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Fic: chapter 6 Primal Needs (Logan's in for a wild ride - better hang on)

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    chapter 6 Primal Needs Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned) Setting: two years after the end of X2. Summary: Wolverine is in for a wild
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      chapter 6 Primal Needs

      Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned)

      Setting: two years after the end of X2.

      Summary: Wolverine is in for a wild ride - something he least

      Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of any of the Marvel characters,
      however the creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine. This is the
      first in a series of chapters to follow.

      Feedback – reasonable and not nasty - greatly appreciated. If you
      wish to archive this story please email me first. Trust me, I am
      sure I will be thrilled, but want to know where it is.

      I sit outside alone in the courtyard and light a fresh cigar. I have
      my pack with me and I want just one last look around before I go.
      Forget sayin' anything to the Professor. He'll put on the
      pleasantries and wish me luck – all that bullshit I don't need or
      care about.

      Why the hell am I so scared? And of a woman for that matter. Women
      flock to me. I don't flock to them. But, damned if I haven't fallen
      into that trap again - all their beauty, sweet smells, and killer

      First, it's Rogue with her cute little southern drawl and them
      innocent eyes that makes any red-blooded single horny male melt. She
      can put on the charm and have ya beggin' like a dog. It's just wrong
      for me to think what I sometimes have about her. Christ, I'm like
      her father. Besides, I don't need Bobby whining about how I stole
      his girl.

      Storm – now that's a woman with power – goddess of the wind. She can
      take yer heart and fry it like a fish in a hot pan. She's got sex
      appeal, looks and powers to boot. She don't stand for my shit,

      Jean – aw, hell. She took my heart the first time I saw her. She's
      sexy, mature, and willful. She made me dive head first into her nice
      scents, kind words, and compassion. Then, she trashes me with her
      words of dangerous men and marrying the good guy.

      Now, there's her – and she has a bit of each of them in one gorgeous
      package. She's got that New York accent and them big expressive
      brown eyes like Marie; she's sexy, mature, and compassionate like
      Jean; and she's powerful and don't take my shit like Storm. If I
      don't watch myself, she can knock me right on my ass.

      So, why the hell am I gonna run? Because bad ass Logan is scared
      shitless that she's gonna reject me like Jeannie did. She flirts and
      backs off the same way. Maybe she's readin' me wrong and maybe she's
      just afraid. Maybe she does still think I am in love with Jeannie.
      Maybe I am. Maybe I'm bein' a selfish jerk.

      I look out and there she is. I heave a deep breath – the cold air
      fills my lungs. I feel even worse. Man, she's just incredible
      lookin' like a goddess up on that horse. I wish she knew she owns my

      Logan's senses picked up on a presence near him. Kurt had appeared
      and was now sitting next to him.

      "Jean meant no harm, Logan. She is sad you are in pain," Kurt

      "Am I going to get a speech from you too?" Logan asked angrily.

      "Don't hate me for snooping. Me thinks Jean is right in you telling
      her what you feel. Hiding it will get you nowhere. Have faith in
      yourself – have faith in her," Kurt said.

      Logan waited a minute letting Kurt's words sink in.

      "She deserves a good man in her life – someone to take care of her,
      protect her, to love her – to really love her," Logan replied.

      "Yes. And, me thinks you want to be that man. Tell her," Kurt

      Logan was so angry with himself. He never let women bother him in
      the past – not until he met Marie and Jean. His fears were strong
      because these things were still so new to him – so alien and scary.
      It was like an animal crossing into another's territory - keeping him
      on edge and afraid of what could happen.

      I'm consumed in Kurt's words. That blue mutant knows how to make a
      man think. Here comes Marie. That's when all hell broke loose. She
      looked down at the pack at his feet and knew he was leaving and
      leaving for good.

      "What the hell is wrong with ya? Are ya a jerk or what?" Marie
      scolded and pushed at his shoulder with her gloved hand.

      "What the hell are ya yellin' at me for?" he retorts as he stands up.

      "Why are ya bein' such a coward? Why are ya gonna run again and from
      the one person who really wants you? Why can't you just talk to
      her? The mighty Wolverine - a coward!" Marie continued to scold

      Logan was trying to restrain his rage. Marie was so angry with him,
      and he was angry with himself. Logan turned away from Marie.

      "Why can't you just tell her how ya feel?" Marie yelled. Danielle
      heard the loud discussion in the distance and realized it was Marie
      and Logan.

      "Cause I can't! I am afraid! OK! You want to hear me say it! I'm
      afraid she might not really feel what I am feeling!" he said loudly.

      He sat down again and looked up to Marie. Marie stood before him and
      embraced him.

      "Logan, she's in love with you and I know you are in love with her,"
      Marie replied.

      "What if yer wrong about her?" Logan asked.

      "I know I'm not wrong. She and I talk and she tries to deny it, but
      I ain't no little girl. And if she is just playin' with ya, then
      it's her loss. Ya ain't gonna know unless ya ask," Marie
      said. "And, if ya don't do anything to find out – then you are the
      biggest fool of all."

      "I am not a fool!" he said with anger and got up and started walking
      away in a huff.

      That was all I needed. Now, Marie was angry with me. Maybe I am
      actin' stupid. What does a guy like me have to offer? I am my own
      man - no past, works on instinct and self-preservation, runs when I
      get into trouble, and don't know crap about relationships. I really
      feel like runnin' now and that's what I am gonna do. No one misses
      me anyway. Even then, why am I being such a pansy over a woman? I
      can go back to Canada and back to my old life with a different woman
      every night. I never had time to care for anyone and no one cared
      for me. Jean and Marie musta changed that – they made me feel

      And now Marie tells me Danielle is in love with me. Why don't she
      tell me herself? Ya know why? Cause Logan is an ass when it comes
      to women. I need to go and right now – get the hell away from here,
      from her, from myself. I hear the sound of hoof beats approaching me.

      "Hi, Logan. Didn't know you were comin' back," Danielle said blankly
      with just a hint of anger as she rode up. He didn't answer – he just
      didn't have the courage to look at her. He continued walking –
      heading for another bench to sit down.

      "OK. Somebody's in a pissy mood. You come and go without sayin'
      anything? What's with the `tude?" she asked and jumped down from her
      horse taking the reins and walking side by side with him.

      Oh, Logan, don't look – that skintight riding outfit is just hugging
      all her curves and ya know ya want to get yer hands on that body.
      Danielle, please leave me alone so I don't go say or do somethin'
      stupid and upset ya.

      She sensed his strong desire to be alone but ignored it. He sat down
      and continued puffing on his cigar.

      "Why the hell won't you talk to me?" she asked angrily sitting down
      by his side. Logan took a long drag from his cigar blowing the smoke
      out his nose before responding.

      "Cause I ain't got nothing to say. And even if I did, it don't
      matter," he replied. Danielle saw the anger in his eyes. She did
      all she could to restrain her own mounting rage, opting to lace her
      fingers with his instead.

      Her touch sends a bolt of electricity through my body. I love the
      way she touches me – she's so warm and caring – even though I sense
      her being totally pissed at me right now. What I wouldn't do to be
      able to tell her how I really feel and to be able to show her. I
      shut my eyes tightly trying to think thoughts that would stop the
      oncoming arousal.

      "What's upsetting you? Did I say or do something wrong?" she asked.

      Point blank. That's her style – no BS'ing around.

      "You didn't say anything wrong," he responded.

      "Then, why are you so mad? Why are ya leavin'? And, don't try to
      deny or lie about it," she asked.

      "You ever been terrified to say somethin' to someone knowin' they
      might reject ya?" he asked. Danielle crossed her arms over her

      "Of course. Hey, come on. I know what might cheer ya up," she said
      pulling his arm.

      Here we go again, both of us avoidin' the truth. I wanted her to ask
      me more.

      "Where we goin'?" he asked angrily. She stood him before the horse.

      "Logan, I want to introduce you to someone. This is Duke – my most
      trusted friend," she said of her big equine buddy.

      "Duke, this is Logan. Remember I told you about Logan?" she added
      addressing the horse.

      Duke shook his head up and down in answer to her question and he
      pushed his muzzle against Logan's hand taking in a deep breath as he
      inhaled Logan's scent. Logan smiled as Duke then pushed his muzzle
      against his chest playfully.

      "You told Duke about me?" Logan asked with a bit of surprise.

      "I tell Duke about everything," she replied. He looked at her – his
      eyes taking on an extremely nervous look as she offered him the reins.

      "Take them and mount up. Duke trusts you and he won't do anything to
      hurt ya," she said and began pushing him up against the left side of
      the horse.

      "You ain't serious? No way am I doing this," Logan balked. She
      dropped the reins and started walking away – her little temper on

      "Hey, wait. Don't leave me here with this thing," Logan said walking
      after her – the horse following behind him obediently. Danielle
      turned around.

      "Do ya need a leg up?" she asked with a little attitude.

      "You ain't gonna let this go, are ya?" Logan asked.

      "Hell, no," she said and crossed her arms in front of herself waiting
      for his decision.

      I gathered the reins and looked at the saddle. I don't have a
      freakin' clue how to get on a horse. Man, I feel so stupid,
      especially that Duke has his head turned back lookin' at me. I turn
      to her with a very puzzled look on my face. But ya know, if there is
      anything I truly love about her is that she doesn't stand for my
      shit – I can whine and moan and fuss all I want and she would stand
      her ground. I could hear her growlin' again. She's getting
      impatient with me.

      "Put your left foot into the stirrup, hold onto the saddle and pull
      yourself up," she quickly instructed.

      "Aw, shit," he says and turns back to the horse.

      I feel like a total geek now.

      In the meantime, Kitty had ridden up on a gray horse and dismounted.

      "I just had to see this up close," Kitty said with a giggle. Logan
      played with the stirrup.

      "Better hurry before I take a bite outta yer ass," Danielle said.
      Kitty giggled again.

      Logan finally managed to get on and got his right foot into the other
      stirrup. It was far from graceful, but he did it. Both women
      applauded his success.

      "How do ya feel up there?" Danielle asked.

      "This is weird. Never did this before," he said as a smile ripped
      across his face. Danielle showed him how to hold the reins, giving
      quick instruction on using them and she led him around letting him
      get a feel for being on the horse.

      "Well, ya look damn good," Danielle said. Logan cracked a half smile
      with her comment.

      "I don't know, Kitty, but I think we have a budding horseman here,
      although I think he'd like western riding better," Danielle said.

      "May I?" Danielle asked Kitty about taking her horse. Logan watched
      as she mounted up – as quickly as a cat. Kitty took a lead line and
      hooked it up to Duke's bit and handed the end to Danielle.

      "Thanks, Kitty. I think we got everything under control now,"
      Danielle said and Kitty backed off.

      "No running," Logan demanded.

      "No running," Danielle said.

      Danielle clucked to her horse signalling him to begin walking. Duke
      followed with a little jolt that startled Logan. Side by side, the
      horses walked and Logan began grinning wildly.

      Suddenly, Logan had forgotten about his troubles, for the moment.
      Danielle smiled. Spitefully, she gathered herself and asked her
      horse to run. As her horse started off, the lead line pulled Duke's
      bit and off they went as Logan shouted in anger.

      On the far side of the campus, Danielle pulled up on her horse's
      reins bringing both of them to a slow walk and eventual halt. She
      jumped down sliding the reins over her mount's head and started
      walking towards one of the benches.

      I must have looked like a boxer trying to be a ballerina attempting
      to get off that damned horse – total lack of grace in making the
      dismount – but it made Danielle giggle and hearin' her laugh again
      makes me feel good.

      Like a wild animal running from a predator, she heads off into the
      woods. She's not lookin' back and I follow her like I'm stalkin'
      prey. She bolts quickly out of my sight. I run in after her
      sniffin' the brisk wintry air for her scent. She had done a decent
      job hiding her tracks and she musta been staying downwind of me cause
      I couldn't pick up her scent at all.

      After a bit and getting pissed off with the little game, I hear a
      soft noise. My claws extended instinctively sensing danger. She
      leaps at me from one of the larger rock outcroppings and we hit the
      ground together. We tussle and fight – rolling around in the snow.
      She gets to her feet and I am wonderin' what the hell this is all
      about, but I return her growls and defend myself after retracting my

      I finally subdue her and she hits the ground. I quickly pounce on
      top of her pinning her under me – maybe not such a smooth move. I
      stare into her eyes. She starts growlin' at me again and I return
      the growl.

      I began wonderin' if she was thinkin' the same things I was thinkin'
      just then. Her arms possessively wrap around me and I kiss her
      strongly. I bury my face into her neck smellin' her sweet skin and
      an overall change in her scent. That's when she got aggressive.

      She hauled me over with unbelievable strength and climbed on top of
      me straddlin' my stomach. She tosses her riding gloves off and runs
      her hand up under my shirt. I really knew now what she was after and
      why she fought with me – it's that animal thing we share and she was
      testin' me again.

      I didn't care that it was broad daylight, cold, and snowy. We
      certainly could get warm with the activity she was strongly and
      silently suggesting. Man, my jeans are feelin' really tight. She's
      moves down and starts grindin' against me and I lost it. Shit, shit,
      shit…why can't we be in my room right now?

      His face filled with restrained rage and his eyes darkened with
      anger – anger with himself.

      "Why are ya runnin' again?" Danielle asked angrily.

      "Why are ya afraid of bein' with me?" he replied back with equal

      "I'm not afraid," she said strongly.

      "Yes, ya are. I feel you tremble anytime I try to get close – yer
      tremblin' now," he retorted.

      "It's cold out. And, yer trembling too," she snottily replied.

      She called my bluff. I was scared to death.

      "Are ya still in love with Jean?" Danielle asked.

      Ooo, low blow. I look directly at her.

      "No," he quickly replied. "Is that what you been thinkin'? Is that
      why you been stayin' clear of me?" he asked.

      "I'm not into sharin', Logan. I want you for myself but I ain't into
      stealin' either," Danielle said with a strong tone of anger.

      She tossed him off and started walking away.

      "Possessive, ain't ya," he said.

      Danielle turned around.

      "I'd kill to keep ya, if you were mine to begin with," she says.

      Logan lowers his eyes and the sound of his primal growl surrounds
      them. His heart filled with sexual determination and she was waiting
      for him to do somethin' – anything. His body felt like it was on
      fire – every inch of him screaming with primal arousal and craving
      for a pleasure that only they could satisfy together, and she was
      tormenting him.

      He quickly reached for her pulling her close to him and hearing a low
      growl escape her lips. Standing behind her, his hands gently caress
      her - relaxing her and arousing her. She nips playfully at his chin
      as he pushes into her more.

      He turns her around and her hands grasp his hips. She's not saying a
      word but he knows exactly what she wants. They are deep enough into
      the woods to be out of sight, so there is no fear of being seen or

      He kisses her strongly letting his tongue slip between her lips and
      playfully entwine with hers. Her hands run through his thick dark
      brown hair as he moves her against a nearby tree.

      She raises her chin as he kisses his way down to her throat – wetting
      her neck with long drags of his tongue. He nips at the soft skin at
      the crook of her neck and senses she enjoys feeling his teeth on her,
      as her whole body shudders with pleasure and her breathing comes in
      shorter gasps. Logan pulls aside her jacket freeing more skin to the
      chilly wintry air, and he warms it with his hot breath as he works
      his way down to her shoulder.

      The animal in him becomes more insistent with his harder nipping
      wanting to drive her into submission of his primal needs, not that he
      wasn't aware of her desires. Her hand wandered down to his groin
      feeling his hard erection throbbing and straining inside his jeans.

      He groans with excitement and plants his hand firmly on her backside
      pulling her close. She whispers softly how she wants him. His hand
      drags down between her legs forcefully finding a way to pleasure her
      with some firm stroking through the spandex riding pants. She gasps
      as he finds a sensitive spot and she leans back against the tree.

      He's wishing he could take her – to fulfill her completely with
      physical pleasure – but hesitates with it being so cold out. She
      whispers again asking him to free himself and his desires as she
      again grasps his hips. He takes hold of the underside of her knee
      pulling it up and positioning his erection closer to her pelvis. He
      curls his body into hers and slowly begins bucking against her. He
      feels her grip tighten on his sides and she's asking him to go

      I don't think I cared one bit that we had our clothes on or what the
      result of this was gonna do to my jeans. She wanted me and I wanted
      her, and that's all that mattered.

      She encouraged me to let go and I lost control of my urges as she
      pushed her hips harder against my groin. I was throbbing all over.
      My breathing deepened and I could hear my blood racing. She's
      pullin' my sides beggin' me to buck harder.

      I hear her saying my name in my ear – her soft but firm voice
      commands me. I couldn't stop. I just couldn't stop and she ordered
      me not to stop. I am whining and groanin' loudly and listening to
      her pant and cry with what I was doin' to her and to myself.

      Even through our clothes, we were feelin' good. I buck harder and
      she pushes back against my groin. With several hard bucks, I groan
      again with release and lean into her now just wantin' to hold her.

      She ran her hands up under my jacket caressin' my back, as I pant
      with exhaustion. I felt kinda stupid at the moment knowin' I needed
      to get out of my jeans now. Worse yet, my body is still aching with
      desire and my heart pining for more.

      I could see the agony in her eyes too and she whispers for me to take
      her to my room. I want to feel her skin against mine, but we wait
      for me ta settle down a bit before getting back on them horses.

      We finally return lettin' Kitty take them to their stalls. No
      conversation was allowed as I grab her hand and race inside the
      mansion and down the hall to my room with her in tow. I slam the
      door closed and she leaped at me wrappin' her arms around my neck as
      I kissed her.

      My entire body tensed with lustful arousal. Aw, fuck it. We're
      alone behind a locked door, in a warm room with a bed, and I
      remembered to pull down the shade on the window. I lean into her
      kissing her strongly. I don't think you could have gotten a pin
      between us.

      I could feel she wanted the animal as much as the man – she's
      growling again – nippin' at my throat and feelin' my crotch. We
      collapse onto my bed with a thud and I envelope her in my arms as I
      roll her under me. She seems to take delight in the feeling of my
      full weight on top of her and the sound of my excited breathing in
      her ear.

      I aggressively kiss and nip on the soft skin of her throat, and I
      could hear her sighing and growling with encouragement. I reach down
      between her legs rubbing her into further arousal. Her scent has
      gotten stronger and fills the air around us with her readiness for

      Danielle's hands are forcefully pulling open my flannel shirt. I
      really didn't care that the buttons were popping off everywhere.
      Hell, it's an old shirt anyway.

      My hands plunge into the long brown waves of her hair as she nips at
      my throat and runs her hands up and down my chest and sides. My body
      is responding to her - the animal in me reaching unbelievable heights
      of arousal.

      I work off her shirt and Danielle pushes me over straddling my
      stomach. I don't believe what was happening, letting go with a deep
      groan as she started grinding against me – her motions making me
      crazy and again I can feel myself needing release. I am losing
      control of myself with what she's doin' ta me. The feel of her soft
      skin rubbin' against me has me reelin' with excitement. Then, I go
      and say somethin' silly.

      "We don't have to do this if ya don't wanna. I don't want ya feelin'
      like I'm forcin' ya," he said softly.

      "After what we did outside? After what we said? Don't go and be a
      gentleman now. No way I am lettin' ya off that easy," she joked.

      "You like gettin' down to business, huh?" he asked.

      "Foreplay if for sissies," she replied.

      He lays over her kissing her firmly then drags his tongue behind her
      ear. The sound of his breathing in her ear excites her.

      Her hands run over his chest and shoulders as he licks his way down
      to her breast. He grasped her breast gently kneading it as he softly
      suckles. His tongue works circles around the now erect nipple and he
      traces kisses over to the other breast entertaining himself with
      their firm suppleness.

      She closes her eyes letting him pamper her with his attentions.
      Slowly, he works his way down leaving a trail of wet kisses down the
      center of her body. His hand has moved down between her thighs. He
      moved down parting her with an adventurous tongue. She grabs the
      sheets of his bed with clenched fists as he works her into a frenzy
      of sexual excitation.

      Logan returns to her breasts sucking first on one, then on the
      other. His hands run up and down her exploring her body. He can
      tell she's really ready for him. Her scent excites him to the very
      core of his being.

      I felt her hands working open my belt buckle. I started to lose
      control again. I needed her – my body was ready – she was ready –
      and I couldn't wait any longer.

      "I think you got somethin' in here for me," she joked.

      She unbuttons his jeans and slowly slides the zipper open. She
      released him from confinement, and he gasped deeply feeling her
      massage him. Her hand pushes his shoulder wanting him to lie on his

      She takes a firm hold of the base of his shaft wrapping her fingers
      firmly around it and draws out long and slow strokes until he is
      groaning uncontrollably with pleasure. As he paid her such special
      attention, so she did in return.

      Danielle trailed kisses down the center of his chest, down over his
      tensed stomach until she reached his erection. He was dying a
      thousand deaths as she ran her tongue over the entire length of his
      shaft. He tossed his head back and groaned with unbelievable
      pleasure as she sucked with just the right amount of pressure to
      please him.

      "Yes, Danielle. Oh, Christ, that feels so good," he moaned.

      She worked him to the brink of coming stopping before he exploded.
      It nearly angered him and that's what she was driving at. He tossed
      her on her back and forcefully slid his entire length inside her.

      She feels his deepening penetration as he completely fills her and
      groans as he starts bucking strongly against her. Her hands grip the
      sides of his body trying to hold on. He pulls her hair forcing her
      face to the side and he bites down on her shoulder.

      Their bodies move as one and she tilts her hips into his feeling him
      move inside her. She pulls him closer and begs him to set free the
      animal – to fuck her as Wolverine.

      She's whispering my name over and over softly in my ear – Logan,
      Logan, … oh, Logan, fuck me harder, baby.

      I love hearing her encourage me. I feel more aggressive as I begin
      thrusting harder pushin' deeper and feelin' the fury of Wolverine
      being set free.

      Her muscles tighten around his shaft making him whine and growl with
      pleasure. He bucks faster as her legs wrapped around his body. His
      hand grasps her hip pulling her up into him.

      She holds onto my sides – I feel her nails sinking into my skin and
      the warmth of blood tricklin' down my sides. I didn't care. The
      pain felt good. I tried to hold back from allowing release – I was
      getting close but I needed Danielle there with me.

      He tried to be quiet feeling himself wanting to howl. There was
      enough noise between the bed creaking and banging against the wall to
      alert anyone as to what was going on in his room.

      I feel her tensing. I hear her breath becoming more labored and
      shallow and I'm hoping she's reaching heights of pleasure higher than
      ever before. She's pulling me closer, wanting me in deeper,
      tightening her grip and writhing under me. Her hips are moving and
      pushing harder into me and I put my arm around her back pumping into
      her with every bit of force I could without hurting her.

      Her breathing deepens even further and she begins crying with the
      oncoming ecstasy - I know I have her on the edge. She's tryin' to
      say my name but she just can't. I held her there drawing out the
      suspense of the high until I couldn't contain myself any longer. I
      was straining to keep myself from coming just yet, but I had to let

      He could feel the buildup of his impending release. The friction of
      their bodies sliding against each other and of his internal massage
      put her on edge. She bucked and writhed under him and he grunted
      with exertion.

      He felt his release and her body shuddered with an orgasm at the same
      time one rocketed through his body. She cried out wildly as he
      pumped strongly releasing shot after shot of his seed. Another
      orgasm hit her and she grasped his sides tearing him up and drawing
      blood again. He groaned deeply in his throat with another orgasm
      pulsing through his body. With several final thrusts and another
      orgasm, he sank down to her – sweat pouring off of him in buckets.

      The scent of sex filled the room and as he clung to her panting
      wildly, Logan smiled slyly wondering if Scott was capable of driving
      a woman this crazy. Danielle gently runs her hands up and down his
      sides feeling the blood she had drawn.

      "Oh, Logan, I'm so sorry," she apologized.

      The wounds were nearly healed and I thought nothing of it other than
      the fact that we had shared incredible pleasure.

      "You can claw my back anytime, babe," he said to her. As he held her
      for a few moments, he felt her nestle into him. Her breath breezed
      lightly on his chest.

      "Five minutes to catch our breath and I want another round," she said.

      "I can go all night if ya want me to," he replied.

      "I'm gonna take that as a promise," she responded before he climbed
      aboard for the second inning.

      They spent hours together in the throws of passion. They had sex in
      his bed, on the floor, her on top, him on top – nothing was held
      back. Their best one was in the shower with the gentle massage of
      warm water flowing over both their naked connected bodies.

      It would take days to put his room back they way it was before all of
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