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Fic: chapter 7 Soul Mates (Wolvie & Panther team up)

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  • "Sunshine"
    chapter 7 Soul Mates Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned) Setting: two years after the end of X2. Summary: Wolverine and Panther and a
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      chapter 7 Soul Mates

      Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned)

      Setting: two years after the end of X2.

      Summary: Wolverine and Panther and a budding relationship

      Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of any of the Marvel characters,
      however the creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine. This is the
      first in a series of chapters to follow.

      Feedback – reasonable and not nasty - greatly appreciated. If you
      wish to archive this story please email me first. Trust me, I am
      sure I will be thrilled, but want to know where it is.

      After sharing their intense passion, they felt at ease with their
      sexual tensions released. He lay on his back holding Danielle
      tightly. Then, he tensed expecting her to leave as he had been left
      so many times before – whether it was the drunken barmaid or
      streetwalker after she got paid for services rendered. His heart
      pounded with nervousness. But, Danielle wasn't going. She rested
      her head on his shoulder as her hand began to gently skim over his
      chest. She sensed his concern somehow, and she continued stroking

      "What's wrong, Logan?" she asked.

      "Ain't ya leavin'?" he asked her. She rose to meet his eyes.

      Logan closed his eyes – Stupid thing to say, you jackass, he cursed

      "Only if you want me to," she replied.

      "I'm sorry. I just don't remember ever bein' this close to someone
      before. I don't want ya to leave," he replied.

      "I won't go anywhere, then," she said as she nuzzled closer to him.
      Her hand rested on his chest feeling his heart beat. He laid his
      hand on top of hers gently pressing it against his heart. She could
      feel it pounding wildly.

      "You do this to me – makin' my heart race," he said softly. "I've
      been afraid to say anything, figurin' you wouldn't really want me –
      that I'm too dangerous for ya, especially after everything that
      happened to ya before," he said.

      "I wanted to tell ya what I was feelin'. But, I thought you were
      still too hung up on Jean. I hate to say it, but I'm glad Jean
      refused ya," Danielle said.

      Logan embraced her and a feeling of relief filled his heart – their
      true feelings had been expressed.

      "Listen to my heart whisper I love ya," he said softly.

      Danielle was shocked. Gruff bad ass Logan being poetic? She looked
      into his eyes.

      "What? I'm not allowed to be a little romantic? I ain't all
      animal," he said gruffly.

      She gently smiled.

      "I love ya too – wild man," Danielle said lying back down at his
      side. "Why did we do this – wait so long to say somethin'?" she

      "I don't know. Jean said dangerous men are only to flirt with.
      Guess I took it too much to heart," he said sadly.

      "I wasn't just flirting. I meant it – but figured Jean was still too
      important to ya," she responded.

      "Guess we both messed up," Logan replied.

      "Hope I convinced ya to stick around a little longer," she said.

      "I guess I can manage to hang around a while," he said. "Hey, I need
      a beer. I'd like some company. That is, unless you got somethin'
      better to do," he added.

      She waited a moment before responding. With every passing second,
      Logan was dying a little more.

      "I'd love to go with ya," she said then kissed his chest. He was in
      heaven. Danielle hopped out of his bed and tossed on her clothes.

      "I'll meet you in the garage, say around 8," she said before leaving
      his room.

      Logan smiled happily – his heart relieved that she didn't say no.
      Why would she after all this? Logan smiled and got up to again
      shower and change.

      Danielle was booking down the hall to her room. Bobby and Rogue were
      in the living room playing video games when Marie heard Danielle
      running down the hall.

      "Danielle, what's going on?" Marie asked coyly. Danielle was rifling
      through her closet pulling out an outfit to change into.

      "Going out for a beer - with Logan," she said as she dashed into the

      "A date? That's really cool! This is great!" Marie said with
      excitement. As Danielle turned around, Marie looked at her oddly.

      "Danielle, you look different. Aw my gawd, you two – that's what all
      that racket was," Marie said.

      Danielle smiled and that was enough of an answer. Danielle pulled
      out her black leather pants and a swooping and clingy black blouse.

      "It's not too – you know – slutty?" Danielle asked.

      "I think it will look great," Marie said.

      Danielle showered and dressed. Rogue watched her put on her make up
      and silver studded leather jacket. As she puffed up her hair a bit,
      Marie looked Danielle over.

      "Aw, my Gawd. Yer gonna give Logan a heart attack," Marie said.

      "Oh, I don't wanna do that," Danielle giggled.

      "Go have fun. And, don't get into too much trouble," Marie said.

      With that, Danielle hurried off.

      Logan was seated on Scott's motorcycle anxiously awaiting Danielle.
      She slid to a halt just before rounding the corner opting to walk out
      slowly and nonchalantly. Logan's enhanced hearing picked up the
      sound of her leather shoes on the pavement. As Danielle entered his
      field of vision, his heart skipped a beat. He began looking around

      "Holy shit. You all dolled up for someone special?" Logan asked as he
      eyed Danielle from head to toe.

      Oh, shit! Baby, let's forget the bar. She slid onto the motorcycle
      behind me and slowly wrapped her arms around my waist. Christ, it
      all of a sudden got really hot in here. Maybe we should go back to
      my room again. I feel her hands sliding up my sides and she leans
      against my back.

      "Never know who I might run into at the bar," she answered.

      "He better be ready for a gut full of metal," Logan replied.

      "Isn't this Scott's bike?" she asked.

      "Scooter always let's me borrow it," he said.

      "You two really hate each other and I don't think `borrow' is the
      word you really mean to use," she replied.

      Just then, Jean and Scott were entering the garage on their way out.
      Scott wanted to scream at Logan for taking his motorcycle without
      asking. Jean grabbed his arm quickly.

      "Scott, let him go," Jean said sternly.

      Logan glanced over his shoulder with a smug look and raced the bike
      out of the garage with screeching tires on pavement.

      I rode fast – fast enough to make her want to really hang on to me.
      I loved it – and I smiled. I musta been smilin' from ear to ear with
      the high I was on.

      The pub was a decent sized place holding a good couple hundred
      people. Logan and Danielle walked in. Logan had his arm around her
      possessively and she had hers around him with her hand in his back
      pocket. Then, her best friend spotted Danielle and they greeted each
      other with hugs.

      "Girl, you lookin' really good. So, introduce me to this fine
      example of maleness you came in with. Wolverine, right?" Loni asked.

      "Loni, this is Logan, my…" Danielle said before he cut her off.

      "Boyfriend," he said. Danielle peered at him. She was struck funny
      in hearing that word drift from his lips.

      "Logan, this is my best friend, Loni," Danielle introduced.

      He pulled off his jacket and set it on the seat where they were
      sitting. Loni's mouth dropped open upon looking at how snugly the
      white tee shirt hugged his well-built frame. They all sat down at
      the table and began chatting.

      Loni took serious note of how Logan and Danielle were apparently very
      close. Danielle would coyly lean into him from time to time, and
      Logan seemed so protective of Danielle. He was constantly staring
      down anyone who looked like competition. Loni looked Logan over
      sensing the restrained feral fury in his heart.

      "Hey, girl, I gotta hit the powder room. Come with me a minute,"
      Loni said.

      Logan's attention was elsewhere not hearing Loni's request. As
      Danielle got up, Logan grabbed her hand.

      "Be right back – you know we girls can't go to the can alone," she

      He let her go and patiently waited for her to come back.

      "So, what's going on between you two?" Loni asked point blank.

      "Nothing, much," Danielle giggled.

      "You lie, girl. Hell, man, he's got nice biceps, a broad chest, six
      pack abs – I'm sure he's got a nice butt too. Gotta be awesome in
      bed," Loni probed.

      "Yes, he's good in bed and I love him," Danielle said. A stressed
      look crossed her face.

      "What's botherin' you, honey? You know you can talk ta me," Loni
      said putting her arms around her tormented friend.

      "I do love him and it scares the hell outta me. What if I end up
      making another big mistake?" Danielle asked.

      "Ya know, if he made the first move, I would say let it ride – at
      least for the sex. See how things play out. Ya got plenty in common
      from what I hear," Loni said.

      "I know," Danielle said.

      "Then, just go with it," Loni giggled.

      They returned to their table. Logan instantly settled down with
      Danielle back at his side.

      "You ok?" she gently asked putting her arm around him.

      It was pretty obvious he was a little agitated.

      "I'm goin' ta get a couple more beers," Danielle said.

      As she approached the bar, Logan spied a familiar face getting close
      to Danielle. He had noticed John enter the bar a short time ago and
      his anger with Danielle's vicious ex-boyfriend was getting harder to
      restrain. Logan quickly walked over to intercept.

      "Let me get those," Logan said grabbing all the beers Danielle had
      ordered. He wanted her to follow him back hoping to avoid John.
      But, John did notice.

      "Hey, mutant," John said. "And I see ya came in with my girl."

      Logan slowly turned around to John as his eyes filled with rage.

      "I am givin' ya a little free advice, bub – stay clear of her," Logan

      "Or, what, tough guy?" John asked snidely.

      Danielle walked over to Logan's side.

      "She's quite spirited, ain't she? Why don't ya come over here, my
      little honey," John ordered.

      Logan's blood began to boil – first for the mutant insult, and next
      because of Danielle.

      "Like I would be that stupid. I know yer game, John," she replied
      putting her arm around Logan's midsection.

      My heart beat a little faster – adrenaline coursing wildly through my
      veins – it was a combination of her touch and my wanting to kick some
      ass that began to turn me on.

      "What are ya doin' with this mutant anyway? Come back to me, honey –
      be with a real man," John said.

      "Why? So you can turn me in to yer military buddies? Logan's got
      more class than you'll eva have, John – mutant or not," Danielle

      As Logan and Danielle turned around to go back to their table, John
      gave Logan a push to his shoulder. His great strength and reflexive
      powers allowed him to stand his ground in the face of his adversary.

      "I don't think this conversation is over, mutant," John said.

      Logan's brows furrowed as he tried very hard to restrain his building

      "Logan, please. He's not worth it," Danielle pleaded with the now
      angry Wolverine.

      He didn't reply – only casting hateful glares at the man. He had
      spent so many years getting into trouble with drunken idiots and this
      was no different. He actually was inviting a chance to get into a
      fight, and especially because of his feelings for Danielle – he would
      do anything for her.

      "Come on tough guy. Show me your stuff," John said raising clenched

      Logan's instincts to defend himself and Danielle were flying high.
      Danielle took the beer bottles from him as he handed them off to
      her. The anger in his heart was so obvious in his eyes as he
      returned his sights to John.

      "I'll let ya take the first shot, jackass," Logan said sternly and
      dropping his hands to his sides.

      "First off, I'm gonna take care of you, mutant. Then, I'm gonna take
      care of my woman," he said. Now, Logan had had it.

      "She ain't your woman anymore," Logan growled pushing Danielle behind
      protectively. Loni pulled her back as Logan instigated the fight.

      Come on, punch me!

      John threw several direct punches that put Logan on the ground.
      Danielle wanted to run to him, but she knew better than get in
      Logan's way. He returned to his feet, wiped the blood from his nose,
      let his wounds heal, and took his first swing – a direct hit to
      John's face instantly breaking his nose. The sound of metal clanged
      as he made that hit.

      John stood up, wiped the blood away, and pulled two large knives from
      his jacket. The blades were indeed immense but Logan had no fear of

      "Let's rock," John said.

      "With pleasure," Logan teased.

      The drunken John took a swing slicing Logan's arm open. Logan was in
      pain. Within seconds, the bloody wound healed – and angered
      Wolverine even more.

      "Ya call that a swing, you pansy? Don't ya remember who I am?" Logan

      The guy charged at Logan and they fought in the middle of a circle of
      drunken guests. John broke through the circle of onlookers – his
      blade aimed for Danielle.

      "I can't let you go with him," John said taking a swing at her.
      Logan's agility in fighting showed through as he pulled John back,
      swiped the blades from his hands, and backed him to the wall. With
      claws extended, Logan pinned him by the shirt. No real bodily damage
      was done; although it would have been too kind to impale him for the
      hell he had put her through. As John tried to get free, Logan sent
      the middle claw on his right hand into the wall right between John's

      "Next time ya try something bub, I'll make sure you speak with a
      higher tone of voice. And stay the hell away from Danielle. She's my
      woman," Logan said sternly.

      "I know where ya are, girlie. I'll get ya when ya least expect it,"
      John threatened.

      "And, I'll be waiting, bub," Logan replied protectively.

      Danielle stood by Logan and looked directly at John. Logan retracted
      his claws, grasped John by the shirt and tossed him out the door.
      The entire bar applauded. Logan took Danielle's hand and they
      returned to the table to chat with her friend. Danielle sat down and
      looked at Logan with an intense amount of fear in her eyes.

      "I am impressed. That was some bit of fightin'," Loni said.

      Danielle trembled thoroughly.

      "Hey, stop shaking. I'm not gonna let anything happen to ya," Logan
      said trying to comfort her.

      Danielle knew he meant what he was saying, but the threat from John
      shook her to the bone. John wouldn't let up – she knew that for sure.

      "Logan, just hold me," she pleaded.

      He pulled her close feeling her continue to tremble.

      "What did you ever see in him?" he replied.

      She pulled away to look into his eyes.

      "Nothing much, compared to someone else I know," Danielle replied as
      she again nestled into him.

      Logan put his arms around her holding her close.

      "Oh, come on, girl. Fess up. She thought he was a decent lay," Loni

      "LONI!! That's not true!" Danielle shouted at her friend.

      Logan tried not to laugh.

      "Hey, Danielle, ya got yerself one hell of a prize there, girl," Loni
      giggled. Logan sat back proudly knowing he was being addressed.

      Loni went back to the bar to get a few things to munch on giving
      Danielle and Logan a few moments alone. Logan was still trying to
      get Danielle to relax. She looked deeply into his eyes. At that
      moment, Loni returned.

      "Hey, girl, you two look like ya need a room or somethin'," Loni

      "Don't mind her – she has an atrocious way about her – mind is always
      in the gutter," Danielle said.

      "Oh, looks who's talkin' – Miss Sweet and Innocent. Yer eyes just be
      beggin' for him to take ya home and do a little dancin' in the
      sheets," Loni stated. "I'm headin' out for the night. Catch up with
      ya later – you call me, girl," Loni said with a wink and bid a
      goodnight to both Danielle and Logan.

      "Maybe it's time we get back too," Danielle said.

      "Do we need a room?" Logan jokingly asked.

      "Yes, yer room," Danielle replied with a coy look crossing her
      face. "I need ya," she whispered in his ear.

      Logan smiled.

      They returned to the mansion. Logan parked the motorcycle in its
      usual spot in the garage and escorted Danielle to his room. They
      were silent realizing it was 2:30 in the morning. They made love
      again and afterwards lay close in each other's arms.

      "I really had fun tonight. First time in years," he said.

      "I did too," she replied.

      "I'm sorry if I have been a jerk," he added. "I'm thinkin' of leavin'
      for a while – need ta get away from here," he started.

      Danielle instantly locked up with fear wondering why. It never
      bothered her before when he would take off for parts unknown.

      "Where ya headin'?" she asked.

      "North. Wherever – it doesn't really matter," he replied.

      He watched her go cold and the scent of fear mixed in with the
      lingering scent of sex. "I want ya to come with me," he added.

      "Just you and I?" she asked.

      "Just you and I. Alone. I think we need it," he said. He could
      just barely hear her expel the breath she was holding.

      "When?" she asked.

      "As soon as you are ready to go. I will clear things with Wheels in
      the morning," he said.

      Morning arrived and Logan woke up with a stretch and loud growl. He
      felt refresed. Then, he realized something just as he finishing
      rubbing the sleep from his eyes – he didn't dream – no nightmares
      awakened him in the dead of night to bring forth the intense fury of
      released rage – no unleashing of deadly metal claws to harm a kind
      soul wanting to comfort him.

      He looked to his side. Danielle was still there sleeping
      peacefully. A small smile danced over his lips as he caressed her
      shoulder and cheek. He had his special someone now - his soul mate -
      and today they would leave on vacation to be totally alone together.

      She lay silent with her arm draped over his waist and her head on his
      chest. He gently stroked the side of her face. Danielle awoke and
      it took her a minute to realize she had not dreamed last night's

      "Good morning, Sunshine," Logan said to Danielle. He kissed her
      gently. "I'm glad you stayed. It was nice having you close to me,"
      he said.

      Danielle smiled, kissed him again before they got up, showered,
      dressed and headed down to the dining hall for breakfast.

      The entire school was at the expansive table when Logan and Danielle
      finally ventured in.

      "It's about time you two joined us," Charles said looking
      suspiciously at them as they nonchalantly strolled in.

      Logan and Danielle headed right to the buffet ignoring the comments.
      Rogue and Bobby strangely watched Logan, as he certainly seemed in a
      much better mood than usual. Normally, he was cranky and irritable.
      But, this morning he seemed happier and more playful. Marie knew

      As Danielle and Logan collected food from the buffet, Logan was
      softly cracking jokes and teasing Danielle to the point where she was
      giggling. They took the back table to be alone and he continued to
      play with Danielle. Rogue tapped Bobby on the shoulder with her
      gloved hand.

      "Naw," Bobby said. Marie didn't have to say a word on what she

      Danielle tried to be discreet, especially with the children present.
      But, Logan's unusually playful behavior was proof enough to the

      Kurt was silently saying prayers of thanks to God for his divine
      intervention in getting Danielle and Logan together. Charles smiled
      widely – happy that Logan was for once not in a cranky mood, even
      though he too knew why.

      As Logan retrieved more food, one of the kids dropped a spoon and
      Logan quickly caught it before it hit the floor. He handed it back
      to the young boy and brushed his hand over the child's head. Scott
      watched Logan curiously and nudged Jean.

      "What the hell has gotten into him this morning?" Scott asked Jean

      Jean watched as Logan and Danielle settled down – Logan sitting by
      Danielle's side, holding her hand under the table and feeding her.

      "He's fallen in love," Jean replied trying to hide the hint of regret
      in her voice.

      With breakfast over and most of the residents leaving for assorted
      activities, Logan and Danielle remained behind sitting down together –
      Danielle seated on Logan's lap. Rogue and Bobby snuck back into the
      hall trying not to be seen. Danielle had her arms around Logan's
      neck as he held her close.

      Bobby and Rogue peeked around the corner just catching sight of Logan
      and Danielle kissing. Rogue elbowed Bobby with excitement. Logan
      and Danielle both sniffed the air picking up Bobby and Marie's scents.

      "No privacy," Logan growled.

      "We got plenty of time coming to us," Danielle said.

      "I'm gonna go chat with Wheels about us takin' off," Logan said
      between kisses.

      "I'll go situate things with the kids and put together a few things
      to bring along," Danielle replied as she hopped off his lap.

      Logan pulled her close kissing her one last time before they parted
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