth are willing to wait for me to find the
      right words for how you make me feel. But, you should
      know that I feel the same way for you as you do for

      I love you John Allerdyce.



      She tore the little page from the book.
      �Can you give this to him?� Her eyes pleaded with the
      older man. It wasn�t the fear he sometimes saw in
      her, fear from what happened on Liberty Island. This
      was a fear her request would be denied, that her
      friend would never know what she�d written for him.
      Magneto wouldn�t deny a fellow mutant something this
      simple. He smiled.

      �Yes my dear. When he recovers enough I�ll
      give him your message.�

      She leaned into the car and kissed John�s
      forehead softly. Another loose tear rolled down her
      cheek. �Thank you Magneto.� Then she turned and
      jogged back to the X-jet.

      The End

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