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Fic: chapter 2 Panther (Wolverine meets a new mutant) rated R

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  • "Sunshine"
    PANTHER Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned) Setting: two years after the end of X2. Summary: Wolverine meets a new mutant. Disclaimer:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2003

      Rating: The entire story gets an R rating (so be warned)

      Setting: two years after the end of X2.

      Summary: Wolverine meets a new mutant.

      Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of any of the Marvel characters,
      however the creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine. This is the
      first in a series of chapters to follow.

      Feedback – reasonable and not nasty - greatly appreciated. If you
      wish to archive this story please email me first. Trust me, I am sure
      I will be thrilled, but want to know where it is.

      I ventured back to the school. It's been two years and I don't know
      why I feel I need to keep coming back here. But, Charles always takes
      me back in like a runaway child returning home when he comes to his
      senses. Guess that's why I kinda like Wheels. He never questions why
      I go and why I return.

      It has been two years since I was last here and some things have
      changed. Jean's back – back from the dead and back into the arms of
      Scott the dork.

      It killed me when she nearly ignored me. Guess I should have known
      better. I just wish she could have known how much I loved her and the
      torment I felt knowing I will never be able to share my love with her.

      Then again, her words hurt me too – to be told I am too dangerous and
      only good for flirting with – that hurt bad – even after all this
      time, not that time ever mattered to me. How can it? I am nearly
      invincible – immortal – death is nothing I have had to fear – until I
      met Marie.

      I again recall how my new life began with Marie. I was told she had a
      crush on me since we met in that shitty little bar in Canada – a truly
      great sight she saw – me pulverizing this huge jackass who nailed me
      in my most vulnerable of places. Hey, the ringmaster warned him and I
      certainly took my revenge.

      For her sake and my sanity (what's left of it), I kept my distance not
      wanting to give her false ideas – hell, I'm still a guy with needs and
      I certainly could teach her a few things. But, I don't wanna break
      her heart. She's had enough of that already. I swore I would protect
      her, even if that means from myself. So, anytime I get the urge, I run.

      But, now I return to find that Marie is learnin' control of her power
      – she learnin' to touch without killin' and it drives me mad with rage
      knowin' some little punk kid is gonna take advantage of her sweet
      innocence and hurt her.

      And that little punk is geeky Bobby. I watch him like a hawk for any
      sign that he's pushin' Marie or tryin' to hurt her. Should he dare, I
      only hope I don't fill the little bugger's gut with metal claws as a

      I am so unsure how to react to seein' Bobby with Rogue and Jean again
      with Scott. I can feel my berserker rage teetering on the edge.

      Marie was the sweet young girl who made me understand carin' again and
      I would die to protect. Then there's Jean – all woman – mature, sexy,
      and didn't stand for my shit even when I'm being the biggest jackass
      on planet earth. I would have gladly given my life to know her love –
      all of her love, not just the carnal type. But, she saw through me
      and enough to not let our physical attractions become a snowball
      rollin' down a hill with unstoppable momentum.

      I've been a son of a bitch for weeks now. Jean ignores me and I admit
      I miss the flirtin' and the cute come-ons. Now, she's married to
      Scott – lucky bastard. Hey, ok, Scott's a dick, but she's happy. I'm
      sure at some point that if she was my girl, I'd do somethin' stupid to
      piss her off really bad and she'd hate me.

      I swallow my pride knowin' it's the right thing to do and keep my
      sufferin' to myself. I just go on being bad ass Logan. Nevertheless,
      my heart still hurts and I'm so freakin' lonely. I hate goin' to bed
      with nothing more than a pillow to hug at night and those damned
      nightmares to keep me warm. I could have been the good guy if she
      just gave me a fuckin' chance.

      God, could a woman turn so cold? Guess the simple fact is that she
      had her mind made up and there was no changin' it.

      Yet, somehow I feel if I really wanted, I could have at least gotten
      her in bed, at least once.

      When Jeannie and I are in the same room it's cool to watch how nervous
      Scott gets – how possessive and insecure. Revenge is a bitch.

      I know she still wonders what kind of lover I could have been, and not
      to pride myself too much, but I'm damned fuckin' good in the sack.
      Been told it tons of times. I can bring a woman right to the edge,
      and hold her there for a bit before lettin' her fly off into complete

      Jean stays friends with me and tells me someday I will have that one
      person enter my life that is my perfect match.

      I brush off the thought. Why would anyone want to be my perfect
      match? I'm a jerk and not afraid to admit it. Hell, I'm just Logon -
      the man who needs no one, really doesn't trust anyone, I take what I
      want, when I want, and I leave when I've had enough.

      When things get too tough, I run – run as freakin' far away as I can.
      I steal away on Scott's motorcycle just to piss him off. I get on
      and just ride to parts unknown. It doesn't matter where I go, where I
      sleep at night (let alone whom I sleep with just to temporarily ease
      the pain of bein' lonely) and it don't matter if I never come back to
      this god-forsaken school.

      Well, that's a lie. I delude myself on not caring for anyone here,
      but I really do.

      Why do I keep comin' back here? Maybe it's to torture myself with
      what could be a real life. Hey, I had a life – a simple one, but it
      worked – cage fightin' for money, always had my pick of the litter
      when it came to the women in the bars, and I didn't need to answer to
      anyone but my own freakin' self.

      But with all this changin' Marie and Jean put me through they made me
      human again.

      Here's the great part – when Jean died – or so we all thought – I
      cried. I cried like a freakin' baby cause it hurt so bad thinkin' she
      was gone and I'd never get to tell her how I really felt. Call me
      pansy, bub, and I will introduce ya to adamantium claws.

      I feel the torment of being lonely so much more these days. Marie has
      grown into a fine young woman and she's still breakin' all the boys'
      hearts, including mine. But, I remain her best friend. She still
      confides in me, and I think that's pretty special. No one really
      thought of me as someone to trust yer deepest and darkest feelings and
      concerns with.

      God, they been goin' steady for how long now?

      But, I still hurt – hurt real bad - bad enough that I will go to the
      bar and get so shit-faced I don't remember how I even got there or how
      I end up back at the school in my room.

      I used to think all that mattered was who I was before Wolverine. I
      was obsessed with what I didn't know. Now, all that matters is who I
      can be.

      Well, here I am again – two years later and back at the school, my
      home I guess you can say – back to the place that has brought some
      stability to my otherwise insanely crazy life. Home with the kids who
      think of me as their protector. Hell, man, I am lethal – ask the
      soldiers who survived the may lay two years back and ask them if I am
      a one-man army or not.

      Charles rolls out of Cerebro having seen something disturbing. I can
      tell because of the perplexed look on his face and the scent of fear.
      Maybe I am becomin' a freakin' psychic. He tells the team of further
      uprisings of mutant rebellion and mutant abuse.

      "Scott, ready the jet. Logan, I want you especially to go on this
      mission," Charles orders.

      "Why me?" I ask. Like I got time for this shit when I'd rather wallow
      in the sorrow of my loneliness.

      "Because the mutant being targeted has gifts similar to yours and is
      destined for real trouble. I think it might be useful if you assist,"
      Charles responds.

      I can't argue any further and reluctantly I leave to join Scott in the
      ready room. As we walk in silence down the hall, I can still hear
      Charles talking to Storm.

      "Storm, perhaps you should go as well. The target is female, mid-30s,
      and dressed all in black. She shouldn't be too hard to spot with the
      streak of blue in her hair. Keep an eye on Logan – he hasn't been
      himself lately," Charles informs.

      Hum, target is female. OK, my curiosity in the least has been peeked.

      The jet fires up and I sit down fighting with the black suit. These
      fuckin' black leather suits. I can just about breathe in it.

      "Can't Wheels get me a bigger suit? This thing is so tight," I complain.

      "Perhaps a few less beers and losing a few pounds might do it," Scott

      "Hey, maybe I need to have my own suit and stop using yours, boy…" I
      trail off.

      Scott smiles without being seen or he might be in trouble with the
      rather high-strung Wolverine.

      "Target is two miles to the northeast," Storm interrupts.

      We arrive on the scene – a nightclub in New York. The place is full
      of activity – fights, screaming, and people on the run.

      "OK, who's the mutant in trouble?" I ask as I step out of the jet.
      The entire scene freezes now paying attention to the new arrivals
      departing the flying vehicle.

      I sniff the air smellin' the scent of a mutant – it's very distinct
      from a regular person. There I see a woman being tormented by several
      men in military garb. I freeze with amazement as I see her stand her
      ground fighting with her attackers. I can't help but stare – she's
      just incredible.

      Her moves are as graceful as they are accurate and potentially lethal.
      She's cunning and wary like a cornered animal fighting for her life –
      a formidable opponent in the least. Then it struck me like a punch to
      my gut – it was her – the woman from the bar in Canada.

      There are too many of them now, and one of them jerks grabs her and
      quickly pulls her through the crowd inside the club. I head off in
      pursuit – my instincts telling me she's in trouble and needs Wolvie to
      go save her.

      "Logan, wait," Scott orders.

      I don't listen – I hardly ever do listen. Just my son of a bitch
      nature I guess. I don't like takin' orders from that little one-eyed
      punkass who thinks he knows everything. I don't care what Jeannie
      says about restraining himself.

      I aggressively push my way through the crowd leavin' Scott and Storm
      to handle the rest of the action up front.

      Down the dark alley, I listen with my sensitive hearing – the sounds
      of a man and a woman arguing strongly. She's is obviously angry and
      struggling to defy the wishes of the man.

      I also notice the sounds of nearly every stray cat and dog in New York
      surrounding them and yowling angrily. But, here comes Wolverine - the
      fiercest animal - in on the scene.

      "Hey, bub – can't ya see the girl isn't interested?" Logan asks as he
      approaches the dueling couple through the shadows.

      "Why don't ya mind yer own business, mutant," the man says angrily and
      while holding the woman strongly from behind.

      I watch as she quickly plants her elbow into his side makin' him
      release his grip on her and she spins around kicking him first in the
      nuts then in his face. Man, that had to hurt.

      She watches him fall to the ground and backs off. I grasp her
      shoulders as she unexpectedly runs into me. She nearly leaps out of
      her skin with fear – her senses must have been a tangled mess. She
      quickly whirls around and strikes out at me, but I grabbed her hands
      blocking her attack.

      "Hey, hey, I'm not gonna hurt ya," I say.

      Then, came the shock of my life. I watch several scrapes and bruises
      on her arms slowly heal before my eyes. I cock my head curiously.

      "Wolverine?" she asks lowering her clenched fists. She remembers who
      I am.

      "Yes – well, call me Logan," I respond. Now, I feel pretty stupid.
      Some proper introduction. "I don't think I got yer name."

      "Panther – I mean, Danielle," she replies nervously and still
      trembling from the whole experience.

      I pull her close hugging her trying to help her relax. But, sick old
      me starts feelin' a little weird – ya know, it's a guy thing.

      OK you really wanna know - the warmth of her body near mine got me
      excited. Go ahead; say I'm a sick fuck. For so long, I wondered
      about her – if I would ever see her again – dreamin', fantasizing,

      But, it was more than just a sexual thing – it felt like electricity
      goin' through my whole body. I was turned on in ways I didn't think
      possible. Then, she looks up into my eyes – she's got these
      incredibly expressive brown eyes – just like Marie. I wanna melt like
      a snowman on a hot summer day.

      "You'll be ok. I'll protect ya," I say.

      She tightens her grip around my waist. Maybe I was just givin' her a
      line of shit to get her to hold on a little longer. Naw, I am a good
      guy. God, her body feels nice near me.

      Then, I notice her assailant rising to his feet.

      "Stay back while I take care of this guy," I say moving her aside.

      I stand my ground as the attacker raises a blade in his hand and I
      can't help but snicker at the sight of the weapon. But, the man
      attacks. Nevertheless, my quick animal reactions and adamantium
      skeleton make me nearly indestructible, but the attacker is too
      angered and not willing to back down.

      I snarl angrily but did my best to avoid damaging the assailant too
      badly. The attacker landed on the ground after taking a punch right
      to his face. I stand back and extend all six of my 12-inch metal claws.

      "Come on, bub. Don't make this worse than it has ta be," I state.

      The man held back from any further attacks. Danielle moves up to
      stand behind me holding onto for dear life.

      "I'm not goin' back there! Why can't ya leave me alone?" she asked.

      The Wolverine protectively guards Danielle – animal senses still
      strongly sensing danger.

      "Because you must go back and I'm getting' a bundle to turn you in,"
      John said.

      "You're getting' paid? Don't ya know what they were gonna do to me?"
      Danielle cried out.

      "You're a mutant," John states. "The war has begun and we will
      prevail – we always do. In the meantime, I would watch my back. I
      will get ya," John says and leaves down the dark alley in a huff.

      Danielle heaved a sigh of relief but continued to tremble. I retracted
      my claws before returning to face her.

      I look into her eyes – my sharp senses picking up on something very
      familiar about her – like I was lookin' at a female version of myself.
      We share the same gifts and that primal thing I sense is almost
      unnerving. I sense it so much stronger than I remember from Canada.
      Maybe she's still developing her gifts.

      She sits down exhausted. I sit near her – pushing my luck and sliding
      closer. I see her trembling – she's terrified. I watch her nervously
      looking around and her deep breaths must have been to pick up any
      scent of danger. I know she needs time to settle down and I embrace
      her again tryin' to comfort her.

      I stare at the black leather she's wearin' – her hellish look and
      animal grace makes her code name make sense to me.

      "What was that all about?" I ask as I sweep a gloved hand through her
      long wavy hair.

      "My ex-boyfriend. He found out I am a mutant. I managed to hide it
      for quite a while – a benefit of being on the road a lot between my
      job, my band, and my professional horse riding. Him and his military
      buddies think they got all the answers," she said.

      "Yer safe now – I won't let anything happen to ya," he replies.

      My heart aches just thinkin' the bastard would have turned in his own
      girlfriend to them jerks for experimentation. Makes me want to track
      him down and introduce him to real pain.

      "I'm tired of running," she says.

      It was her next comment that struck me funny.

      "And I'm tired of these boys who think they are men," she says.

      I tighten my grip around her resting my chin on top of her head. So,
      here I go and say somethin' stupid.

      "I'm a real man," I say in a barely audible tone of voice.

      I guess I was glad she didn't hear it – or maybe she did and ignored
      it. Just at that moment, Cyclops and Storm jog down the alleyway
      where we were.

      "Ya got somewhere to stay?" I ask.

      "I can stay with friends, till I figure out what I'm gonna do," she

      "We got things settled up front. I think it's time we take off,"
      Cyclops states.

      I look into Danielle's eyes before releasing my hold on her.

      "Now, Logan," Cyclops orders.

      I am thinking very hard at the moment. I didn't want to leave her –
      not when I finally have her near me again. Scooter is standing with
      his arms crossed and lookin' really impatient.

      "Scooter calls. And yer comin' with me," I say as I lift Danielle
      into my arms. From out of the shadows, I hear a voice.

      "This is far from over, you mutants," the voice threatens.

      "I'll be waitin' for ya, bub," I snarl.

      We took Danielle home to the Xavier School. I leave her with Jean,
      where she is taken to Professor Xavier's office. I can imagine the
      Professor briefing her on life at the school and offering her a room.

      I see the door open and I dive behind the couch out of sight. Jeannie
      looks around. I know she must have been pickin' up my thoughts.
      Afterwards, Jean takes Danielle down to the expansive hall for

      I follow them – stayin' just out of sight. I can't explain why I feel
      so drawn to her – my fantasies of her match the vision before me.

      Jeannie takes her to the lab and that's when I finally left for my
      room. I got great hearin', but I ain't Superman.

      "I understand you have similar abilities to our Logan. It might make
      an interesting comparative study at some point," Jean said.

      "I heal rapidly and rely on my instincts, which sometimes fail me – at
      least when it comes to men," Danielle replied.

      "Yes, that is a tough subject anyway," Jean said.

      "I am so grateful to him and fer bein' so gentle," Danielle said.

      "Be warned that was just Logan having a good day. I don't know what's
      gotten into him lately – he's been so irritable – not that he's your
      average guy anyway," Jean says.

      Danielle cocks her head curiously.

      "I guess a good word for him is feral. He's also self-absorbed,
      arrogant and high strung," Jean said.

      Danielle giggles lightly.

      "I will tell ya that I have a feral streak in me too – don't like
      being bridled and I got a bit of a temper too. As for Logan, I sensed
      that about him – even from the short time we talked in that little
      Canadian bar – someone who's rough around the edges but still has a
      heart. He talked a lot about someone he loved and who died," Danielle

      Jean looked at her a little stunned. She never knew how traumatic an
      experience it was for Logan to endure. If Logan did show her
      anything, it was his big heart – as much as he was tough, he had a
      soft streak in him. He would never admit it in a million years that
      he could be a big softie, but Jean saw that in him. So did Marie.

      Logan is also a man of honor – someone who would do anything to
      protect those he trusted – but there were very few people he trusted.

      Danielle watched Jean's unusual reaction.

      "Is that woman you?" she asked.

      Jean didn't know how to respond.

      "Look, I don't want to get off on the wrong foot here and please,
      don't take this wrong. But, I see you are a little overwhelmed with
      what I said," Danielle said.

      "I have Scott – we're married," Jean replied showing Danielle the huge
      diamond ring.

      "Yer not answerin' my question. Logan seems so exciting…so
      wild…charmin'. Oh, listen to me carry on, not like I have had much
      luck with men lately," Danielle said.

      "Danielle, Logan and I had no relationship, if that is what you are
      wondering. I have Scott, and am not in love with Logan, nor was I
      ever in love with him," Jean replied.

      "Hum…I am sensing a little regret and anger in your voice now,"
      Danielle said.

      "Look, in all honesty – Logan tried to get close. I know he liked me
      – and well, ok, I admit – I was a bit attracted to his spontaneity and
      the danger he offers. After I came back here – after I returned from
      the dead as they say – I realized just how much I loved Scott. He was
      all I could think about and that's what drove me to survive and get
      home again. I settled down with my good guy – a stable guy – someone
      who is gonna be around. Logan would have just been a diversion," Jean

      "I understand, but it still hurt him. I don't think you have any idea
      how bad he felt. He does have a certain warmth in him, even though he
      is tough, macho, and gruff," Danielle replied.

      "He hides a sensitive side. He tells everybody he's just `bad ass
      Logan.' Gotta be the soldier in him. Look, there is nothing between
      him and I, and there never really was," Jean said.

      "I won't push any more, but I hear regret in your voice. Maybe a part
      of you wishes you could have experienced all of him," Danielle said
      sensing it time to end this conversation and Jean escorted Danielle to
      the front door.

      Scott was waiting for her in his car.

      "I need to get home," Danielle said. Jean hands her a transponder.

      "You will be in good hands. Scott will see that you get there. Take
      this and call if you run into trouble," Jean orders.

      "Thanks for all your help, and please thank the Professor for his
      generous offer," Danielle said before leaving. Scott opens the door
      to the car and helps Danielle in.

      Logan returns after spendin' some time outside in the yard.

      "Where is she?" he thunders.

      "She went home. Scott took her," Jeannie replies.

      "Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't anyone come get me so I could say
      goodbye?" he asks. His voice is filled with anger and disappointment.

      "Logan, why are you reacting this way?" Jean asks.

      He was too pissed to answer.

      Damn, Jean. Damn Scott. I get on the bike and ride – just ride
      without lookin'. I ride along the open highway – just me and the bike
      and the feeling of freedom – and with the hope I will pick up her
      scent somewhere.

      What the hell am I doing? I'm actin' like a jealous boyfriend. What
      the hell should I care? I won't see her again.
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