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Fic: "FOH: Towers Of Darkness" PG-13 (5/?) [Logan/Rogue, Ororo/Legolas, Scot t]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Still a crossover between LOTR and X-men. You still need to read the earlier parts. You can do so here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2003
      Hi all,

      Still a crossover between LOTR and X-men. You still need to read the earlier parts. You can do so here:


      Part 5:

      Scott looked around in the large palace in Rohan they had arrived in some hours earlier. It was very different from Rivendell, or any other place they had travelled to so far for that matter, yet not without its charm. Its style and what he had so far gathered about the way things were done here it reminded him a lot of a middle ages Earth kingdom. There were obvious differences of course; the magic they spoke of here wasn’t just in stories, it was real.

      Having time to sit back and relax, his thoughts went through the day’s events. They had arrived at the palace of Rohan after several days of luckily uneventful travel. The guards had forced them to disarm, which hadn’t disturbed the X-men that much as their true powers couldn’t be seen or taken from them. Though they by now had become used to magic and strange things occurring, what happened next had still shocked them. The King who greeted them seemed several 100 years old and looked like a living corpse. What more was that his actions were obviously controlled by a small, snakelike man; apparently the King’s adviser. With an annoyed wave of her hand Ororo had thrown the adviser across the room and away from the King. Gandalf used the distraction to begin a kind of almost Christianlike exorcism to help the King while suddenly everyone else was occupied fighting the King’s guards who attacked them on orders from the adviser. Again Gandalf showed to be much more than an old man as he ended the spell and freed the King; granting him a total transformation back into an ordinary looking older man. Despite Logan and Scott’s fears, the King was immensely grateful for his release. He had turned out to be quite friendly and had invited them to stay. After having showered and gotten cleaned up they were now eating dinner together in a large hall in the palace and trying to figure out what to do next. The King seemed reluctant to go to war against Sauron though his niece, introduced to them as Eowyn, sister of Eomer, seemed to support more direct action. However, Scott soon realised that his comparison to middle ages Earth wasn’t half bad because apparently the Princess had no real power and her opinion mattered little.

      “Open war is upon you whether you want to risk it or not. Saruman WILL come,” Aragorn warned the King, his voice calm but held an edge of urgency. Gandalf, who sat beside the King, had been silent through most of the debate. He only spoke if he wanted to support Aragorn and now he nodded to show his support at the words which had just been spoken. Scott had a feeling Gandalf let Aragorn lead the debate as a kind of preparation to when he was made King of Gondor; quite clever of the old wizard, Scott had to give him that but then he had never doubted that the man was as intelligent as he was powerful. The King looked thoughtful after hearing Aragorn’s warning and turned to Legolas, who sat by Aragorn’s right with Ororo beside him.

      “Will your people help us? Make an alliance as we once had?”

      Before Legolas had time to think the King shook his head.

      “No, of course not. You see, my lord Aragorn, unlike you we have no ties to Rivendell or the Elven world. Even our human neighbours of Gondor will not assist us. We are alone.”

      Aragorn broke into more arguments but Scott had lost interest in a debate, which had now lasted for hours. His eyes found Logan’s who sat across from him. Logan just shrugged his shoulders in a ‘don’t care’ attitude and returned his attention to his wife who sat on his lap. Looking from Logan and Rogue’s wild flame of love to the dignified small touches and smiles of a steady flame that Ororo and Legolas shared Scott, smiled at them for their apparent happiness. Yet the tender scene made his heart ache for Jean, and also for Ororo for she would one day have to part from the man at her side. He hoped his friend kept that in mind and didn’t grow too fond of the beautiful Elven prince.

      “I’ve heard rumours you travelled with Boromir of Gondor. Is this true?”

      Suddenly the otherwise quiet princess who sat beside him spoke up. Scott returned his attention to her. She was a beautiful young lady with long golden hair, and dressed in a long white gown. She was in short the perfect image of a typical fairytale princess.

      “You heard true, Your Highness. Unfortunately he was lost in battle,” Scott admitted, sadness in his voice. He hadn’t known the other man for that long but he had still been a good friend and a brother in arms.

      “My brother, Eomer, often spoke of Boromir and their battles together. He held him in high regard. He will be missed,” Eowyn said softly and laid a comforting hand on his arm. Scott briefly let his free hand cover her smaller white one before he let his hand fall away again.

      “Yes, he will.”

      A short silence then Scott spoke again; “Did you ever meet Boromir?”
      ”I had the pleasure once, yes. At one time there were even talk of a marriage arranged between him and me to bring our houses and countries closer together,” she admitted.

      “What did you think of that?” Scott was a little taken back to heard that arranged marriages were apparently common here but then when he thought about it he shouldn’t have been…it did after all fit the time.

      Eowyn looked thoughtful for a while as she thought about his question.

      “Boromir loved his country above anything else save his brother. He would have been a faithful and good husband and father but he was a warrior first and a lover second,” she finally said.

      “That was a very honest response.”
      ”You asked me a question; why shouldn’t I answer it honestly, my lord?” she asked with a small smile. Scott smiled back.


      “Princess Eowyn, I hear you’re good with a sword,” Rogue took the opportunity to break in. Eowyn smiled; she hadn’t earned the title of Shield Maiden of Rohan for nothing. She was proud to say she was as good with a sword as any soldier was.

      “I can hold my own.”

      “Isn’t that unusual for a princess?” Logan asked with his usual tact and suspicion.

      “It is, and my uncle didn’t approve of me taking up arms either, but my brother thought it good that I could defend myself,” she explained.

      “Can you teach me?” Rogue asked hopefully. Everything had happened so fast that no one had had any real time to try and teach her how to defend herself, which meant she had had to count on others, like Logan and Scott to protect her. However, she didn’t what to be a burden on this journey; she wanted to help, and maybe Eowyn could help her there.

      “I can.”

      “Now?” Rogue asked eagerly, already halfway up from Logan’s lap to get to work.

      Eowyn looked at her uncle and Aragorn who were still in deep and heated discussion about what to do, on occasion with some words of wisdom from Legolas, Gandalf or Ororo. Sure, she had the time now and besides…she found these strangers very fascinating. When first she had seen Ororo she had had a hard time not staring at her constantly. She found her amazing in her abilities, and then she had the most unusual but beautiful skin colour…she looked almost like a Goddess. However, after the first infatuation had faded she now found Scott, the handsome leader of the small band of strangers, the most fascinating of them all. With amazing powers and a strong sense of responsibility and leadership, a man of honour and tact she wondered if he was a prince from this far away place he called home. Looking at him she again wondered about the strange yet interesting red covering over his eyes and hoped he would some day explain it to her. She had a feeling he would appreciate her skills with arms and a small demonstration couldn’t hurt.

      “If you insist. Come with me then, my lady.”

      Eowyn excused herself and stood to leave the table. Scott quickly stood up, and as Rogue went to Eowyn Logan followed Scott’s example and stood up as well. As the women walked away the men sat down again. Eowyn turned to Rogue and looked at the dress she had been leant; it was a long sleeved, red dress decorated with small glass stones that looked like stars that had fallen from heaven. Both her and Ororo had worn male like outfits when they had arrived but custom dictated they wore dresses and so they had changed before dinner. Both had been given a large range of dresses to choose from and Rogue had chosen the red dress of Rohan design while Ororo had chosen a soft greenish silk dress with long wide sleeves inspired by Elvish design. Eowyn then looked at her own fine dress.

      “We should change clothes first. These aren’t fit for a combat exercise.”

      Rogue looked at her dress and then at Eowyn’s and smiled. She hadn’t thought of that in her eager to start doing something that felt real.

      “Of course. Meet you back here in five,” Rogue said over her shoulder, beginning to walk towards the chamber she had been given where her clothes were. The maid who had helped her prepare for dinner had also promised she would wash not only the clothes she had worn but all the clothes they had brought with them and also repair it if necessary which she had been very grateful for. It wasn’t impossible to wash clothes on the run but it sure was a lot harder than the washing machine she had had back home and which she had repeatedly wished would magically appear before her.

      She noticed Eowyn’s confused expression at her words and rephrased her sentence. “I’ll meet you back here as soon as I’ve changed.”

      Eowyn smiled and nodded understanding.


      Scott and Logan watched the women walk away only to return soon after; Rogue dressed in pants and Eowyn in a loose brown dress with long but tight sleeves. The women went a little away from their end of the table in the large room, but close enough so they could see them and began sparring with each other; Eowyn obviously had the upper hand but she seemed like a good teacher.

      “Y’know, at first I thought the princess wanted our resident King here, but she seems to have taken a liking to you,” Logan remarked as his eyes went from the two women to his friend. He knew Scott loved Jean with all his heart but in reality distance made the heart forgetful and not grow fonder and a man who faced an uncertain future could get lonely…Logan would be the last one to blame him for having a small sense of doubt in his love for his far away lover; he knew how lucky he was to have Rogue with him.

      “Eowyn?! Nonsense. She’s just young and lonely. She’ll meet the right one,” Scott insisted, though as he spoke he looked at the women and didn’t miss the princess’ warm smile at him or his own natural smile back.

      “Just sayin’,” Logan threw his hands up in the air in a surrendering gesture before he took a large swallow of his drink.

      For several hours yet Scott and Logan sat and talked about different things while the women practiced. Neither Scott nor Logan missed the fact that Rogue seemed to be learning the sword practice unnaturally fast and managed to even beat the princess after only a few hours of training. It was hard to say who was the most surprised over the victory; Eowyn, Rogue, or the men who were watching them. Eowyn took the defeat with dignity as Rogue tried to explain to her and herself how strange it was that she had won; it didn’t make sense. It had felt like a strange and powerful force had been guiding her, she explained thoughtfully. Hearing this, both Logan and Scott had their suspicions as to what was happening to Rogue and that it was somehow connected to Gandalf. Logan was half way up his chair to demand an explanation from the old wizard who sat quietly as he followed the discussion, but Scott warned Logan to be cautious about it. They had seen the wizard’s amazing powers just a few hours earlier, and so far what was happening to Rogue seemed to improve her strength and not weaken or hurt her. Reluctantly Logan had agreed to wait and see where this was going.

      “Gentlemen!” The King suddenly spoke up, making everyone turn their attention to him. “I’ve after long time’s discussion…”
      ”You can say that again,” Logan mumbled into his mug of beer.

      “…decided that we’re no longer safe here from Sauron. Tomorrow at dawn we’ll all move towards Helm’s Deep. There’s an old fortress there, which will serve as protection. It’s in a valley and it’s built into the mountainside, giving only one way in.” The King further explained for the benefit of the strangers from far away who wouldn’t know this.

      “And out,” Scott added the natural conclusion to the King’s words and frowned, not liking that scenario should they land in a fight. Scott noticed that Aragorn looked grim at this and figured the decision hadn’t been made with the full approval of the young King.

      “It’s decided then. Now, we’ll retire,” the King continued and did just that. Only at the last minute did Scott and Logan remember to rise as the King left.

      “Look’s like we’re going on a small trip...again. Should be loads of fun,” Logan said sarcastically before he emptied his drink. He preferred a straight fight instead of all this running and sneaking around. Why couldn’t they just stay in one place for once and fight the Orcs as they approached? He didn’t like how this coming battle was drawing out; he was worried for Rogue and what was happening to her. He felt a useless anger and fear when he thought about what Gandalf had done to her. He just hoped this trip was over quick and that she would be safe; her safety was the most important thing to him.

      “Maybe it’ll be peaceful and uneventful….” Scott began as he with Logan started to walk over to Rogue and Eowyn to follow them to the rooms they had been given; Logan and Rogue were the only ones sharing a room as they were the only married couple. Scott stopped in mid sentence as he caught Logan’s eye and he raised an eyebrow at him. “Then again…maybe not.”


      Author’s notes: Thanks much to Cathain for great beta. You’re the best!

      Also a special thanks to all those who asked for more of this story; this is for you and written because of your kind requests.
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