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Fic: PG-13 Chpt 1, starring Nightcrawler and an OC

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  • Rebecca
    Title: Doesn t Have One Rating: PG-13 Characters: Nightcrawler, OC (Shadowcat) Notes: When I named Shadowcat, I didn t know dumb old Kitty Pryde was Shadowcat
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2003
      Title: Doesn't Have One
      Rating: PG-13
      Characters: Nightcrawler, OC (Shadowcat)
      Notes: When I named Shadowcat, I didn't know dumb old Kitty Pryde
      was Shadowcat too. I'm keeping the name, but I'm not claiming Kitty.
      Or Nightcrawler for that matter. *sniff*. Warn me if it's too Mary-
      Sue or anything of the sort. A short chapter.
      Tyler had never passed his fitness tests, probably because he never
      attempted to make the effort. He seemed to believe that if you have
      a job as a security guard at a museum, you have an excuse for being
      over 100kg.

      He was sure regretting it now.

      No matter how hard he tried, Tyler couldn't run very fast. Wheezing
      for breath and getting slower with each step, he saw his Godsend-the
      security booth was mere meters away.

      It wasn't Tyler's fault that he'd walked into Gallery 3 an hour
      early, but he probably wouldn't have wanted to if he'd known
      Shadowcat would be there.

      But nothing-not even 5 years training to be on the Police Force-
      could have ever prepared Tyler for this.

      As he neared the booth, he began to scream, "Gus! Gus! Help! It's
      Shadowcat!" Tyler staggered in and locked the door behind him.
      Between his gasping for air, he said, "Gus, we're safe now. I saw
      him! I saw Shadowcat with my own eyes! But you'll never believe
      this, he's-"

      Tyler realised for the first time the only sound in the room was
      coming from him. There was no sign of another living person in the
      roomÂ…which could only mean-

      Slowly, Tyler turned to look into the room. Gus' coffee mug was
      sitting next to the keyboard, steam wafting from the undisturbed
      liquid. His gaze drifted to the floor, heart suddenly stopping.

      He'd found Gus. But Tyler was too late.

      Gus was face down on the ground, a broken walkie-talkie next to him.
      The gunshot wounds in his back made it too apparent to cause of

      Tyler backed up against the wall and a wretched sob escaped his
      lips. He then realised that he hadn't seen anybody leave, so he'd
      locked himself in with-

      He heard a clicking near his ear, and he felt cold metal press up
      against his temple. Terrified, sweat began to roll down his face,
      mingling with the tears.

      "No, I didn't expect a challenge here." Shadowcat mused, gun held
      with a steady hand. "Congratulations-you're one of four who've seen
      me now."
      "But you've killed a lot more than four!" Tyler whispered, trembling

      "True," Shadowcat replied calmly. "But I love the thrill of the
      spilt blood on the floor. Plus, I'm on orders."

      "Don't you ever feel guilty for what you've done?" He whispered, his
      fear giving way to anger.

      "Oh, not me. Never me. But I know someone who is quite willing to
      jump off a cliff to stop me." Startled, Tyler whirled around. He
      opened his mouth-

      And Shadowcat pulled the trigger.
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