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Fic: chapter 4 Human Feelings (Wolverine/Panther)

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    Human Feelings Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned) Setting: two years after the end of X2. Summary: Wolverine and Panther . Disclaimer:
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      Human Feelings

      Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned)

      Setting: two years after the end of X2.

      Summary: Wolverine and Panther .

      Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of any of the Marvel characters,
      however the creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine. This is the
      first in a series of chapters to follow.

      Feedback – reasonable and not nasty - greatly appreciated. If you
      wish to archive this story please email me first. Trust me, I am
      sure I will be thrilled, but want to know where it is.

      Outside, the sun was shining and the kids were enjoying their
      relaxing Sunday – no classes, no homework, and no tests – just lots
      of playtime. Logan walked outside squinting from the bright sun.
      The kids that had been harassing him all took off for other parts of
      the campus – and far away from Wolverine.

      He leaned on the corner of the building crossing his arms over his
      chest. Danielle's car was in front of him – her prized Trans Am with
      T Top. The hood was up and Marie and Scott were peering inside.
      Scott loved fast cars and Danielle's was a vintage beauty.

      Danielle was stooped before a toolbox rifling through it until she
      found what she needed. It was then that she saw Logan standing there
      watching her.

      "You come to rescue the little lady, Scooter?" Logan asked.

      "She's leakin' oil," Scott replied leaning over the engine. "Just
      stay out of the way, Hairball. This is a job for me," Scott said.

      Logan snarled in anger and lit up a cigar. He spied Danielle looking
      at him as Scott headed under the car and made the repairs.

      "That oughtta do it," Scott said. He grabbed a rag and cleaned his
      hands from the oil that had leaked out.

      "Thanks," she replied.

      "You ever need help ag'in, just give me a shout," Scott said.

      "Hey, wanna take her for a spin?" Danielle asked Scott.

      "Can I really? She's a cool piece of machinery," Scott said.
      Danielle tossed him the keys and Scott took off like a kid with a new
      toy. Danielle giggled. Logan was hatefully watching Scott peel out
      of the driveway.

      "You guys really don't like each other much?" Danielle asked.

      Logan refused to answer.

      I look into her eyes – those brown eyes shinin' bright in the sun.
      Slowly, I go to touch her cheek – a spot of oil was there and I try
      to rub it off. Just tryin' to be a good guy, ya know. She stands
      her ground lettin' me remove the oil. I watch her close her eyes and
      she turned her face more into my hand. Guess she likes it. I admit
      I was draggin' it out a bit.

      "That jerk still botherin' yer friend?" Logan asked.

      Danielle looked at him awkwardly.

      "John?" she asks.

      "I heard ya chattin' with yer friend on the phone that he was lookin'
      for ya – callin' yer old job and pesterin' yer friend tryin' to find
      out where ya went off ta," Logan replied.

      "I'm a little nervous that he will figure out where I am at some
      point," Danielle said.

      "I can put a stop to that," Logan said threateningly.

      Her eyes lit up sensing Logan's protectiveness.

      "I just have to hope he won't get too smart too soon. It's not like
      people don't know about this place now," she responded.

      "So, what were ya really hungry for earlier?" Logan asked – his
      towering and broad form filling Danielle's field of vision.

      "I could think of a few things I was cravin' at that moment, but I
      can't tell ya," she replied.

      "Why? Cause there are kids present?" he asked.

      "Hey! I am not a kid!" Marie shouted.

      "Ya think ya might be in the market for someone new at some point?"
      Logan probed.

      "Logan, isn't that a little forward?" Marie asked then smiled to
      herself – this was too cute of Logan. He was never really good at
      expressing himself.

      "Hey, kid, it's a legitimate question," he responded quickly with a
      hint of anger.

      Danielle tosses her hair over her head and peers at him with a
      devilish look. Marie instantly reads a little flirtation going on
      between Logan and Danielle.

      "All depends on what's being offered," she replied smoothly.

      Logan looks right into her eyes.

      "Good," he slyly draws out and half smiles at Danielle.

      Scott returned with the car and after tossing Danielle the keys, he
      began to walk up the driveway.

      "Hey, Danielle, if you want later on, I'll let ya take the Mazda for
      a spin," Scott said.

      He and Logan crossed paths, and Logan shot him a glare that would
      unnerve most people. Scott just smiled at him.

      "What's the matter, Hairball? Want me to stay away from your girl?"
      Scott snidely asked.

      Logan's snarl was enough of an answer for Scott.

      Maybe now you know how I felt, Scott thought to himself.

      Shithead Scott. Ya know that little punkass just had to go say some
      shit like that. But, it don't matter. It's time for me to exit and
      leave her thinkin' about what I asked.

      "What's that all about?" Rogue asked before they began washing the

      "What is what all about?" Danielle responded with a question.

      Marie could see it was not something Danielle was able to answer or
      didn't want to answer.

      "You and Logan. What was all the growlin'about in the dining hall?"
      Marie asks.

      "Just a little show of strength – an animal thing. No harm meant,"
      Danielle replies blankly.

      Marie looked at her oddly.

      "I was wonderin' if that wasn't some animal matin' thing – ya know
      like that stuff ya see on them nature shows," Marie said.

      "Guess it could be. But, for me, I was just tryin' to break his
      chops and let him know he ain't so bad, as he likes to think he is.
      I can be just as mean and tough when push comes to shove," Danielle

      "Hey, right. So, tell me more about how you met Logan," Rogue said.

      Danielle explained how she met him in Canada and how he saved her in
      New York.

      "Logan's very wild and sexy, for an older guy. Is he the kind of guy
      you would love to get on his back?" Marie asked as she got the bucket
      and sponge to begin washing Danielle's car.

      "He's just so… so male – just total, untamed, basic, feral, sexy
      male," Danielle replied.

      Marie shot her an odd look making Danielle wonder if Marie was a
      little bit jealous.

      Just then, Bobby walked out. Rogue sprayed Bobby with the hose and
      they laughed all together. Bobby wanted so badly to kiss Rogue, but
      they had yet to find a way to allow their love to go beyond just an
      emotional one. Danielle sensed the tension and frustration.

      I just had to go back. Call it animal curiosity.

      "So, when do I get a ride in that thing?" I ask. She peers at me
      oddly like I just asked her if I could screw her brains out. Stupid
      me was expecting a giggle and `later, man,' but she eyed me straight

      She flipped me the keys and I walked over, casually opening the
      driver's side door. Danielle was standing alongside the passenger
      side. I eyed the inside of the old machine.

      "Stick?? Ain't driven stick shift in years," I whined.

      Before long, we are both in the car and she's showing me what to do
      before we took off.

      I wasn't very good at first, but then she laced her fingers through
      mine guiding me to shift gears when necessary – until I got the feel
      for it. As exciting as the speed of this old car was, it was more
      exciting just having her hand resting on top of mine. I glanced down
      looking at her fingers playfully entwined with mine over the gear
      shift and I knew it was trouble.

      We're travelling along the back roads without sayin' a word. Then,
      she goes and does somethin' really unnervin' for me – she slides over
      close by and her hand is no longer on top of mine, but restin' on my
      thigh. Excitement pulses through my body. Logan, get yer eyes on
      the road.

      I tried to ignore it. Maybe she didn't realize how close she had her
      hand to my personal belongings. Then again, maybe she did. I
      glanced over to her seein' a half smile cut across her full lips and
      I knew she was tormentin' me.

      We hit open highway – not a soul in sight. So, I pressed petal to
      metal and let the machine fly down the road. She tightens her grip
      on my thigh and I am doin' all I can do to ignore it. But, my
      arousal was becomin' harder to hide as beads of sweat began trickling
      down my forehead.

      Her hand has slid up closer and all I can think to do is bring this
      damned car to a screamin' halt and haul her ass into the back seat.
      Just then, I hear the annoying ring of the transponder Danielle
      always carries.

      "Yeah, what's up?" she asks. I watch her expression change – she's
      lookin' a little stressed.

      "Oh, ok. We'll get back right away," Danielle responds. "You gotta
      report in – there's trouble and you guys are headin' out on a
      mission." I am disappointed – this could have ended up an
      interesting ride – but I know I need to go. After all, I am still
      considered part of the Team.

      After we returned, I thanked her silently for letting me drive and
      rushed to the Professor's office. Scott was there discussing the
      details of the mission. Another mutant was in trouble and in need of
      assistance. As Scott went over a few of the most important parts of
      the mission, Charles took note of my lack of attention. My eyes were
      focused outside the window.

      "Logan, is there a problem?" Charles asked. Logan snapped to

      "Nothing, sorry," he replied. Scott went on with the discussion and
      again Logan's attention drifted outside the window.

      I sat down on the bench by the window and just watched in silence. I
      think I must have fallen into a dream state or something. I could
      still feel Danielle's hand grippin' me even though she wasn't there,
      and man, do I wish she were. Charles rolled over to see what had me
      so interested.

      Outside in the courtyard were many of the kids with Danielle and Jean
      in the middle of the group. They were all sitting in the grass as
      Danielle moved out towards the front of the group.

      "The children really like her – Rogue especially. Rogue thinks of
      her like a big sister. I have heard nothing but good things about
      her being here," Charles stated.

      "Yes, and the kids love her teaching style too. I think this is part
      of the hands-on activities," Scott stated as they watched from the

      Danielle knelt down – everyone was looking up into the nearby clump
      of trees. Within a few moments, a large bird flew from the tree
      landing onto Danielle's now outstretched arm. She slowly turned
      around introducing the magnificent bird to the children. Jean was
      amazed with her control over the animal – a rare golden eagle.

      "She is very much like you, Logan – but advanced to the point where
      she can also communicate with the animals," Charles stated.

      "Hum…Lady Beastmaster," Logan said. He sat down on the bench with
      his head lowered. Troubled thoughts began passing through his mind.

      "Scott, may I have a little privacy with Logan?" Charles asked.

      Scott quietly left the office.

      "You seem very interested in Danielle. Jean explained that little
      scene in the dining hall was a test of sorts – since you two are of a
      common personality, shall we say," Charles replied.

      "Yeah, she's cool and we were just goofin' around," Logan replied

      "Logan, why do I sense hesitation?" Charles asked.

      Logan looked towards the professor with a hint of anger. He didn't
      like having these feelings read.

      "It's ok. I sense what you are feeling and it's really all right,"
      Charles said.

      "OK, I like her. She's good with the kids," he tried to deny any
      further feelings.

      "Logan, what about you? You have been here long enough for me to
      know your thought patterns quite well and you subdue many of your
      feelings. Something is bothering you – maybe about getting close to
      someone again," Charles stated.

      "Yeah, well after all that's gone on before, it…" Logan snapped then
      trailed off thinking of how Charles knew of the love triangle between
      Scott, Jean and himself.

      "Logan, that's no reason to feel like you can't pursue something with
      someone else. But, I will ask that you remain attentive to mission
      details that are important for the Team," Charles said.

      Logan took the scolding to heart knowing Charles was right. As
      Charles rolled back behind his desk, he continued by saying "In all
      honesty, I think she would be good for you. She's just your kind of

      "Huh? You think I…" Logan trailed off again.

      "I think you should go with your instincts if that is what you feel
      is best," Charles responded with a friendly smile.

      "I wish it were that easy," Logan replied.

      His thoughts began to betray him again and Charles felt it. Logan's
      mind drifted to those words from Jean – how women flirt with
      dangerous men and marry the good guys.

      "Not all women feel that way," Charles said tapping the side of his
      head with his index finger.

      "What?" Logan again snapped.

      "About dangerous men. Logan, one person's opinion doesn't make it
      the rule. Besides, I picked up on enough silent hints between both
      of you to prove it," Charles said.

      This angered Logan – it was so easy for the Professor, and most like
      Jean, to get into his head and know everything he was feeling, even
      though he knew the professor was right.

      The mission should have been a straightforward one. Get in, save
      mutant, return to base. The rescue mission turned into a life and
      death struggle between the Team and a group of mutant-haters –
      renegade soldiers who took the daughter of a General hostage. Part
      of the military base was sealed off and many of the soldiers took
      turns attempting negotiations for the child's life. The Team was
      called in to make the rescue, but faced wounding gunfire as a result.

      Scott and Jean both took a few hits – their wounds were very serious
      but not life-threatening. As Storm rushed them to the jet, Wolverine
      and Colossus rescued the child. Between Wolverine's healing factor
      and Colossus with his ability to make body armor, the rescue was
      made. Wolverine thundered through their forces slashing with
      extended claws and taking several hits himself, which healed
      quickly. Colossus provided cover once they obtained the child –
      guarding Wolverine and the girl as they escaped.

      They returned home, and Danielle was put in charge of the teenage
      child. As Danielle assisted in settling the girl down, she watched
      how Logan responded to Jean's injuries. He fused over her with great
      attention. Danielle really began to wonder if he really was over his
      love of her. Logan hovered over Jean like a lost soul.

      A few days later, Danielle sat outside catching some fresh air and
      time alone as Kurt appeared by her side - his yellow eyes squinting
      from the bright sun. Danielle handed off her sunglasses to him that
      he kindly accepted.

      Off in the distance, Logan had appeared sitting on one of the benches
      having just lit up a fresh cigar. Jean joined him sitting rather
      close to him on the bench. Danielle watched the interaction between
      Jean and Logan.

      "He has captured your heart, my dear," Kurt said.

      "Huh? Oh, Logan. Yeah, he's cool," Danielle said shrugging off the

      "He has a kind heart - when you gain his trust. Do you believe in
      fate, Danielle?" Kurt asked.

      "To a point, I do. Why?" she responded.

      Kurt lowered his head in shame.

      "I am snooping. Please accept my apologies. I begin to ask too many
      personal questions when you don't even know me," he shyly replied.

      "It's ok. Kurt, you are a sweet man and I know you mean no harm,"
      Danielle said.

      "I believe you and him belong together. It is divine destiny that
      you two have met," Kurt continued.

      "Kurt, it is nice of you to be so faithful. I lost faith a long time
      ago. And for what you are hinting at, I won't interfere with
      relationships that seem to not have died," she said.
      Her voice had a hidden tone of sadness and disappointment in it.

      "I think you are misinterpreting," he replied.

      "Life and death situations make you think about the choices you have
      made in life," Danielle responded. She implied that there wouldn't
      be a place in Logan's heart as long as Jean clung to him. Why would
      Jean go to Logan instead of her husband? Danielle could only begin
      to wonder.
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