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Fic: chapter 5 Wrongful Assumptions (Wolvie & Panther draw wrongful conclusions)

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    Chapter 5 Wrongful Assumptions Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned) Setting: two years after the end of X2. Summary: Panther thinks
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      Chapter 5 Wrongful Assumptions

      Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned)

      Setting: two years after the end of X2.

      Summary: Panther thinks Wolverine still loves Jean and Wolvie thinks
      he's being played for a fool again.

      Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of any of the Marvel characters,
      however the creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine. This is the
      first in a series of chapters to follow.

      Feedback – reasonable and not nasty - greatly appreciated. If you
      wish to archive this story please email me first. Trust me, I am
      sure I will be thrilled, but want to know where it is.

      It's the beginning of winter. We have had some light snowfall now
      that the kids enjoy playing outside in. Danielle has truly made her
      mark here at the school with her teaching and counseling of the
      children. She has a wonderful way about her – her compassion and
      understanding and acceptance of everyone makes it easy to chat with
      her and all the residents love her.

      She and Marie became especially close, spending a good deal of time
      going out shopping and being like sisters. There wasn't anything
      Danielle wouldn't try or do if it benefited the kids.

      Whenever I was not out on a mission or attendin' to somethin' around
      the mansion, I find myself watching Danielle at whatever it is she is
      doing. I even slipped into the back of her classroom on several
      occasions just to hear her voice as she gave her lectures to the

      Many times I sense Danielle spying on me. She doesn't realize I feel
      it. Then again, maybe she does know. We share the same gifts and
      feral traits. My senses tingle whenever she's near. I know she's
      watched me workin' out, doing odd jobs around the mansion, or
      spending time alone in the courtyard. I smell her any time she's
      around – a sweetness that intoxicated me.

      Anytime I am near her, I feel such urges to get close, but then I
      hear them words that Jeannie told me when I was pursuin' her – about
      dangerous men and flirting. It keeps me wonderin' if she feels the
      same way. I admit – I am dangerous – and maybe she too likes chasin'
      danger – then again, maybe she don't.

      We will go jogging together or work out in the gym together and we
      test each other. We have had several more growlin' matches that made
      heads turn. Some of them matches turned into pushin' and shovin'
      matches and man, did that scare the hell outta them kids. And, I
      quickly learned she don't stand for my shit when I am actin' like a
      brat. But, I wonder about this as being aggressive flirtation since
      she would go cold and back off afterwards.

      I know she is aware of the ongoing tension between me and Jeannie
      whenever we're around each other. I still worry about her. She'll
      always be special to me and Scooter complicates matters that much
      more. He and I are constantly at each other's throats. Both
      Danielle and Jean get mad sayin' stuff about us and our 'male
      posturin', or some shit like that. I know she knows how I felt for
      Jeannie. I am really startin' to wonder if this distance towards me
      is because of it. I ain't all animal, ya know.

      Then again, maybe she is too afraid of tryin' something new because
      of the way that jackass ex-boyfriend treated her. I can't say I
      would blame her. To have yer heart broken sucks.

      But, I am obsessing over her – needin' to know her every
      whereabouts. I was hooked as of that first day, and she really had
      me when she showed her animal heart to me in the dining hall that

      And yet, I won't push since I am unsure if she feels anything for
      me. What if she just likes flirtin' with me like Jeannie did? Am I
      bein' too pansy to admit I don't want my heart broken again?

      "Hey, Logan," Marie called out. She trotted over to him and took a
      seat by his side. He took a long hard drag on his cigar. She looked
      out over the courtyard.

      "Hey, kid," he replied softly.

      "Why ya so quiet? Somethin' buggin' ya?" Marie probed.

      "Nothin' much, kid. Where's yer little buddy?" Logan asked.

      "Who? Bobby? Oh, he's out with the boys. Sometimes it's good to
      have time away," she said.

      "Hum," he said before taking another drag on his cigar. His eyes
      drifted in Danielle's direction. She was playing with several of the
      younger kids out in the newly fallen snow.

      "Oh, Logan. Ya really like her, huh?" Marie asked.

      "She's cool," he replied blankly.

      "Logan, I know ya well enough and I seen that look before when ya had
      the hots for Jean," Marie said. Logan put out his cigar.

      "Look, I can tell when I'm being played with," he said with anger.

      "Played with? Huh?" Marie said.

      "I gotta go," he said and stormed off into the mansion. Marie was a
      little confused. Logan never just ditched her like that and she
      didn't understand what he meant by being played with.

      And, Logan did go. He left the mansion without saying goodbye to
      anyone – just slipping away in the night. Marie had a feeling what
      his reason for running was this time. But, she kept it to herself.

      Marie started putting the pieces together. Danielle did feel Logan
      had never really let go of his feelings for Jean. There always was a
      certain light that would shine in his eyes whenever he was close to
      Jean. And after the skirmish on that last mission, Danielle saw that
      protectiveness of Logan's focused all that much more on Jean.
      Danielle tried to avoid him feeling it was pointless in thinking she
      could win Logan's heart.

      As much as Jean denied any feelings and fell back on her marriage
      with Scott, it didn't fail that she would run to Logan for help in
      desperate times. Marie knew Danielle had seen so many times how
      Logan and Jean interacted together. She saw the happy glimmer in
      Logan's eye whenever Jean was around, although he had the same
      glimmer when around Danielle too, but she blinded herself to it
      having any true meaning.

      When Logan and Danielle were alone together, there was an unnerving
      tension between them. There were times Logan would try to get close
      only to have Danielle back off, or that Danielle would respond and
      Logan would back off. Yet, to several of the adult residents, it was
      so apparent they were avoiding something.

      The one who really sensed it besides Marie was Kurt.

      Logan had been gone nearly a month now and no one even mentioned his
      name, especially Danielle. Life went on without any hint of Logan
      returning, as was always the case with him.

      Danielle was out supervising the younger kids as they played in the
      first heavy snow of the season. Kurt joined her and tried to make
      his and Marie's observations known to her.

      "Why do you hide what you feel for Logan? Is it fear of having your
      heart broken again?" Kurt asked.

      "What I feel doesn't matter. He's not even around. Didn't even say
      goodbye…" she trailed off.

      "I know you are goin' to be angry with me, but I cannot help to voice
      what I see. You are in love with him, and he with you – and both of
      you are too scared to have faith in taking a chance," he said.

      "Kurt, I know he and Jean had feelings for each other and I think
      those feelings still haven't died – for either him or Jean. Besides,
      a man on the rebound is nothing to get involved with," she said

      "But, you have touched his heart now and he is frightened to trust
      his feelings for you. He thinks you are just playing with him.
      That's why he ran," Kurt said.

      Kurt put his arm around her. He could feel her torment but
      understood why she felt the way she did.

      "Please don't hate me – I think you are making a big mistake in
      making assumptions," Kurt replied.

      "I don't hate you. I know what you are trying to say," Danielle said
      before rounding up the kids.

      I returned two months later but not with any intention of stayin' too
      long. I thought I would collect the rest of my meager belongings and
      go back to Canada – back to my simple life of bar brawlin' and
      driftin' from place to place. Jeannie finds me as I am headin' down
      the hall to the Professor's office.

      Stupidly, I glance out one of the windows and I see her givin' horse
      ridin' lessons in the snow-covered outdoor arena. She's on this cool
      bay horse. I have no clue what's she's doing but the horse looks
      like it is dancin'. The kids are watching her in awe. I wish I
      could tell her how she has my heart twisted around her little finger –
      I would bow to her every demand just as that horse obeys her every
      command. That's why I have to run again.

      Jeannie snaps me out of my dreamy state by laying her hand on my

      "Hey, are you alright?" she asked softly.

      "Yeah. Fine," he replied softly while turning to face Jean.

      "Logan, I know why you are leaving. Your mind is screaming with
      confused thoughts concerning your feelings for her," Jean probed.
      Logan looked out the window again.

      "You think she's pretty special," Jean said looking for any reaction
      from Logan. His expression didn't change and he remained silent, but
      Jean could see the smoldering passion in his eyes.

      "Logan, I think you are a little taken with her. I am reading some
      pretty strong thoughts coming from you," she added.

      I look right into Jeannie's eyes. My heart is burning with a little
      rage that's building up. I try to hold back but I just can't. She
      struck a nerve and I nearly exploded.

      "What's the point? I'm just the dangerous guy," he said snidely. He
      knows Jean could feel his rage.

      "Hey, I didn't mean to upset you. I think you are a great guy – I
      always did. But, you knew I had…" Jean attempted to explain herself
      before being interrupted.

      "Yeah, you have Scooter. And, I am still just the dangerous guy you
      flirted with. Admit it, part of you wanted me," Logan said sternly.

      "Logan, I didn't mean to hurt you. I just didn't want to start
      something I knew wouldn't go anywhere, or was wrong for both of us,"
      Jean responded.

      "I told you I can love, too. Yet, no one sees that I am a man with
      feelings, not just an animal," Logan added. He looked out the window

      "I know you can love. You wouldn't be reacting this strongly," Jean

      "You don't know anything about me – what I am capable of being. I
      could have been your `good guy' if you only gave me the chance,"
      Logan retorted. "I am a good guy, damn it."

      "Yes, you are. And, you are attracted to her because she's just like
      you in so many ways. I feel your torment and understand your
      hesitation," Jean stated.

      She tried to comfort Logan resting her hand softly on the side of his

      "Logan, you are in love with her. I see that same look in your eyes
      that you had for me. Tell her what you are feeling. Don't run,"
      Jean said.

      "Like it matters," Logan replied and pulled away from her. His heart
      had sunk deeply. Jean could sense his pain.

      "Logan, it does matter. You can't keep hiding these feelings. You
      can't keep being bad ass Logan. Besides, you two get along so well.
      I always see you too joking around and flirting like teenagers," Jean

      "And, she turns off the charm as soon as I start getting close – goes
      cold like," he replied.

      "I would too if I thought you were still in love with someone else.
      She would keep herself distant to avoid getting hurt. Makes sense to
      me," Jean replied.

      Logan turned to the window – Jean could feel his anger sensing he
      would probably put his fist through the glass just to break something
      and feel pain.

      "I know nothing of my past other than the last 18 years or so. I met
      Marie and you and remembered what it was like to be a man again. I
      fell in love with you. Do you know how it was for me to choke down
      what I felt for you because I knew you and Scott belonged together?
      Do you know how crushed I was to have you tell me I am just good for
      flirting with? Now, I have someone else capture my heart that is
      only two doors down. Do ya know how terrified I am not wanting to
      hear those words again? I am sensing she probably will say I am too
      dangerous for her. Do you really know what I am feeling? I want to
      tell her. I want to share all my feelings with her. I sometimes
      wish I could just grab her and hold her close, to ease her tensions
      and tell her I want her and to make her know I am a good guy. Do you
      know the hell I go through every day wanting to get close and dealin'
      with my own reservations? I don't want to again hear how I am just
      the dangerous guy to be flirted with," Logan sternly replied.

      Jean hesitated to respond. His barrage of questions and comments
      stunned her.

      "Maybe the real problem is me. I said some pretty cold things to
      you. You know she thinks you still want me. Do you?" Jean asked.

      "I let go of you long ago. Now, my heart aches for her and I am
      afraid to tell her. Maybe she's just scared like me. Maybe she
      really doesn't feel the same. I just don't want to hear she's just
      flirtin' with me for the thrill of the danger," Logan responded.

      "You have to, Logan. You have to tell her even if it means facing the
      possibility of rejection again," Jean said.

      "For what? To have her break my heart like you did?" Logan asked
      strongly and began walking towards the door leading outside.

      "Logan! Logan, stop!" Jean ordered grabbing his arm. Logan came to
      a quick halt trying to restrain his flaming temper.

      "You are drawing conclusions without even asking her yourself. What
      if these things you think she feels are not true? Or, what if her
      distance is because of our past or just being afraid and you refuse
      to talk to her about it? You could be letting something really good
      slip through your fingers," Jean said.

      "Look, I wish you and the professor would stop reading my thoughts
      and trying to tell me what is good for me. Why don't you go back to
      little Scooter and leave me alone," he said with restrained rage.

      "Logan, please. Go talk to her," Jean suggested.

      Logan looked at Jean unsure how to respond – he couldn't respond.
      His head was filled with so many things and he needed to sort them
      out for himself. Logan was indeed still feeling the hurt and his
      hostility was proof enough that he was scared to have his heart
      broken again.

      Jean almost felt as if she did more damage than good. Scott appeared
      from around the corner just as Logan was headed out the door slamming
      it behind him. Scott could see Jean was upset and instantly knew it
      had something to do with Logan.

      "You ok?" Scott asked Jean.

      "Yes. I'm fine," she responded. Scott could tell she was very

      "You wanna talk about it?" he asked lovingly.

      "No," she replied and headed down the hall alone. Scott let her be.

      He looked outside seeing an angry Logan sitting alone.
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