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Fic:chapter 8 Two for the Road (Logan & Danielle take a trip down memory lane)

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  • "Sunshine"
    Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned) Setting: two years after the end of X2. Summary: Logan and Danielle vacation in Canada and travel
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      Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned)

      Setting: two years after the end of X2.

      Summary: Logan and Danielle vacation in Canada and travel down
      memory lane.

      Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of any of the Marvel characters,
      however the creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine. This is the
      first in a series of chapters to follow.

      Feedback – reasonable and not nasty - greatly appreciated. If you
      wish to archive this story please email me first. Trust me, I am
      sure I will be thrilled, but want to know where it is.

      Logan went to the Professor's office.

      "Ah, Logan. What can I do for you?" Professor Xavier asked.

      "I am leaving for a while – need some time away again," Logan
      said. "I want to go back to Alkali Lake."

      "Oh? I would have thought you were satisfied with what you found out
      last time," Charles said.

      "Call it a going home trip of sorts – it's all I got of a past,"
      Logan said.

      Jean walked in to talk with Charles but not realizing Logan was
      already there.

      "Will Danielle be accompanying you?" Charles asked.

      "Yes, she will – with yer permission," Logan replied. "I don't know
      how long we'll be gone – maybe a month. I know Danielle won't want
      to be away too long – she's so dedicated to the kids," Logan

      "Logan, go and have a good time," Charles said. He reached into the
      pocket of his suit and retrieved a sealed envelope. "I took the
      liberty of putting together some spending money for you and do not
      hesitate to call in if you require more."

      Logan accepted the gift and shook hands with Charles.

      "I knew this was coming," Charles added tapping a finger to his
      head. Logan's thoughts were strongly picked up on by Charles the
      night before.

      "You set this all up, didn't you? That's why you were so insistent
      that I go on that mission to rescue her. You knew about her all
      along," Logan said suspiciously.

      "Seems it worked out in the end," Charles said with a soft laugh.

      "Logan, I am glad to see you two are close. We are all happy for
      you. She's good for you," Jean said.

      "I know," Logan replied softly. As he began to head out of the room,
      Jean excused herself to follow him.

      "Look, I'm sorry I was so mean. I know you meant well," Logan

      "Logan, I know things have been strained between all of us. But, I
      am glad it worked out this way. I think what happened with you and I
      helped bring me closer to Scott. I have you to thank for that, as
      strange as it may seem," Jean said.

      "You will always be special to me – that will never change. You
      reminded me of how I am not all animal as Stryker said I was. You
      reminded me that I could love. I know I was a jerk trying to steal
      you away from Scott. I'm sorry if I caused any problems between you
      two. I lost my heart to ya and I just wanted so bad to have you love
      me. I knew I couldn't have you – you love Scott too much to let
      someone like me get in the way. You think Scott will ever forgive
      me?" Logan asked.

      "Logan, you are a good guy - and I do love you, as a friend.
      Danielle fits you perfectly. I know you two will have something very
      special. You deserve each other. Scott on the other hand, I'll work
      on him to lighten up," Jean added. Logan smiled.

      "Yeah, she's really spunky and sexy too," he started to say with a
      bright gleam in his eye, "but, not that you aren't in your own way.
      And, she puts up with me even when I am being a really big jerk," he

      Jean gave Logan a hug and a kiss on his cheek before leaving to join

      "It's because she loves you," Jean said before opening the door to
      Charles' office.

      "Logan," Charles called from the now open office door. "Why don't we
      meet down in the garage in an hour. You and Danielle deserve a
      proper send off," Charles stated. Logan agreed and left to collect a
      few items for the trip.

      Rogue entered Danielle's room. Danielle was putting together a
      travel bag with a couple changes of clothes. She was too excited to
      think about much of anything other than being on the road alone with

      "Hi Marie," Danielle said not turning around. She had sensed her

      "I didn't hear you come back last night. So, give it up. Something
      really happened last night. Logan was in far too good a mood this
      morning at breakfast," Marie said.

      "Logan threatened to castrate my ex-boyfriend. It was really quite
      amusing," Danielle said.

      "Nothing else?" Marie asked while reading Danielle's expression.

      "Why do you ask when ya already know?" Danielle questioned.

      "His behavior at breakfast caught us all off guard," Marie said
      noticing Logan outside smoking his cigar.

      "Was it that obvious?" Danielle asked.

      "Don't worry. Trust me, it was a welcomed change. Look, I know it
      was tough to admit. I know what he's been feelin' `cause I hear
      excitement in his voice whenever he mentions your name. And anytime
      I see you guys together or even pass in the hall, even if you don't
      say anything, he gets some added spring to his step and a smile on
      his face. He's even been more tolerant of Scott. Now, that's saying
      something right there," Rogue said.

      At that moment, her expression changed – Bobby had appeared outside
      and was sitting down by Logan's side and began chatting with him.
      She drifted to think of Bobby and how her powers still keep her from
      being able to be very intimate with him. Rogue wished to be normal
      and have a normal relationship.

      "Hey, what's that look for?" Danielle asked.

      "I was just thinkin' how cool it is that you and Logan have… you
      know… gotten close – you know what I mean," Marie said.

      "Listen here, physical love is the easy part – and being with Logan
      was really incredible. But, loving with your heart is the hard
      part," Danielle said.

      "Yeah, but you got through that – for me, its the physical love. I
      love Bobby and I want that part of the relationship too," Rogue said.

      "If your love is strong, you will find a way. Trust me. Was it
      really that obvious with us? Oh, God, what Charles must think,"
      Danielle said. Rogue giggled and shook her head in agreement.
      Danielle smiled.

      "I don't think the professor is going to mind one bit," Marie

      Danielle noticed Marie looking at a picture on the table. It was one
      of Marie and Logan sitting outside together. Danielle had captured
      that special protective look on Logan's face.

      "I snuck the opportunity to shoot off a few frames. This one is my
      favorite. I know Logan is special to you too. You guys shared some
      pretty tough times. It's one thing I really like about him – his
      sense of honor. Hey, if you like this picture so much, you can have
      it," Danielle said.

      "Really? Oh, but Bobby…," Rogue trailed off thinking how Bobby would
      probably get jealous if he found the photo.

      "Logan is your friend and that is all the picture means to you.
      Remember that and stick to your word," Danielle said.

      "By the way, Logan and I will be takin' off for a while. He wants
      some time away and asked me to come along," Danielle said.

      "Wow! That's great!" Marie said hugging Danielle.

      "I am so nervous – it's gonna be just Logan, me and a long open
      road," Danielle said.

      "Where ya headin'?" Marie asked.

      "I haven't a clue. Logan just said north," Danielle responded.

      "Well, not like you wouldn't be in good hands. Ya have fun and
      behave yerselves," Marie replied.

      Meanwhile, Bobby began probing Logan.

      "So, you and Danielle…," Bobby began to ask.

      "None of your business, bub," Logan replied sternly.

      "Come on, man. It's so obvious," Bobby went on. "I wish I was you
      about now."

      "What do ya mean?" Logan asked.

      "I mean you and Danielle – I wish it were me and Rogue. You know, to
      be with Rogue," Bobby said.

      "You two still haven't figured things out?" Logan asked.

      "She's so afraid of hurting me. It's getting really frustrating.
      This has been going on for over three years now, even though she's
      gaining control over her powers," Bobby said.

      "It'll happen when you least expect it," Logan said putting his hand
      on Bobby's shoulder.

      "I gotta go. We will chat more about this later," Logan said.

      Marie and Bobby escorted Danielle and Logan to the garage. Nearly
      the entire school had gathered there. Scott unveiled the truck and
      camper he refurbished and handed Logan the keys. Hooked up in back
      was even a small trailer complete with a brand new Harley
      motorcycle. Logan looked it over recalling his old trusty truck.
      This one was so similar it was uncanny. And the additional bike,
      that made his heart race with excitement.

      "Gawd, it's just like the one ya had," Marie said to Logan.

      "Have a safe trip, Hairball," Scott joked. Logan shook hands with
      Scott then gave him a hug. Danielle said goodbye to all the kids.
      She hugged each and every one of them telling them all to behave and
      study hard.

      "Marie, I promise a big shopping trip when I return," she said.
      Marie hugged her.

      "Bobby, you take care of Marie," Danielle added as she hugged Bobby

      Storm, Scott and Charles all got special thank you's from Danielle.
      Then, there was Jean.

      "Danielle, can I talk to you a moment?" Jean asked. The two women
      went off alone.

      "What can I do for ya?" she asked.

      "You and Logan – I just wanted to say I am happy for you both," Jean

      "Thanks, Jean," Danielle said.

      "You two belong together. I really don't think there could be a
      better match for him than with you," Jean replied.

      Danielle looked at her strangely.

      "Part of you wishes it was you, though. Jean, he's the first guy who
      has really treated me good. Even through his gruff exterior, there's
      a kind heart if you are open to it," Danielle said.

      "I don't regret my decision. Seeing him with you this morning made
      me realize I could never be for him what you are. I think you really
      bring out his good side. He is so happy and that makes me happy,"
      Jean said.

      "Go and have a good time. You both deserve a little happiness. I'm
      just glad he listened to me. By the way, you have a transponder in
      the glove compartment, just in case you run into trouble," she

      "Jean, can't thank you enough," Danielle said.

      Jean hugged Danielle before they returned to the rest of the group.

      Logan helped Danielle into the truck and then jumped in. He fired it
      up, revved it, and looked to Danielle.

      "Ya ready?" he asked. Leaning close to him, she replied yes. Logan
      smiled before backing the truck out of the garage. They were on
      their way.

      As promised, Logan headed right into Canada. Danielle was glad she
      brought along plenty of film for her camera. Logan made sure to give
      her plenty of opportunities to enjoy the wintry scenery of Canada.
      They laughed and talked and shared stories of their lives before
      meeting – really bonding together. They had been on the road for
      nearly eight hours when Logan pulled off the road. It seemed so
      desolate to Danielle – almost strange. She wondered why he chose
      this spot but remained silent about it – Logan knew Canada so well so
      he had to have his reasons.

      "Come here, and bring yer camera. Yer gonna love this," he said.

      He led her by her hand down a snow-covered path through the woods.
      It opened up into a beautiful lake – deer ran free on the other side,
      several eagles flew around looking for fish to eat, and Danielle
      looked out with complete admiration.

      "God, it's gorgeous," she said and started clicking off several

      He stood behind her letting her enjoy it. She finally halted taking
      pictures and just stood there admiring the view and deeply inhaled
      the clean brisk air.

      After a few quiet moments, Danielle stepped forward. She closed her
      eyes and appeared deep in thought. Rising to her feet again,
      Danielle stretched out her arm and within seconds a bald eagle
      landed. Logan stroked the bird's snow white head before Danielle set
      it free again.

      "Ya up for a swim?" he asked.

      "That water's got to be freezing," she replied.

      "It ain't all that bad. Besides, I'll keep ya warm," Logan responded

      Danielle shivered at the thought of diving into icy cold water.
      Although, her thoughts changed as she watched Logan quickly strip out
      of all his clothes and then dove into the water. When he surfaced,
      he looked to her.

      "Come on. It ain't that cold," he called out.

      She pulled off her clothes one garment at a time tormenting both
      herself and Logan. He never could get enough of her. She slowly
      strided down to the lake's edge and put a toe in. Sensing that it
      was cold but bearable, she started in. Logan wasn't about to wait
      for the hour it would take for her to get completely into the water
      and he pulled her in. She screamed with intense fury as he tied her
      up in his broad arms. He kissed her softly allowing her to slowly
      relax into his passion. She drew back and stroked the side of his
      face, running her fingers over his long sideburns.

      "I forgot cats hate water," he snickered.

      "This cat loves water - just not freezing cold water unless it is for
      drinking," she replied.

      It didn't take long for her to forget about the cold. Logan's kiss
      was enough to send warmth through her entire body, especially as his
      body reacted to their being so close. She marveled at the thought
      that he wanted sex - here, in the cold waters of the lake.

      "Think of being under that warm shower," he said between kisses and
      nips to her shoulder and neck.

      He held her in his arms as she wrapped her legs around his waist and
      laced her fingers behind his neck. Their bodies became as one, and
      the water churned around them with their frenzied physical
      activities. He groaned loudly as she cried out his name as both
      climaxed together and a deer peered at them hearing their

      Coming down from the high, Logan smiled as Danielle looked at him
      strangely. She still couldn't believe they had just made love in the
      icy cold water. They got out and dressed and felt incredibly

      "There's plenty of other places just like this," he said wrapping his
      arms around her.

      They traveled for days stopping off here and there to sight see or
      rent a motel room to shower and wash clothes. Logan wondered if
      these sleazy places were right for her. She deserved to be treated
      like a queen. But, anytime he had a look of worry accepting keys to
      another motel room, she would put her arm around him and say, "as
      long as I am with you, nothing else matters."

      Every night, whether it was in the camper or a motel room or another
      lake, Logan would make love to Danielle. He would tell her he just
      couldn't get enough of her, which made her feel very special. There
      were other nights that they would just sit in bed with the TV on and
      cuddle up close.

      Other times, he would leave her alone returning later with a bottle
      of wine and a plate of shrimp – one of her favorite meals. He would
      lay down in bed by her side taking enjoyment in pampering her –
      feeding her a shrimp from his teeth and kissing her when she accepted
      it. She didn't expect so much romance from the otherwise gruff

      They traveled right into the Canadian Rockies – right into that
      little town called Laughlin City – where Logan's new life began. He
      showed Danielle around the town he spent several months residing in.
      She felt so close to Logan listening to him tell stories about his
      time there, how he met Marie, and how things changed for him.

      They parked the truck and took the motorcycle out for a spin around
      town. He loved riding around with her clinging to him. Logan would
      smile widely feeling her arms around his waist. He pulled up along a
      cliff that overlooked an expansive forest.

      The moon was just rising and Danielle moved to sit on the bike facing
      Logan. Her hands grasped his sides as he held her hips. She leaned
      back bearing her neck to him and he kissed her throat and worked his
      way down. He pulled her shirt down enough to expose her cleavage and
      kissed his way there and slipped his tongue between her breasts. As
      he left a wet trail from her cleavage back up behind her ear, she was
      fast at work undoing his belt buckle and unzipping his jeans.

      There was something so primal that constantly drove them into fits of
      sexual frenzy. One could guess it was Logan being back in the
      Canadian territory or simply that they both shared a feral way about
      them and making love outside was completely natural.

      She released his erection from confinement, and as she leaned forward
      to take him between her flushed lips Logan leaned back growling with
      pleasure and approval. He flung his head back as she became more
      aggressive - her hand wrapping around the girth of his shaft drawing
      out long slow strokes as her mouth wet him.

      "Christ, Danielle. Oh, Christ, Danielle, that's so good," he
      stammered out between labored breaths.

      He held out as long as possible enjoying the way she administered to
      his needs. Her grip tightened as she felt his shaft throb. Her
      strokes increased in speed and she sucked him harder. Her other hand
      ran up under his shirt stroking his tightened stomach. As he started
      bucking his hips, he began grunting louder with his impending
      release. His nostrils inhaled her scent of sexual arousal.

      He pulled himself up and aggressively pushed her off. She wondered
      why until he leaped off the bike quickly setting the kickstand and
      pulled her to him. She knew what he was going to do and pulled up
      her leather skirt and hauled off her satin panties. Then, she leaned
      onto the bike for support as he forcefully took her from behind. He
      bucked hard, thrusting strongly, as his hands squeezed her breasts.
      She had become submissive to his will with the bite to her shoulder.
      His hips thrusted several times more until his seed flowed freely and
      they both experienced orgasms. He leaned against her back panting
      with exhaustion.

      They rode back into town where Logan took her inside the little bar
      where he fought in cage fights. Mac surprisingly greeted him happily
      offering him and Danielle the best table in the house and plenty of
      free beer. Danielle was given a golden opportunity to watch Logan
      fight. Of course, he put on an even better show since he had someone
      in particular watching him. When he ousted several opponents, she
      went to him stepping inside the cage and putting her arm around him
      while sinking her hand into his back pocket. He was the champion of
      the cage and he had the love of his life by his side. What more
      could Logan possibly need at this point in his life?

      They proceeded on to Alkali Lake the next morning, which was
      beautiful this time of year. It was snow-covered and truly breath
      taking. They fished, told stories, played around, made love in and
      out of the water, and relaxed.

      They hiked down one of the paths. He began to become nervous like a
      caged wild animal. Danielle took his hand and pulled him to sit
      down. She began massaging his shoulders trying to calm him, but
      Logan was just too tense.

      They walked further down one of the trails. The feral animal in
      Logan sensed the freedom of the open space. The air was brisk and he
      closed his eyes and inhaled deeply – filling his lungs with a
      refreshing feeling.

      He was really free – back in the wild and alone with Danielle. There
      were no kids, no noise other than the birds chirping, and no Scott
      Summers to break his balls. It was an odd feeling for him – he was
      home – being more at ease and allowing him to focus his thoughts.

      For so long, all he had were his nightmares to keep him comfortable –
      his loneliness in not knowing who he really was, and now he had
      something – a new identity, friends who cared for him, a home, and
      now his own beautiful and loving woman at his side. The last few
      years had brought changes for Logan – he no longer needed to run or
      worry about being feared or rejected. They continued on down the
      path. He became agitated again, for now in front of him now was the
      source of his pain. Danielle noticed him freeze with fear and

      "What's got you so rattled?" she asked him.

      Logan was looking out into the distance at a run down building that
      lay in his line of sight. Danielle watched Logan sit down on a rock
      outcropping and just stare. She sat down by his side putting her arm
      around him. He pulled her close with his tight embrace and was in
      need of comfort. Her hand gently ran over his back – the feel of her
      fingertips gliding over him relaxing him.

      "This is where my life changed – where Wolverine was born," he said.

      "I know it's painful for you to talk about it – but, I'm here for
      you," she replied.

      "I wanted you to see it – to know who I am," he said turning to her.
      Logan was really attempting to reach out to her.

      "I need to go inside again – to see if I remember anymore," he added
      and started trekking into the building.

      Logan walked in slowly with Danielle following closely behind.
      Memories began flooding back into his mind again – visions of William
      Stryker, of the torture, the experiments, Jean's near death the last
      time the team came here – nearly everything.

      Just then, a shimmering silver object caught his eye. He slowly
      walked over to it. The shining object was his dog tag and it was
      hung in the branches of a shrub not too far from where he had tossed
      it to the ground as a sign to Stryker that his past no longer
      mattered. It was neatly hung there, as if someone deliberately put
      it there. Logan pulled it loose and looked at it – the only item he
      had connecting him to his past had been returned to him.

      "I tossed this last time I was here," he said.

      Danielle ran her finger over the shiny silver tag.

      "Your military code name and number," she responded.

      "I don't remember anything except the nightmares of what they did to
      me," he said.

      She sat down for a moment deep in thought. He wondered why but opted
      to let her alone. She would tell him when she wanted to. Instead,
      he stood tall in front of her peering deeply into her eyes and hung
      the tag around her neck. She looked at it wondering why he was
      giving it to her.

      "Yer my girl now," he said.

      "Wolvie's girl," she giggled. "I love you, Logan."

      He kissed the back of her hand and together they headed inside the
      demolished building. His heart became heavy with the thought that he
      could have learned everything about his past had he been selfish and
      not chosen his friends over knowledge from Stryker that fateful day.
      He sat down near the water bath that housed him when they cut him
      open for the metal implants. Deathstryke's decaying body was still
      there – a horrible sight that startled Danielle.

      "Oh, God," she said turning away.

      He held her close as she buried her face into his chest.

      "We can go if this is too disgustin' for you," Logan said.

      "No, you need to do this. It just took me off guard," she said

      Danielle noticed the claw marks on the side of the container. He
      began reciting what he could remember and from the pieces of
      information Stryker had given him the last time he saw him. Danielle
      was horrified to hear the full story as Logan told it. She had a
      total understanding for his pain, fear, and anger with humans – and
      the nightmares that haunted him.

      "I just can't remember anything before this – only that Stryker
      implied I would hate who I was before this all happened," he said
      with frustration.

      In the meantime, her eyes had welled up full of tears. He turned to
      her not understanding this show of emotion.

      "Hey, what's wrong? Why ya cryin'?" he asked cupping her face in his
      hands. They sat down on a bench near the water bath.

      "I haven't talked about this," she began. "They tried to change me
      too. I can still remember the steely shine of the blade reflecting
      off on the ceiling as the light hit it just right and then there was
      the piercing pain as they cut into me. I have no clue where we were –
      it wasn't at this place – and I don't know what their intentions
      were, but they laughed as I bled. I remember that so clearly," she
      explained. Logan was mortified.

      "How did you escape?" he asked.

      "They pulled back to get more instruments and that's when I bolted.
      I found some inner strength that allowed me to break free and I ran –
      fighting my way out of the lab and out to freedom. All the while,
      the wound bled freely leaving a trail behind me. It wasn't until I
      found the road and was picked up by Loni that I was able to really
      escape – and heal," she said.

      Logan pulled her close. He wanted to cry with her.

      "Maybe we both need to learn to put our past behind us and think
      about the future instead," he said to console her.

      They decided it was time to return home.

      The school was still the same place. Logan and Danielle returned to
      a flood of enthusiastic hellos from all the residents. Marie
      cornered Danielle later on having noticed the dog tag hanging around
      her neck.

      "Where did ya get this?" she asked.

      "We found it along one of the trails near Alkali Lake. He wanted me
      to have it – I am tagged as Wolvie's girl," Danielle replied.

      Marie smiled and giggled with Danielle.

      "You two are just too cute together," Marie said.
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